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DVD title: The Fifth Element
Productgroup: DVD
The Fifth Element - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect, Utterly Perfect

I watched this movie with my friends when we went out for a ghetto prom (we were juniors and were jealous of the seniors going to prom so we got dressed up in gowns and suits and went to a nice dinner and movie). I love Bruce Willis and the previews looked cool. Then... then... Tricky. Tricky is in this movie and he is my total favorite recording artist. I started screaming Tricky in the middle of the movie. That is why I bought this tape and the movie was ok. I liked the Taxi scene. I also like Gary Oldman. He's da man!.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman
Milla Jovovich

DVD title: Stephen King's It
Productgroup: DVD
Stephen King's It - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is the scariest Stephen King I have seen. Me and my brother saw this movie at a young age,a few years later I watched IT and it was still scary. I highly recomend this movie.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Annette O'Toole
Tim Reid
Richard Thomas

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Worth every penny

Even if you already have "Two Towers" on DVD, do yourself a favor and find someone who has the platinum series to borrow. All the extras are always an added bonus, but it's the 43 extra minutes of originally cut scenes/footage that you won't want to miss- scenes that could easily be omitted without skipping a beat, but add so much more to your understanding of the characters and their relationships with one another. (e.g.- right after Faramir captures Sam and Frodo, he has a flashback to the last time he saw his brother Boromir (the lovely Sean Bean). This gives us added insight to just how close they were despite the obvious sibling rivalry that was in place. Also, we see Denethor dispatch Boromir to Rivendale to meet with Elrond, suspecting that Elrond knows the whereabouts of the ring. Although, my only complaint there is Denethor's hair is whiter pre-Boromir's death than afterwards in ROTK. What- do they have Greecian Formula in Gondor??) More background information is given on Eowyn and the loss of her parents, and the fact that Aragorn is actually 87 years old. Hmmm- not something you would have picked up on or understood in the orginal theatrical release (unless you've read the novels, of course). Loads of interviews with cast and crew, composer Howard Shore, the building of Middle Earth, etc. Worth every penny, even if you already own the orginal release.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Elijah Wood
Ian McKellen
Viggo Mortensen

DVD title: Sparks - Lil' Beethoven / Live in Stockholm
Productgroup: DVD
Sparks - Lil' Beethoven / Live in Stockholm - movie DVD cover picture
Another Brilliant, Genre-defying Triumph

Ron, the master of underdog lyrical heroes, and Russell, the eternal teen idol, transcend rock-n-roll with this masterpiece of art meets pop music. Count on the Mael brothers to defy traditional concert videos with their unconventional visuals and defiant staging. Sure, it would have been logical to perform their most recent CD, Lil' Beethoven, with a full orchestra, but where's the rebellion in that? Instead, the two critical darlings (along with drummer/babe Tammy Glover and guitarist Dean Menta) take their fans on an adventure that stretches from post-modern alienation ("Your Call is Very Important to Us") and emotional longing ("My Baby's Taking Me Home") to the futility of contemporary life ("Rid'em Cowboy") and adolescent posers ("Suburban Homeboy").

Studio: Kultur

DVD title: Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever!
Productgroup: DVD
Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever! - movie DVD cover picture
If you want your toddllers to retain what you've tought them

If you want your toddler to retain what you've taught them this is a geart reinforcer along with being a learning tool. I love it. It is very easy for youngsters to forget, and this tape is a fun way of keeping the numbers, abc's, and shapes interesting, and it's easy to remember the fun songs. I have 4 of Richard's vedios and plan to get tape #5. My 2yr old is incrediablel bright I teach him through reading to him and use the tapes as a reinforcer and they keep him form watching all the monsters and volience in all the other so called childern's TV programs.

Studio: Sony Wonder
Director: Tony Eastman

DVD title: Lolita
Productgroup: DVD
Lolita - movie DVD cover picture

Perhaps the first "real" Stanley Kubrick film, "Lolita" shines as a masterpiece. The subject matter is difficult and unpleasant: a middle-aged Humbert Humbert (James Mason) becomes..obsessed with the provocative nymphet Lolita Haze (Sue Lyon). Even Sir Laurence Olivier turned down the role of pedophile Humbert, but eventually James Mason took on the role. It is a difficult one, but James Mason gives the performance of his career in this film.
Humbert Humbert comes to America to "find a haven" for himself. He is dapper, well-mannered, and polite. He finds lodgings living with the widowed Charlotte Haze, a pathetic.. woman brilliantly played by Shelley Winters. The reason the Humbert decides to stay is because of Charlotte's beautiful fourteen year old daughter Lolita. Humbert becomes obsessed with her, and damns himself when he marries the awful Charlotte to be near her. In a brilliantly played scene, Charlotte discovers Humbert's ..obsession with her daughter and kills herself.
Now Humbert is free to indulge in his passion for the nymphet Lolita. Sue Lyon as Lolita Haze gives a performance that was worthy of an Academy Award. New to acting, Lyon's Lolita is so raw, so real, so utterly convincing that we are compelled to see more. Humbert and Lolita go on a road odyssey together, occaisionally settling down, but moving when people become too suspicious of their relationship. In one scene, Lolita cries out against Humbert, cries out of the unfairness of her life and what he has done to her. Soon afterwards Lolita disappears.
Years later Humbert finds her again. She is married to a man her own age and is pregnant with his child. Lolita has the brains to realize that she had to get out of a situation that would destroy her. Humbert stands before her exposed, and we realize that he knows how sick his obsessions are. He breaks down before the "normal" Lolita, and leaves.
That brings us to the fourth great performance of "Lolita," Peter Sellers as the quirky writer Clare Qwilty. Sellers is amusing and gripping in the role of a man who is Humbert's shadow in more ways than one. Because of the censors, Stanley Kubrick had to make the ..elements of the story merely suggestive. This heightens the feelings of the film. Such as when Lolita says that Humbert doesn't love her anymore because he "hasn't kissed her yet," the camera fades to black. We are left to imagine what happens next. These combine to make "Lolita" a fascinating psychological character study in the lives of three desperate human beings and the girl who unknowingly destroys them all.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
James Mason
Shelley Winters
Sue Lyon

DVD title: Always
Productgroup: DVD
Always - movie DVD cover picture
I thought this was Spielburg's finest flick...

The acting was wonderful. A solid cast with Dreyfuss, Hunter and Goodman. The messages were potent. If you're one of those deep thinkers, you'll like those little quiet "meanings of life" messages that are interwoven throughout the movie.
Hep, the angel says to Dreyfuss, (paraphrasing) Einstein knew time was a funny thing, but he didn't know HOW funny it was.
Surely, this is a reference to Mr. E's famous quote, "To those of us who are committed physicists, the past, present and future are only illusion, however persistent."
"Always" is a movie about perfect, unconditional love. According to Angel Hep, the only pain we carry with us to heaven, are the memories of the love we could have given away on earth, and didn't.
There are many layers to this movie. It's quite something.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Richard Dreyfuss
Holly Hunter

DVD title: Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Minority Report (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Minority Report - A great Sci-Fi flick!

This is a movie that I was unfortunately unable to see at the theaters and regretted it then and even more so now, seeing how great a movie it is. You can normally expect a Steven Spielberg film to contain; stunning imagery, intense suspense and an overly enthralling film, which he delivers perfectly in this film. Minority Report is an absolutely riveting film that will have you going from the moment the film starts to the very last second. Tom Cruise's more recent films really haven't really lived up to expectations, not so in this film. He seems to be completely in his stride with this role. He performs brilliantly in this film. Nods to Max Von Sydow as well. If you're into action/mystery films with a good dose of Science Fiction tossed in for good measure, this is your film. Minority Report is a must for your DVD collection!
The premise:
It is the year 2054 and the film takes place in Washington D. C. For the past several years, murder is all but a thing of the past. With the advent of the Pre Crime division, where three pre-cogs, see a murder before it happens. Tom Cruise plays the chief of the Pre Crimes division, leading the troops in the apprehension of these criminals who haven't, yet are about to commit murder. His character is plagued by the murder of his son, six years prior and is suffering the emotional damage from that murder. The pre-cogs, foretell a murder and as Tom Cruise is working his amazing futuristic computer to discover who the murderer is, he finds that it is he who is the murderer. And so goes the film as he makes his way out of the Pre Crime building and starts on his quest to figure out who has set him up.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Max von Sydow

DVD title: The Cell (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Cell (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
It actually does have a plot

besides being visually stunning this movie has a very "good" plot. It is a thriller. It is a race against the clock. It is test to see if Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn can find out how they can find out where the victem is hidden. It truly is great. Now look at it this way. You actually have good acting except from a few of the minor characters, it gets your blood pumping, and it pulls you in. Now if you don't like a good plot, so be it. If you don't like a beautiful film, so be it. This is art at its fullest. This is a movie at its fullest. 4 stars for plot, 5 stars for visual, 5 stars for sound and 4 stars for acting. 4.5 is what it gets.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Tarsem Singh
Jennifer Lopez
Vince Vaughn
Vincent D'Onofrio

DVD title: Gattaca
Productgroup: DVD
Gattaca - movie DVD cover picture
Perseverance and Patience

This story illustrates that true success can be achieved through perseverance and patience, and not necessarily due to inborn traits.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Andrew Niccol
Ethan Hawke
Uma Thurman
Jude Law

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