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DVD title: Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Yes, the movie did have its flaws. The acting was less than great, and the dialogue was poor at times. However, the images were incredible, and more than make up for the flaws. Yes, the movie was made for children to watch, but that's not a bad thing, and there is more than enough excitement for the adults out there.
I watched it again last night and enjoyed it all the more. If you're one of the few who didn't see it at the theater, watch, especially with your kids if you have them.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: George Lucas
Liam Neeson
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman

DVD title: South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Productgroup: DVD
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut - movie DVD cover picture

It's easy to list the pros and cons of this film. On the positive side, the scenes with Saddam Hussein and Satan carrying on an affair in hell are quite funny. Satan is just a misunderstood, sensitive, New-Age guy who worries that he is being used by Saddam and for eventually taking over the world. (As the devil, wearing reading glasses, reads self-help books on relationships while in bed with Saddam, the latter keeps belittling his worries by pulling out dildos and suggesting that they have ...) Also on the positive side is that the songs are clever parodies of syrupy musicals of the past 20 years.
On the negative side, the animation stinks, the language is offensive, the humor is often juvenile, and the movie stretches a thin plot to the snapping point.
Watching the movie's raucus combination of the clever and the sophomoric is like listening to an precocious, funny teenager who's had too much caffeine and just learned a bunch of dirty words: some times you're in awe of the raw creativity and nerve, and other times you're exhausted by the peurile humor. These pluses and minuses combine to form a score straight down the middle: 3 stars.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

DVD title: The Matrix Revolutions (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Revolutions (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Matrix Revolutions - An outstanding conclusion!

Few things have shocked me more than the incredible amount of bad reviews for "The Matrix Revolutions" and the overwhelming amount of negative voting on positive reviews of this astonishing film. In my opinion, many a fan of the original "The Matrix" film have taken the same tack that fans of the first three Star Wars did with Episodes I and II, in so much that it wasn't what "they" expected it to be so it wasn't any good in their "opinions." Just as Episodes I and II of Star Wars are the results of George Lucas's vision for those films, "The Matrix Reloaded" and this; "The Matrix Revolutions" are the sum of what the Wachowski brothers envisioned them to be. That being said, I found their vision of where the films should go to be enormously entertaining on all levels, from bringing the story to its ultimate conclusion to its breathtaking action sequences.
I've never been a great fan of Keanu Reeves and his acting abilities but with this and the first two movies he clearly found a role that is well suited to his talents and this will most likely be the role he is most remembered for. Carrie-Ann Moss's performances in all three films is incredible as well and, like Keanu Reeves, this will probably be the role she is most remembered for. What can one say about Laurence Fishburne's performance in these films other than that it was incredible; of course, in most films I've seen him in he's been nothing less than an outstanding actor. Although I think Hugo Weaving was erroneously given the role he was given in "The Lord of the Rings" films, here in "The Matrix" movies he has left an indelible mark as one of the ultimate bad guys.
With the Matrix series of films, the Wachowski brothers as both writers and directors have clearly made a mark on the industry and any future films by them will definitely fall into the category of "must see."
The Premise:
As "The Matrix Reloaded" concluded we learned that Neo's seemingly super powers no longer ended when he left the Matrix but he is now in a coma. The sentinels are continuing to bore down on Zion and Morpheus and Trinity learn that Neo, while not being plugged into the Matrix, is actually in the Matrix, but not where they might expect him to be...
What follows from there is nothing short of one of the most intelligently written and wonderfully acted films where the action sequence with the sentinels getting into Zion in an epic battle and Neo and Trinity's efforts to reach the machine capital will have you, the lucky moviegoer, on the edge of your seat the whole way, hoping and praying that everybody will make it...
Overall, I highly recommend "The Matrix Revolutions" and of course the first two films as they can be described as nothing less than an incredible cinematic experience and that these films will most certainly go into the history books as classics in the genre. To those who have viewed this last film in the series negatively, I would definitely recommend another viewing with a more open mind, letting the movie maker's vision of the films direction through as opposed to your own. {ssintrepid}
Special Features:
-Revolutions Recalibrated-CG Revolution-Super Burly Brawl-Future Gamer: The Matrix Online-Before the Revolution-3-D Evolution

Studio: Warner Home Video
Laurence Fishburne

DVD title: Scratch
Productgroup: DVD
Scratch - movie DVD cover picture

I have a love affair with vinyl and have loved techno music for years. I appreciated hip-hop and the 'scratch' technique so prevalent in hip-hop, especially the old school stuff. So I bought this primarily for its vinyl content. Can't scratch with CDs y'know.

I was pleasantly surprised. I knew a little about the roots of what is now called 'turntablism' but was not so clear on its distinction from hip-hop and its connection to techno. I certainly know now. The connection is minimal. Two totally different art forms. This movie goes all the way back to the beginning of the scratching technique which would ultimately become the signature sound of hip-hop.

Some of the big names are here - Qbert, Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boys fame) and DJ Shadow stand out for me - discussing its origins and rise. Ultimately, however, allegiance is paid to the originals: Afrika Bambaata, for example. All pay allegiance to Grandmaster D.X.T. on Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit', the song that catapulted the mix technique into the mainstream.

You'll catch the rise of 'battling' and see them in their basements, kitchens, clubs and studios manipulating vinly in more ways than you can imagine. There is some spectacular music in this film and watching these individuals work their turntables is just unbelievable. They clearly mark what they do as distinct from today's hip-hop. While DJs are still important in hip-hop and rap, what these turntablists due is actually considered a separate genre of music. Who knew?

I think that is what stood out the most in this film. These guys know the best breaks in the songs and how to take these breaks and make them come to life in ways even the original artists would have to appreciate, resurrecting many songs and the vinyl on which it was recorded from the dead.

The extras are also great. The lessons from DJ Z-Trip reveal just how intimately he (and the others) knows and loves the music. I even learned there is a way to score this music on paper! It's got a tablature all its own.

Studio: Palm Pictures
Director: Doug Pray

DVD title: Evil Dead II
Productgroup: DVD
Evil Dead II - movie DVD cover picture
Let's Go!!!

If there is one movie I could be stranded with on an island it would be this one. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell created one of the best horror movies ever. With a good mixture of gore and slapstick style comedy. The story is a sequal/remake of the first except this time there is a bigger budget. This is the type oif film you could watch over and over again with your friends and have the same impact as the first time seeing. The DVD doesn't have the best bonus features but the commentary is the funniest. Bruce, Sam, and Rob will make you think you were there during the making of it. Horror lovers around the world will laugh and scream through this crazy movie by the director of Spiderman and the Xena series.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell
Sarah Berry

DVD title: Bulworth
Productgroup: DVD
Bulworth - movie DVD cover picture

The worst movie ever. Warren Beatty looks clammy and old. Halle Berry is hot, but her acting is worse than Jean-Claude Van Damme's. I didn't understand the plot, if there was one. The worst part of the evening was that my popcorn didn't have enough butter on it, and my Coke was flat, just like the ending.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty
Halle Berry

DVD title: Puppets Who Kill
Productgroup: DVD
Puppets Who Kill - movie DVD cover picture
great show why does greg the bunny get all the credit

Now im a bit confussed, everyone i talk to about the fox show greg the bunny loves it to death, yes it has seth green and eugeen leavy and that hot girl from mr. show but this is an excellent canadian show. Not every minute is hysterical but verry intertaining. I love greeg the bunny a lot but i think if people are into that show as i am their should be some love out their for puppets. The only episode that wasnt all that was the first but still good, the show gets better each episode. My favorite puppet is bob the ventroilquist, the 2 best episodes are when one of his former dummies he has killes his son the doctor is out for revenge, and when he reveals his testicle collection. Cuttles the comfort doll is also awesome, this an (A) sexual puppet has to come to terms with his problem in a verry delicate fashion. just give it a change, if you are into something different and want to actually get involved into the characters life. my girlfriend loves this show and she is extremelly picky.

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
Stargate SG-1, Star Trek 0

I would rather drink dishwater at Quark's bar than watch another preachy episode of Star Trek. Thank you, SG-1, for reminding me of what I used to love in scifi: imaginative stories intelligently told rather than stagey politically correctness, and solid acting rather than "Big Star" cameos. Live long and prosper, SG-1.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Stargate Sg-1
Richard Anderson

DVD title: Charmed - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Charmed - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Charmed...The best 17 hours I have ever spent!

I couldn't wait for this show to come to DVD. I pre-ordered it and got it on Tuesday, Feb 8, 2005. I just finished the first season yesterday (my wife and I watched 12 episodes all day). I never saw the first few season of the show and was excited to catch up. My only question is WHEN IS SEASON 2 GOING TO BE RELEASED? This is a great show.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Shannen Doherty
Alyssa Milano

DVD title: Something About Sex
Productgroup: DVD
Something About Sex - movie DVD cover picture
Yes,the scene with Hudson Leick is worth buying this video!!

Let me make this perfectly clear,the only reason why I even heard of this movie,rented this movie and ultimatly bought this movie was because of the infamous sex scene with Hudson Leick AKA Callisto to Xena fans.And yes,the scene is really,really good and yes,Hudson Leick is really,really sexy!If you're an admirer of Hudson Leick/Callisto(which 9 out of 10 you are if you're checking out this review)then buy this video as it is extremely rare.She is not credited on the box cover nor in the opening credits,but you will find her name at the end.If you can buy this movie for a good price,then do so!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Adam Rifkin

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