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DVD title: Ranma 1/2 - The Movie 1, Big Trouble in Nekonron China
Productgroup: DVD
Ranma 1/2 - The Movie 1, Big Trouble in Nekonron China - movie DVD cover picture
So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chopstick fliying and Cat fights what more could you want. A must see for all Ranma 1/2 fans!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Shuji Iuchi

DVD title: Zombie
Productgroup: DVD
Zombie - movie DVD cover picture
Best Zombie film. Fulci Rules

This movie, the best foreign zombie flick I've seen to date, is definitely worth watching if you're a dedicated zombie fan. Not only does it benefit from the pulling of American and Italian resources, but it does so extremely well with a low budget. See this film, despite its bad rap!! Expect state-of-the-art special effects (which honestly rival some of what you'll see in today's film market), an awesome battle between a zombie and a real live shark, and ancient Spanish conquistador zombies rising unexpectedly from the jungle ground to devour the living.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Lucio Fulci
Tisa Farrow
Ian McCulloch

DVD title: Persona
Productgroup: DVD
Persona - movie DVD cover picture
Persona, unmatched in film history...

Persona brings two very different characters, Alma (Bibi Andersson) and Elisabeth (Liv Ullman), to the screen. Alma is a nurse who has been designated to personally care for Elisabeth, who has had a "breakdown" after performing as Electra which was written by Sophocles. Elisabeth has decided to remain silent forever, and Alma is attempting to nurse her back to speech. The use of Electra adds a subtle touch by Bergman which can help the understanding of Liv Ullman's character in the film, since the whole film is an artistic event as it displays the convergence of Alma and Elisabeth. As the two women come together Bergman maximizes the situations and atmospheres by balancing contrasts, which enhances the emotional experience in the film. In addition, Persona offers a cinematic experience with contrasts as the story is compassionate and callous, which appears through the magical touch of Bergman's direction. The film presents several personal interpretations as well as several common interpretations as great art is known to do. Therefore, Bergman puts forward a brilliant cinematic experience which is unmatched in film history.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Bibi Andersson
Liv Ullmann

DVD title: Carrie
Productgroup: DVD
Carrie - movie DVD cover picture

Carrie is a stylish, well-cast, immensely powerful movie. Sissy Spacek is amazing as Carrie, a tortured teenager who discovers her considerable telekinetic abilities and attempts to take control of her life. Just when she seems to be truly happy for the first time in her short, miserable existence, a cruel classmate hauls out a grotesque practical joke that amuses everyone and leaves Carrie enraged beyond the point of endurance. What follows is one of the most terrifying and satisfying sequences in movie history.
When Carrie finally got even at the prom, I was on her side all the way, because--and I don't care who criticizes me for this--THEY DESERVED IT. Carrie wanted to avoid such an incident, but they made it impossible. This movie and its fans have taken a lot of heat lately because of certain events in the news, when common sense will tell you that if you torment someone enough, their self-control will give out and they will strike back. The best way to prevent violence is to leave people the hell alone, but no one seems to understand that.
I feel as I can realate to Carrie. I have been mad fun of in school and I have actually been known to want to do some of the things Carrie does. Sometimes I wish I had the powers she had so I could do the things she does. All I Have is ESP... oh well back to the movie... Carrie is a movie I could see 1 MILLION times and NEVER get tired of it.
"Everybody will laugh at you!"
It's funny how 5 words can mean so much to a person. I will never forget the image of this pale girl, with a look on her face of horror, embarassment, shame and raw emotion, covered in blood and through her eyes, the whole gymnasium, stands and laughs heartlessly at her humiliation.
Carrie was a landmark for me, as I'm sure it was for a certain Mr King. It displayed for the whole world to see that school,(high school, secondary school) could actually be hell. In my mind Sissy Spacek was born to play Carrie White. She encapsulated all the emotions and feelings so well, your heart couldn't help but go out to her. In my mind this is a horror, but not in the sense of Carrie White's telekinesis, but of life, and of the people in it. Those who just wanna push things that little bit too far, for some nondescript reason. The girls squealing for Carrie to "plug it up" when she gets her first period and has no idea what it is, and when they start throwing tampons at her, is alot more frightening than most of the episodes of Carrie's telekinesis,(with the exception of the 2 final incidents). Piper Laurie's excellent portrayal of the religiously fanatical Magaret White, her determination that Carrie is first dirty and polluted which eventually gives way to her belief that Carrie is evil, is disturbing viewing especially considering that at the crux of this all, Carrie is her child. A WORD OF WARNING: De Palma's version differs from Stephen Kings novel, however that does not make it bad, since the initial essence is there. Carrie is an unfortunate victim of circumstance, trapped in a world that she does not control, one thread that is evident in both the film and the novel is that Carrie's ultimate empowerment and her decision (arguably based on instinct and reaction)to initiate it, leads to destruction of the town and finally of herself, but throughout the whole thing she remains, unsure and often even unaware.
Carrie is a victim you care about and you understand the revenge she exacts upon her classmates and the redeemed Sue Snell(Amy Irving), however, you get the feeling that Snell's attempts to bring Carrie happiness is slightly a case of trying to forgive herself for descending into madness in the girls locker room.
The final scene (one of the best classic endings of a film ever:discuss!?) is a final triumph for Carrie, her final revenge, her gift to Sue Snell, her legacy. But throughout the whole film, never was this more a case of just an innocent victim of circumstance. A triumph for King and De Palma, (plus a chance for De Palma to home his skills down, in particular his trademark split screen filming). If any parent ever said life was easy for kids, sit them down and make them watch Carrie.
This movie is a must for those who can understand its themes. The low budget is utilized to great effect. The art direction is wonderful, illustrating the pain and horror lurking in everyday life--the White bungalow, for example, seems like any other house on the outside, but is a jumble of shadows and twisted religious images inside. Director Brian De Palma is at his flamboyant best, especially during the nightmarish split-screen climax. Piper Laurie excels as Margaret, Carrie's fanatical mother from hell, and provides some very frightening moments. And of course, the image of Sissy Spacek covered in blood, except for her bulging blue eyes, is one that will remain with me forever...
The Ending is the best part besides the prom... (....)

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Brian De Palma
Sissy Spacek
Piper Laurie
Amy Irving
John Travolta

DVD title: Escaflowne - Forever & Ever (Vol. 8)
Productgroup: DVD
Escaflowne - Forever & Ever (Vol. 8) - movie DVD cover picture
Escaflowne Forever!

Alright, this is what we were all waiting for.. I love this series. Full of action and romance and hidden things that when uncovered make you go, "What?!"
Well, now, this is the end for our lovely cast of Zaibach fighting heroes. Although Dilandau is one of my personal heroes, anyways, this is the one where we find out that Hitomi's true feelings weren't for Allen after all, and Van's feeling's for Hitomi are exposed!
Ok...after watching the part where Dryden dumps Millerna, you might be horrified for a bit, but don't worry girls, Allen is too occupied with his long lost sister to move in on her! Allen gives up Hitomi realizing that he was not harboring romantic feelings for Hitomi, but "i love you like a sister" kind of feelings.
I was sad when Hitomi left Gaia for the Mystic Moon... But her and Van love each other and they say that they can see each other whenever they want. I don't know if that means they will teleport, or if they will just see each other in visions and dreams... Sigh.... The relationship between them doesn't get explored too much, but it's real love...
I don't want to give away the important parts, but you must have this! Once you start, you will be immersed in the world of Escaflowne!
Oh yeah, I have to comment on the excellent looking movie trailer for next year's release of the theatrical movie. Oh I can't wait! When you get this, I know you want it... You will be like, "Oh man! I can't wait til that comes out on DVD!" then you will buy it like me.. :) And the extras also feature something else, footage from the playstation game?! What playstation game!? I need it. So do you.
I'm not done yet, there is also, included in the extras, a concert by the voice of Hitomi! You know, she sings the songs? That's cool.. I like that.
I have to go sit down now...

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kazuki Akane

DVD title: Rio Bravo
Productgroup: DVD
Rio Bravo - movie DVD cover picture
As good as it gets!

This is one of the 5 best westerns ever made. John Wayne is solid as a rock, Dino gives a fine performance as the reformed drunk, Walter Brennan is hilarious and Angie as lovely as ever. Even pop-singer Ricky Nelson works fine here. Young people seem to find it a little on the slow side - so, maybe you have to be somewhat mature to fully appreciate it. Hawks tried to improve it with the making of "El Dorado" - but this one is better!Highly recommended!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Howard Hawks
John Wayne
Dean Martin

DVD title: Same Time, Next Year
Productgroup: DVD
Same Time, Next Year - movie DVD cover picture
One of my Top 5!

Ellen Burstyn and Alda Alda have collaborated in highly thought-provoking and touching performances. We follow the characters from their mid-twenties into their fifties(at five-year intervals) and are privy to the changes that have occurred at each step. So many things change for most of us over five years. The challenge here is to seamlessly weave the new expository information into each of the fairly short scenes -- and the attempt has been quite successful. Burstyn is completely convincing at each step along the way; she easily passes for both a twenty-something and a fifty-something -- and Alda is just about as good. If you have ever shed a tear during a movie, be prepared....It is satisfying to realize that such a wonderful production can be achieved on what must have been an extremely low budget (there were only two or three sets, all fairly simple -- and there were no other actors worth mentioning other than the two stars.) I would have liked to have had the option of rating this film 4 and 1/2 stars! I suggest buying it and passing it on!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Robert Mulligan
Ellen Burstyn
Alan Alda

DVD title: Mudvayne - All Access To All Things
Productgroup: DVD
Mudvayne - All Access To All Things - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD is awesome. The live footage is great. Lots of funny moments when the band is off stage. Cool extras. Its worth the money.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: Predator (Full-Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Predator (Full-Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Testosterone at its Highest Level

Predator was a fantastic film and really one of best horror/action adventures that I've ever seen. This has been one of my top 5 movies since I first saw in in the 80's.
The cast is a list of masculine images that does indeed make this a guy film. Arnold-don't need to say any more, Carl Weathers-fresh from Rocky, Jesse Ventura-Navy SEAL and professional wrestler, and Sonny Landham- former adult film star- all contribute to make this film irresistable to guys who love blow-em-up-shoot-em-to-bits films.
Predator is about a team of elite special forces soldiers who go into hostile territory to rescue people and end up being stalked by a creature that hunts them one by one. The blood and guts films don't really hold a candle to this film, becuase this was one of the pioneers. It's not just senseless gore either, there is actually a plot that makes some sense.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: John McTiernan
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carl Weathers
Kevin Peter Hall

DVD title: Cowboy Bebop Complete Sessions Collection ( Exclusive)
Productgroup: DVD
Cowboy Bebop Complete Sessions Collection ( Exclusive) - movie DVD cover picture
okay, 3-2-1- let's jam!

Yes, it is perfect!From start to finish, this series is not to be taken lightly, nor at face value. From drug addiction and Hemmigway references, to transexuals and cute puppies; it's got it all! Cowboy Bebop draws the veiwer into a harsh future were Earth stands ruined by a horrable accident, organized crime has moved to the stars ,and bounty hunters collect their due. Transending all of that, the stories deal with subject matter that is as gritty as it's main characters: apocaliptic cults, environmental terrorists,and lost love but with enough comic relief to keep you laughing. It's what you get when you through Star Wars, Law & Order, James Bond and Indiana Jones in blender, animate it, and give it a soundtrack of smooth music.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: ShinichirĂ´ Watanabe
Kôichi Yamadera
Unshô Ishizuka
Megumi Hayashibara

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