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DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Quentin Kills

EVerything about this movie is what you'd expect from Quentin. It is comparable to his classic Reservoir Dogs in innovation, style and his innate ability to pick up on popular culture conciousness and take it to the next level. If this homage to 1970s, King Fu doesn't get to you then you just don't like Quentin. The end fight scene is better than any I've seen in action/fantasy, Kung Fu with swords based in the Orient.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: The Boondock Saints [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
The Boondock Saints  [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
A Good Find

How good is this movie!Not only entertaining but it has a very good story line!The style of humour really suited me..and also Sean Patrick Flannery is really hot!!

Studio: Pid
Director: Troy Duffy
Willem Dafoe
Sean Patrick Flanery
Norman Reedus

DVD title: Transylvania Twist
Productgroup: DVD
Transylvania Twist - movie DVD cover picture
This is *NOT* Transylyania 6-5000!

Unlike Transylvania 6-5000, this movie is very funny.
I originally saw this film sortly after it was released the first time on video. I then spent the next couple years trying to find it at a non-rental price. I lucked out shortly after it went out of print.
This movie makes fun of Roger Corman films (especially The Terror), Horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, and anything else it can get its tenticles upon. It is quite silly in spots. Some parts get a bit corny. Most of the jokes hit home though. I strongly recommend this film. It is a classic comedy that almost no one I have talked to has ever heard of.
The plot is quite simple. Dexter Ward is given the task of retrieving the Book of Ulthar (which is about 3 feet by two feet, yet weighs next to nothing) from the person who checked it out from the Miskatonic Public Library over 20 years ago. Retreval involves a trip to a spooky looking castle in Transylvania. (Actually stock footage from "The Terror".) The rest involves a nubile film star, a vampire (played by Robert Vaughn), his butler (played by Angus Scrimm AKA The Tall Man in the Phantasm movies), three sexy vampires and the great grandson of Victor Von Helsing. There are some interesting cameos, including Forest J. Ackerman (holding a copy of "Famous Monsters of Filmland") and Boris Karloff.
I am glad this is coming out on DVD and VHS again. Now I don't have to worry about someone walking off with my only copy.

Studio: New Concorde Home Video
Director: Jim Wynorski

DVD title: Tour of Duty - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Tour of Duty - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Orginal music and more

First off, let me say that I think some people are blowing this whole music thing way out of proportion. I have copies of some of the original Tour of Duty shows on tape, as aired on TV. All the original Tour of Duty instrumental music (including the shows instrumental theme song) is still here, and still the same. Only the professional, licensed artist music is missing. In place of that music, is more instrumental music that very often fits in and compliments the mood and feel of this great show. Some of the added music isn't all that bad either. Sure, some may not be as great as some of the missing period bit songs. But if you look at it closely, you might find that the show now has a more concentrated feel to it and lets you think more about what's going on in front of the camera and what the actors are doing, instead of grooving with popular tunes. It actually is a step up in the realism department in some ways. This does not mean I don't care about the missing music, just that it has its good points as well. For the people who only just care about the missing music, they need to learn some of the lessons taught within the show itself...
The fact is, that Tour of Duty was an incredible show, with fantastic acting, good writing, and great crew work. A lot of sweat and pain obviously went into it and it still stands as a great testimony to being one of, if not the greatest, war series ever to be filmed. They provided not only a record of insight into the Vietnam War, but into humanity.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Terence Knox

DVD title: The Company
Productgroup: DVD
The Company - movie DVD cover picture
Much better than I expected

I enjoyed this movie more than I had expected to given the reviews I've read. I think one has to love dance more than the average movie-goer does in order to enjoy The Company.
The dancing is wonderful. It is modern in the way it is choreographed and balletic in the way it is danced. And both the choreography and dancing are the very best. As a former member of the Los Angles Ballet Company I can say there is a lot of realism in the depiction of the life of the dancers.
I agree that there is not much plot in The Company; but really, aren't we all tired of the overdone young-dancer-gets-a-break-and-becomes-a- star storyline? The Company doesn't need plot because it is not a story; it is a portrait of a way of life. Looked at like that, it is a wonderful movie.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Robert Altman
Neve Campbell
Malcolm McDowell
James Franco

DVD title: Lost Highway
Productgroup: DVD
Lost Highway - movie DVD cover picture
the best in suspense

While Lynch fans (who are these people???) will lap this film up, I was alternately bored, humiliated, riled, and depressed. Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes sense and before some pretentious wiseguy tries to tell me about postmodern nihilism or anti-narrative otherness, let me say that while film can be an instructive tool, it must also be entertaining and I can't imagine who would want to curl up with this waste of time at any point in their day. I would describe plot elements, but they would be irrelevant. Proceed at your own risk.

Director: David Lynch
Bill Pullman
Patricia Arquette

DVD title: American Movie
Productgroup: DVD
American Movie - movie DVD cover picture

Well, as most of you know- this is a fun flick, but I also know most dvd people browsing want to know about the extras and stuff.
First of all, the sound quality and picture- no problem there. There are deleted scenes- they're all pretty cool, but understandably cut for the reason of movie length. The audio commentary is very very cool to listen to- since after watching the movie you're familiar with the cast all ready-so it's awesome to hear what they have to say, not to mention the film-makers themselves that are just as cool. Very informative and fun.
The "Coven" short has some great moments and awesome shots- lotsa potty mouth though- I couldn't care, but others probably will.
Also great trailers too as a bonus- some to other independant features like, "Welcome to the Dollhouse", "The Opposite of Sex" and more. I dunno, I've always liked watching trailers. Anyway, definately worth the buy. Adios!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Chris Smith (II)
Mark Borchardt
Mike Schank

DVD title: Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Best Show Everrrr!!!!!!

You really need to get this show on dvd it was one of the most successfull shows like ever!!!! And how can Dawsons creek , Angel , and buffy come out on dvd when they arnt good shows.I have all the episodes on tape but its not the same who ever is in charge for this YOU can guarentee that mannnnnyyyy people who buy this dvd if u put it out!!!!

Jason Priestley

DVD title: Slipknot - Disasterpieces
Productgroup: DVD
Slipknot - Disasterpieces - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome Review

This is the most ear splitting, smashing dvd I have ever seen. I just recently got into Slipknot. I thought the bled and cut themselves on stage, but I was completely wrong. The concert is in London. Its about an hour and 24 minutes long. Out the time they show you thirty diffrent angles og them performing. They are great band because they are not sic freaks. They just head bang to some kick butt music. Out of the 1 hour and 24 minute long concert you see about 15 minutes of normal fans jumping up and down. So you see alot of Slipknot performing.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: Dance with Me
Productgroup: DVD
Dance with Me - movie DVD cover picture

After seeing this movie 3 times I can honestly it sends chills down my spine when the dance scenes come around. Salsa music is my favorite, and this movie definitely exhibits a lot of it. We (hispanics) can only hope for more movies like this one to be produced in the near future...!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Randa Haines
Vanessa L. Williams

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