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DVD title: 24 - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
24 - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Revolutionary Television

When 24 premiered on television, critics claimed that the show would tank-- after all, how can you realistically show something in a real-time format? Wouldn't it be boring?
24 exceeded all expectations last season, including an ending that defies every convention of television for the past 50 years. The show itself is excellent, and the DVD version is fantastic, mostly because it doesn't overwhelm you with silly games and unnecessary features. The show is presented in a straightforward manner (four episodes on six discs), with an alternate ending and a brief director's commentary for the final scene.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Kiefer Sutherland

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best movies of all time!

Saving Private Ryan feels so real at times, you think you are in the middle of a battle. The action sequences are extremely intense, and are not for the weak of heart. Before this movie I really thought war was more glamourous and simple. Speilberg has opened my eyes, and showed me what war really is, brutal and dehumanizing. I couldn't even imagine having to go through with that in person. Everytime I see the movie, I wonder, how would I react in a situation like that. Thankfully, because of those men and women who sacrificed themselves, I can live in a place were i don't have to worry about such things. The movie is very moving, and should be seen by everyone. It will make you cherish the things that we sometimes take forgranted.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

DVD title: Strawberry Shortcake - Meet Strawberry Shortcake
Productgroup: DVD
Strawberry Shortcake - Meet Strawberry Shortcake - movie DVD cover picture

My 5 year old got this for Christmas from Santa. She was very excitted to get this movie, she had been wanting it for so long. When I opened it Christmas morning I was a bit surprised. I wasn't expecting the movie to smell like Straberry Shorcake. It was an added bonus.
Thankfully my 5 year old and her 3 year old sister both love the movie. It is just the first to start our collection.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme

DVD title: Labyrinth
Productgroup: DVD
Labyrinth - movie DVD cover picture
Some one please bring it back!

I my self have not seen this movie yet but my friends are facinated with this movie. And since no one ellse seems to have it I came to you. Please bring it back. If any one out there knows where to get a copy please write back.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Jim Henson
David Bowie
Jennifer Connelly

DVD title: The Crimson Rivers
Productgroup: DVD
The Crimson Rivers - movie DVD cover picture

The Australian Disc is in dubbed English (very very smooth) highly well done at that with the real actors.
You may wish to check the USA region for a english choice withinthe menu options. Strange if there is not one.
Just a thought.
Don't miss this movie.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Jean Reno
Vincent Cassel

DVD title: Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol. 1 (Animated)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol. 1 (Animated) - movie DVD cover picture
Why can't the prequels be this good?

That's the first thing I'd ask George Lucas. This animated DVD; although I never saw the cartoon network version..this one is much better than both prequels combined. I hope that someone at the Cartoon Network convinces Lucas for more of these. These are better than anything I have ever seen in Star Wars animated.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Mat Lucas
James Arnold Taylor
Jerome Beidler

DVD title: The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS
Productgroup: DVD
The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS - movie DVD cover picture
Great Commercial Power

My husband first heard the cd at his work in spring '95. He bought the HFO cd, let me listen to it and I just loved it. We then saw the dvd version at an appliance store late last year. We were awestruck! We bought the dvd right away, and then we realized that we had to buy an entirely new home theater system so we could watch it. So we did early this year. When friends came to visit, we let them experience the HFO dvd. Next thing we learned that they all bought the dvd too, and also had to buy a home theater system just so they can watch it. So you see how many home theater systems were sold because of the Eagles' HFO dvd? Need I say more? Day in and day out we always watch it and we never get tired of it. And each time we watch it, we are simply amazed and awe-struck by the Eagles' incredible talent with their musical instruments and their vocal harmony. We hope and pray that they'll continue making such wonderful masterpieces. We specially love Don Felder, Don Henley and Timothy Schmidt. Please hold another concert in NY.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

DVD title: A Year in Provence
Productgroup: DVD
A Year in Provence - movie DVD cover picture
I am so glad this is on DVD

When I first saw the title of this movie, I was intrigued. I wasn't looking for a movie about France, but any movie title with the word Provence has my attention. When I saw it was a TV comedy, I thought it might be a nice few hours escape. I also imagined it might have some Provence countryside and local flair.
This movie starts out very slowly, so you have to be patient. In fact, I wasn't sure I had put in the right tape to start with, but soon I figured out what the movie was about. Peter (an advertising executive) and his wife who decide to quit their jobs in England and just run off to southern France. After buying a quaint farmhouse in Provence, they try to settle into the slow paced country life. This is a very laid back movie, and that is perhaps its charm.
Food is also a theme in this movie. There are romantic restaurants and fun scenes of Peter going to the bakery to get a baguette for breakfast. There is a bit of drama with the bakery near the end of the movie.
You will laugh out loud in some scenes as Peter is pulled along with a pig hunting for truffles. There is a "truffle mystery theme" running through the movie. The humor in this made-for-TV romantic comedy is dry English humor, which I quite enjoy. This is really more of a comedy, than a romance. Perhaps the romance is that a couple is trying to find their dream and they stick together through the good and the bad.
What I loved was that Peter was a writer and he is always trying to finish his novel. His wife helps him on a writing assignment about Provence and that is when things turn more into a mystery.
There is a good dose of the "French language" in this movie, but you always know what the actors are saying because Peter and his wife let you know. The cultural misunderstandings are very amusing, but trying in a way. Annie and Peter do attempt to fit in and learn as much French as they can.
When they experience the good and the bad, it is then they appreciate France all the more. The "mistral" winds (strong winds) catch them off guard as they never imagined they would have to deal with a freezing cold environment. When the pipes freeze and they are expecting company, they end up starting a kitchen renovation, which takes forever to complete.
To top it all off, people keep dropping in unexpectedly and expect to be entertained. While they enjoy the company of "real friends," they do attempt to get rid of a summer guest only to have him make a choice they are not happy with. The situations these two characters get themselves into are quite funny. They also meet up with quite a few interesting characters, those being the local residents.
I do wish they had shown more of the Proven?al countryside and lifestyle, but it was entertaining. I have always thought it would be fun to live in France and be a writer. This movie was entertaining in that regard. I would also love to live in that house with a pool! What a life! If you enjoy English humor, which is very will love it! If you love Provence, France, this is a rare treat. Now where did I put that recipe for Tarte Tatin from my friend who was born in Provence! Caramelized apples with puff pastry is sounding very good right now! The French sure now how to cook!

Studio: A & E Entertainment
Director: David Tucker

DVD title: Dog Soldiers
Productgroup: DVD
Dog Soldiers - movie DVD cover picture
"There is no Spoon"

What to say?This is perhaps one of the coolest, most stylish films out of the UK, and it was modestly put together, which shows quality doesn't always have to be spawned from ILM (Not that I have a problem with Industrial Light and Magic). Dog Soldiersis one part "Aliens", One part "The Howling" and one part every war movie ever made. The acting is good, especially from Sean Pertwee, and it definately entertains. A bit of warning: it is a bit gory in sections, and if you have no stomach for such, then you might want to have your fast forward button handy. See this movie. Own this movie.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Neil Marshall

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
One of the all time greats!

For my money, this is the best movie to come around in the past decade period! This movie has all the elements to be one of the greats! I don't want to describe the story to you since you probably know it already. What I will tell you is that you will walk away from this movie a changed person. That's the sign of a special movie, not just entertaining but touches you on a spiritual level. I know that sounds off the wall for a war flick but it will open your eyes to the cruelty of man! War is devastating and if you know someone who was in WW2 or Vietnam, you can see that they are different from you and me. This picture let's you be part of such a realistic experience, you start to suite up, grab your ammo and wait in a foxhole until the enemy rolls forward. There is nothing more I can say about the movie; it's just a phenomenal motion picture. For you home theater buffs, the picture is superb and the sound track will perform an audio assault on your system. Bullets will be whipping around you as they ricochet off metal barriers, buildings, tanks and helmets. Tanks and explosions will make your sub rumble, it will feel like you're in the middle of the war. The picture has an "Army Green" look to it, and there are some beautiful landscapes to look at in between all the carnage. Do yourself a favor and once you finish reading this review, order this movie!!

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

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