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DVD title: Erin Brockovich
Productgroup: DVD
Erin Brockovich - movie DVD cover picture
Roberts' best performance!

I went into this movie thinking it was going to be just another "chick flick." (Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you...) I found myself pleasantly surprised. This movie was funny in the way that I like: understated and without drawing attention to the comedy. Julia Roberts was fun to watch.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Julia Roberts
Albert Finney

DVD title: Led Zeppelin
Productgroup: DVD
Led Zeppelin - movie DVD cover picture
Page Gets The Live Led Out, Finally

Over the course of Led Zeppelin's career, Jimmy Page often spoke of creating a chronological live Zeppelin album which would showcase the band in full flight. Not only has Page done that with "How The West Was Won", he has released this monster. This will make Zeppelin freaks remember why they fell in love with the band in the first place.
"Led Zeppein DVD" primarily consists of material from four concerts: Royal Albert Hall 1970, Madison Square Garden 1973, Earls Court 1975, and their final UK gigs at Knebworth in 1979. Zeppelin was not the type of band that would do note-for-note renditions of their songs. The band would often improvise new sections in the middle of a song. Witness "Communication Breakdown" from Royal Albert Hall; Robert Plant starts belting out the Isley Brothers "It's Your Thing" right after a furious Page guitar solo. Witness "Since I've Been Loving You" from Madison Square Garden, which begins with a Page onslaught and features some great interplay between Plant and Page. The footage from both of these shows is excellent, the sound prestine in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.
However, Earls Court will leave you breathless. This section begins with a 3 song acoustic set which looks like it was recorded yesterday. Plant is in great voice, and Page looks every inch the guitar god in his black dragon suit. "In My Time Of Dying" is incredible. John Paul Jones starts whipping out these furious bass runs while Page goes postal on slide guitar. John Bonham is right there with Jones, doing fill after outrageous fill. "Stairway To Heaven" is beautiful with split screen shots of Page in blue light and Plant's hair highlighted by a yellow spotlight.
Knebworth 1979 has more great footage. "Achilles Last Stand" has to been seen and heard to be believed. Page, although by this time is suffering through heroin addiction, pulls out all the stops on this epic, and the whole band pushes their skills to the limit and beyond. "Kashmir" is awesome, as is their revamped version of "Whole Lotta Love". Then, it's over.
This DVD shows why Zeppelin cannot reform without John Bonham, who died 13 months after the Knebworth concerts. He is simply irreplacable; his drumming throughout the CD is powerful, concise, and quite fun to listen to. Zeppelin wouldn't be a quarter of the band they were without Bonzo, and they know it. Be thankful that Jimmy Page oversaw this DVD project and buy it now. It's simply amazing.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Jimmy Page
Dick Carruthers

DVD title: Dogma
Productgroup: DVD
Dogma - movie DVD cover picture
this really is a great movie

I really very much enjoyed this film. As a fan of the work of Kevin Smith I can say this really is one of his best(sure he's only done 4 and i doesn't beat clerks). Ben Affleck(who was in mallrats and chasing amy)and Matt Damon give what I feel are their best performances. and what tops it all of is Jay and Silent Bob(smith) who are regulars in all his films. I really don't see what is offensive. I doesn't make fun of any religon per say. What i feel it does do is open your mind to different aspects of religion and different was of thinking about it. No one will really touch religion it that matter before. If you want to attack it for that reason you really should see the movie and then rethink you taughts on it. I know quite a few who have seen it none where offended or saw anyting offensive in it. Every one has a right to think differently about everyting and religion is one of them. Smith just gave you a lot of things to think about.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Kevin Smith
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Linda Fiorentino

DVD title: Tai Chi for Health Yang Long Form
Productgroup: DVD
Tai Chi for Health Yang Long Form - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent instruction video of this invigorating exercise

[....] There are a couple mistakes in regards to left-right positioning (which are quickly rectified through continual practice) and the whole ‘mirror-movement’ is challenging—-at first. But for someone serious about learning the basics of Tai Chi Ch’uan, you really cannot go wrong here. You just need three things: enough space to practice (10’ by ’10 is optimum), enthusiasm, and patience.
Tai Chi Ch’uan, translated as ‘supreme ultimate boxing’, is an ancient Chinese exercise designed to maintain flexibility, increase mental awareness, and cultivate ‘Chi’, i.e. lifeforce. Practice of this martial art strengthens the muscles of the entire body, limbers the joints, teaches one correct posture, balance and breathing, and gives the practitioner a calm ‘natural high’ far more subtle and rewarding than the usual methods (caffeine, sugar, alcohol). There are three ways to learn the art: through a certified instructor (the best), off a video such as this (also recommended), or from a book (not recommended at all). And among the video selection, Terry Dunn’s T’ai Chi for Health is among the very best.
The video begins with Terry practicing the Yang Long Form at dawn on a beach while a relaxed angle-American voice explains the basic concepts of Taoist philosophy and extols the benefits of long-term Tai Chi practice. Very classy. The meat of the video is in three sections: 1) the basic postures and warm-up stretches (30 minutes), 2) instruction of the 108 Yang Long Form movements (60 minutes), 3) additional exercises (15 minutes). A long conclusion showpiece has Terry practicing the entire form in a dimly lit studio.
The production and presentation of this video are top-notch. Terry Dunn is a calm and graceful teacher with a mellow, easy-on-the-ears voice; the atmospheric music by Vangelis compliments the forms very well. The philosophical concepts are presented in an understandable way for those not acquainted with Eastern thought. Though there are a few neglected areas, including the history of Tai Chi’s development (it originally begun as Dim-Mak, or ‘death-point striking’) and its sword forms, for those interested in increasing their health in a graceful, gentle way, I highly recommend this tape. I’ve been using it for five years and am _fully_ satisfied with the results.

Studio: Koch Vision
Terence Dunn

DVD title: Dark Crystal/Labyrinth
Productgroup: DVD
Dark Crystal/Labyrinth - movie DVD cover picture
Two Great Fantasies From the Heyday of Fantasy Filmmaking!

Begin With "The Dark Crystal": Another Time, Another World...

From the age of wonder comes a tale so bizarre, so mystical, so magical, it has to be seen to be believed! A world that once thrived is now nearly a wasteland, ruled over by cruel, half bird/half lizard creatures called the Skeksis. The planet's more humble creatures flee from their presence. Their evil is countered only by a race of good and kind wizards called the Mystics, but it is the Skeksis who maintain power over the Dark Crystal. The only hope for returning balance to their world is in that of a small gelfling boy named Jen, who, with the help of his new friends, Kira and Fizzgig, and the guidance of a wise old woman named Aughra, must reunite the Dark Crystal with its missing shard and heal an ancient species.

An adventure that could only have come from the mind of Jim Henson, "The Dark Crystal" is a masterpiece in every sense. Bringing to vivid life the fantastical and grotesque illustrations of Brian Froud, and clearly influenced by "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Lord of the Rings," Jim Henson and Co-Director Frank Oz have invented a world all their own. Every creature and character that appears onscreen is a figment of the imagination, and each one is as real as you or I. The visual effects and scenery are a feast for the eyes, but the simple and engaging story is equally captivating. In the Gelflings, the filmmakers manage to capture the very embodiment of pure innocence and goodness, and in the Skeksis, the very essence of evil. The Special Edition DVD release has more than enough extras to satisfy, the most overwhelming of which is the hour long making-of documentary, "The World of the Dark Crystal." Other features include deleted and work-print scenes, trailers, character art profiles, talent files, and an isolated music score. Well worth the purchase for anyone looking to own the quintessential 80's fantasy film. And, while I don't think her much to look at, Kira's voice is heavenly.

Then, Get Lost In the Labyrinth...

Sarah is a beautiful but delusional teenage girl living with her overbearing parents and incessantly crying baby brother. She immerses herself in a world of fairytale fantasy to forget her day-to-day strife, and rehearses lines from books in the hope of one day becoming a great actress like her real mother. But on one particularly stormy night, Sarah is left alone to tend to her baby brother yet again, and the assignment is more than she can bear. She finally makes a hasty wish for the infant to be taken away by goblins, to trouble her no more! --- Her wish is granted. --- Sarah suddenly finds herself alone in a fairy kingdom on a magical quest to save her brother, journeying beyond the gates of the goblin city and to the castle of the very Goblin King himself, but to get there she first must solve the Labyrinth!

From fantasy masters Jim Henson and George Lucas comes a film that delighted a generation! Labyrinth is a magical fantasy that combines the Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, and the Return of the Jedi, with an 80's twist in the form of David Bowie's one of a kind musical style. The film follows Sarah's transformation from bratty teenage girl to sympathetic and endearing heroine, as she makes her way through all the traps and twists the Goblin King sets before her, picking up new friends as she goes, from the ugly but good-hearted dwarf, Hoggle, and an enormous, hairy simpleton called Ludo, to brave Sir Didymus the fox and his noble steed, Ambrosius the dog. Almost the entire cast is direct from Jim Henson's creature shop, featuring an assortment of weirdies and baddies the likes of which you've hopefully never seen. And there's more magic still, thanks to the sorcery of Jareth, the Goblin King, portrayed beautifully by the hypnotic personage of David Bowie. Jennifer Connelly holds her own as Sarah though, looking more beautiful than I have ever seen her, and far too hot to be the staying at home and reading Tolkien on a Friday-night type, but we'll let that slide in lieu of the gorgeous eye-candy. If Henson and Lucas were aiming for a timeless classic here, ala "The Wizard of Oz," they may have missed the mark, as the music of the film dates it as unmistakably 80's. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt a masterpiece of filmmaking in true Jim Henson style, a great trip for the 80's fantasy enthusiast, and an excellent piece of fantasy entertainment for anyone who is a fan of the genre. More than a few elements from the world of Harry Potter were clearly inspired by this film, just as it was inspired by the classic fantasies that came before it. "Labyrinth" is a true work of art, and a true milestone of fantasy entertainment!

The DVD is in widescreen, featuring a fullscreen theatrical trailer, and a long and informative behind the scenes featurette that includes interviews with the performers and creators, not to mention more lovely footage of Jennifer Connelly. Cast and Crew "Talent Files" are also included. Don't hesitate to add "Labyrinth" to your collection today!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Frank Oz
Jim Henson
Kathryn Mullen

DVD title: Inu-Yasha - Season 1 Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Inu-Yasha - Season 1 Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
Totally Awesome!!!!!

Inu Yasha deserves 10,20 or 30 stars. This is just one GREAT anime. It just does'nt get much better than this. This is a MUST buy for any Inu Yasha fan. I can't wait until all seasons are finally released. Inu Yasha,all I can say is "TOTALLY AWESOME"!!!!


DVD title: Liberty's Kids - Give Me Liberty
Productgroup: DVD
Liberty's Kids - Give Me Liberty - movie DVD cover picture
I love the series

the cartoons keep my kids and my wife and I always interested. It is a good way for kids to learn about our nations history, while having some fun. I just wish they would release the whole series.

Studio: Uav Corporation

DVD title: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Productgroup: DVD
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - movie DVD cover picture
So funny, your head will explode (in a good way)

After making a film version of their best Flying Circus bits (And Now For Something Completely Different), the Pythons wanted to make an original movie. They realized that the quest for the Holy Grail would lend itself nicely to a series of sketches focusing on each knight. For a climax, they planned on sending the knights into Herrods department store to buy the grail (because, after all, Herrods sells everything).
But somewhere along the way, this collection of medieval skits became one of the best comedies ever made. You could credit the use of authentic sets and costumes. For some reason, making the movie historically accurate makes it funnier. Or you could credit the way they used their painfully low budget --- like using different sides of a castle to represent multiple castles in the story. If you notice it, you get an extra laugh. Or you could credit the use of two directors, forcing everyone to get it right the first time to avoid two sets of solutions to every problem.
Whatever the reason, Monty Python and the Holy Grail holds up as one of the best comedies ever filmed. It still looks cheesy, but in a good way. The plot is full of nice big holes, too. Every time you see it, you notice something new and miss something you've memorized. The jokes don't wait for a laugh track. It's just one strange punchline after another.
For the special edition of the DVD, the five living Pythons put together a handful of extra bits. The best extras are the audio tracks. You hear the directors talk about set design, John Cleese complains about being wet and cold, and Michael Palin explains why everything is funny. The documentary in which the two Terrys (the directors) visit the old filming locations is fun, too. They still have their sense of humor about it all. If you like to laugh, you should buy this DVD and watch it over and over until you've memorized every line. If you don't like to laugh, you are a very strange person.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Michael Palin

DVD title: Carpool
Productgroup: DVD
Carpool - movie DVD cover picture
A should-be classic family comedy

This movie delivers constant laughs that I still chuckle at today. If you are looking for something to laugh at, you have found it. Carpool offers all types of comedy, be it suttle in a conversation, situational, the looks of people or just the overall setting of the movie. A must-buy.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Arthur Hiller
Tom Arnold
David Paymer

DVD title: King Creole
Productgroup: DVD
King Creole - movie DVD cover picture
One Of Elvis' Best...

"King Creole" was only one of a handful of movies that Elvis did that really showed his acting ability. A great supporting cast and songs that actually fit the scenes, showed that Elvis had what it took to be a great dramatic actor. This movie is a must see. You won't regret watching it!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Michael Curtiz
Elvis Presley
Carolyn Jones
Walter Matthau

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