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DVD title: Black Christmas
Productgroup: DVD
Black Christmas - movie DVD cover picture
Quite possibly the best horror movie ever.

I stumbled upon this absolute gem of a film when navigating various reviews and favorite item lists and the overwhelming praise persuaded me to purchase this film before having seen it. I must say that I'm on the bandwagon; BLACK CHRISTMAS is, without a doubt, one of the best horror films I've ever seen.Pre-dating HALLOWEEN by several years, that classic is now somewhat diminished in my estimation, as it is obvious that John Carpenter lifted many of BLACK CHRISTMAS' finest elements for HALLOWEEN. 1979's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS was another attempt at a clone, the opening of which, previously considered by this reviewer to be one of the finer moments in horror film history, seems like mere child's play compared to the terrifying phone calls received in BLACK CHRISTMAS.A simple tale of a half-empty sorority house over the holidays, BLACK CHRISTMAS focuses on Olivia Hussey and housemates, including Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin, as they receive a series of sinister phone calls, starting as obscene and building towards terrifyingly unsettling, and those around them begin to disappear. The pacing is perfect and the performances are all top-notch. Well-written and expertly directed, the tension in BLACK CHRISTMAS is well-maintained, with no lulls in the story nor "fake" scares to cheat the audience.With remarkably little gore or bloodshed, BLACK CHRISTMAS nonetheless culminates in one of the most intense climaxes ever experienced in horror films. You'll have to see it for yourself to understand completely, but what is scariest about BLACK CHRISTMAS are the things you never know. Who is Billy? What did he do to baby Agnes? When will anyone find what's waiting in the attic?Currently available only as a Canadian import, this one is definitely worth the extra effort to add to your collection.

Studio: Music Video Distribu
Director: Bob Clark (III)
Olivia Hussey
Keir Dullea

DVD title: From Russia With Love
Productgroup: DVD
From Russia With Love - movie DVD cover picture
Easily one of the greatest in the James Bond series

Most James Bond fans have their personal favorites among all the films in this forty-year series: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is mine. In many ways, this was actually the first film with the full James Bond formula in tact. DR. NO was enjoyable, but Sean Connery's Bond was very different in that film than in the subsequent films. In DR. NO, Bond was a serious, unironic, humorless secret agent, very much like the character in the Ian Fleming novels. In FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, Bond departed from the character in the novels, and became witty, ironic, and very much tongue-in-cheek. In short, he became the Bond we all know and love. This is also the first film in which Desmond Llewelyn appeared as Q, who went on to play in all the remaining films (excepting Sean Connery's comeback with a different studio). Q provides Bond with his trick attach? case, the first of the many gimmicks we associate with Bond. The story is a great improvement as well. On top of this, the villains in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE represented a huge leap forward from DR. NO. In the list of the great Bond villains, both Robert Shaw's Donald 'Red' Grant and cabaret legend Lotte Lenya's Rosa Klebb rank near the top. Shaw comes across less as a human being than a highly programmed cyborg, and Lenya's sadistic turn as a poisoned-knife-in-shoe harpy has been often imitated.
The setting for the film, Istanbul, is one of the best in the entire series. It perfect set the international tone for all subsequent Bond films. The city is used as a perfect backdrop for much of the film. Among all the other distinctions of this film, it also belongs on the short list of the great train films, with much of the film taking place on the train that travels along the route of the former Orient Express. The only film that I think rivals this one in the James Bond series is the immediate sequel, GOLDFINGER, which is my second favorite Bond film.
By the way, this is one of the few films in which Bond does NOT say, "Bond, James Bond."

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Terence Young
Sean Connery
Lotte Lenya
Robert Shaw

DVD title: The River Wild
Productgroup: DVD
The River Wild - movie DVD cover picture
The River Wild

I have enjoyed this movie since the release. I find the music and the scenery just wonderful. The action is great and without all of the flash of the movies today. It is a wonderful movie and I would recommend it for anyone who likes to watch movies.
Kevin and Meryl are wonderful together.......I love this movie!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Curtis Hanson
Meryl Streep
David Strathairn
Kevin Bacon

DVD title: Libeled Lady
Productgroup: DVD
Libeled Lady - movie DVD cover picture
A great film!

I just love William Powell and Myrna Loy films. I really ejoyed this one. I highly recommend it, and would give it ten stars if I could. It's funny, witty, and charming!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Jack Conway
Jean Harlow
William Powell
Myrna Loy
Spencer Tracy

DVD title: She Done Him Wrong
Productgroup: DVD
She Done Him Wrong - movie DVD cover picture

This is a most enjoyable vehicle for Mae West's comedic talents;her timing,inflection and phrases are pure fun. The spicy humor and double entendres that characterized West's career are all evident here and the film made a fortune for Paramount when it was first released in 1933. It was this movie which ignited the attention of the notorious Hays Code which was in existence since 1930 yet largely ignored by it's creators. Mae West was revolutionary in early thirties cinema; her demeanor and carriage brought to the screen a playful sexiness which alternately shocked and delighted the public. This was one of designer Edith Head's very early assignments and her gowns for West's Lady Lou were exactly right.

Director: Lowell Sherman
Mae West
Cary Grant

DVD title: The House of the Spirits
Productgroup: DVD
The House of the Spirits - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie! It has a stellar cast, who give top notch performances. How can you go wrong with Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Antonio Banderas, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Redgrave, and Armin Muehler-Stahl? The answer is that you can't. It is a riveting piece of film making, based loosely upon Isabelle Allende's wonderful book of the same name.
The film delicately captures the mysticism of the book, rendering those scenes in which such is the focal point highly believable. This is no mean feat given the subject matter. The story takes place in South America. The saga begins in the nineteen thirties.
Vanessa Redgrave and Armin Muehler-Stahl play the wealthy and liberal parents of two daughters, Rosa and Clara Del Valle. Rosa is the beautiful, older daughter. Clara, played by Meryl Streep's real life daughter, is a lovely child with exceptional, psychic gifts. Jeremy Irons plays the part of Esteban Trueba, an impoverished young man in love with Rosa. Vowing to make his fortune in order to marry her and provide her with the comforts to which she is accustomed, he succeeds in making his fortune. He loses Rosa, however, before being able to marry her, when she drinks poisoned wine intended for her liberal party father.
Esteban, broken hearted, leaves with his fortune and buys an estancia, where he sternly rules with an iron fist over the peasants who work the land for him. They obsequiously refer to him as "Patron". He takes what he wants, even the women, with the expected result. He has a bastard son whom he does not acknowledge.
Esteban has a spinster sister, Ferla, well acted by Glenn Close, who, for the past twenty years, has lived a grim existence in the city with their ailing mother, whom she has taken care of. When their mother dies, Esteban, now a bitter and lonely man, returns to the city from his estancia to attend his mother's funeral. In doing so, he spots Clara, who is now all grown up and ethereally portrayed by the very talented Meryl Streep. Not wasting a moment, he goes to her home. She, luminous, and mystical, already knows that he is there to ask for her hand in marriage and happily accepts. After all, she has loved him ever since she first saw him all those years ago.
Clara lovingly embraces his sister, Ferla, into the bosom of her househould, when they move to her Esteban's estancia. Ferla blossoms from a bitter old maid into a companionable and pleasant woman, under Clara's warmth. Esteban and Clara eventually have a child, Blanca, who grows up playing with Pedro, the son of the estancia's indigenous indian foreperson. When Esteban discovers this, he sends Blanca away to boarding school. He does not want his daughter fraternizing with the peasants.
Clara, loving and pure of heart, is his exact opposite. When their daughter finally grows up and returns home from school, she knows that the independent Blanca, well played by Winona Ryder, has fallen in love with her childhood playmate, Pedro, passionately portrayed by Antonio Banderas. Esteban hates Pedro, as Pedro is a liberal inciting the peasants to unionize and demand their rights, whipping them into a frenzy against the "Patron", or so Esteban sees it. He drives Pedro off his land. He also drives Ferla off, as he believes her to have unatural feelings for his wife, Clara. Possessive to a fault, he is consumed by jealousy. Clara and Esteban have a fight over his cruelties, and she finally leaves him, taking Blanca with her to the Del Valle family home in the city.
Meanwhile, life goes on. Blanca, pregnant by Pedro, has his child, believing that Pedro has been killed by her father. Esteban, representing the wealthy, becomes senator. He reigns for years, until the liberals win power. When they do, however, their tenure is short lived, as a militairy coup sets up a reign of terror and his old sins come home to roost. Meanwhile, Blanca discovers that Pedro is alive, and they joyously hook up again. When Blanca is picked up as a political dissident and tortured for her political views, Esteban, old and broken, is now just a bit player in a larger arena. Too late, he tries to right some wrongs. Some of the wrongs, however, can never be righted.
This is a magnificent, multi-generational family epic, that holds the viewer in its thrall. While it only loosely follows Isabelle Allende's wonderful book of the same name, it is a winner in its own right. It has something for everyone, as it deals with human nature, as well as the complex emotions, forces, and events that shape one. The film is about a family struggling to find its place in our ever changing world, and the relationships that each member of that family forges. It is a rich and vibrant tapestry, which succeeds in capturing the viewer.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Bille August
Meryl Streep
Jeremy Irons

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
i luv it

I luv these movies like crazy!!!! There so kool!!!! I think that J.K Rowling has a terrific mind when it cumes to makin up the coolest sories and words and phrases like muggles for instance!!!! Well ive already seen prisonar of azkaban and for all u who havent t see it!!!! Cuz itz the best one!!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson (II)

DVD title: Sesame Street - Fiesta!
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street - Fiesta! - movie DVD cover picture
Such a fun and upbeat movie!

I am so surprised that some reviewers did not like this movie - my 18 month old son has loved it for several months! The music is really upbeat and happy and does not get annoying for me at all. My expectations to teach my toddler spanish from a movie are not very high so in that regard, I think it is fun and a great tiny introduction. I don't think the purpose is really to teach your child spanish as much as it just exposes them to something different and it does so in a great way. I also like that it is mostly muppets - my son isn't usually as intested in the people in Sesame Street movies- but this movie seems to balance it out well because the people tend more to be kids and he loves to watch other kids dance etc. I DEFINITELY recommend getting this as one of the top Sesame Street fun movies to watch and grab your child's interest.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture
The Harry Potter movie

I loved the movie it was very much like the book but not the same i hope that j.k. rolling makes all the movies the same as all the books because my family has read all 4 books and is wating for the fifth,sixth,seventh. I am a really big fan of harry potter that is why I give it 5 stars and a million more!!!!thank you j.k. rolling for bringing harry potter to millions of people it makes me happy!:-)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

DVD title: Bill Cosby, Himself
Productgroup: DVD
Bill Cosby, Himself - movie DVD cover picture
Bill Cosby, Himself

I saw this tape years ago, when I rented it to show to my sister, who was visiting. She is rather prim, but laughed until she cried.This is a request to the powers-that-be to get this brilliant comedian on DVD before the tapes degenerate into oblivion.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

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