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DVD title: Soap - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Soap - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture

Quite possibly the best show that has ever been assembled on American TV! Makes me wonder though if Michael Patrick King and Darren Star when creating Sex In The City watched Episode #7 from season 2. It has the most hilarious scene where the four female leads are sitting in the kitchen stuffing their faces and talking about how horny they all are. I recommend this second season EVEN if you don't own the first!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Billy Crystal

DVD title: Robert Rodreguez Mexico Trilogy
Productgroup: DVD
Robert Rodreguez Mexico Trilogy - movie DVD cover picture

I've waited for ever for this great collection of Robert Rodreiguez's movies, but it took to long to be released. I'm gettin really sick of the studios to wait until they have my money then release another edition. I have to sell the 3 movies now because I'm a sucker for cool editions. If you don't already own the movies, like me, buy this set. Great Buy, good price to thats 10 bucks a movie.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Robert Rodriguez

DVD title: The Dream Is Alive (IMAX)
Productgroup: DVD
The Dream Is Alive (IMAX) - movie DVD cover picture
Superlative Space Shuttle DVD, With Stunning Launch Footage!

"The Dream Is Alive" is a beautifully-done, albeit fairly short (36 minutes), IMAX film.
Narrated expertly (as usual) by veteran newscaster Walter Cronkite, this program takes the viewer into space via NASA's remarkable Space Shuttle Orbiters. We see the astronauts working, eating, and sleeping in the vacuum of space, as they orbit hundreds of miles above our Earth at a speed of 17,500 MPH.
We also see three breathtaking Shuttle launches (including one beautiful nighttime lift-off) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, all of which are photographed from different viewpoints and with crystal-clear clarity. These launches look magnificent on this DVD release!
This program was originally filmed in 1984. In addition to the copyright date on the packaging (which is actually 1985), we can tell the timeframe of this footage by the missions being photographed for the program -- including STS-41-C (launched on April 6, 1984), which was a mission of historical significance, marking the first time a satellite had ever been repaired in space.
Another Shuttle mission we get a first-hand, in-space glimpse of is STS-41-D, which took to the skies on August 30, 1984.
Sadly, two of the astronauts we see performing their duties in this IMAX presentation (Francis Scobee and Judy Resnik) were lost in the Challenger disaster less than two years after the filming of this program.
The DVD gives us a good 5.1 Dolby Surround soundtrack; while the video is presented in Full Frame (1.33:1), which is the original aspect ratio of the film.
In addition to the splendid-looking (and sounding) launches, we also see some rather unique camera angles while the Shuttle is landing (one sequence filmed from -- I think -- one of the "chase" planes that always fly alongside the spacecraft as it's landing). Great footage here!
There's also time given to provide some gorgeous pictures of our blue and green planet as photographed by the Shuttle astronauts on their various missions. The "Pause" function on the ol' DVD Player comes in handy when viewing these pretty Earthly images. You can "pause" them with perfect clarity too. Not a sign of blurriness to be found. Ah, the beauty of DVD. :)
The "pause" button is also great for freeze-framing the spectacular launch footage shown here as well. Just like a picture postcard it is. :)
Even with its brief running time, there's still plenty here for space fanatics to sink their teeth into.
This is one space-related DVD to watch over and over again. A class act all the way.

Studio: Imax
Director: Graeme Ferguson

DVD title: The Beatles - Help!
Productgroup: DVD
The Beatles - Help! - movie DVD cover picture
action packed & a great soundtrack!

I really like this film it's funny witty and has the best pre-mtv videos I've ever seen. A video you can watch with the kids. A definite must!!!!

Studio: Repnet
Director: Richard Lester
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr

DVD title: Kung Fu Pilot (TV Premiere DVD)
Productgroup: DVD
Kung Fu Pilot  (TV Premiere DVD) - movie DVD cover picture
I've waited a long time for this!

The only trouble was I couldn't decide whether to buy the low cost pilot or the entire first season. In the end I purchased the low cost pilot because I don't watch much TV and wanted to save money. Either way, you won't go wrong. When I was a teen I thought Cain exhibited the perfect example of the character that should be seen in a religious man. I still agree . . . except . . . perhaps he . . . could . . . talk . a . bit . . . . . quicker? I certainly like Carradine's Cain character better than his Bill.

Studio: Warner Home Video
David Carradine

DVD title: Lolita
Productgroup: DVD
Lolita - movie DVD cover picture
A Very Well Done Film. Better Than the Kubrick Version.

Now while I love Kubricks version I strongly believe that this is the best "Lolita" film. Kubricks version was funny, it was less graphic and it wasn't as sad. Another thing that played a large part in my liking of the film is the fact that Dominique Swain is hotter than Sue Lyons. Melanie Griffith isn't as good as the original actress and I agree with other viewers, that she is the weak link in the film. Frank Langella is a lot more mysterious than Peter Sellers. Jeremy Irons performance is a lot sadder than James Mason's. I though that this movie was terrific. One thing I liked was director Adrian Lynes choice not to show Langellas face until the end. And one thing I didn't like was Lyne's choice not to show Swain naked except for (quite literally) a split second. Nudity, is necessary for a film like this, The film is about a man named Humbert Humbert (Irons), who has received a teaching job in America and needs a place to stay for the summer. So, he moves in with Charlotte Haze (Griffith) who takes quite a liking to Humbert. Humbert however dislikes Charlotte, but is smitten with her daughter, Dolores,
whom he calls Lolita. Lolita reminds Humbert of a girl in his younger years who died. But the love Humbert has for Lolita is not a pedophiles lust, but a deep love he has for her as a person. This love however is challened by playwright Clare Quilty
(Langella). Irons is great in his best performance and this is one of the saddest films I have viewed. I liked Kubricks, but there is one thing I need to add. At the end of Kubricks it tells you what happened to Humbert, not Lolita. In Lyne's version it tells you what happened to Lolita, which seems to soften the blow. But only makes the film sadder. Great Film. A+.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Adrian Lyne
Jeremy Irons
Melanie Griffith
Dominique Swain

DVD title: David Bowie - A Reality Tour
Productgroup: DVD
David Bowie - A Reality Tour - movie DVD cover picture
Bowie in top form

This is really a very good concert DVD. It chronicles Bowie playing to a large, adoring, wildly enthusiastic Dublin crowd in November, 2003. I caught the Atlanta stop of the Reality Tour and enjoyed it very much. It's wonderful to be able to revisit it in my living room with this DVD. If you are a Bowie fan, this is an essential purchase. Casual fans might be put off by the large number of recent songs Bowie performs. His new stuff is good, but of course everybody likes to hear the classics. These are well represented in the show, but they don't predominate.

I didn't find the DVD to be spiced with too many video gimmicks, as some have complained. In fact, far from being intrusive or distracting, I found that they helped translate what was obviously a dynamic concert to the flat screen.

I was struck by how young the Dublin crowd is for the concert. Most performers Bowie's age have mostly middle-aged fans who show up to relive past memories. Far from being a nostalgic review, however, Bowie's show pulsates with the energy of a still vital performer. His new songs make insightful observations on contemporary life while his classic songs have not aged a day since they were recorded. It's hard to believe that songs like Changes and Life on Mars (a real magical moment in the concert, btw) are now more than thirty years old! And yet here's a packed arena of young people going crazy for them. Bowie is a remarkable and unique artist. If you ever have an opportunity to see him live, jump at it. In the meantime, this DVD is the next best thing.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
David Bowie

DVD title: North and South - The Complete Collection
Productgroup: DVD
North and South - The Complete Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Just one of "those" films.....

North and South is just one of "those" films that you either love or you hate. And if you love it, you fall hard. When N&S first came out, I was too young to understand what I was watching. But it was one of those films that I grew up with. It was something I came to watch with my father all the time and a bond between us. It's just such a great film by an amazing author... I'm dying for it to come out on dvd.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Patrick Swayze

DVD title: The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Good Movie

I wish that would allow me to use a negative number of stars, because this piece of garbage is not worthy of even one star. I have been told by many of my collegues that "this is the second of a trilogy and that you should expect that(???)" All I can say is that during that "stunning" speech by Fishburns character and the "hot" orgy scene (OK I HOPE YOU HEAR MY SARCASM!) I was about to fall asleep. If you could see a bubble above Keanu's head you could see it reading: OK, I MUST STAY IN CHARACTER, I MUST STAY IN CHARACTER! The directors of this "cinematic masterpiece" should have paid for acting lessons for the entire cast. It was like listening to bad Star Trek dialog. This is probably the WORST movie I have scene in at least 10 years. Am I missing something. Is it me. No. Anyone who has even a tiny amount of taste will not waste anymore money on this movie. The only way I will see the 3rd instalment is if the ticket is bought for me and I am taken out for multiple drinks before AND after the "show"

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
waiting for the dvd!!

i love this show. i can't say enough good things about it. the witty banter, the eccentric neighbors, and don't forget the coffee. it's so nice to see a show that has an intelligent, well-mannered, normal girl as a lead character, while other shows are trying to outdo each other by showing more skin. please please please release this on dvd soon. i'm tired of watching the little screens of the downloaded episodes.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lauren Graham

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