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DVD title: Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Pluto, Volume One
Productgroup: DVD
Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Pluto, Volume One - movie DVD cover picture
Pluto DVD

I bought the tin when it came out. I haven't watched all of the cartoons in its entirety but am happy that I have it because it is essential for collecting purposes. I'm not referring to the fact that the dvd might increase in monetary value. I wanted to explain that it is essential because they are classic Disney cartoons and who knows when they'll sell out and never see the light of day again on the dvd shelves.

You never know when you will want to watch a Pluto cartoon. When that random time comes, I'm happy to know that I have it in my collection.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

DVD title: Shania Twain - Up (Live in Chicago)
Productgroup: DVD
Shania Twain - Up (Live in Chicago) - movie DVD cover picture
great dvd

this is a great dvd for all shania fans.i have all of shanias albums and all the dvds she has out now and this one is great.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Shania Twain

DVD title: The Shrimp on the Barbie
Productgroup: DVD
The Shrimp on the Barbie - movie DVD cover picture
Feel good movie

Whenever I saw The Shrimp on the Barbie listed in the cable guide, I wasn't interested. Then when i saw it in the summer of '98, it wasn't too bad at all. Cheech gives a great performance as daydreaming waiter Carlos. He falls back on all of his past personalities to make the character go. Emma Samms is also good as the rich uptight heiress whose excuse for everything is "you wouldn't understand". The only other notable actor in the film is Bruce Spence from the Mad Max movies. The Australian and New Zealand scenery is nice. Another treat that comes with the film is to hear Cheech's zany rendition of Land of 1,000 Dances. One other character that is funny is Maggie, who has a fixation for horses and anything Mexican. She almost steals the scenes she is in with her performances. Still, you know something went when Alan Smithee is created as director rather than Michael Gottlieb himself. You can tell as some minor goofs show up in the film. Still, a fun movie to watch.

Studio: Good Times Home Vide
Cheech Marin
Emma Samms

DVD title: Rush Hour (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Rush Hour (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Best of any other Jackie Chan movie while the most recent!

In this movie, Chris Tucker must have been badly embarrassed. Jackie Chan always saves his tail. Anyone who watches this movie will probably laugh like crazy until he or she cries! Jackie Chan had really done it this time!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Brett Ratner
Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker

DVD title: Road House
Productgroup: DVD
Road House - movie DVD cover picture
a thinking man's action film

this is one of Partick Swayze's top 5 movies that i have seen. i like the acion and attiude in the movie where Swayze tries to impose his superiority by saying"IT'S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". Even Kelly Lynch has done a great job.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Rowdy Herrington
Patrick Swayze
Kelly Lynch

DVD title: The Rugrats Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Rugrats Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Moms and Dads Love it too

This movie was great and the DVD made it even better. Love it at the theater and it is a must have for the home. Love that Catdog too!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh

DVD title: Cheaper by the Dozen
Productgroup: DVD
Cheaper by the Dozen - movie DVD cover picture
Steve Martin Is Allways Fun To Watch!

I had a lot of fun watching this movie. But then again, I knew I would. Steve Martin is always GREAT!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Shawn Levy
Steve Martin
Bonnie Hunt
Hilary Duff

DVD title: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Productgroup: DVD
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - movie DVD cover picture
O Brother, What a GREAT Film!

So refreshing to see this film when I did....when inane movies like Pearl Harbor clogged the multiplexes I caught this gem at a low budget art house. True, I have recently been introduced to the genius that is the Coens and have been going ape for every thing they have done, but I think this film exceptional and would recommend it to Coen fans and non Coen fans alike. A good comic performance from the usualy flacid Clooney, usual brilliance from Turturro, and the best of the three, Tim Blake Nelson tie this Homer-based epic together. The synthesis of the writing, directing, and acting was complete and that is at the very heart of good theatre/film- the point when you can't tell who is responsible for the brilliance you are watching. The Coens have outdone themselves with this hugely comic and ultimately moving romp that leaves nothing left untied, and no plots left unwrapped and explained. Nothing in this film is there without meaning and purpose. A hillarious supporting performance from John Goodman is only one of the many laurels this film holds in it's ever so eccentric boughs. Immediately arriving on my top ten films list, besides being brilliant, this film inadvertantly contains on of my favorite sequences in film- a thrilling mix of the KKK, the wizard of oz, and a busby-berkley parody. The Coens have yet to do a commentary track (that being my favorite DVD aspect) but the producers of this DVD have covered it with other goodies- two featurettes and a couple of smaller behind the scenes type deals. I shouldn't say that the film is brilliant. I should just say that I love it, and that I would highly recommend the film (and the purchasing of the DVD) to anyone who loves great art.

Studio: Touchstone Video
George Clooney
John Turturro
Tim Blake Nelson

DVD title: The Rainmaker
Productgroup: DVD
The Rainmaker - movie DVD cover picture

The Rainmaker is an honest, straightfoward, and sensitive film about a young lawyer in Memphis who happens to become involved in a David & Goliathesque lawsuit against the insurance company Great Benefit. The plot is predictable. It is the acting that makes this such a great film. Matt Damon and Claire Danes present their characters in a convincing and sincere manner, as do DeVito and Glover. This is perhaps one of the few films I have seen in which there isn't some actor who drags like lead. An excellent movie overall, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Matt Damon
Danny DeVito

DVD title: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Productgroup: DVD
2001: A Space Odyssey - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie. Pretty good DVD

This movie was made way back in 1968 and it still blows the doors off of some of the stuff made today. This space opera is teeming with ambience, imagery, intelligence and style. This film is more a work of art than a motion picture.

To start off with the special effects were way ahead of its time. No sci-fi made back then could hold a candle to 2001. I still have a hard time believing this was made in the 60's. The use of classical music on the soundtrack only enhances the style. There isn't a lot of dialog, which is great. It gives you time to really soak the imagery in. What few dialog there was only added to the realism. No dry one liners or lame speeches here.

The only bad thing I can say about 2001 is it's just too freaking long. That attention to ambience and detail can be a two edged sword. Kubrick spends a lot of time on each scene. I feel a fair amount of scenes take too much time. I think you can probably edit out a good 30 minutes of the flick and you won't miss a thing. I understand what Kubrick was doing making all the scenes that long. It kind of puts you there in real time, but I think it's excessive. Also the ending kinda goes into left field. The entire movie was very scientific and then goes metaphysical at the climax. Some viewers might find the ending a bit confusing. Don't watch it late at night otherwise you might find yourself getting really tired ? into the movie.

The DVD looks pretty good in my opinion. Then again I never seen the laser disk version so I have no frame of reference on how much better it can be. Still it looks sharp. There is an interesting bonus: a press conference with Arthur C. Clarke. While it's not all that exciting if you see it as a somewhat historical event you get to appreciate this extra. Would have been nice to get a audio commentary by Kubrick.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Keir Dullea
Gary Lockwood

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