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DVD title: Persona
Productgroup: DVD
Persona - movie DVD cover picture
Response to Mudville

I hear of all his pictures, Persona is Bergman's personal favorite, which I like, because it's my favorite also. Persona is filled with the poignant imagery and symbolism that is the Bergman style that has made him the darling of artsy types worldwide, but more than that, it is simply genius directing and intense acting that makes Persona one of the most memorable films I have ever seen. Moments of it just stay in the viewer's head forever. The famous scene of Ullmann and Anderson loosely holding each other, looking forward, watching something beyond the camera lens, has been imitated by hundreds who tried but failed to equal the emotion this scene wells up in the audience. Persona eases the viewer into two tortured souls who bond in an indefinable way and then find themselves incompatible. Anyone who thinks they can watch this and remain untouched has yet to dive into the Persona's depths. For today's new generation of movie buffs to write this film off would be tragic, as echoes of this film can be found in many of the best movies of the last decade, particularly Lynch's Mulholand Drive.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Bibi Andersson
Liv Ullmann

DVD title: The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS
Productgroup: DVD
The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS - movie DVD cover picture

This is absolutely awesome.The sound quality and picture quality are nothing short of breathtaking. The only problem i have found is on track 10 learn to be still where i can here a slight "scratching" sound not all the way through but about half a dozen times.i have the pal version so maybe it is not apparent on the ntsc version. i have replaced the dvd with a new one but it is still there,has anyone else noticed this? Apart from this problem this is a dvd that you must buy even if you are not an eagles fan because you will not be disappointed.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

DVD title: Blast from the Past
Productgroup: DVD
Blast from the Past - movie DVD cover picture

I Mean they couldn't have picked a better person than Brendan Frazier, he just played the role so well. I laughed all through the movie. Especially when his father told him to stay away from the porno book store, because it was poisionous gas, and when brendan +ADAM+ Saw it he told everyone to run, it was great. I recomend this movie to anyone who needs some cheering up.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Hugh Wilson
Brendan Fraser
Alicia Silverstone

DVD title: Midnight Cowboy
Productgroup: DVD
Midnight Cowboy - movie DVD cover picture
Still Meaningful Today

1969 was an excellent year for films.There was Anne of the Thousand Days, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,Hello Dolly,Easy Rider, the list goes on and on.Why is it then that this is the film that won the Academy Awards for best picture,director and screenplay of that year? (and was also given nods for both leading actors). Perhaps the voters over 30 years ago could forsee that this movie would stand the test of time. This is a story that tugged at our heartstrings, and made us up sit up and take notice of the world around us. Joe Buck(John Voight), a naive,good looking,Texas "cowboy", in a get up that looks as if he is Alan Ladd reincarnated, hits the "Big Apple" in hopes of striking it rich (literally) with the ladies there.It isnt long before his hopes are dashed, he is broke,life on the streets of New York is savage.He must do things that turn his stomach in order to survive. He finds himself in need of a friend. The friend comes in the form of one "Ratso" Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), a sleazy. panderer, who offers Joe a place with him in a condemned apartment building. Ratso takes Joe under his wing, and together they try to survive on one get rich quick scheme after another. These two very different men form a unique bond. Joe has disturbing thoughts of the past, and Ratso has dreams of the future. When Ratso falls ill,though. it is Joe who must care for him. Their friendship moved us then and it will move you now. The actors are phenominal in their performances. Hoffman fresh off his success in "The Graduate" shows us way back then how versitile he is, and Voight the newcomer proved his dramatic skills early on. The director John Schlesinger (Far From the Maddning Crowd) gives us a very realistic view of life on the streets. At the time of it's release this film was rated X (it is R now) and although there are some expicit scenes, the main focus is on the kinship of man. The DVD(MGM) is a nice transfer. The colors ar vibrant. It is in the original widescreen format (with a standard format on the b side of the disc) It is in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround,not the best I have heard done on a film of this age, but still good enough. The soundtrack is wonderful with the great song "Everybody's Talkin". No other special features on the disc itself but it does come with a booklet on the casting and making of the film, along with some other interesting facts about it. This would be an excellent addition to any film collection.Enjoy.......Laurie

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John Schlesinger
Dustin Hoffman
Jon Voight

DVD title: Modern Vampires
Productgroup: DVD
Modern Vampires - movie DVD cover picture
Definitely The Funniest Vampire Movie Ever?

If you love Vampires and have a sense of humor then you'll love this movie. It gives you the chance to see vampires in a more funnier lite than you usually see them. Instead of portraying them as serious and non-social creatures of the night, their portrayed as being very funny, social, and family\friend oriented peolpe. It just shows you the Lifestyle of the upperclass L.A. Vampires and there twisted and funny way of life. The hilarious and gory way they view and kill humans is just to funny for words. It simple shows you how modern day Vampires would act in todays society. It sheds new light on another way of becoming a Vampire. A very sick and funny way!!!

Studio: Studio Home Entertainment
Director: Richard Elfman

DVD title: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Productgroup: DVD
Welcome to the Dollhouse - movie DVD cover picture
Harsh at times.

This movie was amazing. It was really good and honest because it was so harsh at times. I'm not like most reviewers here who can relate to Dawn, so I think my opinion counts more in some way because for a movie to grab at me like this one did is incredible, especially since I have no emotional strings attacted to a tramautic child hood.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Todd Solondz
Heather Matarazzo
Christina Brucato

DVD title: The Mask of Zorro
Productgroup: DVD
The Mask of Zorro - movie DVD cover picture
Good rousing fun. This film packs quite a punch! Enjoy!

Where to begin? To me this film delivers on many levels and is one of the best film versions of Zorro in the history of the character, if not THE best. For one the story is a little bit different than most. Instead of trying to restore his father to a political office, Zorro becomes a champion of the people, fighting to save the people of California from the schemes of a political tyrant. Personal revenge for a wrong committed is involved also, as well as one man's quest for a "new life".
I have to touch on some things here. The photography here is brilliant. Done completely in Mexico the landscape is both lush and beautiful, vast and dramatic. At the same time it can be bleak and oppresive and appropriately gloomy. A great job was done. Also, James Horneer (of BraveHeart and Titanic fame) steps to the plate to give us a musical score that is full of tension, tenderness, and good rousing drama, adventure and fun. The music for the second dance number between Alejandro and Elena is an exquisite piece of music just by itself.
The three leads, Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta Jones absolutely shine here. The chemistry between Banderas and Zeta-Jones can be felt easily, as can that between Banderas and Hopkins in their student/master relationship. I love the fact that through Don Diego and his training, the young Murietta is given a new purpose in life and is offered a chance to become a "new man". There is a real sense of accomplishment, excitement, and fun as the two get ready to tempt their fates at the climax of the film and put wrong things right. The script here is excellent, the dialogue sparkling with tension and wry humor (ie: Montero's discovery of Zorro's true identity and the ensuing fracas and mayhem, the confession booth sequence in the middle, and the contfrontation between Diego and Montero at the Montero hacienda late in the film.) There are funny moments a-plenty and also ones that are quite touching as well. Elena's realization of her heritage and reunion with Diego was brilliantly done and had everone in the theater going "Awww" when I saw this for the first time in a local cinema complex. The sword-fight between Alejandro and Elena struck the perfect balance between tension, action, and humor.
In short this is a very grand and stylish film that brings back the spirit of the old swashbuckling adventure classics. It is a very touching and funny film at times. It is vastly entertaining and good fun for the whole family. I also love the fact that it had a very touching love story in it without gratuitous nudity, sex, or violence. Also to my memory there is not much bad language in this film, which makes for a QUITE REFRESHING CHANGE. The swordfights are very well done, but not too bloody. If you like good, rousing, fun films that are dramatic and tender at times too, you can't go wrong with this one. Kick back and enjoy it Peace, and God bless you.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Martin Campbell
Antonio Banderas
Anthony Hopkins
Catherine Zeta-Jones

DVD title: My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Disney DVD: Letterboxed with original Japanese soundtrack

Forget the old FOX VIDEO DVD release (cropped & dubbed) look for this new upcoming Disney DVD release. Here is their press info:

February 2006: 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced), Dolby Digital 2.0; 2-Disc Special Edition,
Original Japanese audio & new English dub, storyboards, behind-the-scenes.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Noriko Hidaka
Hitoshi Takagi

DVD title: The Jetsons - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Jetsons - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Meet George Jetson...

The Jetson's are an all-time classic cartoon and it's great that they finally released these in dvd. I'm sure many fans have been waiting a long time for this. The Jetson's originally premiered in 1962 with Hanna-Barbera's vision of the world in 100 years, 2062. The original 24 episodes are on this dvd.

(01) Rosie the Robot: Jane wants a maid even though George says they can't afford it and takes a free one day trial offer on a slightly used 'Rosie'. After George gets fired by Mr. Spacely, Rosie leaves, thinking that she caused the family trouble. They find her at the bus stop and take her home for good.
(02) A Date With Jet Screamer: Pop star 'Jet Screamer' organizes a quiz with the first prize as a date with the celebrity himself. Judy wins despite George's efforts. Without her knowing it George acts as a chaperone.
(03) Jetson's Nite Out: George fools Jane into thinking he's working late so that he won't be able to attend a PTA meeting and attends a robot football game with his boss Mr. Spacely.
(04) The Space Car: George and Jane go to Molecular Motors for a new car. The Supersonic Suburbanite turns out to be too much for them so they buy a car similar to their old model. They get mixed up with bad guy Knuckles Nuclear and his gun Moll.
(05) The Coming of Astro: Jane and the kids want a real dog for personal protection but George wants an apartment approved electronic dog. There is a contest to point out the superior dog. Astro wins when he unwittingly tackles a burglar terrorizing the apartment building.
(06) The Good Little Scouts: George gets a vacation by accompanying Space Cub Troops on their camping trip on the moon. George ends up getting lost, but is rescued by Mr. Spacely's son, Arthur.
(07) The Flying Suit: Spacely's competitor Cogswell invents a flying suit while Elroy thinks he's invented a flying pill. George picks up the wrong suit at the cleaners and is convinced Elroy's pills actually work.
(08) Rosie's Boyfriend: Judy and Rosie find boyfriends.
(09) Elroy's TV Show: The future TV producers got bored with cowboy and doctor's programs, so they want Elroy as 'Space boy Zoom and his dog Astro'. Mr. Spacely however, wants his son and dog on TV instead.
(10) Uniblab: George actually has to work the full three hour work day when Spacely buys a new robot 'Uniblab'. Until George's janitor finds a solution.
(11) A Visit From Grandpa: A visit from George's father. On his way he fixes a lady's vehicle, they exchange addresses. Miscommunication leads the Jetsons to think they got involved while in reality grandpa just baby-sits for someone else.
(12) Astro's Top Secret: At the Moonside Country Club, Spacely and Cogswell each vow to put the other one out of business. Spacely thinks he can do this with Astro the flying dog. He later discovers that Astro has only swallowed a flying toy.
(13) Las Venus: George and Jane go to Las Venus. The trip is paid by Spacely because George is there to sell some sprockets to a female client. On the trip, George has to please his wife and the client.
(14) Elroy's Pal: Elroy's wins a contest to meet his big hero 'Nimbus the Great' from the TV show. Unfortunately the player is very ill and cannot come so George wears a Nimbus suit and visit Elroy.
(15) Test Pilot: When George's doctor mistakingly tells him he has only a few days left to live, George becomes the candidate to test a new everything-proof jacket from Spacely.
(16) Millionaire Astro: Astro turns out to be the long-lost dog of a millionaire so The Jetsons let Astro go. Now Astro has everything a dog can wish for, except the Jetson family.
(17) The Little Man: George is reduced to a mere 6 inches and can not return to normal with a broken decompression mechanism. The only way to fix the decompression system is by replacing parts manufactured by Cogswell Cogs.
(18) Jane's Driving Lesson: Jane decides to take driving lessons after getting fed up with public transportation. Her driving scares the teacher so much that he goes back to hunting wild lions. Jane thinks she's got a new instructor while that persons turns out to be a crook on the run.
(19) G.I. Jetson: George is drafted and gets a full two minutes to report for duty. They're all given an aptitude test, and when George tries to jam a square peg into a round hole, the automated grading program determines that his 'original thinking shows leadership potential' and makes him a general.
(20) Miss Solar System: Jane enters the Miss Solar System contest without George's knowledge. However, Spacely Sprockets is sponsoring the contest and George ends up as the "Mystery Judge" after Mrs. Spacely removes her husband from the judges' stand.
(21) Private Property: The new building built next to Spacely's company is owned by Cogswell. George finds out the new building is 6 inches over Spacely's property and after Spacely makes Cogswell walk on his hands and knees, Jetson is promoted. Later, it turns out that Spacely's existing building is actually 6' over Cogswell's ground instead.
(22) Planet Dude: Jane goes to 'Dude Planet' with a friend to get some rest. Meanwhile, the rest of the family tries to run the household.
(23) TV or Not TV: George and Astro accidentally see a robbery, or at least, they think they witness a robbery. It turns out they were in a movie-set and to prevent a law suit the producer tries to buy them out, while George and Astro are trying to avoid being caught by the 'robbers'.
(24) Elroy's Mob: A miserable student exchanges his report tape with Elroy, and Elroy is unable to convince George and jane that there's a mix up. So Elroy and Astro decide to run away.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Productgroup: DVD
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York - movie DVD cover picture
Kevin goes to New York by accident.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York once again has the McCallisters gong on Christmas vacaion. This time they are going to Miami. Early in the film Kevin's (Macaulay Culkin) older brother named Buzz (Devin Ratray) pulls a prank during a christmas show. Buzz's and Kevin's Uncle Frank (Gerry Bamman) seems to enjoy it.
Kevin hits Buzz and the people on stage felll down expect Kevin. The next day the McCallisters sleep in again. And are in an hurry to the airport and runs to fast in the airport for Kevin. But Kevin gets on the wrong flight and heads to New York.
The McCallisters find out that Kevin is not with them when the picked up Kevin's bag and says over and over "Give this to Kevin". Until they get to Kevin's cosuin (Kieran Culkin). Then they start saying "Kevin's not here." Over and over and over.
The buglars Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern) are in New York with Kevin. But at first Kevin doesn't know this. Kevin checks into the Plaza Hotel on his dad's card. Harry and Mav has esaped from jail and goes to New York to rob again. If you are looking for laughs then watch this movie.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Chris Columbus
Macaulay Culkin
Joe Pesci
Daniel Stern

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