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DVD title: Rashomon - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Rashomon - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture

Kurosawas ingenious breakthrough feature examines the elusive nature of truth, and our ability to reshape it to suit what we want to believe. Brilliantly composed and shot, the film's dreamlike quality is hypnotic. Thought-provoking and surprisingly accessible, Rashomon is a cinematic triumph.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Toshirô Mifune
Machiko Kyô

DVD title: Dark City (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Dark City (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Not as "flawed" as other reviewers would have you believe...

The real star of DARK CITY is the production design, a dense urban sprawl that cleverly builds a dark comic book world. Every dark alleyway leads you to a darker alleyway. The city's uncanny morphing warps and distorts the skyline every evening. The inhabitants of the city are no less part of the production design as their lives are transformed every evening as well. All of this happens because some 'Nosferatu' looking aliens have the ability to manipulate time and matter, controlling life as they would playing the computer game "Sim City".
Humanities only chance for redemption is a character who must beat a bum murder rap to show he is 'the one' to topple the invaders. Here the MATRIX similarities end as that film was an action film, this a more passive 'cerebral' film. Most of the performances are flat... William Hurt (A.I., CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD) is the police detective who believes in the hero, played by Rufus Sewell (HAMLET). Through alien intervention, Jennifer Connelly (LABYRINTH, A BEAUTIFUL MIND) is appointed his wife. (I could use that kind of intervention in my life!) Kiefer Sutherland goes way out on a limb as a vocally, physically and psychically challenged doctor. Unfortunately, he goes to far out and falls. His character is never 'true' leaving the viewer always aware of his 'performance'. Give him an "E" for effort.
The director does a good job of deriving several movie elements into one film. To fans of the cinema, you'll spend most of the film earmarking those films. DARK CITY has a very carefully selected audience. It is more of a graphic novel (high on concept and low on character) then great cinema. The DVD has marginal video transfer as the 'darks' show several imperfections. It also includes a couple commentaries and smaller features.(...)

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Alex Proyas
Rufus Sewell
Kiefer Sutherland
Jennifer Connelly

DVD title: Aquaria - The Complete Aquarium Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Aquaria - The Complete Aquarium Collection - movie DVD cover picture
eye candy

The dvd picture quality is marvellous! I didn't watch all the 15 hours yet but whenever I take the time to relax my mind and heart, this is one new possibility added: watching Aquaria and listening to the music. Some fish are rather small in "full tank view" but on the whole I do not regret at all this purchase. Hartly recommended!

Studio: Dvd International

DVD title: Top Gun
Productgroup: DVD
Top Gun - movie DVD cover picture
HOT MEN!!!!!! HOT PLANES!!!!!! HOT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

Top Gun is a great movie with everything that you can imagine in it!!!! It has a great cast of sexy actors like Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and the talented Kelly McGuils!!!! It has planes and what more can i say!!!! The music from the movie is exciting and very hot!!!! Like i said hot music, hot cast, and a great film to watch over and over again!!!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tony Scott
Tom Cruise
Kelly McGillis
Val Kilmer
Anthony Edwards

DVD title: Twister
Productgroup: DVD
Twister - movie DVD cover picture
Rippin' Good Time

This was one of the first DVDs on the market and it was done very well. The special effects are great (the kind where they are so good that you do not realize that they are special effects). The sound is very good. The movie itself is very good. The actors are excellent and help move the plot along at a good clip. Although somewhat predictable, it seems more true-to-life than many films. I have bought several hundred DVDs and sold many, but this is one that I plan to keep.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Jan de Bont
Helen Hunt
Bill Paxton

DVD title: Evil Dead Trap
Productgroup: DVD
Evil Dead Trap - movie DVD cover picture
THE Japanese horror movie to own.

Toshiharu Ikeda crossbreeds Daro Argento, Sam Raimi and Lucio Fulci for this gruesomely fascinating tour-de-force. Late-night TV show host gets a snuff film in the mail (which we see -- and be warned, it's appallingly realistic!), which she traces to an abandoned Army base. Horrific showdown with the forces of evil ensue, and the movie's final third is as much psychological horror as it is physical (or even metaphysical). Definitely not for weak stomachs. 16x9 remastered Synapse Video edition is a vast improvement over the rather soft-looking Dutch DVD that has been in circulation recently. Ikeda's "Dead Trap 2" and "Dead Trap 3" follow totally different directions; "2" owes more to the mystery-surrealism of David Lynch while "3" is more of a graphic Hitchcock style of story. All are worth owning.

Studio: Image
Director: Toshiharu Ikeda

DVD title: Calle 54
Productgroup: DVD
Calle 54 - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely wonderful...Awsome production values!

What a great disc! The visual quality is as good as any DVD out there, the sound seems even better than the sound track CD, and behind it all is the music. What wonderful music it is, full of artists that are legendary and a few I had not heard of. There are such gems to discover in this film, from the stunning flute solos of Dave Valentin to the beautifully understated piano of Elaine Elias to the poetic and magical scenes featuring Bebo Valdes. The last scene with both Chuchu and Bebo Valdes rises to such a poetic level that it brought tears to my eyes as I watched it. This is must-see viewing (ans listening), not only for lovers of Latin Jazz, but for anyone who loves Jazz in any way!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Fernando Trueba

DVD title: Thomas Jefferson
Productgroup: DVD
Thomas Jefferson - movie DVD cover picture
Entertaining, insightful, and beautifully shot

Ken Burns' has done it again with Thomas Jefferson. This movie is entertaining, historically accurate and extremely insightful, and beautifully shot.
The movie brings the person Thomas Jefferson alive through interviews with historians, footage of Monticello, historical documents and draft documents, Revolutionary War era paintings, quotations, etc... The movie is not just historically accurate, but extremely insightful. For example, in one section a historian is analyzing the words of the Declaration of Independance (written by Thomas Jefferson) and drawing the most compelling insights into the man was so insightful I was taken aback. The movie squarely addresses the contradictions in Jefferson including "...all men are created equal.." with the fact that Jefferson owned slaves. The filming is beautiful, and the music inspiring. I loved this movie. If you enjoy history, documentaries, or biographies you will enjoy this extremely well-done Ken Burns film.

Studio: PBS Home Video
Director: Ken Burns

DVD title: The Iron Ladies
Productgroup: DVD
The Iron Ladies - movie DVD cover picture
A must-see!

What more can you ask for in a movie than campy characters, memorable performances, a happy ending and non-stop laughter? The Iron Ladies truly delivers on all accounts.
The true story of a Thai volleyball team made up mostly of gay men, drag queens and transgendered women ("katoueys") that makes it to the men's national championship, The Iron Ladies is sassy, funny and extraordinary.
Cross-dressing Jung (Chaicharn Nimpulsawasdi), make-up loving soldier Nong (Giorgio Maiocchi) and transsexual cabaret star Pia (Kokkorn Benjathikoon) are the standouts in this hilarious cast of characters who unite together to overcome the adversity they face on a daily basis, and take Thailand by storm. Shiriohana Hongsopon gives probably the best performance as Coach Bee, the glue that holds the often hot-tempered and always effervescent team together.
As we see the Iron Ladies through to the national finals, all the characters receive a touch of humanity from each other, and rally together to reach for the top. This hilarious romp will keep you laughing, and it will definitely be a film you will never forget! For it's fantastic script, three stars...the amazing acting, one more star...and because it's a movie you'll want to see again and again, one more. 5 stars out of 5! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Studio: Strand Releasing Home Video
Director: Youngyooth Thongkonthun
Jesdaporn Pholdee
Sahaphap Tor

DVD title: Scrooge
Productgroup: DVD
Scrooge - movie DVD cover picture
Best Version of Scrooge

I am not sure what planet your reviewer is from but this is the best version of the classic available. We just watched it again and it is the version we have been searching for for years! Bah humbug to the reviewer, this is the one and only

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ronald Neame
Albert Finney
Alec Guinness

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