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DVD title: Contact
Productgroup: DVD
Contact - movie DVD cover picture
Smart, emotional, brilliant!

You'd have to be into that whole "thinking" thing to appreciate this movie. I was a little disappointed with the ending the first time I saw it, but after seeing it a few more times, it all began to snap together. This is NOT a cheap sci-fi B-movie that you can just half-watch and then go on with your life. It's one of those that you are thinking about long after, and it slowly begins to fit together.
I didn't think that this movie was offensive. In fact, I felt somewhat spiritually empowered by it. One of the big messages in the movie is that faith is something that cannot be explained or proven, not even by science.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Jodie Foster
Matthew McConaughey

DVD title: Braveheart
Productgroup: DVD
Braveheart - movie DVD cover picture
most realistic, moving, and well made movie of all time

This is the greatest movie ever, it is well made, touching, realistic, romantic, and not overly graphic. This is the only movie to own, GET IT!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
Sophie Marceau

DVD title: Total Eclipse
Productgroup: DVD
Total Eclipse - movie DVD cover picture
Leonardo's talent

Had more people had seen this film it would have been the film DiCaprio became famous for. There is no doubt about the talent he has, it's all there for the viewer to see. He is brilliant. He's not just a pretty face, he can act too! In addition the film itself is great. Great story, great acting! Fascinating, makes one very curious about the green fairy.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Leonardo DiCaprio
David Thewlis

DVD title: Cobra Verde
Productgroup: DVD
Cobra Verde - movie DVD cover picture

COBRA VERDE marked the fiinal collaboration (not counting the director's elegiac documentary MEIN LIEBSTER FEIND) between Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski. It's one of their most haunting works, quietly epic in its scope, fueled by gorgeous cinematography and and an enigmatic lead performance. Herzog's commentary is wonderful. COBRA VERDE is one of those films I find myself rewatching in bits, if only to recapture for a moment the funereal magic of a lost world.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Werner Herzog

DVD title: The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
incredible flick.......

sorry to some of you above that could not have a real blast with this awesome film! it's incredible from start to finish! got my dvd yesterday and it really is a masterpiece-ok, it has it's flaws but overall, it is a truly remarkable motion picture! the highway scene alone will go down in motion picture history as one of the greatest action sequences ever filmed.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Spider-Man Returns In Form

When "Spider-Man" was released in 2002, I was amazed to see how good of a movie that Sam Raimi and writer David Koepp created about a comic book super hero. Sony announced after seeing the huge box office sales that "Spider-Man 2" was set to release in 2004. I was excited to hear that there would be more Spider-Man, but was also concerned. My thought was that the first movie was so good that if the second one was a little less in quality, meaning its still a great movie but not as good as the first, that people will be disappointed and say that the movie sucks. Well after seeing the movie, I don't have to worry about that anymore.
The story continues two years from where the first one stopped. Peter Parker is trying to balance school, work and a personal life, along with being Spider-Man. He is always tired, not doing well in school, never able to fulfill committments and still chasing after Mary Jane, who is now a success stage actress. Peter is doing a paper on Professor Otto Octavious and his new science experiment. But when his experiment goes wrong, Octavious' wife gets killed and he is now controlled by the robotic arms that he attached to his body in order to do the experiment. The robotic arms make him evil and convince him that he needs to rebuild his project that has the capability to destroy haf of New York. So he goes on a crime streak to get some money, hence becoming enemies with Spider-Man. Peter Parker is becoming frustrated with his crime fighting life, especially after he finds out MJ is engaged. He decides that he doesn't want to be Spider-Man anymore and soon enough realizes that can't escape his destiny. Thats enough story without giving too much away.
The main players from the first movie are back in this one. Tobey Maguire gives an amazing performance is this installment, a better performance than the first. Thank God that he was able to make this movie. Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and Rosemarry Harris also return for this movie. The new memeber Alfred Molina plays Doc Ock and does a pretty good job. I don't think he gave as good of a performance as Willem DaFoe did, but still an excellent job. The most important person that came back for the sequel was Sam Raimi. Most movies that have continuing storylines get bad if they lose the director, i.e. Batman without Tim Burton. The direction of this movie, along with the first one, are what make the movies great.
As for the movie, this one has a more indepth storyline. There is a lot of human emotion involved in the storyline. I like the bad guy, Doc Ock. He was my favorite bad guy in the comic books and the effects that were used and his creation to the big screen was awesome. The action scenes were better in this movie and the special effects were a lot better. My only grievence with the movie is that it moved slower than the first. Too many long Aunt May scenes that really slowed down the pace of the movie. Otherwise this movie is excellent. Is it better than the first? I would say that it has some better parts, but also some worse parts. Its really too hard to choose which one is better. I guess you'll have to go watch the movie, which I highly recommend that you do, to decide for yourself.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Alfred Molina

DVD title: Matilda
Productgroup: DVD
Matilda - movie DVD cover picture
A colorful look at childhood!

This is one of the only movies I've ever seen that is "mild" enough for a child but funny, and involving, enough for a teen and/or adult. It is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, and, like the book is charming and funny, if not a bit "off the wall". This is definately not a realistic look of the world, but the over-done approach is so well executed that it doesn't really matter. The emotions are wild in this movie, but fit the scenes, and the characters range the gamut, and are all "lovable" in their own right.
Kid actress Mara Wilson (Matilda Wormwood) is a gem and shines in her own right. This movie is *almost* worth buying, just to see her recite her lines and make those awfully cute faces. However, if you want a more realistic, equally charming vision of childhood, I'd recommend "Radio Flyer", "Jack the Bear", or "House of Cards". If you want something purely light and fluffy, but funny, this is for you.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom

DVD title: The Cement Garden
Productgroup: DVD
The Cement Garden - movie DVD cover picture
Superb acting; grim story

It's a small wonder that this film was ever made, given the controverial nature of the original book. If you've read the book by McEwan, you'll appreciate how faithfully they have stuck to the story. I won't give it away or re-tell what's available elsewhere, but this film is a superbly acted version (by a very young cast) of a grim story (incest, death, family secrets) that is interesting to contemplate.

Director: Andrew Birkin
Andrew Robertson
Charlotte Gainsbourg

DVD title: The NeverEnding Story
Productgroup: DVD
The NeverEnding Story - movie DVD cover picture
Maximum at a Store

Well no much to say I have view this movie about 10 times and I don't think twice tosee again is very interested.Is like the Lord of Rings action and mithos twice.Just Awesome

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Barret Oliver
Noah Hathaway
Tami Stronach

DVD title: One Tree Hill - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
One Tree Hill - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
The best thing for tv during a reality show slump...

I've been watching this show since the first time it aired. Why? What could've possibley made me want to watch yet another WB "teen" drama. Because I saw a WB vet, Chad Michael Murray, I saw basketball, and a storyline that looked interesting.

Now, I've over read a few reviews of this first season, and I don't understand why anyone would necessarily say the pilot was "bad." It introduced the public to what would become a hit for the WB. And it must've been good enough to grab so many different peoples attention making it one of the highest rated new dramas on the WB as well.

I will admit this however, the season only got better after that first episode. Making Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Haley, and Peyton part of millions of peoples lives every Tuesday night.

If you like well scripted, well thought out, well acted dramas - this is definitely something that needs to become part of your dvd collection. This isn't just another "teen" show, unlike the OC and Dawson's Creek - this is a fun drama that toys with comedy and attracts viewers from as young as 10 to the kid at heart at 56. This show is what we needed, during a time when reality show after reality show is getting more air time them those with actual talent in writing and performing, ONE TREE HILL is top notch quality.

Also check out the man behind the theme song : Gavin DeGraw. He is a musical genius.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Chad Michael Murray

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