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DVD title: Timeline (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Timeline (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Quiet possibly the best book ever AND NOW ITS A MOVIE!!!

This was the best book I have ever read by Michael Crichton and quite possibly my favorite book of all time.. It was a good read and most likely it will be a good viewing at the theatres. Read the book before you watch this movie!!!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Richard Donner
Paul Walker
Gerard Butler
Billy Connolly

DVD title: Carrie
Productgroup: DVD
Carrie - movie DVD cover picture

CARRIE shocked the living hell out of me when I was 17 years old. I could not get it out of my mind for years -- and have seen it at least 25 times since then. It does have perhaps the most copied (and effective) movie-horror-ending of all time, but it is the haunting performance of Sissy Spacek that gets under your skin. It is a spectacularly moving film, even more unsettling because it is filled with sly wit and comedy. Yet, as in TITANIC, you know something really BAD is going to happen. By the way, William Katt resembles a young Redford here, and, along with the other young luminaries, delivers a knockout performance. Donaggio's score is chillingly effective, especially in the Carrie-Tommy dance, featuring DePalma's trademark dizzying camera. It makes sense to me in some twisted way that Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford (FAME) could visualize and hear a musical in this story (B'way's CARRIE The Musical, 1988 -- w/Betty Buckley as Mrs. White this time around, the original gym teacher in the film)-- the sum of its parts is infinitely grander than one might expect in a "horror movie". MUCH better than King's novel, which has its own macabre voice. You will fall in love with Carrie too.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Brian De Palma
Sissy Spacek
Piper Laurie
Amy Irving
John Travolta

DVD title: Batman - Mask of the Phantasm
Productgroup: DVD
Batman - Mask of the Phantasm - movie DVD cover picture
doing my part to make sure this movie has a perfect 5

This is the best feature length film about the Dark Knight you can possibly find, and it's 12 years old (coincidentally, that's also how old my car is). Fans of the animated series should almost be required by law to see it and fans of the live action movies don't know what they're missing. In fact, the only people who wouldn't like it are people who hate both Batman and cartoons, because if you're a fan of just either one, there's something in Mask of the Phatasm to appreciate. The bonus of the animated series and its movies is that they more accurately capture the actual characters of the heroes and villains without having to fuse them with the recognizable characteristics of a big face actor like Jack Nicholson or Jim Carrey. It's just a great movie. watch it.

Studio: Warner Studios
Kevin Conroy
Dana Delany

DVD title: Dirty Pretty Things
Productgroup: DVD
Dirty Pretty Things - movie DVD cover picture
Dirty Pretty Things

Audrey Tautou and Chiwetel Ejiofor gave incredible performances. The movie as a whole was great, never a dull moment. I am a huge Audrey Tautou movie and this is definitely her best movie to date.

Studio: Miramax Films
Director: Stephen Frears
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Audrey Tautou
Sophie Okonedo

DVD title: In the Mouth of Madness
Productgroup: DVD
In the Mouth of Madness - movie DVD cover picture
Frosted insanity-flavored goodness

I love this movie. Why? Because it's cool. It's Lovecraftian; it's got slimy, pulsating monsters. It's got that guy from Event Horizon (that guy rules), and it's the only movie in history where a chick eats a set of keys.
Much like a Lovecraft story, it starts off in a mental hospital, where John Trent, insurance fraud investigator, has just been committed. Purely in the interest of topping off the fruity pebbles surreal-o-meter, they're playing the Carpenters on the intercom. (Whoh boy.) On the outside, the world is complete chaos, and a guy, ostensibly some figure of authority, comes in to get Trent's story.
The whole thing begins with the disappearance of the writer Sutter Cane, a horror pulp messiah with droves of crazed fans. Cane's publishing house files an insurance claim over the disappearance, and Trent is called in to debunk it. Almost immediately, he's attacked by a bloody-eyed axe-carrying lunatic that turns out to be Cane's literary agent. Trent talks to the people at the publishing house, and decides the fix is in. He buys all of Cane's books, falls backwards into a couple of nasty nightmares, and then discerns the scheme at work. Taking all of the book cover illustrations, cutting and puzzle-piecing them together, he gets a map leading to a fictional place, Hobb's End, the location of one of Cane's stories.
Joined by Cane's editor, this chick named Linda (it's that vampire from Fright Night 2), he sets out to find Hobb's End---believing the whole thing to be a cleverly disguised book promotion the whole time. The way to Hobb's End crosses a dimensional boundry, and the town is just like the one from the story. Trent, a diehard Flat-Earther, rooted in reality, remains unmoved while ghoulish things begin happening. And you know, despite every other thing, it was watching that chick eat his car keys that really turned him upside down. Eventually, he meets Cane, who's fallen in league with a noxious race of entities not unlike the Old Ones---creatures that had once populated the world before being banished to an abyss. It's the crazed psychic force of the readers, the believers, that will enable the monsters to reenter the earthly sphere. This madness strikes like a contagion, drawing in both the mind and body, encorporating its sufferers into one gigantic story manipulated by Cane---at the behest of his "new publishers", a bunch of slimy monsters like drinking buddies to Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu.
Trent tries running, but he's now part of the story too, and there's nowhere for him to run. When he finally makes it back, he discovers, to his horror, that reality is much less substantial than he remembered. At that point, I guess you'd say, he's welcomed into the mouth of madness. This movie rules. I mean, Carpenter has done some cool ones, like Halloween and the Fog, but this is my favorite one. Monsters, baby, monsters. I keep this one on my shelf alongside The Dunwich Horror and Dagon. Two big fat thumbs up from me.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: John Carpenter
Sam Neill
Jürgen Prochnow

DVD title: The Pirate Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Pirate Movie - movie DVD cover picture
One of my all time favorites!

I just have to agree with all the reviews I've read here. I would love to have a copy of this movie other than the one I taped off of TV when I was a teenager. I mean you can only watch it so many times before the tape dies! The songs are so much fun and the humor is great. And what romantic wouldn't love the storyline. I'd like to add my begging to that of the other fans. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-release this movie.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: Ken Annakin
Kristy McNichol
Christopher Atkins
Ted Hamilton

DVD title: The Final Countdown (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Final Countdown (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I live in Hawaii overlooking Pearl Harbor. Aircraft carriers are a common sight, and this movie shows them at their best! I have personally been on dozens of aircarft carriers. Some of the aircraft used in the film are no longer in the Navy inventory, such as the A6. The scene with the F-14 tomcats "playing" with Japanese Zeros is "priceless". I can't count how many time I've watched that scene and it continues to impress me. I love this movie, and recommend it in the stongest possible terms.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Don Taylor
Kirk Douglas
Martin Sheen
Katharine Ross

DVD title: O
Productgroup: DVD
O - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD is SO bad! I can't believe that people are overlooking the MAJOR problems with the quality of this disc. The sound is atrocious. This, in my opinion, is due to two factors; bad directing and bad sound editing. First of all ALL of the actors are directed to speak in these hushed mumbled tones that are quite distracting. The cast is constantly speaking in whisper voices. Everything from the opening duet dialogues through to the murder scences are voiced in these hushed tones. This is a horrible directoral choice. Some of this might have been forgivable if the sound editor had worked in looping by raising the volume of the hushed voices. At least make what they are saying audible. I had to watch this movie with the sound cranked all the way up throughout just to make out what they were saying. Even with this, I still missed a lot of dialogue. The only exception would be when the "f" word is used. It seems as though that came through loud and clear in the three dozen or so times it was uttered. Funny how Shakespeare never needed that word to get accross his point. It is a shame that the screenwriter is so talentless that he had to resort to using it so often making it virtually usless for High School teachers who might have been able to incorporate this film into a reading of Othello in their class. I guess that isn't such a bad thing since the movie is completely bad. The sound surprisingly gets a lot better suring the soundtrack moments. Blaring loud music through only to return to mumbled tones. I am not asking for The Matrix in sound quality but at the very least make what the actors are saying something we can make out without the aid of assisted listening devices!
The performances are not all bad. Mekhi Phifer shows rage and jealousy well though because of the mumbling of lines we are never quite convinced. Julia Stiles is a one dementional Desdemona whom we never really feel anything for at all. Josh Hartnett is only average as Hugo (Iago) and he does not turn in a performance that is noteworthy. Martin Sheen is almost laughable as the yelling, whinny coach of the basketball team. His performance is a study in overacting. It is truly a bad performance by a good actor. All the performances are undermined by the mumbling directing and bad sound. I know I have spent a lot of time on this point but it completely ruins the movie.
The only aspect of the movie that works is the original plot. If you are interested in good viewing of the Othello story go back to older versions captured on film. This DVD is frustating and not worth your time.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Tim Blake Nelson
Mekhi Phifer
Julia Stiles

DVD title: The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (BET on Jazz)
Productgroup: DVD
The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (BET on Jazz) - movie DVD cover picture
An Excellent Video!...

I have been an Earl Klugh fan for some time now and always longed to see him perform. I got my wish ...when he came to Barbados for our annual Jazz Festival.I got my second chance having purchased this video. It is excellent!! Earl Klugh is a real professional and an excellent guitarist. My favourite is Take It from the Top.It's catchy and bouncy with the typical Earl Klugh melodic flair.The audience really seemed to enjoy that one.'Rayna' is smooth and romantic and really moving. I watch this video every chance I get.This video is truly a classic and so are Earl and his band.I highly recommend this video to any Earl Klugh fan or any one who just likes good music. What's amazing is that Earl Klugh's style in playing is so cool but the results are so powerful.He'll just take your breath away.Excellent stuff.This review is on the Video version.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Earl Klugh

DVD title: The Falcon and the Snowman
Productgroup: DVD
The Falcon and the Snowman - movie DVD cover picture
Sean Penn's career starts with this movie

Timothy Hutton is strong but Sean Penn steals this movie with his first "adult" performance. Trying out a character that he would later do even better in "Carlito's Way," he showed Hollywood that he was now grown up, and now able to be typecast as the "slowly losing control of his life coke-addict" that he plays so well. (See Hurlyburly for the latest iteration) Not an uplifting movie by any stretch, but then not all great movies are.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John Schlesinger
Timothy Hutton
Sean Penn

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