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DVD title: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Productgroup: DVD
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - movie DVD cover picture
Sam Rockwell is amazing

This movie is slightly disturbing and only slightly entertaining, but a great story is told. Clooney is the best out of the box actor turned director I've seen in almost ten years. There is no doubt he will direct more and I will be first in line. Clooney's style is very creative and fresh compared to today's computer eye candy movie. You can almost see the directors he's worked with in the past sort of come together. Then we have Sam Rockwell. This man was powerful and driving in the role of Burris. He stole the movie and ran with it. Sam Rockwell is a name and face to be remembered folks, I clearly underestimated him. This movie is a must watch for anyone who loves film or wants to see a different side of Clooney.

Studio: Miramax Films
Director: George Clooney
George Clooney
Sam Rockwell
Drew Barrymore

DVD title: From Hell
Productgroup: DVD
From Hell - movie DVD cover picture
Important note, this is not a documentary.

And that is the best way to enjoy this movie, just relax and let the story unfold and enjoy it for what it is, a fine murder mystery. I've talked to some "Ripperologists" who can't seem to get over the fact that it's a movie and while it sticks to the facts mostly, some parts have been fictionalized. This movie also doesn't just go for blood and guts either, there is a story here wrapped around the murders and it is a great one. Depp does a fine job as Abberline and the man who plays the Ripper does a fine job as well. All summed up if it's a great thriller you want this movie delivers and I highly recommend it.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Johnny Depp
Heather Graham

DVD title: The Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

i believe this movie rocked the theaters around the globe, for many reasons. The special effects, the drama and emotion mixed in with perilous scenes. But the main thing that got the attention of fans is the message Roland was trying to tell. I believe in the double whammy effect-if it happened before, it will happen again. I know some don't believe it will, but the fact remains is we are on the verge of a climate catastrophe and we laugh at the movie like its a joke, made up my hollywood to decorate a fate that concerns the world over, on a subject not even talked enough about. But here's something i want everyone who reads this review to think of....this year alone, its by far the worst year we have gotten in history-a cold snap during the summer, wildfires in alaska, hailstorms in canada and colorado, heatwaves in northeast with drought conditions--and just think of it, it would be all our fault for doing it; we would die knowing that we could have stopped it but chose not too; and another thought, what would u do if you woke up tomorrow morning and turned on the tv and heard a urgent message from NOAA and newscasts stating that the world is experiencing extreme weather phenomenons like never experienced before in history and that its getting worse, with a oncoming superstorm that blackens out many countries in the north and wipes out many other countries and cities in its path, with 100 ft storm surges, record breaking winds and tornadoes, 5 to 10 pound hail, extremely harsh blizzards, unusual hurricane occurances, mega floods along coastal cities and countries, and a super freeze that could drop as low as absolute zero, which is close to -200 degrees farenheit, in the eye of the storm.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Roland Emmerich
Dennis Quaid
Jake Gyllenhaal
Emmy Rossum

DVD title: Let It Be
Productgroup: DVD
Let It Be - movie DVD cover picture
A fabulous piece of documentary

I understand that the Vhs and LD versions of this documentary were released around 1981. Since then I have never heard of it being released again. I watched it on television some time in the early eighties (unfortunately I did not record it then). It seems that most visual products of the Beatles have already been released either in Vhs tapes, LD or DVD but not this documentary. There must be a reason behind that bearing in mind that it is still a very much if not the most sought after item by millions of beatle fans in the world, young and old, who have yet owned it. It might be that the surviving members of the Beatles did not want it to be released again. Why? Simply because it was a sad and miserable documentary which showed how the band was about to be broken up under the tension among its members. Following the death of George Harrison, I wonder and I very much doubt that this will ever be released again in DVD, Vhs or whatever version.Luckily, a friend of mine bought the bootleg VCD version of it somewhere and somehow, and he kindly let me watch it in his place. The Beatles is still the all time greatest and the most influential rock n' roll band in the world. There is no question about that. It has even become part of the western civilization. I do not see that the popularity of the band would ever fade or even lessen in decades to come. More than 30 years after the breakup of the band, even its out-take (visual or audio) is treasured by the fans. There can be no other successful band in the world, past present or even in the future, which can reach such a dimension.

Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr

DVD title: Father of the Bride
Productgroup: DVD
Father of the Bride - movie DVD cover picture
"Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Piece"

This is one of those films that, if you're switching channels and you land on this one, you can't stop watching until the very end, no matter how many times you've seen it before. It's like hypnosis. And every time I watch it, I still get caught up in the suspense of whether or not Elizabeth Taylor ("Kay") is going to have the perfect wedding or not. My head knows that it will turn out all right, but my heart can't help worry for her and especially for poor Spencer Tracy as dear old Stanley Banks, the man who's having to give up the dearest thing in his life, and having to pay for the privilege of doing so!

Some people say that Spencer Tracy could play anything; I'm not one of them, and I find him pretty hokey or uneven in some of his parts. But for this kind of light comedy with a lot of heart, there was no one better. I also find his chemistry with the lovely Joan Bennett the equal of his famous screen relationship with Katharine Hepburn; he seems just as much at ease with Bennett as he was with Hepburn. (In this regard it's funny to watch the Cukor version of LITTLE WOMEN, with Hepburn as Jo and Bennett--still a blonde--as Amy, and to think that both of them would have Spencer Tracy in their future.)

I know people who like the remake with Steve Martin and Martin Short, but it never captured my attention the way this one does. When I'm flicking the remote and Steve Martin's on, I just silently click again till I get something I want to see.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Spencer Tracy
Joan Bennett
Elizabeth Taylor

DVD title: I Love Lucy - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
I Love Lucy - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Episode List

1. The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub

2. Be a Pal

3. The Diet

4. Lucy thinks Ricky is trying to murder her

5. The Quiz Show

6. The Audition

7. The Seance

8. Men are Messy

9. Drafted

10. The Fur Coat

11. Lucy is Jealous of a girl singer

12. The Adagio

13. The Benefit

14. The Amatuer Hour

15. Lucy Plays Cupid

16. Lucy Fakes Illness

17. Lucy Writes a play

18. Breaking the lease

19. The Ballet

20. The Young Fans

21. New Neighbors

22. Fred and Ethel Fight

23. The Moustache

24. The Gossip

25. Pioneer Woemen

26. The Marriage License

27. The Kleptomaniac

28. Cuban Pals

29. The Freezer

30. Lucy Does a tv Commercial

31. The Publicity Agent

32. Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio

33. Lucys Schedule

34. Ricku thinks he's getting bald

35. Ricky asks for a raise

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Lucille Ball

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great Stuff

Reviewers like Kevin S has done a good job taking the power away from those who read his reviews (which is repeatedly placed at different Christian publications on this site) about this movie but not the power of the real man/God Jesus. His atheistic view of Christ and God promotes the life after death without God which is a place called hell. After all, a rightous God cannot keep anyone in heaven against his/her own will. The best thing for anyone who don't believe in Christ is not to refute his divinity but remain a skeptic but NEVER be an atheist.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

DVD title: Night Crossing
Productgroup: DVD
Night Crossing - movie DVD cover picture
A Cold War classic from Disney!

This is the true story of one of the greatest escapes of the 20th century! The year is 1979. The Strelzyk and Wetzel families desperately want to leave Communist-controlled East Germany so they decide to build a huge hot-air balloon to carry them over to West Germany. Not only is it risky relying on a balloon to carry two families, they also have to avoid East German police. This is a well-crafted Disney film that the whole family will enjoy. The cast includes John Hurt, Jane Alexander, and a then-unknown Beau Bridges. Although I'm very happy to own this on dvd, this is a bare-bones dvd as far as special features go. At least the sound quality is better than my old vhs copy. Still, this is a very important and inspiring story that everyone should know about and I highly recommend this movie to people of all ages.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Delbert Mann

DVD title: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Limited Issue)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Limited Issue) - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Movie Ever

The Lion King 2- Simba's Pride is a wonderful movie and will be the best, but the 1st will always be first in my book! END

Studio: Disney Studios
Matthew Broderick
Neve Campbell

DVD title: Twin Warriors
Productgroup: DVD
Twin Warriors - movie DVD cover picture

Ok, 1000 words isn't enough to describe how good this movie is. Though the beginning starts out slow, its playfulness is amusing. Then, as the boys grow up, this comedy/action movie really lifts off. Seperated on different sides, one on the army's side and one on the rebel's, along with treachery and trickery, it seems that they play as they did as children, but on a MUCH higher level.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Woo-ping Yuen
Jet Li
Michelle Yeoh

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