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DVD title: Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance - movie DVD cover picture
Required listening

The performers were outstanding but let me be the first to tell you that the audio quality from this concert DVD was mediocre at best. If your home theater system has the ability to resolve the finer detail and fidelity of a well recorded concert, The Dance will disappoint you. My biggest complaint is that this DVD lacks dynamic range. Yes, it plays loud but on complex tracks (like Tusk) the audio is compressed and everything is at the same volume level. Everything LOUD does not equal better.
Before you suspect my home theater system I should mention a number of concert DVD's with outstanding audio quality far superior to The Dance:
Peter Gabriel - Secret World LivePeter Gabriel - Growing Up LiveEric Clapton - One More Car, One More RiderEric Clapton - UnpluggedThe Eagles - Hell Freezes OverNorah Jones - Live in New OrleansAlison Krauss + Union Station LiveSantana - Supernatural LiveJoe Satriani - Live in San FranciscoConcert for George (Harrison) - at the Royal Albert Hall
This is just a handful of other concert DVD titles that I own and they all sound much better than Fleetwood Mac The Dance. For this reason I give The Dance just 3 stars.

Studio: Wea/Warner Bros.
Director: Bruce Gowers
Lindsey Buckingham
Christine McVie
John McVie
Stevie Nicks
Mick Fleetwood
Lenny Castro
Brett Tuggle
Neale Heywood
Sharon Celani
Mindy Stein

DVD title: Mansfield Park
Productgroup: DVD
Mansfield Park - movie DVD cover picture
Loved it!

I just loved this film. I just had to buy it to add to my collection.If you love "Sense and Sensability", "Pride and Prejudice" and anything of Jane Austen, then you will love this movie! It is just fabulous.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Patricia Rozema
Frances O'Connor (II)
Jonny Lee Miller
Alessandro Nivola

DVD title: Midnight Run
Productgroup: DVD
Midnight Run - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect Film

I really can't suggest anything that would make this film better. The acting is top notch, not just from DeNiro and Grodin, but from the entire cast. Each character is well defined and believable. I especially liked Dennis Farina's parody of the tough-talking Mafia boss ("Shut up or I'll shove this pencil through your heart!"), and his two flunkies (Moron #1 and Moron #2). The dialogue is great, and the film is laced with humor--the best kind of humor, situational. There is even a tender awkward moment (when Jack, DeNiro, visits his daughter whom he hasn't seen in years, and she offers to give him her babysitting money which he can't take, although he needs it). The action is non-stop, and if you have to suspend your disbelief at times, it is a small price to pay.

The evolution of the relationship between DeNiro and Grodin's characters, as has been mentioned, is the core of this picture. It is done magnificently and is the reason the film is so great. There are so many great scenes: when DeNiro and Grodin are eating dinner on the train, when they pretend to be from the Treasury Department in order to relieve a bartender of his "counterfeit" 20 dollar bills, the scene in the diner when Grodin, really hungry and broke, asks what's the special today, and the waitress says chorizo and eggs (dig the look on Grodin's face). DeNiro says they can't afford it, and Grodin counters "How about your cigarettes?", and DeNiro says, "I need these." The film is chock full of these delicious scenes--I really can't think of a dull one.

This film is forever. Buy it and see for yourself.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Martin Brest
Robert De Niro
Charles Grodin

DVD title: Dark Blue World
Productgroup: DVD
Dark Blue World - movie DVD cover picture
Dark Blue Masterpiece

Years ago I collected and read many of the "Bantam War Book" Series. Each was a non-fictional first-hand personal story about "A World On Fire" - World War II.

I was especially fascinated by the RAF pilots and their incredible Battle of Britain stories. They were extraordinary men, like Douglas Bader, Stanford Tuck, and Pierre Clostermann: the brave Frenchman who, like the heroes in "Dark Blue World," fled his occupied homeland to fight for the RAF.

This movie is an undiscovered treasure - resurrecting still again the emotions of authenticity those books once evoked. While many films are ABOUT other times, this one seems more like a genuine window into the past.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Jan Sverák
Ondrej Vetchý
Krystof Hádek

DVD title: About Schmidt
Productgroup: DVD
About Schmidt - movie DVD cover picture

An arrogant, overbearing, crusty, aging man comes to terms with life. He retires, his wife dies, his daughter is getting married, and no- they don't need him to come back as a consultant at the office to help the new "hotshot" in charge. Jack Nicholson is superb and we alternately laugh and groan as he comes to grips with all the changes in his existence, and struggles to find his place, his purpose. Kathy Bates is hilarious, and brings new meaning to the concept of "mischief and the spice of life". The wedding captures all the emotional lows and highs of the occasion. Most endearing are "Schmidt's" letters to his foster child, Ndugo, a continent away. This child, with one little crayon drawing, achieves what no-one else could. Poignant, painful, yet funny. Outstanding cast.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Alexander Payne
Jack Nicholson
Hope Davis
Dermot Mulroney

DVD title: Touch of Pink
Productgroup: DVD
Touch of Pink - movie DVD cover picture
"Touch" of Old Hollywood

Young Canadian man Alim has recently left his widowed Muslim mother so he can move to London in order to follow his dreams and to seperate himself from the rigid structures of his Muslim faith. While there, he meets his boyfriend/roommate Giles and the two are living an extraordinarily happy life together in the aforementioned bustling city. Meanwhile, back home, Alim's mother (Nuru) is having trouble dealing with her nephew's upcoming wedding, jealous that her own son is not courting and far from marriage. Unbeknownst to her, he is gay and living a life of his own, as well as communicating with the often-times humourous "spirit of Cary Grant". After a comedic series of breakdowns and confessions, she takes an offer from said nephew to go to England to visit Alim. But Alim has as of yet to tell his mother of his sexuality. What follows are hilaroius attempts at obscurity and some touching moments of acceptance and familial love.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid
Jimi Mistry
Sue Mathew
Kristen Holden-Reid

DVD title: Personal Training System
Productgroup: DVD
Personal Training System - movie DVD cover picture
One Of the Best DVD's for beginners

I spent 2 years gettign myself into a workout routine only to stop completly when I went on vacation. I just now two months ago decided I needed to get back into so I went and bought soemthign new to add to my workout collection.
This DVD is so easy to customize to whatever you feel liek doing it's great. I love that it has not just low impact and high impact but an in between as well. The cardios are easy to follow and take you through stretches as well. The daily stretches have pilates fluid movements which makes it easy on your back and legs as well as easy to do anytime.
and the ab workout ont his dvd is the best workout i have ever done! I love a workout i can actually feel working and this is it.
i reccomend this to anyone who wants a full body routine thats easy to follow and Denise Austin fans.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Denise Austin

DVD title: Party Monster
Productgroup: DVD
Party Monster - movie DVD cover picture
gotta be good

Okay, you've probably heard Michael Alig's story at least a dozen times before. If not, you're either too young, too old, or you're simply not a fan of pop culture. This story is GREAT. If this never happened and the story was pitched to a publisher or movie studio, they'd probably say "tone it down, it's a little too crazy".
Well, meet The Club Kids. Whether you were homeless or a trust fund baby... either way you could blend in while truly standing out.
The movie is great largely because the story is just too good for it to contribute to a bad film. I think the acting and direction was great. Another reviewer said something about it feeling like an "after school special". Well, these kids created a surreal life and it's hard to look back and remember that this was real life.
Only two complaints. First, I'd like to see an extended version. I think the movie sort of flies through things leaving you with only a taste of what was going on. Second, as a big techno fan who's always appreciated Keoki's tracks, I have a hard time watching him portrayed as anything except a true superstar DJ. Now that's all a matter of opinion, and I'm sure plenty of others would prefer to "burn me, nail me, kick me, bite me" rather than listen to me.
Watch it and enjoy. Oh!!! But the conservative should probably stay away. Lots of drag and drugs.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Seth Green
Macaulay Culkin
Wilson Cruz

DVD title: Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Fifth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Fifth Season - movie DVD cover picture
STNG Season Five - On cruise control!

Season five in so many ways, is just an absolutely incredible season that is packed with stunning, thought provoking episodes. As one watched these shows aired for the first time or is working their way through the DVD's, the quality of the writing and the actors comfort with their characters just becomes better and better by the episode. The shows popularity is at an all time high during this season. This is evidenced by the high quality of the scripts and shows that deal with so many issues brilliantly. The one true oddity about the season is the lack of a "Q" episode due to the lack of a good script for the character. Of key interest is the fact that more and more of Hollywood's big names were inquiring about and or getting spots on the show. In my opinion, many of the series best episodes of its seven year run came from this season.
The following is a list with a synopsis of episodes that stand out among all of the great episodes of the season:
Redemption part II - The outstanding conclusion to season fours season ending cliffhanger. Introducing the return of Denise Crosby in the role of Commander Sela, Tasha Yar's daughter; this brings us back to the events of "Yesterdays Enterprise." Here we are treated to some of the best Klingon scenes of the entire series.
Darmok - Paul Winfield, better known in the Star Trek universe from Star Trek II, makes a guest appearance. This episode is quite intriguing in how Captain Picard and crew have to come up with a way to communicate with the Children of Tama, whose language is indecipherable, hopefully before Captain Picard gets killed.
Ensign Ro - The introduction of Michelle Forbes in the role of Ensign Ro Laren and the Bajoran people which will become quite prominent in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Her addition to the cast at least in a part time status, is an outstanding addition, even for a show that really didn't need it.
Disaster - A great episode in which we get to see Counselor Troi in charge and Worf assist in the birth of Chief O'Brien's and Keiko's daughter, which is extremely humorous.
The Game - This is an interesting episode about Riker meeting a woman who introduces him to an "addictive" game. This episode also marks the first appearance of Ashley Judd as Ensign Robin Lefler.
Unification parts I & II - In no uncertain terms, this episode is among the tops in the series whole seven year run. Leonard Nimoy's appearance as Ambassador Spock and the intrigue involved is gripping to say the least. The conversation between Spock and Data is highly enlightening into both characters.
Ethics - This episode stands out because of its Klingon mythology aspect, bringing even further along in how the Klingon culture deals with issues, such as this one, suicide due to injury.
Cause and Effect - I just thoroughly enjoy how this episode was done. The Enterprise is caught in a causality loop. This causes them to repeat several days, over and over again, always ending in disaster until they figure out a way to stop it. Kelsey Grammer makes a brief but endearing guest appearance.
The First Duty - The Enterprise is home at earth, with Captain Picard planning on giving the commencement speech for Starfleet Academy. Wesley Crusher makes an appearance and he's part of Nova Squadron which is an Academy flying team. They've had an accident and there is an investigation. This episode has some of the best conflict between the characters out of the entire series. In this episode, we also finally get to see what the Academy looks like and meet Boothby, played by Ray Walston.
The Perfect Mate - This episode truly stands out among the shows of the entire series. Newcomer Famke Janssen appears a Kamala. She is a Metamorph, a woman who is empathic and in the final stages of her "maturing" process bonds perfectly with the man she meets when she comes out of stasis. Hers and Patrick Stewart's performance are exceptional!
The Next Phase - This is a great Ro Laren and LaForge episode that deals with what is initially thought of as their deaths. This show is very ingeniously written!
The Inner Light - This episode is by far the best of the season and among the top five of the entire series! Patrick Stewart's performance is heartfelt and touching and should've won him many awards! The Enterprise encounters an alien probe which "attaches" itself to him and he then lives a lifetime in the span of twenty five minutes. This is a beautiful episode which bears many viewings!
Time's Arrow part I - The season ending cliffhanger. While not being one of the best cliffhangers of the series, this one is still quite interesting as the crew deals with time travel and Guinan takes a prominent position in the script. Jerry Hardin's performance as Samuel Clemens is marvelous!
Special Features:
Mission Overview: Year FiveDepartmental Briefing: Year Five, Production & Visual EffectsMemorable Missions: Year FiveA Tribute to Gene Roddenberry - This special feature above all others, offsets the costs of the DVD sets as it is priceless, especially the surprise ending!
Also included:
A separate mini-CD containing some great Star Trek Nemesis wallpapers, screensavers and a theatrical trailer.
A Season Five Bonus Featurette containing a great "Intergalactic Guest Stars" clip that is enlightening! Also included is "Alien Speak" which is a wonderful clip about how some of the alien writings and speech came about! {ssintrepid}
Entire episode list:
Redemption Part IIDarmokEnsign RoSilicon AvatarDisasterThe GameUnification Part IUnification Part IIA Matter of TimeNew GroundHero WorshipViolationsThe Masterpiece SocietyConundrumPower PlayEthicsThe OutcastCause and EffectThe First DutyCost of LivingThe Perfect MateImaginary FriendI, BorgThe Next PhaseThe Inner LightTime's Arrow Part I

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Patrick Stewart

DVD title: Roswell - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Roswell - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
The most amazing show ever written

This season explores more in depth of Max, Isabel, and Michael. Three teens who continue their exploration of who they are and where they come from. While Liz and Max fight for their love for one another, with Tess in the middle of it. I would recomend this dvd to collection who loves action, sci-fi, and romance roles all into one show. You would be missing one of the most wonderful experiences of a life time

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Shiri Appleby

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