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DVD title: Nobody's Fool
Productgroup: DVD
Nobody's Fool - movie DVD cover picture
Paul Newman is a national treasure

This is a lovely, dense movie about a deceptively simple man and his deceptively simple life. Paul Newman makes it look so easy and makes everyone else include Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith and a slew of character actors look wonderful. The movie is never forced and the pace is perfect. I lived in one of the towns in which the movie was filmed and the director captures the town perfectly. The light is even right. Watch this movie. It's funny and sweet and warm and perceptive about people and family and relationships. And Jessica Tandy never looked more graceful in this her last film.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Robert Benton
Paul Newman
Jessica Tandy
Bruce Willis

DVD title: Monster in the Closet
Productgroup: DVD
Monster in the Closet - movie DVD cover picture
Very funny comedy. If you don?t expect horror.

This movie is often in the horror section in the video stores. Therefore, some people who expect a horror movie might get disappointed. I would call this a comedy and it is a really funny comedy that spoofs a number of horror movies, for instance, the shower scene in Psycho (1960). The actors are actually quite good and the characters are funny, like Diane, who always lists her arguments "A...B...C..." and Dr. Pennyworth who starts to talk about the frog he found when he was young all the time. And the angry General Turnbull. And some other stupid funny things like that everybody gets almost hypnotized every time Richard Clark takes off his glasses. Well, it's to funny to tell you have to see it yourself! I very much recommend this movie to everybody who likes funny comedies and especially to you who likes horror movies and comedies! Give it a chance!

Studio: Troma
Director: Bob Dahlin
Donald Grant
Denise DuBarry

DVD title: Seven Samurai - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Seven Samurai - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture

This movie gets better every time I see it. The first time I saw it I thought the fight scenes were slapstick and hilarious, not until I bought this DVD did I realize that Kurosawa was going for realism rather than typical Hollywood sensationalism. The commentary on this DVD is excellent and supplies a plethora of info on Kurosawa's life and career as well as on the impact this movie made for Japanese cinema. The picture quality is excellent, but not in the widescreen format as shown on AMC. The sound is as good as possible I suppose, considering the age of the movie, but I find listening to the commentary much more enjoyable. The subtitles are easily readable, an improvement over AMC's presentation.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Toshirô Mifune

DVD title: Seven
Productgroup: DVD
Seven - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie. Great DVD.

First and foremost the original release of this movie on DVD was awful. There were no extras anywhere to be found AND you had to flip the disc. It did not come on one side as is the standard for most movies now. This release pays for all of the previous mistakes by adding commentary by Pitt, Freeman, and Director Fincher. Those who like the extras, as I do, will easily enjoy the deleted scenes. Fincher also reveals an original ending done in storyboard fashion that would have greatly changed the way that the movie is perceived. That you are going to have to see for yourself.

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: David Fincher
Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

DVD title: Bubble Boy
Productgroup: DVD
Bubble Boy - movie DVD cover picture

The funniest movie of the year! Bubble Boy stars Jake Gyllenhaal (October Sky, Donnie Darko) and Marley Shelton (Valentine, Sugra and Spice) in a story about a young man, Jimmy Livingston who was born without any immunities forcing him to live in a bubble like surrounding. He feels he has everything when suddenly he falls in love with the girl next door named Chloe. Chloe and Jimmy become fast friends, when suddenly Chloe's boyfriend proposes, leaving Jimmy alone. Jimmy decides that he has to stop the wedding and confess his love to Chloe, so he builds a portable Bubble suit, and sets of to Niagra Falls. He meets rockstars, freaks, a cult, and much more on his way to Chloe.
This movie does not make fun of people with the disease at all, Jimmy is a hero. This movie is hillarious and will keep you laughing the whole time. The DVD is great except it should have more stuff on the adorable Jake Gyllenhaal, so buy it today! It's worth it! ;)...

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Blair Hayes (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal

DVD title: The Basketball Diaries
Productgroup: DVD
The Basketball Diaries - movie DVD cover picture
Basketball Diaries, Great Movie

This is the best DiCaprio movie I have ever seen. In fact, the only reason I was able to handle such cheesy and girly-type movies like Titanic, is because I had seen DiCaprio in this movie beforehand, and had deduced that he was already an amazing actor. The scenes in which he was detoxicating from the drugs are utterly amazing, in fact they are so real and life-like that they make you feel Jim Carroll's (DiCaprio) desperation. But the best scene is when he is crying through a chained door to his mother for some money. Wow. The only persons who would not find this movie sincere and life-like are persons who have never left their sheltered academic existences, which seems to be the case in most of the reviews I have thus far read about this movie. Someone asks: "Does anyone know what it is that Jim (Leo) finds in the drawer of his friend's place, after the friend rescues him from freezing in the snow?" Hello! The point is that we have to imagine that Carroll is telling the story to us...Therefore, we have to assume he didn't quite remember what he took, or that maybe it was not important enough for us to worry about...The point is that it was something small, and perhaps insignificant since in the end his friend is part of the audience which is listening to the reading of his diaries.

Studio: Ryko Distribution - Video
Director: Scott Kalvert
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lorraine Bracco

DVD title: Stone Reader (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Stone Reader (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
About Books, Not a Search

I'd heard about "Stone Reader" from an NPR interview with the director of this film, Mark Moskowitz, and the author of "The Stones of Summer," Dow Mossman, and was intrigued enough to rent it from the video store as soon as it was available.

The story's pretty simple: a guy, Moskowitz, finally gets around to reading a book that he's had for some time, "The Stones of Summer," finishes it, looks for any other works by the author, but can't find any because the author (Dow) hasn't published anything since. So, Moskowitz heads off to find Dow Mossman to find out more about the writer who wrote this epic book, then suddenly disappeared. It's a pretty simple formula, but upon watching the film, I saw that it really wasn't about looking for Dow Mossman, per se. It was just about how books change peoples' lives. It's not a film about Mossman, but about Moskowitz and others whose lives have been affected, one way or another, about some book that he or she had read at some point in his or her life.

Moskowitz hunts down graduates of the Iowa Writers' Workshop from the late 1960's, hoping to find out more about Mossman, but often comes up empty. However, he gets to talk to these same graduates about how they see writing and reading, so, most often, he comes away with something.

There is one throwaway scene in which Moskowitz travels to Florida to find the designer of the book cover from "The Stones of Summer," and could easily be edited from the film, as it adds nothing to the narrative of the film, but aside from that many of the scenes are quite engrossing.

Some reviewers have called Moskowitz as being something of a "jerk," and, yes, he does come off as a pushy jerk sometimes, but I don't think he means any harm; it's just his personality. To see his pushiness in the extreme, we are treated to seeing Moskowitz run around Dow Mossman's house, opening drawers and whatnot trying to find the original publishing contract of "The Stones of Summer" so the book can be reprinted. It's very uncomfortable to watch this, as I'm sure Mossman wasn't prepared for this kind of home invasion, but he does seem to take it all in good humor.

Flaws aside, I still fell in love with the movie, maybe because of the subject matter, maybe because of the personalities Moskowitz interviews like Bruce Dobler and John Seeley, or just maybe because I can remember reading books that made me view myself and the world in a different way and feeling the enthusiasm boiling up inside me. I'll be honest, it's a sentimental film, and I'm not usually one partial to sentimentality, but here, it works and seems appropriate.

I bought the two-disc edition (which is loaded with extra features, including a 30-minute piece about what happened after the movie was released and the book "The Stones of Summer" was republished and a great documentary about the rediscovery of the works of Henry Roth) and keep in it my my tiny library with my other books. I watch the movie whenever I feel a little bit down, and this film has the uncanny ability to lift my spirits again.

Director: Mark Moskowitz

DVD title: One Fine Day
Productgroup: DVD
One Fine Day - movie DVD cover picture
One Fine Movie and One Fine Soundtrack!

Usually Amazon has the movies and the soundtracks seperate but for some reason they have combined the reviews for the DVD and video for One Fine Day with the movie's music soundtrack which has several reviewers confused and assuming that reviewers mistakenly reviewed the wrong thing. In my opinion Amazon should keep the soundtrack and movie reviews seperate. The movie is good, a charming romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Michelle Pheiffer who both do a great job and Mae Whitman and Alex Linz who play his daughter and her son are great too and adorable. I remember first seeing Alex Linz in a series of McDonalds commercials and thinking that he was quite good for a child actor. I recommend the movie and also the soundtrack, the music is very good!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Michael Hoffman
Michelle Pfeiffer
George Clooney

DVD title: Virtuosity
Productgroup: DVD
Virtuosity - movie DVD cover picture
A great action movie for Russell Crowe fans

If you want to watch an amazing movie get this movie and watch it because you will never see anything like this ever again russel's performance is incredible and denzel performence is also incredble over all this movie is one helleva movie because they both play very complex characters and they do very good jobs you won't see the sadistic and actual enjoyment out of killing people that you see here anywhere else get this movie it is a keeper I personally like the sadistic demeanor and uncontrollable carnage in the movie have fun watching it.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Brett Leonard
Denzel Washington
Russell Crowe

DVD title: Hocus Pocus
Productgroup: DVD
Hocus Pocus - movie DVD cover picture
It's So Awesome

It's So Awesome. The Movie Starts With Someone Flying Across The Water. The Someone Flew Over The Rooftops. And There's a Small Farm. And A Young Boy Is Sleeping In His Bed. The Window Is Open. And The No-One Is Sleeping In The Other Bed. Then The Anmials Began To Act Strange. Then Someone Flew Passed The Open Window. The Young Boy Wakes Up. The Boy Found Out That His Sister Isn't There. The Boy Went Outside To Find Her. Then The Boy Asked The Farmhand If He Had Seen The Boy's Sister. The Farmhand Pointed To The Strange Light Floating Above The Trees. Then They Heard Someone Giggling. They Ran To The Edge Of The Farm. They Saw The Boy's Sister Fallowering Someone. The Boy Tells The Farmhand To Get Help. The Boy Ran To Rescue His Sister. Then The Boy Saw His Sister Fallowering Someone To A House. Then The Boy Saw His Sister Go Into The House. Then The Boy Looked Into The Window. And He Saw The Witch With Two Others. Then The Second Witch Moved To The Left, While The Third Witch Moved To The Back And The Witch That Lured The Boy's Sister To The House. Stayed To The Right. The Boy See's His Sister Sitting On A Chair. And The Boy's Sister Is Now Under A Spell. Then The Third Witch That's Behind The Chair Magicly Lifted Her Up. And She Sniffed Her Neck. And The Boy's Sister Eyes Went Wide. So If You Want To Know What Happens Next. Then You Would Have To Buy This Movie.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Kenny Ortega
Bette Midler
Sarah Jessica Parker
Kathy Najimy

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