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DVD title: The Razor's Edge
Productgroup: DVD
The Razor's Edge - movie DVD cover picture
Still moves me.

I first saw this movie in the late 80's as a late, late show. I then took 12 months of looking in every book store to find a copy of the book. I was young and lost. This movie spoke to me and told me it was alright to feel the things I felt. I have just watched it again and it still talks to me. I shared tonight's experience with my husband and close friends. They did not understand my feelings for the movie but still enjoyed it. I am now going to read the book again (I lost the book twice and had to hunt to purchase two more copies!) I am also waiting in anticipation of the DVD release.

Watch it and be moved!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Edmund Goulding
Tyrone Power
Gene Tierney

DVD title: George Clinton: The Mothership Connection
Productgroup: DVD
George Clinton: The Mothership Connection - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD brought back a lot of great memories of attending those monster P-Funk concerts in 1976-77. You can't truly appreciate the DVD unless you attended the concert. Jerome had the bass drum VERY loud through the arena like a heartbeat, you could actually feel it in your bones. There was a reason why the DVD had so many close-ups and didn't really have that many wide shots. Remember this was the 70's and there was a LOT of stuff going on during the show ;)
The greatest part of the DVD has to be seeing lead singer Glenn Goines (RIP) in his finest moment. This is probably the only official release of seeing Glenn singing live before his untimely death in 1978, only a year after this concert was filmed

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Productgroup: DVD
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - movie DVD cover picture
A wonderful film with an all star cast

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a movie that will hit a lot of people in many ways. For me, it is a reminder of my strong willed mother, alcoholic father and free-spirited brother. I think, like Francie, I was my father's friend more than I was his son.The casting is outstanding and makes the movie work. Not just the major roles, but the smaller ones too are exceptionally casted. Put someone else in as the junkman and it might not work as well. Another person in the role of the doctor signing the death certificate may leave a different and lesser impression. Lloyn Nolan, Dorothy McGuire and James Dunn were all inspiried choices. Joan Blondell was a brilliant choice as Aunt Sissy, her of many husbands but still with a element of humanity that has stuck with her.
There are many memorable scenes but some have a deeper and lasting meaning. A young girl named Flossie is showing off her new dress to all passers by. After a few moments it is apparent that Flossie is not well. Later when we learn she has died, McGuire tells Dunn that she'll have to buried in potter's field. Dunn hits the right tone, as in a resolute voice he reminds his wife that her parents did the right thing while she was alive by getting her new dresses. Good for dad!
The other scene that hits me every time I see it, is the scene when after dad has died, Francie goes around and collects his few shaving mug and puts it is a box under her bed. She still has a part of him!
Dad's posthumous graduation gift to Francie is one of the most moving scenes I've ever witnessed. Blondell outdoes herself as the supporting and careing adult sharing a little girls bottled up grief.
Some will say that the movie doesn't include everything from the book and that is lacks the gritty poverty. They have a point but folks, get into the charecters, feel what they are feeling and you'll come away from the movie a better person for having seen it. If need be see it again and again.

Director: Elia Kazan
Dorothy McGuire

DVD title: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Spielberg's early films seem to have themes or messages in them more so than his later films. Close Encounters has a message to it, and it's one of the only alien films in which the aliens are benign, they come in peace. It's still an exhilirating ride, with great special effects and suspense. This film makes you feel good, that we are not alone, and that there is purpose for our exsistence. It's a great film. A must have for any film collector.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Richard Dreyfuss
François Truffaut
Teri Garr

DVD title: Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood
Productgroup: DVD
Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood - movie DVD cover picture
Come to this bordello and get wicked !

I hate all kinds of critics,especially movie critics(amateur and professional ones).They are really frustrated people as well as party-poopers!Don't pay attention to the bad reviews you may come across here.This movie is one of the best horror flicks I've ever seen.There's comedy/black humor,blood,guts,great special effects and great acting - all in one helluva story.The plot: After 10 long years a Tomb Raider finds Lilith-he mother of all vampires.He knows that he who resurrects Lilith can control her.Of course all he wants is money,prestige and power.The brothel is just a cover-up for underhanded schemes to get what he desires,and for Lilith to get what she needs : blood.Now, if you want further info watch this.I've never been to a brothel in my life,but I'm sure it's not as fun as this film is !

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Gilbert Adler
Dennis Miller
Erika Eleniak
Angie Everhart

DVD title: Mighty Joe Young
Productgroup: DVD
Mighty Joe Young - movie DVD cover picture
Nice transfer of a dumb movie

The quality of the transfer on DVD is so much higher thant the quality of the film, you should wait to see it free. The story is made by a five year old for five year olds but with violence that should be contained only in a movie for 13 and up.

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Ron Underwood
Bill Paxton
Charlize Theron

DVD title: The Women
Productgroup: DVD
The Women - movie DVD cover picture
Top Glamour

One of the greatest (and still most underrated) Hollywood comedies, about the lives, lies and tricks of few high-society "friends". Cukor is superb in its direction; he looks so comfortable directing only women, that this is one of his "gay-est" films. Not even man appeared as an extra, the women full the screen, with wonderful gowns, hilarious dialogue and catty fights. Norma Shearer in her heartbreaking speciality; she knows how to learn us the inmensity of the problem if Joan Crawford steals your man. Joan Fontaine is lovely, and Paulette Goddard and, specially, Rosalind Russell (our beloved Roz) are incredibly funny. Joan is terrific as well as Crystal Allen; she's at her best, when she proclaims: "There's name for you, ladies, but it doesn't use in the high society...outside of a kennel"

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: George Cukor
Norma Shearer
Joan Crawford
Rosalind Russell

DVD title: Rush - Rush in Rio
Productgroup: DVD
Rush - Rush in Rio - movie DVD cover picture
Rush Not Aging Badly At All

Rush is off to an awesome start as soon as this DVD passes through the Rio footage and it does that fast and clean. Neil Peart is consistently good on the drums and Geddy changes his instruments without a glitch; early on Lifeson plays with an odd angled stance, the least visual and inspired of the three. I thought, another guitarist, like James Murphy, might jumpstart his late stage compositions. In any case, the sound is excellent and the footage better than other concert shows I've seen. Only AC/DC Live at Donington is as good, based on recent viewing.

On YYZ the large video brings the stage to life on Alex Lifeson finally comes alive on acoustic then electric for The Trees with an exquisite video of surreal trees. A cute firebreathign dragon is the mascot and he come son like a Star Wars character during One Little Victory. Secret Touch sounds forced, but overall the DVD is a great way to see Rush live!

One reviewer noted that Rush has many cheesy videos other than concert footage videos. What I'd like to recommend is: a few videos by Werner Herzog. He filmed Aguirre: Der Zorn Gottes, and Cobra Verde. He would do Rush a favor by filming in his classic style.

Studio: Rounder
Director: Daniel E. Catullo

DVD title: UHF
Productgroup: DVD
UHF - movie DVD cover picture
Funnies movie ever!

this movie is about an offbeat guy who turns a deadbeet TV station into a raging success. broadcasting Wierd Al's hilarious brand of humor. George Newman is a daydreamer who's hyperactive imagination keeps him from holding a steady job..... Untill his uncle hires him to manage channel 62, a station that's losing money(and viewers) fast. But when George replaces the stations re-runs with bizzare programs like "Wheel of fish" and "Rauls Wild Kingdom" (Where Poodle fly from three story windows). Ratings begin to soar. can george find the money he needs to keep this awesome TV station?
This was one of the funniest movies ever, and with weird al, it makes it even mor funny, with his immitations of Indiana Jones and Rambo.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Jay Levey
Weird Al Yankovic

DVD title: Goodbye South, Goodbye
Productgroup: DVD
Goodbye South, Goodbye - movie DVD cover picture

Hou's films are very difficult for the majority of people to sit through. I realize this. Still, I feel compelled to give this film my highest reccomendation. It's nothing short of a masterpiece.
Goodbye South Goodbye is filled with long lulls of dead space that are ... with scenes of violent narrative. We feel dazed into a sense of peace (boredom?) by the film's nonaction and slow rhythms, and then every ten or twenty minutes, something completely unexpected happens. It always manages to hit with that much more impact because you've been dulled a bit by the direction.
We get the sense that we're outsiders staring at a different world here (a feeling that's present in most of Hou's films). It's more stunning here because he manages to create that feeling in a modern day setting (the film follows two brothers that are low-level gangsters). Hou shoots scenes through doorways and windows. He uses color filters. He paces things at a more lifelike than movie like pace. Technically, its an amazing film. There are some great dolly shots as the characters travel by car or motorcycle that make the film worthwhile by themselves. Hou seems to be saying that if we want to understand these characters, we need to understand the world that they inhabit. To me this is infinitely superior to how the character responds to some artificial crisis created by a plot.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Hsiao-hsien Hou

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