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DVD title: Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (World Tour 1992 in Tokyo)
Productgroup: DVD
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (World Tour 1992 in Tokyo) - movie DVD cover picture
Quite simply the greatest concert of our lifetime

As you start this historic video it shows you the band hangin out backstage and before the show. I particularly like this part because it shows that GNR are human and not just some bad boy band that drank and have sex all the time. And then after the kind of gloomy beginning (due to the song they played -- Breakdown) Axl and the band break into the ferious You Could Be Mine which the same recording is featured on Live Era. The band keeps the intesity with an awesome drum solo that will still rattle your brain! Then the greatest guitarist ever, Slash, breaks into an incredible display of notes and sounds that is still impossible for even the best of guitarist to imitate. After the Godfather comes Sweet Child O Mine. Now the only downfall of the entire tape (and the concert for that matter) was Axls vocals on Sweet Child O Mine. But hey, hes been touring for so long you cant blame the guy. After that the rip into another classic So Fine. This track is so great even though it shows how the band was not all they say in their songs. It says that Axl owns a favor to a friend and he points to Duff. When really none of the band got along with Axl. Then comes the second best track GNR ever recorded -- Rocket Queen. This track had it all - blazing leads, hot ryhyms, even a rap section (lol). Slash is the usual Slash going crazy and playing his heart out. Gotta love him! After that they go it Move To The City which is highly underatted. Then comes the encore. Knockin On Heavens Door is a classic song that was made incredible by GNR. This version is about 10 minutes long and shows Slashs genious of the guitar. Then comes simply the best track of all time (tied with Lynyrd Skynyrds Free Bird) Estranged. The track shows the genious of Axl Rose and the beautiful music he created. The guitars were perfect and the drums and bass was genious. Dizzy created a beautiful mid way piano solo in the song followed by Slashs most memorible solo. Then the band storms back on for their final blow out - Paradise City. Axl goes all out on this. And Slash runs around pratically in the crowd playing another well constructed and well thought out solo. And then as the final chord rings out and then band bows as you wonder, "Will their ever been music better than this ever?"Trust me. If you are a fan or rap or regea or anything you will enjoy this historic concert. It is sad that such an awesome band had to fizzle out of existense. But their still is hope of a new GNR. There is a new GNR band will only Axl remaining but I doubt they will ever be albe to touch the glory and wonder of the greatest band to exist.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: Waterworld
Productgroup: DVD
Waterworld - movie DVD cover picture

this movie is a great movie that looks into the other aspescts what might happen in the furture. It's fun exciting and action-packed.

Studio: Universal Studios
Kevin Costner
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Tina Majorino

DVD title: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Griswalds are great

The group at national lampoon have a real winner in this one. It is the christmas from hell, and about the greatest christmas comedy there is. It is decided to have an old fashion christmas... all the family on both sides gathering together to celebrate christmas, and the joy of family. Well, it is national lampoon, so you know thats not all together whats going to happen. When you mix in-laws, snooty neighbors, alcohol, and the less desirable part of any family, you get something great! It's 97 minutes of National Lampoons best!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Chevy Chase
Beverly D'Angelo
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Little Murders
Productgroup: DVD
Little Murders - movie DVD cover picture
"The dynamism of apathy."

Little Murders (1971)...I really had no idea what I was getting into with this film, as I had neglected to read any reviews. Often I may buy a film, without any prior knowledge, if it looks interesting enough and if the price is right, which was both the case here (involvement by Arkin, Sutherland, and Gould peaked my interest). It's not unusual that I might find disappointment in such a haphazard, grabasstic method of picking a movie, but this one looked promising, and it turned out to be much more than I ever would have thought. Based on a play by syndicated cartoonist and social commentator Jules Feiffer (I Want to Go Home), the film was directed by Alan Arkin, who also appears in the film, stars Elliott Gould (M.A.S.H.) and Marcia Rodd (Handle with Care) in her feature film debut. Also appearing is Vincent Gardenia, who many may remember as the effervescent and kooky Frank Lorenzo from TV's All in the Family, Elizabeth Wilson (Nine to Five), Lou Jacobi (Amazon Women on the Moon), Jon Korkes (The Day of the Dolphin), John Randolph (Serpico), Doris Roberts, who can most likely now be seen as the interminable pushy Marie Barone on the popular TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond", and Donald Sutherland (Kelly's Heroes).

The film begins with an unlikely relationship developed between Alfred Chamberlain (Gould) and Patsy Newquist (Rodd) in what can probably be characterized as a very normal circumstance (in New York, at least) of getting harassed on the streets for no real reason other reason than someone thinking you're asking for it by giving them what they perceive as a disrespectful look. Anyway, Patsy, who's an optimistic sort, sees Alfred, who's a self-described apathetist, as sort of a project or cause, someone who needs to be shown that there are reasons to embrace life. Their relationship progresses, more so due to Patsy than anything else, and this leads to Patsy taking Alfred to meet her family, and, eventually a nuptial performed in a very untraditional ceremony. Patsy's still having difficulties in changing Alfred's outlook on life in general and tensions arise, a breakthrough does come, but at a very inopportune moment to which I won't comment on any more as not to spoil the effect. Sounds fairly simple, doesn't it? Well, my synopsis hardly begins to relate the absurdities that emanate at nearly ever turn of this movie, some obvious, others a bit more subversive, for lack of a better term.

I do love the darker comedies, and this one is about as dark as they come. While watching the film, I couldn't help but notice perhaps the characters presented where meant to be representative of certain elements of society. You have Alfred, the uncaring, apathetic individual who's content to live in a world to which he has no control, allowing the chips to fall where they may, succumbing to forces rather than trying to face them head on and deal with them. Pasty represented to me those who would try to make things better, knowing that while there is plenty of unpleasantness in the world, each day brings forth new opportunities to make a change. Patsy's father Carol (Gardenia) appears to be akin to those who would value institutions over progressive change, constantly seeing the world in comparative terms of how different (and better) things where to how they are now, forever critical of the current state of affairs, more often only seeing the superficialities rather than understanding the true nature of issues faced by a contemporary society. And then there's Patsy's mother (Wilson), a woman that seems to understand little outside of her own world, content to live happily within one of her own making, one that isn't affected by forces she can't control. Finally there's Patsy's brother Kenny, who's just strange, but possibly due to something within himself that others might find beyond their ability or desire to understand and accept. Well, aside from all my pontificating, this is a really wonderful film for those who can deal with often with a film of this type it finds difficulty in acceptance, as some people just don't relate the possibility that absurdity, taken to this level, can be funny. There are any number of great sequences throughout the film, but the highlights to me where the ones featuring The Judge (Jacobi), The Reverend (Sutherland, who's cast perfectly here), and Lt. Practice (Arkin) as each came into the film, left their indelible mark, and left. There's also an excellent scene involving Gould's character on the subway, to which I won't say any more, but given the reactions by his fellow riders to his `situation', it exemplifies what most of us would readily assume about life in The Big Apple. Not only is the film filled with great performances, but also wonderful lines, a couple of my favorites being `Are you really so down on people or are you just being fashionable?, and `So many complications when you marry a man shorter than yourself.' Given my descriptives of various characters, you may be able to tell who said what, but to get the full and total effect you really should see the film, that is if your sense of humor is broad enough to include what some might find offensive or not open minded enough to appreciate a thoughtful and enjoyable journey into the absurd.

The wide screen anamorphic (1.85:1) picture on this DVD is very clean and clear, but I do suspect a little bit of cropping as there was a very minor bit of the titling credits missing, but certainly nothing to get upset over. The Dolby Digital stereo comes through very sharp. Extras include a theatrical trailer, a couple of television spots, and a commentary track by Jules Feiffer and Elliot Gould. As another reviewer has already mentioned (to which I was thankful), avoid looking at the titles to the chapter stops as not to give away some very important elements of the film.


Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Alan Arkin

DVD title: Shakira - Live and Off the Record (with Audio CD)
Productgroup: DVD
Shakira - Live and Off the Record (with Audio CD) - movie DVD cover picture
A Feast for the Ears, Eyes and Mind--and a Terrific Value

Shakira has outdone herself! With a top notch concert/behind the scenes DVD included with a live music CD, I've never seen an artist give you so much bang for your buck. The DVD rivetingly captures her entire concert from the "Tour of the Mongoose". My son and I attended this concert in Philadelphia on his birthday, and had a wonderful time. The DVD included in this package put us in the front row or closer, and it was great to re-live that experience.

I loved the way Shakira and her band handled a multitude of styles, from hard rock (doing a cover version of AC/DC's "Back in Black") to disco ("Are You Ready for the Good Times") to pop ("Whenever/Whereever"} to ballads ("Underneath Your Skin") to Exotic World Music ("Ojos Asi".} Plus she puts a rock and latin spin on just about all the aforementioned styles, frequently blending each of those styles in the same song! Her songs definitely had more of a rock edge to them in concert than they did on the original CDs, and that's just the way I like them.

Then, besides the musical excellence, it's a bonus that Shakira is very easy on the eyes and can dance like a whirling dervish. Her belly dancing on "Ojos Asi" was especially memorable. Plus, on top of all that, she presents a socially concious message that each of us has got to love others, that love must be allowed to conquer the human tendency toward hatred.

In addition to the complete concert, the DVD had a special feature offering extensive behind the scenes coverage of what it was like putting on this production in city after city throughout the world. Shakira revealed her personality and mannerisms unguardedly.

Oh yes, also included with this package was the music CD of her live in concert. The interesting thing about this package is that the DVD looms in my mind as being the best part about it, yet the package was marketed and priced as a music CD, seemingly with the DVD included as a free bonus. Smart move, Shakira; if this package were in the DVD section at a higher price, far fewer people would buy it. But they'll buy it for the CD, and be absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the DVD, and probably show or lend it to their friends, thereby increasing her popularity.

This CD/DVD is one of the best values I've ever seen in the music business. Get two copies and give one away to a friend!

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: The Thin Red Line - DTS
Productgroup: DVD
The Thin Red Line - DTS - movie DVD cover picture

As a Vietnam veteran I can sense from this film many of the thoughts and feelings I had while in combat. There was one major difference though. The men in company C in this portrayal trained and lived together for some time prior to this assault on Guadalcanal. Our units in Vietanm were constantly changing as personnel rotated in and out, thereby denying us any long term comaraderie. I too lived through the memories of my life before the war while in combat, remembering what it was like to be 'normal'. War changes you in ways that I do not believe have been adequately addressed in any major films to date. Each in it's own way has it's strengths and weaknesses. This film however touches your soul. There are so many scenes in this film that can cause a flashback, the reality of war and combat come true. There is a certain sense of credibility here. It is not so much any one thing as it is the little things this film exposes. The details are of such magnitude that they actually expand on a given situation more than you might feel comfortable.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Terrence Malick
Sean Penn
James Caviezel
Nick Nolte

DVD title: Absolutely Fabulous Complete DVD Collection (4-Disc Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Absolutely Fabulous Complete DVD Collection (4-Disc Set) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Flawless Humor!

I have to admitt the Brits knew what they were doing when they created this comedy masterpiece. Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are a hilarious power house! Between Patsy and Edina's daughter Saffron's petty bickering over Edina's attention, and Edina's dim whitted assistant Bubble this show will have you crying with laughter. Not to mention Edina's not so in tuned with the times Mother. I'm just upset that they never came out with The Last Shout episodes. Those were equally as funny. Lets band together and maybe they'll see the profit they could make in making that fabulous season on dvd as well. AB FAB is the best of the best!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Absolutely Fabulous
Jennifer Saunders

DVD title: Barney:Let's Go to the Farm
Productgroup: DVD
Barney:Let's Go to the Farm - movie DVD cover picture
great for little animal lovers

I bought this for my 19 month old daughter, who is my third child. We had lots of Barney videos for our oldest child when she was little, but the middle child didn't care for him so we had given most of the old vhs tapes to friends. When I saw this I had to get it for Maisy because she wants anything with sheep in it. We have several "barnyard" type videos, like I said, anything with a sheep, and this is the best one.
I love all the animal footage, even though all she really notices is the "BAAAAA." All the rest of the animals are kitties to her, but she loves it and she loves the animals and wants to pet the screen.
Unlike many parents, I have never been a Barney hater. I always thought he was pretty good but since my earlier Barney experiences nearly ten years ago, he has improved even more. If your child likes animals, especially farm animals, you need this in your collection!

Studio: Hit Entertainment, P

DVD title: Daimajin:Wrath of Daimajin
Productgroup: DVD
Daimajin:Wrath of Daimajin - movie DVD cover picture
I found it interesting

This is a tale of two clans both under attack from a neighbouring clan near a lake in feudal Japan. One of the clans has a 20 foot statue of their god on a tiny island just off the coast. While the two clans were attending religious services on the island, the third clan occupied the other two clans' villages. Saying anything else would spoil the ending. The Daimajin series are blends of myth, history, reality and fantasy with decent F/X considering the era.

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Sinead O'Connor - Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience
Productgroup: DVD
Sinead O'Connor - Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience - movie DVD cover picture
a must have!!

Sinead is Brilliant. Treat yourself to someone who actually sings what she believes in. A perfect DVD

Studio: Red Distribution, In
Sinead O'Connor

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