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DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I Accuse My Parents
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I Accuse My Parents - movie DVD cover picture
Quack. Quack.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has always been one of my favorite TV series. Even in later years, when the non-movie material (the short subjects and invention exchange) faded away, the movies themselves were always a hoot. Although usually focusing on cheesy science fiction and horror movies, this episode shows that any sort of bad movie serves as prime fodder for the MST3K crew.
The main feature (following a short on truck farming that features no trucks) is a cautionary tale about bad parenting. When their accusing son can't find love at home, he takes up with a nightclub singer with a heart of gold and a mobster boyfriend. Through events that are more a result of naivete (despite winning an essay contest, he is not overly bright), he eventually winds up on the run and taken in by a kindly restaurant owner. In the end, however, all works out, and his parents, accused by their son and lectured to by a judge, are fated to turn their hedonistic lives around.
Since this is MST3K, the movie's story is purely incidental, and only an excuse to make jokes. The one-liners fly by quickly, and even if some miss, there are always a dozen more that hit. As an opportunity to squeeze a little bit of virtue out of a really bad movie, this is a success.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Sam Newfield

DVD title: Renegade - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Renegade - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
My prayers have been answered

I love this show and I have wanted these DVDs for years. I am so glad they're finally being released, but I wish that they would release more than just the first season. For a show like Renegade which didn't have a huge following, it's very possible that the rest of the seasons may not make it to DVD which would be a real shame.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Lorenzo Lamas

DVD title: Testament
Productgroup: DVD
Testament - movie DVD cover picture
The most disturbing film about surviving a nuclear holocaust

"Testament" is the most intimate and arguably the most disturbing of the films made in the early 1980s dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear war. "The Day After," which also aired in 1983, is the most obvious example, but there was also "Special Bulletin" (1983), the BBC-produced "Threads" (1984), the animated "When the Wind Blows" (1986), and a Soviet film the title of which escapes me at the moment. Unlike the rest of those films, there are no harrowing scenes of nuclear explosions or people ravaged by radiation sickness. In that regard, "Testament" is almost naive; radiation sickness is nothing more than dark shadows around the eyes of the characters. But this is not a movie about special effects; the nuclear war consists of nothing more than a bright light outside the window with telephones and televisions suddenly going dead (the film is set in Hamlin, a small California town not far from San Francisco, the obvious target). The rhyme and reason for the war is of no consequence in the final analysis. Instead, this is a story about facing the end of the world, recalling the film "On the Beach" (1959) more than any other work in this genre.
Based on "The Last Testament" by Carol Amen, the "Testament" script is by John Sacret Young, who would later create the television series "China Beach," and offer many moments of subtle lyricism despite the subject matter. The focus is on the family of Carol Wetherly (Jane Alexnader), whose husband Tom (William Devane) went off to work that morning and never came back. The Wetherly's have three children, Brad (Rossie Harris), Mary Liz (Roxana Zal), and Scottie (Lukas Haas), and it is what happens to them after the bombs go after that affects us over the course of this 90-minute film. Death is inevitable in this film, and ultimately the question is how it should be faced. Director Lynne Littman provides scenes that become unforgettable because of their simple eloquence, most notable, one in which Carol finishes sewing up the shroud in which she has wrapped one of her children.
This is one of the most upsetting films I have ever seen in my life. It took me a while to be able to watch it a second time, and that was because I was working on a presentation involving nuclear war films. But watching it again was so superflous because the film was seared into my mind after watching it the first time. Alexander's performance, as you would expect, is superb, but it is Zal (who was equally good in "Something About Amelia") who is the most poignant figure in the story. Only once does the film threaten to break away from its pedestrian boundaries, when the school kids put on a play about the "Pied Piper of Hamelin" (remember the town's name is Hamlin), but even here the anger is submerged in the sadness of the presentation. Watching "Testament" is a very upsetting experience because at the end it is impossible to avoid asking yourself a horrifying question...what would you do in Carol's place?

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Lynne Littman
Jane Alexander
William Devane
Rossie Harris
Roxana Zal

DVD title: Completely Carlin
Productgroup: DVD
Completely Carlin - movie DVD cover picture
Completely Carlin

I ordered this DVD set for my husband as a gift. He as well as I have spent countless hours enjoying it. My order arrived promptly and I was very satisfied.

Studio: Mpi Media Group
George Carlin

DVD title: Can't Hardly Wait
Productgroup: DVD
Can't Hardly Wait - movie DVD cover picture
The best teen movie ever!

This movie was WONDERFUL!!! Who cares if it had stereotypes? It's a MOVIE! It's there for entertainment. Anyways, the acting was the best part of this movie (well the script was the best too). Seth Green is such an incredible actor, he pours 110% of himself into whatever he does and in this movie he does it BRILLIANTLY. The other 'best actor' is an actress: Lauren Ambrose. She is absolutely the greatest as Denise Fleming, Preston's buddy, and she actually used to be best friends with Seth's character, but you'll just have to find out where that goes for yourself... Anyways it's a fantastic movie: it's touching, it's romantic, and it is SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I had to stop the movie because I was missing all the other parts because I was laughing so hard. Anyways, you HAVE to see this movie!!!!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Jennifer Love Hewitt

DVD title: Labyrinth
Productgroup: DVD
Labyrinth - movie DVD cover picture
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!!!

One of my all-time favorite movies. I'll join the rest of you in lamenting its out-of-print status, as well as put in a plea for a place to find it. Who can ever hope to compete with Jim Henson's muppets? I highly recommend it as THE fantasy film to see.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Jim Henson
David Bowie
Jennifer Connelly

DVD title: The Last Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
One great movie!

I first saw this movie when I was in Germany with my then Army husband. We had no T.V. to watch that we could understand, so we had family send tapes to us. My Aunt sent it to me and I fell instantly in love with it. I guess I've seen it a hundred times by now. I've got most of it memorized. The quiet peaceful Bruce Leroy who will avoid a fight at all costs, but kicks butt when he has to, is definitely most admirable.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Michael Schultz

DVD title: Monkees Season 2
Productgroup: DVD
Monkees Season 2 - movie DVD cover picture
The Second Season Better of the 2...

Yes. The second season of the Monkees TV series is out. And it looks and sounds great.
This season is the better of the 2 seasons the Monkees filmed because the Monkees (as well as the writers, directors, etc) are more "in tune" to how the show structure is supposed to be.
As a result, what you get is some zany episodes along with some great tunes. Pretty great stuff.
Add Season 1 as well as this to your collection and you will have the complete Monkees series.
A++ all the way!

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: The Station Agent
Productgroup: DVD
The Station Agent - movie DVD cover picture
Very Surprising Movie

At first I didn't think I was going to like this movie, but boy did it turn around. This is really the kind of movie I wish they'd make more of. I think Hollywood has forgotten how to make good movies.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Thomas McCarthy
Peter Dinklage
Bobby Cannavale
Patricia Clarkson

DVD title: A Stranger Among Us
Productgroup: DVD
A Stranger Among Us - movie DVD cover picture
Maybe it's better if you aren't Jewish...

I happened to catch this on HBO and thought it so charming that I wanted to buy a copy. I'm not completly ignorant of Jewish culture and have read nearly everything of Isaac Bashevis Singer that's in English but it's not my culture. I guess it's always irritating when one sees technical errors in a subject that we are expert in. Nurses wearing caps on soap operas annoy me, and I've been surprised to find out that many lay people think that nurses still wear white caps. Movies always seem to credit technical advisors even when it's hard to believe that they gave any advice and I suppose this was true in this movie.anyway my impression was that the detective fell in love with the lifestyle and was infactuated with the scholar; I thought there was chemistry and believable sexual tension. People on the outside are often attracted and curious about "closed cultures". I have had this feeling about nuns and about orthodox jews my whole life. Part of the attraction is that these groups would seem to be cultish if they didn't have the legitimacy associated with ancient institutions. Certainly my feelings are romantic and this was a romantic movie. If the characters did not seem authentic to those familiar with the culture they worked for me. It was to me respectful. The characters were all "good" and decent. No one was made to look foolish or ridiculous. After all it was just a movie, it wasn't intended to be a documentary about the Hassidic movement.I wanted to go live in the Rebbe's house myself.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Sidney Lumet
Melanie Griffith

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