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DVD title: The Others
Productgroup: DVD
The Others - movie DVD cover picture
Sleeper Hit

I went to see this with my niece and son and it was absolutely wonderful! The kids were totally creeped out. No blood, no gore, just good old fashioned haunting mystery. No one else I know of watched this movie and it was out for the longest time before coming to video. Buy or rent the DVD and watch it at night, with NO distractions. Your full attention is needed in order to fully appreciate this movie.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar
Nicole Kidman
Christopher Eccleston

DVD title: The Swimmer
Productgroup: DVD
The Swimmer - movie DVD cover picture
Swim Into the Twilight Zone...

It really is amazing how unknown this movie still is. If you are unfamiliar with it, you are in for a real experience. It is based on a classic short story by John Cheever, and it works like an extended, lost episode of the old "Twilight Zone" television series. A middle-aged suburban man (Burt Lancaster) decides to swim across his wealthy Connecticut county, through all the swimming pools of his neighbors back to his own home. As he makes his journey you gradually become aware that he is not all that he seems. Dark secrets keep getting revealed and it soon becomes apparent that we are witnessing a telescoping of the man's entire adult life into a few afternoon hours of an early autumn day. The film becomes a powerful allegory about disillusionment and tragedy, without being the least heavy-handed about it. Like Cheever's other great short story "The Enormous Radio", "The Swimmer" can be interpreted as a religious parable about the self-deception of fallen humanity. The comeuppance Lancaster receives is almost too intense to watch. This is a genuinely shattering movie that will stay with you.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Burt Lancaster

DVD title: Like Water for Chocolate
Productgroup: DVD
Like Water for Chocolate - movie DVD cover picture
Recipe for a Hit

There are so few movies that come even close to being better than the book. This is one of those movies. Marco Leonardi did a wonderful job and keeping the movie very true to the book. The way that when Tita cooks and everyone feels what she is feeling. This is one of the best movies that I have seen and one of the greatest books that I have ever read. I recommend this book and movie to everyone.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Alfonso Arau
Marco Leonardi
Lumi Cavazos

DVD title: Dark City (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Dark City (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Sam Spade to Huxley

Despite the hype that came in the packaging, this is a work of art. Art, which inevitably has its failings, does not fail to inspire, intrigue, and question. Dark City does all of this well, drawing on those same assumptions of reality we all have to create the tension that makes the message all the more striking. As a cinematic creation, this is a work that deserves study, paying tribute to all that came before and deriving a new genre as a result. This is a movie about logic, logic in perception, in expectation, and in conclusion. For those of us who are fans of Bogart, the Black Dahlia, British depression, Hellraiser, and Roger Rabbit, this is the culmination of all of our obsessions. I'm not usually surprised or impressed. I was both.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Alex Proyas
Rufus Sewell
Kiefer Sutherland
Jennifer Connelly

DVD title: Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Productgroup: DVD
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave - movie DVD cover picture
The finest in the series hands down!

What an awsome opening credit sequence in this film. The solarizing film effects together with the music make for a colorful and forboding psychedelic experience (no cheating here with CGI..this is real). The topics covered in this film reach much farther than the usual Hammer Dracula. The movie is like a morality play in many respects. The film is thought provoking and the imagery is very rich and beautiful. Christopher lee looks better than ever. Rupert Davies is such a natural actor, to bad we did not see much more of him in other Hammer films. I still don't understand what is so exceptional with "Horror of Dracula" or "Dracula Prince of Darkness"? Maybe it is just name brand awarness gone amuck for some reviewers? I do prefer "Prince of Darkness" over "Horror of Dracula" but "Risen From the Grave" has it all for my money. This film is a must! The picture is perfect, the acting first rate, the music truly haunting.
**** Hollywood directors/producers take note, if the Hammer production company could make a film like this for $150.000 in 1968 why can't you folks with your infinite wisdom make a decent film with today's 50 million dollar plus budgets?????

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Freddie Francis

DVD title: What Lies Beneath
Productgroup: DVD
What Lies Beneath - movie DVD cover picture
Three words: Oh My God!

I wasn't originally planning on seeing this movie. We were going to see 'The Kid', but we ended up seeing a little thing on TV about this and decided that we must see it right away! I'm really glad we did!
Not only is this movie full of great acting, but great suspense and wonderfully creepy music. The whole story centers around this little three person family living in a house in ... I'm not real sure where it is, but it's by a lake. Right away the movie gives you a bit of a creepy feel. After Norman (Harrison Ford) and Claire (Michelle Pfiefer) say goodbye to their daughter, who's leaving for college, they find to their glee that they're alone in their house.
But Claire's eyes are wandering and she soon begins spying on a neighbooring family, one that has just moved in. It seems that they're having a bit of ... trouble. When she talks to the woman, through a fence, not actually seeing her, Claire is under the notion that the woman is very, very frightened of her husband. Then his wife is suddenly gone. Claire has her suspiscions. But the story doesn't stop there.
Claire begins having ... little spurts of ... how shall I say it... well she feels like there's someone or something in her house. Making this for a very jumpy kind of movie. I'll admit, the movie is quiet except for the noises that pop up for fright, and the wonderfully creepy music that adds suspense at the best parts.
Nevertheless, add in a dirty little secret, and something in the lake that isn't supposed to be there, and you've got a great movie! Unfortunately, I feel that the preview gave too much away. All I want to say is the ending is going to suprise you. Think of it as this summer's 'Sixth Sense'. Go see it, it'll freak you out, make you think, and really wonder what lies beneath everything in your life!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Harrison Ford
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Romeo & Juliet
Productgroup: DVD
Romeo & Juliet - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent movie...Great actors

Watching this as part of a highschool assignment, the teacher only allowed us to watch about 15 minutes of it. When I saw it playing on cable, I sat down to finish it. This, I must say, is the best version of Romeo and Juliet. In the '68 version The actors are young and even though it was made in '68, you can relate to them in this day. The acting is superb, no one better could have been picked for the parts. It was a real tearjerker. Not to mention the soundtrack...the songs were just amazing to hear. Just watch the movie once, you'll fall in love with it.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Leonard Whiting
Olivia Hussey

DVD title: Armageddon
Productgroup: DVD
Armageddon - movie DVD cover picture
This movie was one of the years best

This movie was so great that I had to see it twice in the theater, and I've owned it for only a week, and I've seen it 5 times. I'm so afraid that my video will get fuzzy. The action was unbelievable, and the plot was excellent. Some people say that it was dumb because it had too many things break down, but I beg your pardon, that's the reality of life. This movie was the best I've seen in along time. I want to commend the whole cast. This was a brilliant piece of work.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Michael Bay
Bruce Willis
Billy Bob Thornton
Ben Affleck
Liv Tyler

DVD title: Moby - Play the DVD
Productgroup: DVD
Moby - Play the DVD - movie DVD cover picture
Best DVD in my collection

This DVD is awesome! 10 music videos including 5 unrealeased in the US. 20 song megamix with stunning visualisations, including 2 South Side remixes. Moby's self documentary is hilarious. 6 live songs, including GO, Moby's first big single. Has Stereo sound, and Dolby 5.1. You can also make your own Moby remixes with a DVD-ROM drive on your computer. Best DVD I own.

Studio: Bmg/V2

DVD title: The Howling (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Howling (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One Terrifying Discovery

The Howling was made in 1981 by Joe Dante and became an instant horror classic. Having just bought the film on the Special Editon DVD without previously seeing it, I myself could see why this movie has molded into horror history.
Dee Wallace is amazing as the well known tv reporter Karen White. Christopher Stone is great as her, cautious and scared for his beloved wife, husband. The supporting cast is also extremely effective, yet I do not recognize their names...This DVD is fantastic. This is the second DVD version of The Howling, this Special Edition one being a must have DVD for all collecters. Buy this movie. Its amazingly effective and sends endless chills throughout your body.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Joe Dante
Dee Wallace-Stone
Patrick Macnee

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