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DVD title: In the Line of Duty IV
Productgroup: DVD
In the Line of Duty IV - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly the best action movie ever

This movie is up there with Enter the Dragon as contender for best action movie ever made. Donnie Yen is at his coolest as the US cop who will stop at nothing to catch the suspect. The fights are great and are the stunt sequences. The best bit being Cynthia Khan hanging of the front of a ambulance at high speed.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Woo-ping Yuen

DVD title: A Christmas Story (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
A Christmas Story (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
How can you not like this movie?

Every year for the past 17 years, I have sat down with my family to enjoy this film. Every year, this movie gets better and better. How can you not like it? Told from the point of view of Ralphie, this film looks at Christmas from a child's perspective. It shows just how strange the world can be sometimes, and just how difficult it can be to grow up. Parents, bullies, and various other situations pop up during Ralphie's quest for a BB gun for Christmas. It really makes you remember how Christmas was when you were a kid,and despite all the quirks and discrepancies, how wonderful it is to have a family around during that time of year. A great film that has become a great family tradition.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Bob Clark (III)
Peter Billingsley

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Still the best

I don't get all you people out there that say you won't buy the Star Wars trilogy on DVD because it doesn't contain the original versions, only the special editions. So, for a few minutes in each movie that you don't like you'll give up:-Better picture-Better audio and,-A format that will not deteriorate
If I stayed away from every movie that had a few minutes I didn't like, I wouldn't own any movies. Saying you wont buy the movie at all because a few scenes have changed is the stupidest argument I have heard. And waiting until the originals are available is even worse...THEY WILL NEVER BE AVAILABLE. Give it up. Put up or shut up. I think we're all sick of listening to all the whining. I'd prefer the originals myself, but I'd rather have the special eds on DVD than not at all...

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: Mr. Vincent
Productgroup: DVD
Mr. Vincent - movie DVD cover picture
true to life!

This true to life drama and black and white imaging has created a gripping, and gut wrenching experience. One of the things "everybody knows" in Hollywood, is that people won't go see movies that do not feature "likeable" characters. Which, of course, ignores the commercial and critical success of films as diverse as The Crying Game, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Pulp Fiction. John Vincent, the title character is not by any stretch of the imagination a nice guy, but he is fasinating, (brilliantly played by Frank John Hughes)and makes it hard for me to take my eyes off him. An English teacher and aspiring songwriter, Johnny's just been dumped by his wife when he runs into an old High School sweetheart (wonderfully portrayed by Lisa LoCicero). When his passion for her becomes obssesive, she tries to back out of the relationship. John's feelings and his whole life begin to spiral out of control. From what I have read, Director Robert Celestino has been justifiably compared to Cassavetes and Scorsese for the passion and intensity he brings to the film, and the strong performances he gets from his actors. I recommend this film to all serious film buffs.

Studio: Vanguard Films
Director: Robert Celestino

DVD title: Oasis - Definitely Maybe: The DVD
Productgroup: DVD
Oasis - Definitely Maybe: The DVD - movie DVD cover picture
This is why DVD-Audio beats SACD!

With any luck, SONY and the other labels will revisit classic albums and do them up like this DVD. You get EVERYTHING associated with "Definitely Maybe": the album itself sounding better than it ever has (uncompressed PCM Stereo), all the videos, live footage, a documentary, and tons of other goodies. It's the best way to get a complete history of a classic album, and what was happening with the band at that time in history. BUY IT NOW!

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: The World of Sid & Marty Krofft - H.R. Pufnstuf
Productgroup: DVD
The World of Sid & Marty Krofft - H.R. Pufnstuf - movie DVD cover picture
A walk down memory lane!

I ordered this DVD, and literally could not wait for it to arrive! I used to watch "witchiepoo" every Saturday morning, and I could not wait to see it again for myself, and to also share it with my kids, ages 10 and 7. It met all expectations!Alot of it I remembered, and it was fun getting reaquainted with the things I did not remember! My 10 year old likes it, but my 7 year old actully loves it! She has watched it over and over, and already knows all the songs! Which we now all sing on the way to school! Thank you for offering this classic on DVD, because every Saturday, I get to relive a little bit of my childhood, and have gotten the opportunity to "show" my girls, instead of telling them, what Mommy watched when she was little.

Studio: Rv Book
Director: Hollingsworth Morse

DVD title: Taxi Driver (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Taxi Driver (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Scary and endearing

There's no point in gushing because as you can see there's more than enough to convince you to buy this classic. It aims at two audiences, crime noir fans and the Travis Bickle-ites, and for a time I felt very much like 'ol Travis myself. Love, acceptance, sanity, these were things that were alien to his mind, and when you live in a world, no, a city, where you're a thread away from becoming another faceless drone in the sea of insanity around you, it is a truly depressing thought because it's not a question of 'if' but rather a question of 'when'. The moment Travis Bickle topples the television set over with his foot, his downward spiral truly begins in horrific fashion.

It holds up to this day as a truly unforgettable film because every single person who had a hand in making it worked in perfect harmony to craft what could have been a simple reel of film into a gem. The creepy, soft jazz-laden music score by Bernard Hermann, the hypnotic cinematography, the top-notch directing by Marty Scorcese, the disturbing yet insightful screenplay by Paul Schrader, and one of the best performances by a young DeNiro, all prove that you're not only watching a movie, you're watching cinema.

Alright. I gushed. How can you not?

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Cybill Shepherd
Jodie Foster

DVD title: Beach Blanket Bingo
Productgroup: DVD
Beach Blanket Bingo - movie DVD cover picture
actually more enjoyable than the ORIGINAL "Beach Party"!

BEACH BLANKET BINGO is considered by many as their favorite "Beach Party" movie. In order, my three favorites are BEACH BLANKET BINGO, PAJAMA PARTY and BEACH PARTY.
In this sequel, Dee Dee (Annette Funicello) and Frankie (Frankie Avalon) decide to take skydiving lessons from the hard-nosed pilot John Ashley and the late Deborah Walley.
Things get complicated when up-and-coming pop singer Sugar Kane (Linda Evans) ends up in Frankie's arms - literally - and the ... Deborah decides to make Frankie an afterschool sweetheart!
Dumb-as-stumps Deadhead (Jody McCrea) falls in love with an elusive mermaid (Marta Kristen) and the always-annoying Eric Von Zipper (Harvey Lembeck) and his "Rats" show up to kidnap the lovely Sugar Kane...
Featuring a memorable title song as well as great musical turns by Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello and Donna Loren.
There are also great cameo roles from Earl Wilson, Don Rickles, Paul Lynde, Buster Keaton and Bobbi Shaw (reprising her role as Keaton's dizzy sidekick).
The DVD includes the trailer. (Single-sided, single-layer disc).

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: William Asher
Frankie Avalon
Annette Funicello

DVD title: Reindeer Games
Productgroup: DVD
Reindeer Games - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: John Frankenheimer
Ben Affleck
Gary Sinise
Charlize Theron

DVD title: Samurai X - Trust (Rurouni Kenshin)
Productgroup: DVD
Samurai X - Trust (Rurouni Kenshin) - movie DVD cover picture
Brilliant and haunting

Reminiscent of the lavish samurai epics of the late 50's/early 60's, almost every frame of this anime could stand alone as a work of art. Fans of Japanese cinema will find plenty of visual references to works like "Kwaidan" and "Sword Of Doom". The violence is sporadic but graphic. Unless you've some familiarity with Japanese history, the plot takes more than one viewing. It's a dark tale of fate and retribution and star-crossed lovers, taking place in one of Japan's most turbulent periods, and one of the finest films -- animated or otherwise -- that I've seen come out of Japan.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Samurai X

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