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DVD title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Productgroup: DVD
The Count of Monte Cristo - movie DVD cover picture
Revenge can kill you, yet it's what kept him alive...

I was partway through the rantings of another reviewer about how much this movie strayed from a classic. And how bad this adaptation was. But you know what? I don't really care. I haven't read the book, and I likely won't. I happen to like the film. It has a decent plot, good actors and a theme someone simple-minded as myself can understand - "revenge". How often have we felt cheated in our lives? How often have we felt that we are the underdogs? This film shows us that good things will come to those who wait. That revenge is sweetest when it is well thought out and exacted with a fury.
In this story a sailer by the name of Edmond Dantes is wrongfully imprisoned when his best friend Fernand betrays him in order to steal his wife. In prison, Edmond is about to lose hope when a fellow inmate teaches him how to read/write/fight and escape from prison. At his dying breath, he tells Edmond of a buried treasure that he should use to do good. Edmond, however, has other thoughts in his mind. Edmond transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo. With systematic planning, he cleverly inserts himself into high society and exacts revenge from his enemies of the past. His goal is not to kill them, but to humiliate them and let them know what it feels like to have nothing left to live for.
... The movie was fun to watch, so watch it.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Kevin Reynolds
James Caviezel
Guy Pearce

DVD title: Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture

Anybody that likes weird al Yankovich ought to own this DVD. Every single video on it rules. I strongly suggest this DVD.

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Al Yankovic

DVD title: Suzanne Westenhoefer:Live From the VI
Productgroup: DVD
Suzanne Westenhoefer:Live From the VI - movie DVD cover picture

Whether your straight or gay, you cannot not laugh when you watch this DVD. Susan Westenhaufer is a stitch. She is so right on with all her material. If you love to laugh and you love comedy, buy this DVD.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Suzanne Westenhoefer

DVD title: 28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Hello? Hello? HELLO!!!

When this movie came out, all I kept thinking about was, 'Not another zombie movie.' Well again I was wrong. This wasn't a zombie flick at all, this movie was only suppose to make you think of a few things...It was as the disease was called in the movie rage. Now thing about, rage hits the streets everyday, to some extent how far would a human mind go? In this case '28 Days Later' the 'rage'of one person pent up feeling boiling over in to hate, anger, hurt, fear, and among other things.It was paranoia, (we see this everyday) the paranoia of thinking what would it be like if you were the only one, being alone, no one to care for you and to take care off, the only person in the world, losing your mind, losing your state of being, and to or or what purpose?And love, in any movie of any kind their is always the need for love. It's a sentiment that eases the hurt and suffer the pain (now that's an oxy moron, but think about it)One thing that really got my attention was the fact that the director payed really close and minor attention to the main characters, Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris ....Do watch, do enjoy, and stop comparing it to other Zombie movies.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Danny Boyle
Cillian Murphy
Naomie Harris

DVD title: The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This has got to be the one of the best DVD's out there. #1. It's a classic horror flick. #2. It's got more options then I can even think of. #3. Bottom line.....if u like horror flicks and own a DVD....what are u waiting for???

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: William Friedkin
Ellen Burstyn
Max von Sydow
Linda Blair

DVD title: Fritz the Cat
Productgroup: DVD
Fritz the Cat - movie DVD cover picture
Fritz the Cat

Ah, "Fritz The Cat" one of the most beloved Adult Cartoons there is, in fact "Fritz The Cat" influenced the adult cartoons we have today to an extent, showcasing violence and sex and in between commenting on society where it is, where it has been, and where it's going to.
First I should say, that this is the first animated movie that was given an "X"by MPAA. After looking at the film I'd say it has more of an "R" rating at best.
I also I am glad to finally write a review on it, because the cartoon has been dismissed as trash by critics, but it's not trash, there are a couple of interesting bits in the movie, but if you watch the movie with "head up your butt, politically correct" mentality, then you wont see the points the movie is trying to make.
Now "Fritz the Cat" was done by Legendary Ralph Bakshi who has brought classics like "Spiderman" and "The Hulk" cartoons to tv, but as a director he has matured over the news
and has use his medium and power to include bigger cartoon movies that showcase societal messages like in his "Wizards" cartoon movie with Mark Hamill (from Star Wars) to comment on WWII and Nazi party.
Now the film was also made from writer Robert Crumb who created the characters. Now if you watch any of Crumb's cartoons you catch several of his trademark "movies" like "Heavy Traffic" a good movie about out work artists with commentary on society , capitalism and the movie industry itself. The movie also has a very dark imagination often putting in live action with animation and mingling the two successfully too . Now it has been released on DvD, but the DVD is very poor offering no extras, so dont waste any money on it, the vhs version is much cheaper to get.
The films plot revolves around a young adolescent cat name Fritz who wants to experience everything that life has to offer: women, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Fritz is an independent free spirit, someone who hates authority and basically does whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it. He in a way reminds me of that character Dustin Hoffman played in "Midnight Cowboy" having fun, but also ridiculing those idiots around him including a couple of protesters who he says "should get a real job"....speaking of which, "Fritz The Cat" has a couple of references to the 60's and hippies, and its pretty funny. One of which is as many of the characters in the movie point out, that 1960's hippies have turned fat and never amounted to anything...except for smoking alot of pot. It's not very flattering, but it is part realistic, because I am sure people know a couple of their hippie friends who "freeloaded" back in the 1960's and who despite saying that were for the peace movement were only there for free food and sex and by 1970's became fat and never amounted to anything.
So Fritz is a freespirited, but selfimposing invididual who at first has no ambitions other than, having sex with many girls and he achieves his goal ....having an orgy with a couple of easy woman in his friends place luring them in with words of
However the orgy is interrupted when cops (portrayed as talking pigs...yeah you heard the cops are pigs... a term that is now used to refer to real cops) bust in..but these cops are so stupid it's funny and well everyone they tried to arrest (with really no evidence) get away.
Fritz escapes but hides in a Jewish Synagogue and from there laughs and mayhem ensues as Fritz once again makes fools of the cops and escapes back to his friends place egging him to quit studying for exams and party. Howevever, being ruled by emotions, Fritz accidently burns down his friends place and his own notes. Fritz has a couple of Entertaining Dream sequences that gives a glimpse into his personality and Crumb's use of great camera work blending in inaminate objects with animation.
So then after this bit of carnage the movie tones a bit though and gets serious when Fritz encounters Racism, violence, anarchy and state of capitalism and power which control every living thing and person in this world. So this is when Crumb through Fritz, shows us these messages both graphically and in subtle fashion, it's very well done and despite the fact that by the end of the film, nothing really changes, Fritz and the audience do become aware of the world that Fritz lives in and why he is the character he is after being in this environment. That is really the best way to describe it and to say but that wouldn't be giving the movie to much credit.
The voice of Fritz was done by Skp Hinnant, but taking a look at his resume, he unfornately didn't have a rewarding acting career which is too bad.
"Fritz The Cat" spawned a sequel "Nine Lives of Fritz Cat" (which I had the pleasure of seeing couple of months ago ). Commercially too the film did allright, there was a comic strip of "Fritz The Cat" by Robert Crumb ,soundtracks, and a couple of other memorabilia.
Anyhow, I very much recommend "Fritz The Cat", it will have you laughing and entertained throughout, but look closer and you will a couple of messages that Crumb and Bakshi were trying to make at that time.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Ralph Bakshi

DVD title: Master of the Flying Guillotine
Productgroup: DVD
Master of the Flying Guillotine - movie DVD cover picture
Master of the Classic Kung Fu

This movie is one of the classic kung fu you will find. If you watched the Kung Fu Theater on Channel 9 years ago, you remember seeing this. I have been searching for this movie for years. Now it will be available in September! It's about an old man who fight the One Hand Boxer. The fight scene and the plot is awesome. Get it! I will definately.

Studio: Pathfinder Home Ente
Director: Yu Wang
Yu Wang
Tien Wu Chu

DVD title: Boiler Room
Productgroup: DVD
Boiler Room - movie DVD cover picture
"Slingin White Man's Crack!"

....I knew I was gonna like this when the main character, Seth, quotes Biggy Smalls in the opening scenes. I also like the fact that he has an illegal casino going and he already has ends coming in. What I thought was that Seth was somehow gonna cut deals with both chop-shoppers and the Feds to come out looking like he's done the legal and ethical thing, but left it open for him to continue in the bizness, but it wasn't so. Eye candy Nia Long hasn't had an indepth role since "Soul Food"--and I'm not bashing her, just noticing. This doesn't break any new grounds in her career, but it was still nice to see her. A good moovy! See it today!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Ben Younger
Giovanni Ribisi

DVD title: The Woman in Black
Productgroup: DVD
The Woman in Black - movie DVD cover picture
Wow! What a movie!

If you love a good ghost story, get this movie! One of the best movies of this kind I have ever seen. However, be warned! Do not watch this movie alone. It was scare you out of your wits!
Sharon Edison, NJ

Studio: Bfs Entertainment & Multimedia
Director: Herbert Wise

DVD title: Rammstein: Live aus Berlin
Productgroup: DVD
Rammstein: Live aus Berlin - movie DVD cover picture
Great Deal

This here is a fine DVD. It's picture and sound quality is outstanding. Is it worth the money? Yes. Especially if you're a fan. Not to mention the tons of detailed, interesting feactures. I have the Live Aus Berline CD, and this here is another world. Love it.

Studio: Uni/Island
Director: Hamish Hamilton

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