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DVD title: In Dreams
Productgroup: DVD
In Dreams - movie DVD cover picture
Positively Brilliant!

This movie is a must see. It's absolutely thrilling. And is also beautiful. The plot is good, although somewhat confusing if you don't pay close attention. The actors are also excellent! Annette Bening is superb! Aidan Quinn and Robert Downey Jr. are equally good in this thrill ride of a film. If you want to see a great movie, take my advice and watch this one!

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Neil Jordan
Annette Bening
Robert Downey Jr.

DVD title: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood
Productgroup: DVD
Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood - movie DVD cover picture

I laughed, I cried, I was moved. The characters in DBAM were profound and deep. Ashtre, the young black man desperately trying to make his life better, and rise up from the harsh realities of the hood. His youthful father doesn't help Tre, who is more immature than his son. A good example of his immaturity is when Dad asks Tre to read him an adult bedtime story while he pleasures himself. Cousin Loc Dogg, whose wild and law breaking ways are harmful to Tre, but is a loyal friend. Preach, the confused black activist with an affinity towards white girls from the trailer park is part of Tre's mini "posse". Crazy Legs, bound to a wheelchair, represents a person who is physically challenged, yet never gives up his dreams of becoming a dancer. Quite inspirational. Dashiki, the golddigging girlfriend of Tre, with her 10+ kids from different fathers, wants to move Tre out of the hood-a good thing, no doubt.....but at her own expense of having a man to depend on. Is Tre ready for such responsibility? The character "Toothpick" teaches children it is wrong to break the law, and Toothpick represents what you will become if you are a law breaker-a positive message, no doubt.
Despite the seriousness of my description, there are some humorous parts of the movie, a good amount poking parody-type fun at other "hood" flicks, i.e. Menace II Soceity (the cheeseburger carrying vagrant is hilarious). How can I forget the cannibus smoking, church going Grandma, who adds some levity to this drama. The Korean grocery store scene represents a real life struggle between the two races, but, taken with a grain of salt, one should find humor in the constant monitoring of Tre and Loc Dogg by the shopkeepers.
I highly recommend this movie for anyone interested in learning about black culture in America, as well as having a good laugh. This movie balances well between the serious side of life in the "hood", as well as throwing in a few proverbial bones for laughter. Please please please rent this DVD or VHS.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Paris Barclay
Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Keenen Ivory Wayans

DVD title: Eko Eko Azarak - Wizard of Darkness
Productgroup: DVD
Eko Eko Azarak - Wizard of Darkness - movie DVD cover picture

to say i've waited a while to see this film with english subs is an understatement! i first saw EKO EKO AZARAK over 5 years ago on the japanese laserdisk release, loved it so much that i then tracked down the prequel "Birth of the Wizard"... and was then left speculating as to the actual plot (as my grasp of japanese is very limited!).basically, these films are what "Buffy the vampire slayer" trys to emmulate, and lets face it - the japanese have been using the theme of a chosen one, a slayer, usually a female virgin, for probably centuries!a great cast, (especially the gorgeous Kimika Yoshino), great SFX, and some very, very cool set pieces make this a film that any fan of the genre shouldn't miss.and if you've seen the 3rd film (which has been available for a few years), don't be put off - the first two make the third look very poor... i'm pre-ordering mine now!

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc
Director: Shimako Sato

DVD title: Jeepers Creepers
Productgroup: DVD
Jeepers Creepers - movie DVD cover picture
The best horror movie.

The movie Jeepers Creepers is a slick and scary horror movie. From the duel inspired begining to it's horrifing end, this movie delivers. The thing most people might not now is that the director was convicted of child rape. That does not stop this film from being great. Good performences and great use of music makes this a bonna fide good time!

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Victor Salva
Gina Philips
Justin Long

DVD title: B. Monkey
Productgroup: DVD
B. Monkey - movie DVD cover picture
Metamorphisis of a bad girl

B. Monkey - the story of a bad girl turned good after she meets the love of her life: a quiet unasssuming school teacher played by Jared Harris. B., who turns into Beatrice (played by Asia Argento) captures the essence of the bad, leather clad, cigarette smoking, hip outlaw, but does it with incredible class. But what else could you expect from Asia Argento? She presents a character you almost hate to love, but hey, you do it anyway. Also watch for convincing performances by Jared Harris and Rupert Everett.EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS!

Studio: Miramax
Director: Michael Radford
Asia Argento
Jared Harris
Rupert Everett

DVD title: Kathy Griffin - Allegedly
Productgroup: DVD
Kathy Griffin - Allegedly - movie DVD cover picture
KG should have more performances available on DVD

Kathy Griffin leaves you wanting more!! Wish her Bravo specials were on DVD as well. Kathy Griffin tells it like it is! HILARIOUS!!!!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: Keith Truesdell

DVD title: The Shawshank Redemption
Productgroup: DVD
The Shawshank Redemption - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome movie

Had "The Shawshank Redemption' received any type of marketing push upon it's theatrical release it surely would have been one of the huge hits of the previous decade. As it stands however the movie, through the home video market, has found an ever expanding audience that appreciates it's stunning power and beauty. People now use the word 'classic' when referring to "The Shawshank Redemption". This is not an overstatement. Great acting, directing, writing, cinematography and storytelling add up to an all-time great movie. Enjoy!

Studio: Castle Rock
Director: Frank Darabont
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman

DVD title: Hamburger Hill
Productgroup: DVD
Hamburger Hill - movie DVD cover picture

Unlike Oliver Stone's Vietman epics Platoon and Born On The Fourth Of July, Hamburger Hill does not strive to do anything other than tell a story about an especially brutal battle in Vietnam with honesty and accuracy. The film succeeds, and does so far better than any other Vietnam film to date.
Complaints that the film and its characters lack emotional power utterly miss the point, which is to portray how men handle the near-unbearable stresses of war. And the complaint is just plain wrong in itself; we see great emotional power in a number of scenes. One of my favorites comes when Sgt. Franz (Dylan McDermott) lectures his platoon before they're choppered off to the A Shau Valley and Hill 937 - the titular Hamburger Hill. The FNGs of the platoon show a surliness and uncooperative attitude that will get them killed, as Franz pointedly reminds them; "I'm gonna save your life, you're gonna save mine!"
Hamburger Hill is one of the most famous battles of Vietnam because of an exceptionally slanderous and irresponsible speech during the battle by Senator Ted Kennedy. The film touches on this speech in a brilliant scene when a pushy civilian TV journalist tries to lecture Franz' men about the futility of the whole effort. Franz explodes at the man, cutting him off when he tries to continue his gratuitously patronizing lecture; Franz says, "I've got more respect for (the enemy) on the hill. They take a side; you just take pictures."
The battle scenes are often immortal. There is a Communist mortar siege of a bridge before the 101st choppers into A Shau; the enemy's mortars blast the area, then are finally silenced by US artillery. There is combat for a low-lying bunker at the base of Hill 937; bombing by F-4 Phantoms of the enemy-held treelines; a horrifying scene when a 101st chopper strafes the area, and grunts on the ground get caught in the fire.
The grunts from time to time wonder why they're attacking this particular hill - best touched on in a hilarious scene when the platoon medic asks what Blackjack (the callsign for the batallion leader) intends to do with the hill. "Pave it and turn it into a (godforsaken) parking lot," Franz retorts. Ironically, the sheer fury of enemy resistance answers the question; if the hill was worthless, why was the enemy so determined to hold it?
There are a number of cutting comments by grunts on the ground about Blackjack, who is never seen other than safely overhead in a helicopter, and who is only heard making disparaging comments like, "One-six, you're falling behind," or "You're getting paid to fight a war, not discuss it." These scenes are superb, but they make up the film's lone flaw; the real life batallion commander in charge of the Hill 937 battle was wounded three times during the lengthy siege.
To see a brutally realistic portrayal of the Vietnam war, or any ground war for that matter, then this is the film.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: John Irvin
Anthony Barrile
Michael Boatman
Don Cheadle

DVD title: Survivor - Season One - The Greatest and Most Outrageous Moments
Productgroup: DVD
Survivor - Season One - The Greatest and Most Outrageous Moments - movie DVD cover picture
this dvd is awesome

this dvd was awesome containing a map of the island, all tribal councils, last words, audition tapes, interviews, and much more. i think its stupid people saying that it needed to have all 13 episodes if mark brunnet did that he would have to have about 7-8 vhs to put them all on and the price for the tapes would probally be in the [high] range which then nobody would want to buy it. it would take about 3 dvds and then you wouldnt get all the extras as in this dvd or vhs. i was extremely pleased with this dvd and recomend it to any survivor fan(like me).the only person i would not reccomend this for is somebody that hasnt seen survivor 1 at all because you wont get the same effect and youll still think its stupid. im watching survivor 2 and i hope they come out with another dvd or vhs for it so i can buy it because these tapes and cds are amazing!!!!:-)

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Jeff Probst

DVD title: Coral Reef Adventure (Large Format) (2-Disc WMVHD Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Coral Reef Adventure (Large Format) (2-Disc WMVHD Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The best HD content yet!

If you own a high end HTPC (home theater personal computer), and a HD capable display, you owe it to yourself to buy this movie. Simply put, the Microsoft WMV transfer in high definition (both 720p and 1080p) is the best image I have ever seen on our home theater's very expensive projection system($30k JVC Lcos system).
There are some downsides....
1) Requires a very beefy computer. 3.0 Ghz is recommended by Microsoft, although some are getting away with lower powered machines by using the lower-quality 720p verion
2) Proprietary audio codec requires you to have the computer decode the audio, and send it to your amplifier via analog cables. There is no DTS or DD track on the HD version.
3) DRM - You have a choice of one video player, Windows Media 9. The movie has digial rights management on it, which can only be viewed by a Microsoft player. While this implementation is much better than the T2 high definition release (which required you to have an internet connection to get authorization), it's still a bit limiting.
Despite the problems, This is right up there with the best film based HDTV content I have viewed from HDnet or HD HBO.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Greg MacGillivray

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