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DVD title: The Rolling Stones - Rock and Roll Circus
Productgroup: DVD
The Rolling Stones - Rock and Roll Circus - movie DVD cover picture
Rare Meeting of Legends

Like a living mixtape of your 60's record collection, the Stones, Who, and John Lennon team up with Clapton and Tull for one rare night. Obsessives of Brian Jones will get their best glimpse of his latter-era decay until somebody releases the Stones' appearance on David Frost in Nov '68. Yoko as awful as ever (that she even appears in the commentary is some kind of testament to 60's social climbing), but skip past her banshee howls and Marianne Faithfull's junkie langour and you have a pretty nice performance set.
Beats owning the new Phish double-DVD.

Studio: Abkco Films
Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg
The Rolling Stones
The Who
John Lennon
Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Mick Jagger

DVD title: Def Leppard - Historia / In the Round, In Your Face
Productgroup: DVD
Def Leppard - Historia / In the Round, In Your Face - movie DVD cover picture
Love it!

If you are like me and never got to see them live in the 80's before Steve died, this is a MUST!!! Live footage from the Denver show...this video is just amazing!

Studio: Uni/Mercury
Director: Robert Mandel

DVD title: Wish Upon a Star
Productgroup: DVD
Wish Upon a Star - movie DVD cover picture
Best movie

I was looking around on TV one night and I couldn't find anything to watch, so I found this movie called Wish Upon a Star, it was sooooooo good. It's about 2 sisters and the youngest sister Haley, wishes she could be her older sister that is beautiful & poular. And when she starts ruining her life, her sister decidces to pay her back!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Blair Treu

DVD title: Fruits Basket - A Great Transformation (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Fruits Basket - A Great Transformation (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
My Favorite Anime!

It's hard to categorize Fruits Basket. It's not very action-oriented. It's probably aimed more at girls than boys, yet I think any number of people, male or female, young and old would enjoy it. The story seems simplistic on the surface. It could be called "cute." It could also be called "sweet" but I believe that those descriptions short change this rather complex story of how kindness, being true to yourself and trying to find the good points in everyone can be woven into an entertaining and satisfying story. Throw in plenty of drama, a hint of mystery, a little romance, some humor and you'll be hooked. Although it has it's sad moments, more often then not, this series will genuinely make you smile.
Fundamentally Fruits Basket is a story about finding your family, a place where you can "just be yourself". When Tohru Honda loses her mother, the only family she has ever had, she is fortunate enough to stumble across the home of "Prince" Yuki, the most adored boy in her high school. When he and his older cousin Shigure learn of Tohru's circumstances (she's living in a tent) they offer her a place in their home in exchange for housework and cooking. This girl is possibly the only other person they will meet whose life is filled with as much sadness as theirs. Such bravery in the face of adversity touches their hearts, although you can be sure that Shigure is also happy to have hot, home-cooked meals everyday and clean laundry! Before she can truly appreciate her luck, she soon learns that her new family has a secret curse. When hugged by members of the opposite sex, or when under a great deal of stress, they turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Although the transformations sometimes are used playfully, the Sohma's truly are burdened by their curse. Tohru promises maintain their secret and thereby is allowed to stay with them. The greatest transformation of them all might be when the one the Sohmas undergo by opening their hearts and home to Tohru
This first disc has 6 episodes, all of which are outstanding. They introduce the core characters, set up the tone and direction of the story, and each one builds on the other in a logical and satisfying progression. The main characters are of course, Tohru Honda, an ordinary girl who has known plenty of sadness in her life, but is also able to find happiness. You also meet the Sohmas, Yuki, the charming and emotionally reserved "prince" of high school, his goofy but generous older cousin Shigure, whose house they live in, as well Yuki's hated rival, the short-tempered and brash, Kyo. You also catch a glimpse the mysterious and sinister Akito Sohma, head of the family who conditionally allows Tohru to stay. He is a dark and menacing presence that is seldom seen, yet always felt and his promise to have Tohru's memory erased remains a constant threat to fragile happiness of Tohru and the Sohmas. We also meet Tohru's steadfast friends, the weird Hana who senses electrical signals and Uo, a former gang member as well as Tohru's beloved mother, seen only in flashback.
As Tohru adjusts to her new life in Shigure's house, she comes to know each of the boys a little better, often seeing their good qualities when they can't see any for themselves. It's such a simple thing, yet it's easy to see how that, coupled with Tohru's willingness to make the best of any situation and her unfailing kindness begin to make a difference in all of the Sohma's lives. Perhaps she can even bring Yuki and Kyo, who loathe each other's guts, if not into friendship, at least to an understanding of each other. The standout episode on this disc is number 5, where Tohru is torn between her new-found family with the Sohmas and returning to her old life with her paternal grandfather, where she just doesn't quite fit in. It nicely encapsulates all of the good qualities of the story so far, and further illustrates the profound effect that her short stay with the Sohmas has already had on them.
In addition to the wonderful story, the animation is done beautifully. The lines are crisp, elegant and spare. I really liked the muted colors and pastels that are used and the music is gentle as well. Taken all together it gives the whole series a certain restful quality in keeping with the story that is more about characters and emotions then action. I applaud FUNamation for putting together such a nice package and for putting 6 episodes on one disc, as well as some nice extras. If you are at all like me, you'll devour the first disc and be ready for the second in no time. I had to go out the next night and buy the rest of the DVDs since I couldn't wait to finish the story. Fruits Basket is a really unique anime that is off the beaten path and well worth your while. It's become my new favorite anime series and hope many people discover it's wonderful qualities and enjoy it as much as I did.

Studio: Funimation Productio

DVD title: Rocky
Productgroup: DVD
Rocky - movie DVD cover picture
One for the ages!

I have always been an unabashed fan of this movie, and succumbed to its humble magic yet again during the 25th anniversary tribute on TV. Rocky, looking like the holy fool from world folklore in his comical all-black ensemble and gold neck cross, clashes with the godlike Apollo and emerges as a hero in spite of the judges' decision back on earth. The other reviewers are exactly right about the story's allegorical and archetypal qualities. When people watch a movie again and again and again you can bet that it has tapped into some universal human constants.
None of the reviews I read mentioned the classic Thanksgiving vignette when Adrian and Paulie have a hysterical screaming match and the turkey gets pitched out the window (and caught behind the scenes since there was no room in the low budget for another!) There is passion aplenty in this grouping, which needs only to add self-discipline, commitment, and cooperation to "go the distance" together as an interdependent unit. One of the key moments comes when Rocky's nose is broken in the big fight. Once the last vestige of pride is gone he can at last give himself completely to the impossible battle half blind like only the bravest champions can. Rocky's experiences in the ring remind me of Nikos Kazantzakis' story about a man who fought with the Devil and hoped to win, then fought with God and hoped to lose!
... Let us not forget that the main function of the hero/servant is to inspire and empower, as when Rocky brings all the neighborhood kids up with him when he again ascends the City Hall steps in ROCKY II! Rocky turned the American Dream into a timeless myth that can still be realized if the Russian and Ukrainian immigrants I work with are to be believed. This film is a treasure.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John G. Avildsen
Sylvester Stallone
Talia Shire

DVD title: Seize the Day
Productgroup: DVD
Seize the Day - movie DVD cover picture
And then he snapped

Very faithful adaptation of Saul Bellow's novel, with Robin Williams in the lead role as Tommy Wilhelm, a 40-year-old man down and out on his luck and howling at the world because of it. Williams lets out all the stops and creates a harrowing and harried character who loses all hope. A powerful picture.

Studio: Monterey Home Video
Director: Fielder Cook
Robin Williams

DVD title: The Moment After - DVD
Productgroup: DVD
The Moment After - DVD - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome End-Times Film

As the previous commenter stated, there are many views regarding the Rapture, the Tribulation and end-time in general, however this is one of the best Rapture/Pre-Trib movies.

Great story, strong cast.

Regardless of your beliefs on the end-times, this one will leave you thinking.

Studio: Traditions Alive Co
Wes Llyewellyn
David White, Brad Heller Kevin Downes
David White

DVD title: Foyle's War Set 2
Productgroup: DVD
Foyle's War Set 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely fabulous......

Contraband smuggling, rationing gas and food, theft of rations in short supply, hiding out in a country club settings to avoid the brunt of the air raids in London, sabotage, spying, revenge, desertion from the front, murder, suicide, a son in `harms way', Detective Superintendent Foyle faces it all in this second set of four stories from the FOYLE'S WAR series starring Michael Kitchen. The first set of stories was so fabulous I bought the second set sight unseen before Masterpiece Theater presented them on it's regular Sunday night program and I'd do it again. My hope is that there will be third and fourth sets in the series, which seems feasible as the war year is 1940 in film #4, and because, excepting the PRIME SUSPECT series with Jane Tennyson, these are the best mysteries to come along in a while. If the Corporation for Public Broadcasting had been marketing works like these from the gitgo, perhaps we would have a regular Mystery Theater series instead of the hit or miss proposition we have now. I hate it when organizations such as A&E get credit for the fine work the BBC-PBS partnership produced over the years, though A&E has managed to produce a few shows of it's own and get others onto DVD. BBC may go it alone (but like A&E with far too many commercials, hint, hint). Guess there are still folks out there who don't realize how these "non-commercial" broadcast stations are funded.

You may discover terrible facts watching this series. These days, we Americans and British wage war without personal sacrifice (gasoline rationing? What's that?) Those under 50 can't remember what sacrifice was like in the 1940s. For example, how many thousands if not millions of people died in the London blitz? Do you know millions of dogs and cats were "put down" because there was not enough food for humans let alone pets? The authorities sprayed horse meat not fit for human consumption green, so that folks would not think you were feeding your dog human food.

I love this series. This may be war, but in between the horrible scenes, lie shots so wonderful and realistic of a bygone world I frequently wish I could transport myself into -- world that existed in Britain before Hitler blew it all to bits.

Studio: Acorn Media Publishi
Michael Kitchen

DVD title: House of Flying Daggers
Productgroup: DVD
House of Flying Daggers - movie DVD cover picture
House of flying daggers soars

This is a great great movie! The fight scenes are lyrical, mythical and yet somewhat grounded in reality. Although I am a fan of all Yimou's work, both "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers" were so completely amazing that I watch the dvds at home over and over. I enjoy that these works are both so artistic that in parts that could be gory or sexual in nature, it is merely suggested in an artistic manner and not gratuitous or disgusting. Some people are disgruntled at the "wire fu" of these movies, but I enjoy the mythical other-wordly element. I, too, am a martial artist, but find the flying and such to be stunning. If you are a fan of "crouching tiger" "hero" "iron monkey" or any other Hong Kong swordplay Fantasy/cinema this movie is definately for you. It also has a cloak of romance enveloping the plot and is done very well, but very tragically. This is a movie that you would not be wasting money on at the theater...go see it!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Yimou Zhang
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Andy Lau
Ziyi Zhang

DVD title: Uncovered: The Series - K-Ci & Jo Jo
Productgroup: DVD
Uncovered: The Series - K-Ci & Jo Jo - movie DVD cover picture
Tightest Music Video Dvd Out

This DVD is off the hook. It has every great Jodeci video from STAY to Crazy.......It even has an un-cut version of How do U want it with Tupac. Not for children though. lately brought back so many memories, it has the radio version and the Unplugged version. if your a Jodeci fan, this you must get this.It is worth the $..., i would sell it for [more] though.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
K-Ci & Jojo

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