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DVD title: Queen - Greatest Video Hits 2
Productgroup: DVD
Queen - Greatest Video Hits 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Queen at their very, very best

In my opinion, there is no Queen album superior to "Greatest Hits II". It is their very best album of any kind, be it compilation, live or original studio.
Thus the thought of a video version had me suitably interested."Greatest Video Hits 2" is a superb DVD set, mostly because, finally, the team who compiled it know what bonus footage was about. "GVH1" bonus footage was decidedly lacking, "Live At Wembley" showed improvement, but finally, with three hours of hugely worthwhile clips, docos and interviews...THIS is what I've been waiting for!
On the first disk, we have sixteen of Queen's great clips of the eighties. These are all the clips from their hit singles, ranging from "Under Pressure" in 1981 to "The Miracle", their last single of the decade in 1989. Also featured on disc one is the Top Of The Pops performance of "Las Parablas Des Amor", which is very well filmed and actually quite enjoyable (it's a great song, at any rate).However, one of the things that made "Greatest Hits II" as a CD/LP so solid were the four tracks from "Innuendo". These have been omitted (presumably so that "Greatest Video Hits III" isn't just "Made In Heaven with No-One But You tacked on"), thus the compilation isn't musically quite as impressive. However, there's still some really great stuff on this DVD and, though it's not as well compiled as it's audio-only counterpart, it's still well worth the money.
The bonus material is copious. Including interviews with the band for "The Works", "A Kind Of Magic" and "The Miracle", as well as the infamous "I'm Just A Musical Prostitue, m'dear" interview with Freddie Mercury, it's well worth it for that alone. Also featured are two bonus clips from "Hot Space" ("Calling All Girls" and "Backchat") and a brilliant live performance of "Staying Power".The Montreux Rose Festival footage is actually quite poor, but it's kind of fun if you don't mind watching the band lipsync (Freddie lipsyncs fairly poorly in the Works clips on the first disc anyway, and this is only worse).
There is absolutely no reason not to get this, but set some money aside later on for "GVH3".

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: When I Close My Eyes
Productgroup: DVD
When I Close My Eyes - movie DVD cover picture
One of the better films you will see...

It has been awhile since i saw this film, so I am not good for detail... but what I can say is, if you already have an interest in European film and are smart enough to read subtitles, you may find this movie interesting. I really liked some intangible qualities in this movie, I guess that is "cinematography"? This is a story of a young woman and her eerie connection to a wanted criminal. I don't want to give much away.

Studio: Facets Video
Director: Franci Slak

DVD title: Little House on the Prairie: The Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Little House on the Prairie: The Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Walnut Grove Meets Johnny Cash....

This review refers to the Goodtimes DVD edition of "Little House On The Prairie - 'The Collection'"......
When I first saw this DVD, as I was browsing through the Little House Series here, for a brief moment I thought this was a collection of several episodes of the series. It is not. "The Collection" is the title of this wonderful episode that adds a little pizzaz with guest stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.
Johnny and June play Caleb and Mattie Hodgekiss, a struggling couple, who are so down on their luck, that Kaleb decides to take advantage of poor ailing Reverend Alden. Alden on a mission to help the town of Graves Corners after a devastating fire, falls ill and is rescued by Caleb and cared for by Mattie. Caleb takes the Reverend's clothes and poses as Alden's helper, travels to Walnut Grove, where he convinces all the good people there that he is collecting donations, all the while planning to keep it for himself.What Caleb doesn't foresee is the friendship he forms with all the generous and loving people there.Will Mattie be able to stop him? Will Mary speak up when she sees through him? Will Caleb see the error of his ways? Well It is after all "Little House on the Prairie"!
I enjoyed this episode very much. As many of the Little House episodes do, it had a message, was heartwarming, it made me smile and with this one there's a bonus.....Johnny Sings!
Goodtimes Video has brought several of these episodes to DVD and VHS and I hope there will be more. This DVD has a nice clear picture with good color and sound. Very good for a nearly 30 year old TV program! "The Collection" runs about 50 minutes, and for the price if you love these stories and know you will purchase more, you may want to consider a 2 pack or even the 4 pack. The 4 pack available now includes this one plus these three touching double features..."The Premier Movie"(The pilot..The Ingalls travel to Kansas), "The Lord is My Shepherd"(little Laura runs away to be closer to God) and "Laura Ingalls Wilder"(Laura and Almanzo marry).
This series stands the test of time. They will be a treat for generations to come for the whole family!enjoy....Laurie

Studio: Good Times Home Vide

DVD title: Platinum Comedy Series - Dave Chappelle - Killin' Them Softly
Productgroup: DVD
Platinum Comedy Series - Dave Chappelle - Killin' Them Softly - movie DVD cover picture

I had the luck to see this man perform live. Becare he may make you laugh so hard you'll get sick. He does the same jokes on this dvd so check it out, its hilarious!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Dave Chappelle

DVD title: The Diary of Anne Frank
Productgroup: DVD
The Diary of Anne Frank - movie DVD cover picture
What an awesome movie abou the hollocaust!

This movie has no words to describe it. It was a touching movie about a family in hiding, in Germany, hiding in an annix with another family and going through the struggles. The scenes between Anne and members of her family was awesome, the Anne and Peter scenes were unforgettable. Definetly a great movie that I want to see over and over again!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: George Stevens
Millie Perkins
Shelley Winters

DVD title: Survivor The Australian Outback - The Complete Season
Productgroup: DVD
Survivor The Australian Outback - The Complete Season - movie DVD cover picture
Survivor Fans Rejoice!

Survivor: The Australian Outback has finally landed on DVD-

I finally got my hands on this set, and must say I came away impressed. I'd lost the tapes, and was dying to replay seasond 2 again.

First off, there are a lot of people who may gripe that Survivor is even on the DVD. True fans know that if you are a die-hard fan, it doesn't matter that you know who wins....It's all about each individual episode, and the antics you witness week-after-week.

Outback delivers very good quality picture for being a TV reproduction. Usually I hear lots of complaints about other sets, but I think that it is a very clear set visually.

The Auction episode, typically one is done every season....well, almost, makes it worthy of purchase for anyone. The comedy, deception, backstabbing, lying, yelling, screaming, and drama guarantee a fun and exciting ride through the Australian Outback.

Extras are on the light side, but this is more about the show than the extras...It's still worth shelling out 40 bucks.

Be sure to pick up a copy and add it to your collection now.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Jeff Probst

DVD title: Midsomer Murders, Set Three
Productgroup: DVD
Midsomer Murders, Set Three - movie DVD cover picture
Murder, Mayhem, and Marvelous Music

in his review of March 2004 "Complex plots and enjoyable viewing, March 14, 2004 Reviewer: Frank Behrens from Keene, NH USA wrote that Inspector Morse was assisted by Troy.
I do not wish to nitpick but the name of Sgt. Lewis was Robbie.
Much as though this series is an enjoyable puzzler, the plots are nowhere as complex as those of Morse but they are pleasant enough sojourns into the bloodied fields of merrie Englande.

Studio: Acorn Media Publishi
John Nettles

DVD title: Under Wraps
Productgroup: DVD
Under Wraps - movie DVD cover picture
Great Kids Movie

I'm so glad this was finally released!! My Mom saw it a few years ago on the Disney Channel, but could never buy it on VHS because Disney hadn't released it. I finally saw it while looking for other Disney Channel movies (Halloweentown), and I now have "Under Wraps" on order. A great Halloween movie for young kids. It has to do with a mummy (named Harold by his rescuer) that is looking for his lost love, and must do so by midnight on Halloween night. Buy it!! You won't regret it!!

Studio: Platinum Disc Corp
Bill Fagerbakke

DVD title: Shane
Productgroup: DVD
Shane - movie DVD cover picture
As American as baseball and apple pie.

Many people will lay claim to the fact that "The Searchers" is the greatest western ever filmed, but it cannot compete with "Shane" for two reasons. One, "Shane" utilizes superior character development in the story. Everyone of the main characters in the movie creates their own relationship with the viewer and Brandon DeWilde gives perhaps the greatest performance by a child actor in a dramatic role ever filmed. Secondly, "Shane" is guaranteed to produce an emotional response that John Ford would kill for. The critics can cite the technical brilliance of "The Searchers", But I'll take the common sense brilliance of "Shane" every day.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: George Stevens
Alan Ladd
Jean Arthur

DVD title: Karen Voight - Slim Physique
Productgroup: DVD
Karen Voight - Slim Physique - movie DVD cover picture
Outstanding Workouts!

This is my first Karen Voight exercise DVD and I love it! There is good variety (although some days are repeated segments). The overall result is a great balance. I especially enjoy her cardio segments and the yoga workouts. I have a number of exercise videos/DVDs and Karen Voight is by far the best instructor I've seen so far. I will definitely buy more of her products!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Karen Voight

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