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DVD title: The Twilight Zone - Collection 1
Productgroup: DVD
The Twilight Zone - Collection 1 - movie DVD cover picture

What is the difference between Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition (Season 1) and Twilight Zone Collection One?

I don't get it, which one is the better buy? Which one puts them in the order they came out? Which one came out first? Are the same episodes on Collection ONe that are on the definitive edition?

Someone please help me!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Rod Serling

DVD title: Islands in the Stream
Productgroup: DVD
Islands in the Stream - movie DVD cover picture
Tremendous, great story, a father and his visiting sons

George C. Scott portrays a metal sculptor in the islands duringWorld War II. His sons three of them come for a visit that brings them all closer together. Very life like. I originally saw this movie at the theatre years ago when it first came out i believe in the 70s, i loved it then and love it now, i own this video and watch it frequently. Eddie one of his friends on the movie as well as Joseph are definitely friends i always dreamed of having. Get this video its incredible, the more i watch it the more i love it, must have seen it 100s of times. Enjoy!!!!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
George C. Scott
David Hemmings

DVD title: Mission Impossible 2
Productgroup: DVD
Mission Impossible 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Why does everyone hate this movie?

First off, let me say that I am a big fan of John Woo. The man can direct action like no one else. So I was excited to hear that he would be directing the sequel to Mission Impossible, a personal favorite of mine. When I finally got to see it, I wasn't disappointed: this is the most stylish action movie I have seen. But everyone I know, including John Woo fans, hated it. Sure, it's no Killer or Hard Boiled, but it was very entertaining. Here's a list of why everyone hates this movie:1. The plot. Okay, I'll admit, the plot wasn't that great. But you don't walk into a movie like this for fascinating plot points. You go to be entertained.2. Ethan Hunt does things that are not humanly possible. Well, that may be true, but maybe that's why it's called Mission "Impossible". C'mon, we all know that you can't do any of those stunts in real life, but it's fun to pretend you can for at least two hours. Sometimes I go to the movies to be intellectually challenged. But sometimes I just want to let go and have fun. That's what this movie was made for. And I loved every second.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: John Woo
Tom Cruise

DVD title: South Park - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
South Park - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
This is awesome stuff

Not without my anus, Chef aid, chickenf***er. These are all great episodes from the second season of a little show called South Park. The first season was classic but these 18 episodes blew it out of the water and made the show a staple of American TV comedy. Thank you Matt Stone and Trey Parker for your hilarious show.

Studio: Paramount Home Video

DVD title: Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
Productgroup: DVD
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella - movie DVD cover picture
Desperately Seeking Cinderella

I blare out the songs from this spectacular movie and my children think I'm crazy. I have sang a few notes to a few other people and they also think I'm crazy and have never seen this version of Cinderella. They especially laugh when I tell them who is in it. They just don't believe me. Please release this movie again! I would love to share it with the world (that I know!). It is such a magical love story. I do not necessarily like musicals, but this one got me hook line and sinker. It is a real disservice not to release this movie again! Please I'm begging you, RELEASE THIS MOVIE!! You efforts and concern about this are greatly appreciated.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Charles S. Dubin

DVD title: Terms of Endearment
Productgroup: DVD
Terms of Endearment - movie DVD cover picture
One of the most moving films I have seen.

I loved this movie from my first viewing in its original release. So when it became available on DVD I immediately ordered it with the hope of obtaining insight. However, director Brooks and his cohorts running commentary leave much to be desired. One gets the impression from their babbling that they haven't seen the flick in fifteen years plus. Compared to the excellence of director Chris Columbus commentary on Mrs. Doubfire, Terms is sorely lacking. I am disappointed.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James L. Brooks
Shirley MacLaine
Debra Winger
Jack Nicholson

DVD title: Ararat
Productgroup: DVD
Ararat - movie DVD cover picture
Deep, captivating, emotional!

Very few movies leave a deep impact lately, as this one did. Not only because of my armenian background, but the composition and the human interaction. I had to watch it twice to make sure I did not miss anything and still did not catch all the nuances untill I listened to the commentary. I'm swept away! Recommended it to all my friends and family and will share it at work with my non-armenian friends!Atom, thank you!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Atom Egoyan
Charles Aznavour
Eric Bogosian
Brent Carver

DVD title: Space 1999, Set 7
Productgroup: DVD
Space 1999, Set 7 - movie DVD cover picture
hugely underrated series, brilliant stuff!

The second season of Space 1999 was very different from season one. Monsters and humor abound in season two. Most of the episodes are ridiculous, but filled with guilty pleasures. Every episode in set 7 is a real hoot!
"Seed of Destruction" is about an evil mirror image of Koenig who takes over Alpha. Evil Koenig is a mean S.O.B.! The only thing better than an evil Koenig is when Koenig freaks-out in "Bringers of Wonder". Classic!
"The Beta Cloud" involves a nasty cloud that sends a wild bug-eyed monster to steal the entire life support system of Alpha. The creature runs amok on the moon base for the entire episodewhile the cloud tries to persuade the Alphans that it's a non-violent cloud and they should just give up the life support system and die, but the Alphan's just wont listen. They are a stubborn lot.
"A Matter of Balance" features the lovely Lynn Frederick! There's also a bald translucent anti-matter spirit, a bug-eyed samurai creature, and Maya turns into a monkey! Tony makes more bad beer in this one too, and he makes Lynn drink it and then makes her cry! Who in their right mind would make the lovely Lynn cry?! Damn that Tony! First he get's Maya and now this!
"Space Warp" is about Maya going bananas and transforming into various dangerous forms that attack the base, but the absolute best is that she turns into the bug-eyed monster from the "Beta Cloud"! It's back and running amok and attacking Alpha again, BUT this time it's wearing a wild wig that looks like dread-locks! Plus, Barabara Bain and Nick Tate chase it around the moon's surface in a moon buggy! Keep plenty of oxygen on hand for this one!
"Bringers of Wonder" is a two part episode with slimy aliens that only Koenig can see. There's nothing like a talented actor freaking-out with slimy aliens. This one includes the classic Koenig line: "I haven't had this much fun since I burned grand ma's wig"! Nobody freaks-out like Koenig!
Set 7 is filled with addictive gems such as these. Ed Wood would be proud of these episodes. This is one of the best DVD purchases I've ever made.

Studio: A & E Home Video
Tony Anholt

DVD title: Sam Cooke - Legend
Productgroup: DVD
Sam Cooke - Legend - movie DVD cover picture

No serious rock or pop fan should be without this excellent biography. Written by Peter Guralnick and featuring spectacular interviews with many Cooke intimates like Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin, brother LC, and Lou Rawls this documentary, that originally appeared on VH1 in a truncated form, gets to the heart of who Cooke was.
Many fans are familiar with Cooke's spectacular singing but few know of the important role he played in the Civil Rights Movement. We find out here that he was one of the first, if not THE first, artists to refuse to play to segregated audiences. We find out how he was one of the first prominent African-Americans to let his hair grow natural instead of slicking it down to appear white. We find out about the record company he started to help young African-Americans, who might be passed over by the majors, get a chance. We find out that Cooke was one of the first performers in all of pop music to acquire ownership of his own recordings (still unheard of today).
But the real meat here focuses on Cooke's mastery as a musician. The amazingly perceptive interviews manage to explain not only Cooke's importance in both gospel and pop but actually contain insight into how he did it.
Plus there's a slew of great performance footage of Cooke singing classics like "Twistin' the Night Away", "The Riddle Song", "You Send Me" and a funny, lip synched duet with Jackie Wilson on "Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha". Plus, there's some great film of Cooke hanging out with Muhammed Ali including the two harmonizing on "The Gang's All Here". Cooke was a crucial influence on Ali's life and thinking.
The DVD also contains some worthy extras. There are more than two hours of worth of expanded interviews. Plus there's a discography and a bio. Sadly, however there is no extra performance footage not even of his classic performance of "A Change is Gonna Come" from the Tonight Show (which is not in the documentary either).
The lack of music is the DVD's chief flaw. However, the documentary has some flaws as well. The most glaring is the way it glosses over Cooke's relationship with the controversial manager Allen Klein. This isn't surprising when you consider that Klein's company ABKCO is the producer of the DVD.
More damaging is the fact that it's too short. Though this version, at an hour and ten minutes, is longer than the VH1 documentary by almost a half hour, it's still too short to cover all of the events in a monumental life like Cooke's in the detail they deserve. For instance, Cooke's initial record contract and his later signing with RCA go by in a blur with little explanation. His appointment to the leadership of the Soul Stirrers gets similar short shrift.
Fortunately, you can find this information in Daniel Wolff's wonderful Cooke bio "You Send Me". Oustide of a book store though this is the best bio you'll find. Given the limitations the producers were under this is is a wonderful introduction and explanation of the man and his music.

Studio: Abkco
Sam Cooke

DVD title: Gia
Productgroup: DVD
Gia - movie DVD cover picture

Films certainly have gotten more realistic than when I was young. I can't really add anything to the other reviews: This is just a great movie!

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Michael Cristofer
Angelina Jolie

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