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DVD title: The Gospel According to St. Matthew
Productgroup: DVD
The Gospel According to St. Matthew - movie DVD cover picture
Saw it on the Screen in 1966.

This is great movie and all the other reviewers say is true. But if you can, do not get the version offered by Amazon, dubbed in English. Get the one in Italian, with subtitles. The English voice of Jesus does not capture the rage the Italian counterpart expresses. Also, the Italian original is 137 minutes long, the dubbed version only 122. I am not sure which scenes are missing. But there was one in the original with a communist era official funeral music. That one is sadly absent in the dubbed version.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Enrique Irazoqui
Margherita Caruso
Susanna Pasolini

DVD title: Mulholland Drive
Productgroup: DVD
Mulholland Drive - movie DVD cover picture
A Note.

....with what I've established about the story from many of these great reviewers here (the story is Diane's Dream, the reality comes when the cowboy sez, "Wake Up...') what catches my craw is this. If Camilla and Adam were already 'rubbing' it in about how much a loser Diane was (i.e. the scene where Adam is showing the male lead how to kiss-act and Diane is urged to stay and watch) and Diane rebuffs her (i.e. the scene where Diane is pushing Camilla out the door...) the viewer is left to wonder why Diane chooses to take the limo down Mulholland to the party for the final insult on her emotions. that's the real mystery here.(Were Kesher and Camille the 'In-Hollywood Crowd' rubbing it in on all the other losers in LA?) That further rubbing in the face is what pushed the girl over the edge, not necessarily the loss of Camille, and probably would have made anyone resort to murder...why didn't she opt for going for Adam, a good question. Good film. See it again.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Lynch
Laura Harring
Justin Theroux

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Astonishingly breathtaking

The best movie that I liked is lord of the ring. It just reminds you that friendship can always last forever, and that we should help each other no matter what.For me it isn't only because it's popular and that everybody in the world liked it.The best part is when Sam keeps an eye on Frodo, that he wants his best friend to be alright. Elijah Wood is very good at actor it made me cry and he managed to talk much and remember, everybody likes Elijah Wood and me to its like he got faith in himself. The worse part well that is a little hard cause i dont think it has something wrong. It was a little scary when orches came, it felt like real. Everybody was great, even Legolas is wonderful.Everybody is beutifull, lovely and good actors.Many hugs to Elijah Wood and everybody!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Queer as Folk - The Complete Second Season (Showtime)
Productgroup: DVD
Queer as Folk - The Complete Second Season (Showtime) - movie DVD cover picture
It has changed me.

At the beginning I was always thinking about how I could make people understand how it is to be gay. Opening up to people was the hardest. This series has help me understand that it is ok and that people should see and think that we are humans too. I really recommend this series to anyone who wants to see what our lives are like so that they could understand. I leave you with a quote by Martin Luther King, Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it

Studio: Showtime Entertainme
Hal Sparks

DVD title: Blue Velvet
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Velvet - movie DVD cover picture
The first time Lynch made a typical Lynch-movie

With eraserhead, the elephant man, and failed sci-fi epic Dune behind him, Lynch finally became what we associate him with today. In this movie he capture the unsecurity, hidden strangeness and illusionary safeness of "Any Town USA". It's a meeting of surreal, almost kafka-like labyrint fantasy and fifties-styled small town noir.The evil gangster leader (played by Dennis Hopper) bares smultarity with later Lynch monsters, for exampel BOB in twin peaks, and the mafia boss in Lost Highway.
It's a thriller seen from the perspective of the naiv voyaeur. A thriller that does'nt give either psychological, political or social explenetaions, but rather scares us with it's total silence. When the movie is over, we can't really find out if the story is over. It ends where it begins, happy and colourful. But the little happy bird singing in the last scene is actually a mecanic toy. Where do we go from now?

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: David Lynch
Isabella Rossellini
Kyle MacLachlan
Dennis Hopper

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7)
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7) - movie DVD cover picture
In my opinion, the finest series in the history of TV

Most serious fans of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE already own all of the individual sets that make up this DVD collection, so I thought I would address this review to those who own none of them and will make up the primary target for this set and focus on two questions. First, how does this set differ from the individual season collections? The answer is that they are identical. This set does not represent a new product in any way, but merely collects all of the seasons in a new, low price. If you don't own any of the individual seasons, this is an absolutely ideal way to discover the Buffyverse. Second (and for me this is the fun part), what's this Buffy chick all about?

What sets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER apart from most other shows, apart from the individual brilliant scripts that graced most of the episodes, is that the show over the course of seven seasons tells a story. What the casual viewer of the show could easily miss is the semi-tragic themes underlying the series: young, happy cheerleader and inevitable prom queen is pulled away by destiny from the life she loves to unwillingly undertake the burden of being her generation's Chosen One: a super-empowered heroine to fight against the powers of darkness. This is a responsibility she has neither sought nor desired, and one of the persistent themes of the show is that destiny basically dealt Buffy a nasty set of cards. Sure, she has super strength and agility and recuperative powers, but she also knows how she became The Slayer: someone else died. For one becomes the Slayer only by the death of another Slayer, which calls attention to the fact that she, too, is destined to die to make way for another Slayer. As she puts it in one episode, "Every slayer comes with an expiration date." She goes from a carefree, happy young girl to someone who wonders if she will make it to the age of 25.

Ultimately, however, the show isn't about a girl with super powers, but about taking responsibility for one's life, for accepting the cards that life has dealt one and making the most of that. Over the course of seven seasons all of the major characters struggle with this precise issue. All of them continually have to face up to the demands of the moral, and what is unusual for a genre show, they all have to work hard to be better people. More than about fighting vampires, the show is ultimately about the fighting of one's inner demons, with the external monsters being mere metaphors for that which lies within. As a result, all of the major characters changed dramatically over the course of seven seasons.

A second great theme of the show is that of community. The show actually contains a bit of a lie in the famous opening words that introduced the show in the first season: it says that unto each generation a Slayer is born and that SHE ALONE possesses the strength to fight the vampires and demons. Only, that isn't at all the case on the show. In fact, Buffy becomes less, not more, effective when she becomes a loner. As Spike, an evil vampire who has killed two Slayers in the past, said at the beginning of Season Two: "A Slayer with family and friends. That sure as hell wasn't in the brochure." And it isn't! Says so right at the beginning of the show. The Intro should read "She and her extensive support network" will fight the demons. And showing that no one understands this better than Spike, in Season Four he attempts to help a demon destroy the Slayer by sowing discord among the Scoobies, as the demon fighting buddies referred to themselves (this was before Sarah Michelle Gellar's unfortunate forays into the SCOOBY DOO movies). He fails when the four key members respond by forging a stronger bond than ever.

Over the seven seasons, Buffy struggles constantly against her destiny, initially fighting and resisting it, gradually accepting it, frequently resenting it, and eventually embracing it before the magnificent resolution in the final episode. While there is always only one Slayer (though on Buffy, there are two, but that is a different though very interesting story), there are always many potential Slayers. In the final episode of the series, Buffy realizes how they can make all the potential Slayers into actual Slayers, and after they do so they are able to defeat the baddies and save the world from evil, again. In literally the last five seconds of the series, Faith, the other Slayer, asks Buffy what she's going to do now that she's no longer the only Slayer. In a beautiful resolution of the central tragedy in the series, a blissful, contented, expectant smile breaks out over Buffy's face. Her life has been given back to her. The expiration date has been repealed.

Those who have only occasionally dipped into the show will not be able to appreciate how brilliantly written the show is. It is as if every individual writer knew every other line ever written in the show, and the result is a self-consciousness in the series that is highly unusual for TV. At the very end of Season Six, for instance, Buffy's best friend Willow utters the words, "Bored now," which is not merely a reference to something she said in Season Three, but brilliantly explains where her character is at that point in the show. The scripts are, in my opinion, simply the best TV has ever seen. They are dramatic, they are believable (astonishing in a show about vampires), they are profoundly emotional, and they are funny. In fact, the show really did manage to be several things at once. I think this ability to stride several fences is one of the reasons why BUFFY, though easily the finest show on television for most of its run, never won or even received an Emmy nomination for Best Show. Should it have been nominated as Best Drama or Best Comedy? (The complete neglect by the extraordinarily conservative Emmys of BUFFY has inspired Salon to create a new TV award, the Buffy, for the most unjustly neglected show on TV, with THE WIRE as the first recipient.)

The writing really was the key. I don't want to imply that other things weren't done as well. Though not one of the great casts in TV history, all of the actors did a great job and there were some truly memorable characters, from Buffy to Willow, Xander, Spike, Giles, Cordy, Anya, and Angel (who went on to star in his own spin off). The sets were always first rate and it was one of the few shows on TV to have its own utterly unique look, merely from the lighting and camerawork. Speaking of camerawork, few TV shows have ever taken so much care with the way scenes were shot. There was even their own unique blend of camp. For instance, fighting vampires is tough work, but Buffy inevitably went on patrol wearing some incredibly stylish outfits. My favorite is when she goes to the graveyard in Season Six wearing an ankle length white cashmere duster. I'm sure anyone about to engage in physical combat would decide to wear such an expensive and delicate item. But as good as all of these elements were, it all came in the end back to the writing. The show was brilliantly written on multiple levels. Many of the episodes were astonishingly good, but within them the individual lines were simply astonishing. I have many shows that I love, but in the history of television there are only two that contains dozens of lines that I can recall with ease: MONTY PYTHON and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. But apart from the individual episodes and the huge panoply of memorable lines, the seasons were almost always well conceived and executed. And even when individual seasons contained flaws in their, such as Seasons 4 and 7, these were more than made up for by the way they all fit into a larger story.

In the end, no series that I know of had a better story to tell than BUFFY. As much as I loved THE X-FILES, the series was always better on the individual episode level than it was as a whole. Lone episodes of THE X-FILES are as good as any in the history of TV, but the deep back story by the end of the series ended up being more than a little muddled and incomplete. When BUFFY ended, there was a single brilliant and marvelously develop tale of a young girl who was forced to give up her life for the greater good, but who in the end managed to get her life back again. I honestly believe that BUFFY will be the gold standard for television shows in the future. It has raised the bar for what can be done and should be done on television, so in the end Buffy might not have saved the world from the powers of evil; she just might have saved television as well.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Sarah Michelle Gellar

DVD title: Alone in the Dark
Productgroup: DVD
Alone in the Dark - movie DVD cover picture
Just plain horrible... on SO many levels

This is a film that you must see. To see Christian Slater try his hardest to take this role seriously, to see Tara Reid trying to look smart in black glasses, to see Stephen Dorff with a few extra pounds still trying to be a hardass. To witness the most awful direction, editing, and plot ever. I'm giving this movie five stars just because of the miraculous nature that this film was ever allowed to be created, and proof that movie investors are the dumbest people alive. Who in their right mind thought this would be a good movie? I've never laughed as hard as I just did while watching Tara Reid and Christian Slater blast machine guns in the dark at some stupid CGI monster while heavy metal music overlays and a whole team of Bureau 713 agents randomly shows up and joins them. The only thing that would make this film better would be a Christian Slater audio commentary track in which he tries to justify the artistic significance of his role. Goodbye, Uwe Eboll...

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Uwe Boll
Christian Slater
Tara Reid
Stephen Dorff

DVD title: BBC History of World War II
Productgroup: DVD
BBC History of World War II - movie DVD cover picture
Different perspective of World War II

This is a good complement to the World At War, produced many years ago by the Imperial War Museum. This BBC version adds updated information released in the 1990's by the Soviet Union about the Eastern Front, has a detailed review of Dunkirk, and perspectives of the war taken from various countries. Well worth the price.

Studio: BBC

DVD title: Urban Menace
Productgroup: DVD
Urban Menace - movie DVD cover picture
This was the greatest ghetto film i have ever seen in my lyf

This film was dope yo! My bro SN double OP was awesome ice tand big pun were representin!!
get this movie!!!

Studio: Studio Home Entertainment
Director: Albert Pyun

DVD title: Heir to an Execution
Productgroup: DVD
Heir to an Execution - movie DVD cover picture
Thought & Emotion Provoking Movie

Heir to an Execution was directed by Ivy Meeropol, the grand daughter of the Rosenbergs. The tragedy facing the Rosenbergs, their sons and their friends has left me with a lot of thoughts and emotions to process. Is it possible that the Rosenbergs (or at least Ethel) were innocent or were they (or one of them) guilty of spying beyond what was discussed in court? Did Ethel's brother really frame her to save his life? Would confessions, even fake ones, have spared the Rosenbergs' lives and prevent the tragic consequneces to their family (not all members of the family have behaved humanly, to say the least)? What would have these confessions done to their friends and colleagues (some of them were actually imprisoned)? What was the role of public hysteria (if any) fed by politicians and the media? It is amazing to see how the Roesenbergs' children managed to grow up and have productive and balanced lives (thanks to their adoptive prents, the Meeropols). I was wondering what are the lessons we could learn from this story to our present time? The movie is sensitive and thought and emotion provoking. Thanks Ivy Meeropol for bringing this tragic and telling story to life.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ivy Meeropol

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