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DVD title: Once Were Warriors [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
Once Were Warriors [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
Raw and Powerful

This film is a stunner.Not for all tastes however.It's on my 10 best of all time list.I rented the tape about 6 or 7 years ago,sight unseen,knew only what the copy read on the box.Man oh man.It left me speechless and in tears,kinda numb and buzzing to the killer music as the credits rolled.Disney,this ain't.. but if hyper real and honest film making about a serious subject is your not miss this one!Would like to thank a previous reviewer for the VERY useful information on how to purchase a good quality DVD pressing.I'll bet it helped their sales.I had to wait awhile as they were on backorder but well worth the wait.This Canadian DVD is superior to the Criterion Laser Disc.I'm delighted.A and B Sound in Vancouver,B.C.

Director: Lee Tamahori
Rena Owen
Temuera Morrison

DVD title: Rugrats in Paris - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Rugrats in Paris - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
5 **st@rs***!

In this movie the rugrats go to Paris because Stus giant reptar breaks down. All famlies that include kids should get this movie.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Christine Cavanaugh
Elizabeth Daily
Cheryl Chase

DVD title: Face/Off
Productgroup: DVD
Face/Off - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: John Woo
John Travolta
Nicolas Cage

DVD title: Sailor Moon R - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon R - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
I'm a moonie, who fell for this.

This is the most outragous and sad movie in all times. I don't what to ruin the movie for the rest who don't have it but Why? did Darien try to get out of kissing Serena? And for all of you in Japan, ect. I think Serena is alot elegent than Bunny, but Bunny sounds cool to when she looks so cute and everything.It was sad when Sailor Moon risked her own life to save her friends and Darien. TRY AND GET THE SAILOR MOON COMICS**SUPER S AND ORINGNAL

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

DVD title: Breaking the Waves
Productgroup: DVD
Breaking the Waves - movie DVD cover picture
Lower Depths of Love...sadness, confusion, religion

Breaking the Waves, written and directed by Lars Von Trier Dancer in The Dark is a film with such poignant sentiment. The 1996 dramatic movie is about the confines of strict religion, mental illness, confusion, prostitution, and the power of love and healing.
Bess McNeil, deeply loves, obsesses and marries Jan (pronounced Yan) an oil rig worker. When an accident brings him back paralyzed, presumably forever, her pure na?ve innocent and childlike happiness takes an unspeakable turn with devastating consequences. Emily Watson gives a persuasive portrayal as Bess; veteran actor Stellan Skarsgard plays her husband Jan; and Dodo Katrin Cartlidge is excellent as her real true friend and sister-in-law. Jan convinced of his demise, unable to make love to Beth and orders her to have sex with other men and to come back and tell him about it. This, he says, is the only way he can make love to her and to further stipulate, he says he will die if she doesn't.
There aren't any clear answers as to why Jan asks his wife to do this. Is he delusional, perverted, or does he really feel Bess will be better without him? Does Jan really love Bess so much that he is willing to set her free, or is he thinking of only himself when he embarks his innocent wife into hell, cast out from the church, her family, the town. Is he telling the truth when he believes he can make love to his wife via another man's pleasure. Does he sincerely realize that Bess is mentally incapable of handling this request? Did he realize where she was going, what might happen to her? We don't get those answers.
During chronological sequence breaks, you will hear the soundtrack - songs from the 70's, Jethro Tull's Cross Eyed Mary, Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale, Elton John Your Song, Yellow Brick Road. The music is set to picturesque scenes.
Same as von Trier's Dancer in the Dark, the camera angle can have that dizzying effect especially when it pans the length of a room. You'll adjust as this intriguing conflicting plot develops. Again, the movie is long, two hours. There is graphic sex and nudity, both male and female. It isn't advisable for younger audiences. If you have seen "Dancer in the Dark" you will again be mesmerized by this complex emotional and moving film. ...MzRizz.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Lars von Trier
Emily Watson

DVD title: Waiting for Guffman
Productgroup: DVD
Waiting for Guffman - movie DVD cover picture

Frankly, it takes quite a great actor to act like your a crummy actor, and everyone in this movie pulls it off. So great that we can not stop talking about it down at the 'DQ'!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Guest
Christopher Guest

DVD title: Pet Shop of Horrors
Productgroup: DVD
Pet Shop of Horrors - movie DVD cover picture
Understanding What's in Front of the Dotted Line

Deep in the heart of the city is Chinatown, a rather mysterious location playing by rules of its own. Located there is a petshop ran by the rather enjoyable Count D, one whose motto is "to sell love, dreams and hopes" by granting each of its customers something special. With those come only a few rules and the signing of a contract; a document that should be followed carefully because the petshop cannot be held responsible if it is ignored.
The series is broken up into 4 episodes, all enjoyable and some even moreso than others. Although animals are involved in all of the tales, there are other ideas posed here by the assembly of talents such as Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Bio Hunter, Ninja Scroll, Wicked City) and Hisashi Abe (Vampire Hunter D) that overcast this tale with more than their far share of darkness. The first tale begins a little slowly, with parents that want nothing more than to reclaim the most precious jewel they lost, and ends on a bit of a "happy" note, dealing with politics and the high costs of happiness. Still, the two pieces that occur in the middle; one dealing with love and the concept of crocodile tears and the other leveling its eyes at the struggles the successful have and the mirror into with ambition casts its gaze, are beautifully done. For these two alone I would have given this five stars, but there was so much more.
Perhaps it should be noted that these tales are not soaked in gore and violence, but are instead little snapshots of the souls that are affected and the things that possess them. While there are moments of both, this is endowed is quite a bit more as well, making you wonder exactly what type of "exotic" pet you're leasing the next time you need a companion.

Studio: Urban Vision
Director: Toshio Hirata

DVD title: Chopper
Productgroup: DVD
Chopper - movie DVD cover picture
A Masterpeice

Australian comedian Eric Bana is Mark "Chopper" Read, a legendary criminal who wrote his best-selling autobiography, FROM THE INSIDE, while serving a murder sentence in prison. Beginning in the blue-washed light of a maximum security Melbourne prison, Chopper establishes his dominance with the impulsive knifing of a fellow prisoner.
This is the start of this amazing movie. Eric Bana IS Chopper in this unbeilivable performance. Unlike Oliver Stones Natural Born Killers where Stones makes the killers way over the top and seem like everything is fun, happy, and cool this is not the case with Chopper. Chopper is a human just like you and me, he's just mentally unstable. In the end it's hard to like Chopper because of his violent actions but in the same sense is hard to hate him because of his personility and deep down caring attitude.
Don't miss this great movie and DVD (great features, commentary by the real Chopper Read, and a funny interview with him) anytime soon.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Andrew Dominik
Eric Bana
Simon Lyndon

DVD title: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Productgroup: DVD
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - movie DVD cover picture
The best of the Coen brothers movies.

Subtle and not so subtle metaphor of a movie. Very interesting and entertaining.

Studio: Touchstone Video
George Clooney
John Turturro
Tim Blake Nelson

DVD title: WWE SummerSlam 2005
Productgroup: DVD
WWE SummerSlam 2005 - movie DVD cover picture

hogan vs shawn
triple h is going to help shawn and they will reform dx. bret hart will not shown up at summerslam. bret hart will shown in the next raw ppv where he and hogan will face shawn and triple h.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

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