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DVD title: Mallrats (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Mallrats (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Review on all 7 films of the Jersey saga, Not just Mallrats.

One of the best Kevin Smith films. I will review them all on this one review.

Clerks - 5/5, The first film based on the Jersey peeps, One of the best too, Look what smoking does to you, You can have that picture, haha that part is classic! Arguably the best Kevin Smith film...

MallRats - 5/5 The almost equally good sequal to Clerks, focusing on the consumer, not the workers, I heard you were a big fan of chocolate covered pretzels, Another classic scene...

Chasing Amy - 3/5 OK, I thought Smiths ilms weres supposed to be hilarious, Not as much Jay, Bob, Brodie, T.S., Dante, Randal, I dont get it... One of the worst in the series...

Dogma - 3/5 You start to think Smith is falling off, First Chasing Amy, then this, Dont get me wrong, they are both OK films, but after the great Clerks, and MallRats, You would think he was losing it until...

Clerks : The Animated Series - 5/5 HAHA, I don't care if its animated or clean, This is awsome, about time we get to have more adventures with Dante & Randall, Smith strts getting his comedy back!!...

Jay & Silent Bob Strike back - 5/5, Yeah he got it back, This is funny, Lots of good adventures with the best charactars... (possibly) ever!!!...

Jersey Girl - 4/5, Yeah Im mad, Jay & Bob arent hear, or any of the other great charactars, funny, but bring the vulgar, funny charactars we like back!!!

Great films, Start with Clekrs & Mallrats, then Jay & Bob S.B., & The animated Clerks DVD, then get Dogma, Jersey Girl, & Chasing Amy.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Kevin Smith
Shannen Doherty
Jeremy London
Jason Lee

DVD title: Sense and Sensibility
Productgroup: DVD
Sense and Sensibility - movie DVD cover picture
Does Austen Proud

Rarely does a film like "Sense and Sensibility" come along, with that perfect balance of drama, humor, and romance, the sort that leaves you simply feeling happy as the final credits roll. I hated to see it end, in fact; I could have gone on watching the marvelous cast much longer, and that's saying something. Based on the Jane Austen novel (and deftly adapted by Emma Thompson), the plot is uncomplicated, but never tedious or boring. We can thank a terrific cast for that. Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet shine as the Dashwood sisters, Hugh Grant quietly charms, and the supporting cast adds depth and, in some cases, hilarity.
Director Ang Lee has quite a wide and accomplished repetoire ("The Ice Storm", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), yet I would not hesitate in listing this film among his best. His accomplishments with this thoroughly British film are even more considerable since he is Asian. He paces the film fluidly, giving each actor multiple chances to shine, and quite competently balancing the mix of comedy and drama.
"Sense and Sensibility" is the perfect movie if you are in the mood for something funny and heart-warming. Essential for any Emma Thompson fan.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Ang Lee
Kate Winslet
Emma Thompson

DVD title: Bob Roberts
Productgroup: DVD
Bob Roberts - movie DVD cover picture
I normally only write book reviews, but . . .

Bob Roberts is the fictional documentary about an ultra-conservative folk-singer (I can't figure that one either!) who decides to run for Senate in 1990. Obviousley this movie is not supposed to show what politicians and campaigns are REALLY like (so calm down people!). It exagerates the qualities of politicians and voters to prove a point.
...this movie not only makes a mockery of the ultra-conservative agenda, but it also is a slap in the face of you all -- the voting public. Bob Roberts is clearly a sleazy, shallow, and deceptive character, but the public cannot seem to see past him on the surface level. Theycontinue sporting their red, white, and blue colors while mindlessly humming his comicly absurd folk tunes.
While it IS grossly exagerated, Bob Roberts does suggest some REAL trends in American politics, conservative and liberal. Robert's appearance on the Saturday night entertainment show (meant to represent SNL) is no doubt a reference to Clinton's appearance on Arseneo Hall during his 1992 campaign. It suggests that the American Political Scene is being dumbed down SO much that it needs to appeal to the segments of society where image is more important than the real world (we also saw this in the debate between Roberts and Paisley). Definately, Bush II's appearance on Oprah (and immediate jump in the polls) is a recent example of this "dumbing down."
I am very liberal, but I don't like this movie because is trashes the GOP. It trashes the trend in American politics, and the mindless ignorant American public that is complicit in that trend.
I recommend Bob Roberts both for its humor AND its message. I'm just dissapointed that Robbins refused to issue a soundtrack to this movie. I was looking forward to purchasing these tunes and listening to them anytime I needed a good laugh!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins

DVD title: Black Sunday
Productgroup: DVD
Black Sunday - movie DVD cover picture
A One-of-a-kind nail-biter

Adapted from the superlative Thomas Harris book, "Black Sunday" is one thriller that delivers a thought-provoking punch as big as the Goodyear blimp. The premise of terrorists absconding with the aforementioned "ship" in order to wipe out thousands of Super Bowl patrons is timely.
With the respective bombings of the New York's World Trade Center and the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Americans are becoming aware of the threat posed by our country's enemies.
The film hits home with dynamic performances by stars Robert Shaw, the always-super Bruce Dern, and Marthe Keller as one tough and determined anarchist.
As of yet, the film's images are fictional; hopefully, they will not come to pass.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: John Frankenheimer
Robert Shaw
Bruce Dern

DVD title: Body Heat
Productgroup: DVD
Body Heat - movie DVD cover picture
A Steamy Film Noir

Ned Racine (William Hurt) is a Florida lawyer (apparently not a very good one) who meets Matty Walker, (Kathleen Turner) the sexy, beautiful wife of a rich husband she wants eliminate for obvious reasons-- she wants his money. Racine falls into Matty's bed and her clutches in this little gem of a movie. In the beginning, this couple mostly just takes their clothes off as they are embroiled in passion; but the plot "heats" up" quickly. I don't want to give the byzantine story away to first-time viewers, but there's not a dull frame in this film.
What makes this movie so successful is two first class performances by Hurt (I think one of our best actors) and Turner in what was her first major film role. Additionally the atmosphere is stunning. You can literally feel the heat, both from the sex and the termperature as read on the thermometer in this movie. The bedroom scenes are as hot as I have seen and not at all gratuitous here. The characters are drenched in sweat most of the time and there are fans and air conditioners everywhere running overtime. This would be a great movie to watch in the dead of winter.
This movie co-stars Richard Crenna, Ted Danson and Mickey Rourke. Danson is a vision in a dark wig and Sammy Davis Junior glasses as a local district attorney. I could never decide if he was miscast or not, but everyone else is quite spendid.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
William Hurt
Kathleen Turner

DVD title: A Good Night to Die
Productgroup: DVD
A Good Night to Die - movie DVD cover picture
Gritty crime thriller delivers

I saw this film when it showed at the Tribeca Film Festival, and I was blown away (pun intended) by the acting, the story, and especially the way it depicted New York City. I had to run out and order the DVD for my permanent collection. Michael Rapaport and this Gary Stretch guy were fantastic and sympathetic as two killers for hire on a collision course with mob bosses, other hit men and each other. Ralph Macchio, Ally Sheedy, Blondie, the lady from Big Fat Greek Wedding and that old guy who's in everything, round out a great ensemble cast. Oh yeah, and I think that was Robin Givens as the girlfriend! If you're into exciting gritty thrillers like Chinatown, Goodfellas, the French Connection or tarantino films, you should order this DVD.

Studio: Dej Productions Inc
Director: Craig Singer

DVD title: Meet the Feebles
Productgroup: DVD
Meet the Feebles - movie DVD cover picture

breathtaking and wonderful. i gave it to all my friends for christmas!

Studio: Spectrum Ent Product
Director: Peter Jackson

DVD title: Willow (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Willow (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
"You're crawling with Brownies!"

Contrary to popular belief, there were fantasy films made before The Lord of the Rings series, and some of them are excellent, as is the case with Willow (1988), which I not only had the pleasure of seeing in the theatres when it was originally released, but also watching it last night as I now own the DVD. I suppose comparisons of this film with others could be made, especially since nearly all epic fantasy adventure films involve a quest of sorts, but I'll just be talking about this film, and why it's worth anyone's interest to see it if they haven't already. By the way, I read George Lucas, who not only produced but also had a hand in writing this movie, had two sequels planned, but after the box office totals barely covered the cost to make the film, said sequels got nixed, only seeing the light of day in novel form (it's not that the film did poorly, but the production costs incredibly high as the technology to create the effects was cutting edge at the time, and the production itself was huge, including a cast of literally hundreds). Directed by Ron `Lil Opie Cunningham' Howard, the film stars Warwick Davis, who would later go on to appear in a number of Leprechaun films as the title character. Also appearing is Val Kilmer (Real Genius, Top Gun), Joanne Whalley (Scandal, Navy SEALS) -incidentally, Kilmer and Whalley got married after meeting on this didn't last---, Jean Marsh (Jane Eyre, Frenzy), Billy Barty (Under the Rainbow), Pat Roach (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Gavan O'Herlihy (Never Say Never Again), Rick Overton (Groundhog Day), and Kevin Pollak (Grumpy Old Men, The Usual Suspects).

As the story begins, we learn that the evil Queen Bavmorda's (Marsh) reign of terror is strong, and virtually unopposed, due to a mixture of her own magical prowess and the ferocious strength of her Nockmaar army, lead by the skull-masked General Kael (Roach). But there's a fly in the ointment...prophecy says a baby will be born (one with a mark), and that baby will bring forth the destruction of not only Queen Bavmorda, but the evil she's spread across the lands. This causes Bavmorda to send her minions, including her daughter Sorsha (Whalley), to scour the lands, as the Queen must retrieve the newborn for some sort of ritual. The baby is born, but spirited away by a sympathetic midwife, only to end up in the hands of a Nelwyn (people diminutive in size) named Willow (Warwick). It's decided that Willow should take the baby forth and relinquish her to the first Daikini (`normal' sized people) he meets, which happens to be a roguish sort named Madmartigan (Kilmer). Various events take place and eventually Willow ends up with another quest, one involving delivering the babe to a faraway kingdom, assisted by motley crew including Madmartigan, a couple of Brownies (itty bitty people), and a sorceress, all while being pursued by Bavmorda's deadly forces. Will Willow find the strength and courage to protect the child and deliver her to safety? Or will Bavmorda and her forces succeed, solidifying her stranglehold on the lands, plunging them forever into the darkness?

One thing people should know that when Willow came out in the late 80's, it was ahead of its time in terms of special effects, being the first feature to utilize the effect of `morphing', or the visual transformation of a character into something else (the technology was also highlighted in Michael Jackson's early 90's video Black or White). But this isn't to say the film relied on special effects to prop up film as they're incorporated to support the fairly detailed and well-developed story. There were a couple of things that have always felt a little odd to me, like the battle scene at Tir Asleen featuring sometimes cartoonish looking trolls, or that whole `sledding' sequence followed by Madmartigan rolling down the hill in a giant snowball (I've only really ever seen this done believably within cartoons), but the strengths of the film far outweigh these minor elements. Director Howard does a really great job balancing out the action, presenting an engaging and epic adventure throughout. I thought the overall casting to be very well done, and many of the performances perfectly suited for the characters. I especially liked Marsh's performance as Queen Bavmorda, as she reminded me of those evil witch-type characters from the classic Disney cartoons, not only in her dress, but also her demeanor. There was a sense of her character being over the top at times, but it didn't detract from the film at all, given the fantasy nature of the story. I also appreciated the comical elements of the Brownies Franjean and Rool, played respectively by Overton and Pollock...some have criticized this aspect, but I thought their goofiness was well placed. Also, I was amazed how the filmmakers were able to get the baby (whose name we later learn as Elora Danan), played by twins Ruth and Kate Greenfield, to express and react as appropriately as they, the twins, did, given the various situations in the story. I suppose it's easy enough to make a baby cry, but it went far beyond that, as the character seemed aware of much more than we would have given a child of that age credit thing I thought was done well was the romantical element that eventually developed between two of the main's pretty rare to have a story like this and not have something along those lines, but here it was blended in nicely rather than thrust upon the audience as the fulfillment of a requirement. The film is filled with vast, vibrant, beautiful location shots and wonderfully developed sets, and features an amazing musical score by composer James Horner.

The anamorphic widescreen (2.35:1) picture on this DVD is sharp and clear, and the Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround is as good as I've ever heard. There are a few special features including featurettes titled Willow: The Making of an Adventure, and From Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of Digital Filmmaking, along with some TV spots and trailers, a photo gallery, a THX Optimizer, and a commentary track with Warwick Davis. The film may not be suitable for very young viewers, as there's a good deal of scariness, especially during the battle of Tir Asleen featuring a two-headed beastie I've heard was named Eborsisk after film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.


Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Ron Howard
Val Kilmer
Joanne Whalley
Warwick Davis

DVD title: MacGyver - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
MacGyver - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Brilliant!

It is soooo frustrating! MacGyver is one of the best TV Series made in the 80's and 90's (You can put it in Line with the A-Team, Knight Rider and so one). And everyone in the USA will be able to purchase this brilliant DVD to sit at home and look at Richard Dean Anderson again and again and again.
It is really sad that this DVD is not available in Germany (Especially in the European Format). So, pleeease! Hurry up and bring it to Europe as well! I will buy it straight away!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Richard Dean Anderson

DVD title: Country Music Classics: Marty Robbins & Ernest Tubb
Productgroup: DVD
Country Music Classics: Marty Robbins & Ernest Tubb - movie DVD cover picture
Country Music at it's Finest

Two of Country's Greatest at the pinnacle of their career's.The raw but downhome voice of Ernest Tubb combined with the rich Emotional tones of Marty Robbins makes this DVD not just a want,but a requirement for the true Country Archivist.Young country musician hopefuls should look back at this for inspiration and a reminder of their roots.A true visual log of country history.

Studio: Shanachie
M Robbins
E Tubb

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