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DVD title: A League of Their Own
Productgroup: DVD
A League of Their Own - movie DVD cover picture
See it before you forget!

There's a movie I'd strongly suggest you see before you forget, because it'll change your way of thinking: it's called A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.
It's 1943, and the baseball stars are fighting in the war, causing the whole US to believe that baseball has to be closed down for the duration of the war, and so it's about to unless Ira Lowenstein, the wiz kid at Harvey Chocolates, can find a way to save it. In Oregon, married and superb baseball player Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Dottie's spunky but failing baseball playerkid sister Kit (Lori Petty) are playing for the dairy girls' team, unbeknowst to what is coming their way. Baseball scout Mr. Capadino (Jon Lovitz) is watching a game, noticing how good Dottie is... and how poor Kit is at batting. What follows is the road to the A.A.G.B.L (All American Girls Baseball League), where they're about to make their dreams come true. All of this is being reflected on by older Dottie, who's about to go to the fiftieth anniversary of the A.A.G.B.L and is nervous out of her mind. She hasn't seen Kit for years now, and nobody's about to remember her. Well, she's wrong.
A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN is a movie to triumph. See it.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Penny Marshall
Tom Hanks
Geena Davis
Lori Petty

DVD title: WKRP in Cincinnati
Productgroup: DVD
WKRP in Cincinnati - movie DVD cover picture
WKRP in Cincinnati

Considering all the WKRAP on television today, wouldn't it be wonderful if some Hollywood mogul would quit bickering about musical monetary shenanigans, and release the entire series of WKRP in its original form on DVD for purchase...-what a great show, and what a travesty that it hasn't been released to be enjoyed by the new generation, but more importantly by us "older folk"...(the baby boomers) who might not have too much time left on this earth....

DVD title: Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My New Favorite Movie.

The visuals of the movie were wonderful - many times you could almost think the fish were real. The voice talent in this movie I would say was medium - Ellen DeGeneres was great and Willem Dafoe was good too as one of the fish in the dentist's tank, as well as the voice of the sea turtle by Andrew Stanton. None of other performances stood out to me.
The plot was OK - early in the movie Nemo loses his mother and is cared for by his overprotective father Marlin. Through the movie both Nemo and his father get a big adventure and learn something about themselves. What really saves this movie from being just mediocre is Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, a fish with short term memory loss. Dory is responsible for the majority of the laugh out loud moments in the movie - one moment in particular when she is trying to talk whale speak provides the film's best laugh.
In summary, this is probably the 3rd best Pixar movie (after the Toy Story movies but better than Monsters Inc and Bug's Life) but not an enduring classic. 3 stars - wait for the DVD.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Albert Brooks
Ellen DeGeneres
Alexander Gould

DVD title: Sade - Live Concert Home Video
Productgroup: DVD
Sade - Live Concert Home Video - movie DVD cover picture
Great Sade Concert!! Make Your Own Sade Live CDs!!

The new 'Sade Live' DVD is great!! The band played well & Sade's vocals were better than I expected.Her background singer Osbourne is very good too!!If you were lucky to get a rare copy of the 2 CD Edition of 'Lovers Rock', you will notice that the 4 live tracks on the Bonus CD come from this same concert, which was only on VHS tape recently!!! ... At any rate, get the 'Sade Live' DVD, and if you have some extra money, get her music video compilation also on DVD.Peace, Sean Davis

Studio: Sony/Columbia

DVD title: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Productgroup: DVD
A Love Song for Bobby Long - movie DVD cover picture
a movie about redemption

After having read several books by Brennan Manning this film was to me just another version of a Manning book.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Shainee Gabel
John Travolta
Scarlett Johansson
Gabriel Macht

DVD title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Productgroup: DVD
The Count of Monte Cristo - movie DVD cover picture
Fun, Exiting and Entertaining Movie To Watch!

I saw this movie along with my wife and we both thought it was great! This movie is getting two types of review either it was good, and some people like my self are saying its one of the years best, or it was bad because the comparison to the Book!I view the movie apart from the book because it is a movie "get it"! If you want to sit in the theater for 5 hours to get more of the book into it, go ahead! I don't think theirs a big crowd for movies that long; or you can just watch the 400-minute mini series staring GERARD DEPARDIEU (witch was excellent) and leave the movie alone!Nuff Said.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Kevin Reynolds
James Caviezel
Guy Pearce

DVD title: Quest for Fire
Productgroup: DVD
Quest for Fire - movie DVD cover picture

i saw this part about the other caveman fighting with others for fire so one of the caveman is trying to protect the fire and not to let it out from the others.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Everett McGill
Ron Perlman
Nicholas Kadi
Rae Dawn Chong

DVD title: Ikiru - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Ikiru - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Oh wow

Ikiru-meaing "To live" concerns the trials and tribulations of a minor Japanese official as he is diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. He has to decide what to do with the time he has left. He goes through all of the stages of death denial bargaining ect. What he decides to do is finally to do SOMETHING. It is wonderful to finally see what he ends up doing. My Japanese history teacher recommended this to prove to us that Japanese cinema is not all Samurai movies(helping us to break down stereotypes). It is probably Akira Kurosawa's best film ever even though I personally like 7 samurai better.
Overall-If you have not checked this out do so now. It may take a while to get started but eventually what you have is a guy who has never done a thing in his life facing his last days with a wonderful dignity.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Takashi Shimura
Nobuo Kaneko

DVD title: The Shining
Productgroup: DVD
The Shining - movie DVD cover picture
The KING of all horror movies!

Ug. This and the other Kubrick DVDs are probably the worst DVDs produced by major studios. And considering that the Shining is one of the best horror films of all time in terms of popularity and in content quality, one would wonder why Shining would get such a crap treatment on DVD. The fact that it's fullscreen doesn't bother me because this is relatively the aspect ratio Kubrick shot the film in, it's the abyssmal picture quality the lack of supplements. The transfer Warner used here looks to be the same transfer they used for the very first VHS release around 18 years ago. The compression job is just a gasp. Even in broad daylight the compression artifacts are very apparent. I guess this is my cry for help to get Warner to re-release the movie in it's deserved Special Edition mode. I thought that this was an easy candidate for special edition treatment.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson
Shelley Duvall

DVD title: The Transformers - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Transformers - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Greatest God Damn Movie in the Universe

Not only was it the best god damn movie it had the best god damn soundtrack the best god damn characters the best god damn toys the best god damn animation the best god damn dialogue the best god damn action scenes the best god damn production notes the best god damn script the best god damn voices and the best god damn cinematography
it's the best god damn movie for kids and adults and anyone who gives it less than 5 stars is a god damn destructicon in disguise.

Studio: Rhino Video
Director: Nelson Shin

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