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DVD title: To Live
Productgroup: DVD
To Live - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect Black Humor? a must-see movie

This is absolutely my all-time favorite movie! "To Live" takes a different approach to narrate the confusing periods in Chinese history in the 20th century, to tell a store of life, and a history of a nation. Don't get me wrong! It's not a heavy movie like other portrayal movies of Chinese History such as "Farewell My Concubine", "Blue Kite" or "the Last Emperor" (they're good movies as well, but no comparison to "To Live"); quite the contrary, "To Live" is humorous, delightful, positive, and encouraging. It's not only a good comedy that makes you laugh, but also makes you laugh with tears in your eyes, sad and sore in your heart.
The main story line is how am ordinary family of Fu Gui (Ge You) and Jia Zhen (Gong Li) went through their lives in various movements, wars and revolutions in China. A careless gambler, Fu Gui, lost everything he had - money, property and family - only left with a set of puppets. It's the same set of puppets that went through all the ups and downs with Fu Gui, his family and friends. Through all the tragic and comic moments and events, through all the bitter-sweetness and irony, the characters were in such a positive spirit that they could make jokes of anything in life, but only through the body languages and their eyes, you could see the heartache.
There is an old Chinese proverb that states, "the old man lost his horse, but it turned out to be his good luck". The entire movie is based on this theory: whether you gain or lose, promote or demote, you would never know if it were good for you at the end. Life is a series of comedic dramas; if you don't face it with a positive attitude and joke back, even during the hardest struggle, you would not be able to survive.
This movie is a masterpiece if you want to find out the meaning of Life, and how meaningful it is "to live"!

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Yimou Zhang
You Ge
Li Gong
Ben Niu

DVD title: The Pirate Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Pirate Movie - movie DVD cover picture
I loved this movie as a kid I wish I could find it easier.

This movie makes me laugh. This movie made me a hudge fan of Christy McNichols.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: Ken Annakin
Kristy McNichol
Christopher Atkins
Ted Hamilton

DVD title: The Majestic
Productgroup: DVD
The Majestic - movie DVD cover picture
Phenomenal...Reminds me of Jimmy Stewart

Most of us aren't used to seeing Jim Carrey in a serious role, but he did an admirable job as a man accused by the government of being a communist. He becomes involved in a car wreck and upon waking (far away from the crash site) has no idea of who he is. He is then mistaken for a popular town-boy lost in WWII. Confusion, mayhem, tragidy, and love are all presented in his new life. Great supporting cast, especially Martin Landau who is great in just about every movie he does.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Jim Carrey
Martin Landau

DVD title: Joan of Arcadia - The First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Joan of Arcadia - The First Season - movie DVD cover picture
joan of arcadia

this series is fresh and gives a refreshing look at a topic of great discussion and is a show that took the risk of being blastphamous and created a touching and very inspiring show,without coming across preachy and offending to people of different faiths.the first year of the series deals with change,moving from a big city to a smaller one,losing faith in god as the eldest son is paralyzed in a car accident,and trying to adjust to a handicapped world.joan of arcadia has away with messages intertwining them so that you see that in reaching just one person in a positive non preaching way a message of love,hope and faith reaches many in even the most insignifigant ways..I love the way god is potrayed here,and believe that the first season was wonderful.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Amber Tamblyn

DVD title: U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle (Limited Edition Packaging)
Productgroup: DVD
U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle (Limited Edition Packaging) - movie DVD cover picture
A truly Unique Occasion captured forever

So many events conspired to make this show truly unique. Slane Castle has been host to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Guns n' Roses, Thin Lizzy, Queen, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers (this year, and whose Slane DVD is due 1 week after this one) but was never headlined by U2 until 2001.
2 other events that make this show equally jubilant and emotional is fact the Bono was in mourning over the death of his father. The funeral was the eve of the first Slane show the week before. However, the truly magnificent event that had the crowd on a high all day was the World cup qualifier held that afternoon in Dublin. The 2nd half of the match was screened to the Slane audience.
These 2 events are so apparent during a lot of the banter with the crowd. 'Kite' is dedicated to his father Bob Hewson, Bono changes the words of beautiful day to 'beautiful goal' in reference to Jason Mc Ateer's wonder goal. (He did dedicate 'One' to Jason Mc Ateer, but this was edited out for one reason or another, most obvious one being the scope of Mc Ateer's fame, the other may have been an attempt to ease the suffering of Dutch U2 fans).
Other highlights include, Sunday Bloody Sunday, in which Bono recalls the names of the victims of the 1998 Omagh bombing. This is quite powerful as it helps to humanise the victims instead of making them statistics of a bloody outrage. The Boyne river, scene of the famous divisive 1690 battle in the background makes the message even more potent and relevant. Bullet the blue sky is brilliant. The introduction by Sinead O Connor is inspired. However they did leave out the Charlton Heston footage at the end of the song.
The only cringe-worthy shot is Bono's Ireland flag waving moment, however considering the days events, he does go out of his way to explain its 'just once, just once for Jason Mc Ateer' and not some jingoistic retarded nationalistic gesture. 'Mysterious ways' was taken from the main track selection and placed on the DVD as a bonus track. No idea why, but its a great tune made all the better by Bono's daughter accompanying him on stage. Likewise he dedicates 'All I want is you' to his wife Ali. Bono also summons up their early days with a rendition of their first single 'Out of control'. During which he recounts the story of raising the 2000 pounds necessary to fund the band and how the band decided to stay and live in Dublin with 'the tribe'.
This is a truly unique, excellent and uplifting DVD that all U2 fans will enjoy and which U2 themselves will find difficult to replicate again.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: This Is Spinal Tap - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
This Is Spinal Tap - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Funny! Funny! Funny!

This movie is really funny. A lot of folks think that you must be into Heavy Metal... to enjoy this film. They are sadly mistaken this movie is great. I have had many folks who are into Opera and Country music see this movie and they love it. One of the funniest movies of all time! The DVD is loaded with extras and holds it’s own against the now famous Criterion version. The video and audio transfer were well done considering the age of this movie.

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner
Michael McKean
Christopher Guest

DVD title: Jesus of Montreal (French language only) (Import)
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus of Montreal (French language only) (Import) - movie DVD cover picture
A very moving, wise and funny film!

I've loved this movie since it came out...for years I was the only one at my local Blockbuster to rent it, and now I finally own my own copy! I am thrilled! Just a note though: it is not "dubbed in French" as the specifics say; it's IN French and subtitled in English, just like in the theaters. Don't avoid this movie because you think it will be preachy; it isn't. If anything, it shows some of the foibles of Christianity. The actors are all wonderful, especially Lothaire Bluteau (quite incidentally, he's also a babe!) As should be obvious by now, I really really like this movie and urge you to buy it.

Studio: Msi Music Corp
Director: Denys Arcand
Lothaire Bluteau

DVD title: Uptown Girls
Productgroup: DVD
Uptown Girls - movie DVD cover picture
Steal your heart movie...!

I had never seen this movie until yesterday, and its been out on DVD for along time. I really did enjoy this movie alot. The characters in Uptown Girls really tell you the truth about the title of the movie, they are two 'Uptown' rich little girls who were brought together to learn from each other and realize that Molly (Brittany Murphy) and Ray (Dakota Fanning) have gone through the same thing about the same time. Only Molly didn't have anyone at that age and but Ray does now, with Molly. It's a heart warming film that I truely enjoyed to the bone.
A little note for those who enjoy watching it over and over for little things to complain about, if you notice throughout the entire movie, Brittany Murphy in every shot is wearing a dress or skirt. Never pants or anything else, the only scene she is, is when she's with Duey watching the "Sheets of Egyptian Cotton" music video. She's in shorts and stretch pants. But then if you notice, she's wearing the same stretch pants underneith her dress in the next scene when she does to Rays house.
As the producer Boaz said this movie was mean't to be unrealistic and for those who haven't seen the sneak preview to the interview with the cast about that, I hope you realize that this movie was about being enchanted and fantasized in New York and that if you want to go somewhere to find yourself or your dream, that New York is the place to go. I think though that this movie is a mix of both realism and not, there are people who have problems dealing with death and some more than others try to do the opposite of what Molly does and thats heading downwards. Whereas with her, she's always trying to stay as positive about everything and taking things in stride. I pride myself in things about that and hope that most will see this amazing movie. "Time" (Chantel Kreviazuk) music video is my all time fave... love and admire the song, couldn't stop listening to it.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Boaz Yakin
Brittany Murphy
Dakota Fanning
Jesse Spencer
Heather Locklear

DVD title: Suspiria
Productgroup: DVD
Suspiria - movie DVD cover picture
Argento is brilliant!

SUSPIRIA is nothing short of austounding. A tour de force of rich colors, strange music, and mind-numbing suspense. One of the few horror films that gets to me. The sound is good and the transfer complements greatly on the cinemtography. The music video is awesome and trailers are good. However, I feel that they give away the film's key scenes. It's best to watch the movie without the trailer first. Watch it in the dark, but not alone!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Dario Argento
Jessica Harper
Stefania Casini

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete Fifth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete Fifth Season - movie DVD cover picture

I won't go over individual episodes since several people already have, but rest assured - seasons 4-7 were the show's peak. Season 4 firmly established a groove for the series, and season 5 keeps it going with outstanding episodes galore. "Rosebud" (where Burns wants his old teddy bear back) is arguably the best Simpsons episode ever, and it is in this set. Other outstanding episodes include "Burns' Heir" (Bart gets angry at his family and is adopted by Burns), "Bart Gets Famous" (the "I Didn't Do It" one), and "Deep Space Homer" (Homer joins NASA and goes into space).
If you are new to the DVD sets or (gasp) new to the series, and you can only pick up one season set....well...get season 4, as it is the pinnacle. But as soon as you're done watching that you're going to want more, and that's what season 5 provides.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
Dan Castellaneta

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