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DVD title: Horatio Hornblower - The Adventure Continues
Productgroup: DVD
Horatio Hornblower - The Adventure Continues - movie DVD cover picture
Outstanding films of adventure!

Nothing like great naval adventures at sea featuring the English Navy of old! The Horatio Hornblower series are so well filmed! The acting is great, the stories are excellent and the photography is always perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed these movies featuring mutiny, battles, facinating characters and the rough life of being at sea for the English Navy. The series follows Ioan Gruffudd on his naval military career as Horatio Hornblower and each movie is an adventure all by itself! This set completes the series and is put together very well. I can't wait for more movies to come out!

Studio: A & E Entertainment
Director: Andrew Grieve

DVD title: Sade - Lovers Live
Productgroup: DVD
Sade - Lovers Live - movie DVD cover picture
A rare gem....

Anyone who loves that classic sound of Sade should also love this DVD. Never in-your-face and always smooth, Sade transports you to another world. Great but classic entertainment. These songs and performances will still be played long after Sade is gone. Sometimes I just turn on the CD player and listen to the live tunes when I'm cleaning up. Sade graces this DVD with behind-the-scenes footage of both her and her band mates, a few clips of India.Arie (her opening act) and special tributes from her fans (whom all seem to adore her), a video and pictures. Definitely well worth the money. A classic production. Believe me, you won't be disappointed with this one. - Donna.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: Bad Santa
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Santa - movie DVD cover picture
Use a little common sense, people!

A couple of the above reviewers stated that they were offended by this movie. Well, don't you people watch trailers or read reviews? One can tell that this is an "offensive movie" from the TV spots. If not, then perhaps the R rating should be a tipoff. For those of you who are not easily offended, hate the holidays, and love black comedy, leave the kiddies at home and go see this film today. One of the darkest, funniest movies in years!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Billy Bob Thornton
Lauren Graham
Bernie Mac
John Ritter

DVD title: Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland USA
Productgroup: DVD
Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland USA - movie DVD cover picture
DisneyLand, the way Walt wanted it to be

We just went on a trip to Disney World and I wanted my 4 year old son to see how it all started. This DVD set, while mostly in black and white, kept his and our interest because a lot of the original designs still exist today. The DVD is for Disney Land, but Disney World was built on the successes of Disney Land, so everything is similar. It was a lot of fun to see how the concepts became reality. On the second disc there are interviews with Walt Disney where he describes things that he would like to see. These things, including EPCOT became a reality after he had passed away, but his vision is what EPCOT was designed around. I highly recommend this DVD set, even though Elvis is not mentioned at all.

Studio: Disney Studios

DVD title: Night of the Living Dead (Special Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Night of the Living Dead (Special Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
the ORIGINAL zombie movie, and the BEST DVD version

Elite has done a FANTASTIC restoration of the zombie movie that started a genre, Night of the Living Dead. This is the only DVD version that has a THX-certified restortation, which is 1000% better than any of the other DVD versions out there. If you even remotely think about buying this movie on DVD, this Elite Entertainment THX version is a MUST!

Studio: Elite Entertainment
Director: George A. Romero
Duane Jones
Judith O'Dea

DVD title: Sex and the City - The Complete Fifth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - The Complete Fifth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Every season is better.

This four girls are simply fantastic and I can't really understand how can this year they're going to film the last season. I heard the reason is because Sarah Jessica Parker wants to have another baby and she wants to spend more time with her children. I'm happy for her but she could do both things as other artists do. HBO should make at least a Sex and the city movie.
The fifth season has a different direction because the girls had grown and they live different experiences like Miranda that now has a son, Charlotte is getting divorce from Tray, Samantha felt in love for the second time in the series and she forgives her parter after that she discovers that he had cheated on her and finnaly Carrie, Carrie now is alone and she gets the change to write a book about her column.The fifth season has only 8 episodes but they're are fuuny and intresting as always.

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: All Night Long Collection
Productgroup: DVD
All Night Long Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Definitely One of the Most Messed Up Movie Series Ever Made

Japanese people are just plain scary. I'm not being prejudiced, because I love the Japanese but they have created some of the most gut wrenching and mortifying movies ever made. Audition and the Guinea Pig series come to mind. But this puts those to shame (except maybe Devil's Experiment, and Flowers of Flesh and Blood) as one of the most unsettling films ever made.

All Night Long:
The story in this one is three guys are one day standing at a railroad crossing waiting for the bars to raise up, when a crazed man comes up to a girl. The man kills the girl right in front of the three guys. And then was about to murder one of them when another rams the guy with his motorcycle. The three decide to celebrate by having a "party" in which they are all to bring a girl over for some fun. One of the guys actually falls in love with the girl he was going to bring to the party, but is murdered by a group of young men that bully and harass people. The guy goes insane and gets the others to come with him to kill the group. When one tries to back out. He is threatened that when they are done with the group they'll come and kill him.
The movie is quite unsettling and quite graphic in its portrayl of rape and murder. It especially show rather effectively one of the character's descent into insanity.

All Night Long 2: Atrocity:
The best of the three on this collection in my opinion. The story focuses on a nerdy student named Shinichi during his summer vacation. Shinichi is a shy and quiet individual who's only solice in life comes from painting a model of a nude manga girl. One day A rich kid and his gang of thugs start picking on Shinichi. They beat him up and torch his model. Then one day Shinichi is visited by the leader of the thugs. Claiming that he wouldn't be harmed, Shinichi takes the invitation to go to the leaders home. There the leader shows Shinichi a girl that one of the thugs have kidnapped, and raped. the leader shows Shinichi how he is capable of being abusive, and cruel to people that are "trash." This movie is more F***ed up than the first ANL movie. Maybe it is because it looks like it was filmed with a personal camcorder, and was made on a relatively low budget. This movie was actually more upsetting than the most vile of the Guinea Pig movies. This one is definitely not for the weak of heart or stomach.

All Night Long 3: Final Atrocity:
First off I would like to say that the title is misleading, there are two more All Night Long movies that were made after this one. This one was actually sort of a letdown, especially after the great horror that was Atrocity. Although this one is a bit more offensive. It focuses on Kiku, a mentally handicapped guy who works in a love hotel. He is a normal person until one night he comes across some of a female neighbor's garbage. He takes it home and nails some of it to his walls. I'm talking everything even used tampons. He then starts becoming obsessed with this girl. Always stealing her garbage, leering at her at her work. He even gets pissed when a guy takes her to the love hotel he works at. He also meets up with an old man who has been doing the same thing Kiku has been doing, stealing people's garbage, but he's been doing it for years. Kitamura (the director) really shows off the message of the movie series, that message being, humans are garbage, in this movie.

In short this is one of the most f***ed up series of movies to ever have been released. If you are the type that is easily upset by this style of movie you should avoid it like the plague. It is deeply disturbing and makes you say WTF more than once after you have watched them. If your into Guinea Pig, Audition, or Ebola Syndrome you would like this collection. Just be prepared for a sickening experience. Also if you're thinking about buying these movies, buy the boxset. It only costs thirty dollars, for all three of them. That is more cost effective than buying all of three of them seperately for around ninety dollars.

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc

DVD title: Hamlet
Productgroup: DVD
Hamlet - movie DVD cover picture
Impressive, Surprisingly

Shakespeare's plays are just as relevant today as they were when they were first written and performed. Unfortunately most modern audiences never recognize that. They just think of Shakespeare as some cruddgy old author that they were forced to read in school who has no real value today. On the contrary. Shakespeare has never been more relevant and this latest film rendition illustrates how.
The modern setting of the film fits perfectly into the structure of the play. Overall the acting was excellent and the imagery resonates in the imagination long after the final credits have rolled.
Ethan Hawke is a wonderful actor and captures the brooding essence of Hamlet's tortured soul. Also, the interpretation of many of the scenes shedded new light unto the text for me (e.g. Ophelia contemplating suicide long before Hamlet's seemingly rejection of her love and the death of her father).
However, the movie does have a few flaws. Out of all the actors, Julia Stiles seemed to have the most difficulty with the language. The poetry did not flow from her lips naturally and seemed forced. Though, Hawke gave an excellent performance, we never really see the madness of the Prince. This is a crucial element of the story and is not displayed in the movie. Instead, in the instances when Hamlet is supposed to be in a state of madness (whether feigned or not does not matter) he appears to be a spoiled brat. The whole gun episode that climaxes the film, doesn't work that well; the poisoned blades should have been left and Claudius doesn't receive the same death as King Hamlet like he should (poison in the ear). Finally, Claudius never appears in a church in an attempt to repent of his evil deeds. In the movie, he bows his head as if to pray, but that should not be enough to dissuade Hamlet's sizzling anger from blowing out Claudius' brains.
These flaws are rather minor, yet they prevent the film from reaching it's full potential. Nevertheless, the movie is highly entertaining and is a great interpretation. My one brother who hates Shakespeare watched this film with me and though he had trouble with the dialogue, he loved the action.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Almereyda
Ethan Hawke
Kyle MacLachlan

DVD title: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Productgroup: DVD
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - movie DVD cover picture
Alex North's brilliant score is one of his best.

This Oscar-nominated 1966 film score ranks with some of the finest of the 1960s including "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Psycho", "A Patch of Blue", "The Chase", "Two for the Road", "In Cold Blood", "Bullitt" and "The Wild Bunch". The dramatic intensity of it is matched by North's earlier scores for "A Streetcar Named Desire", "The Bad Seed", "Spartacus", "The Misfits", "Cleopatra" and "The Agony and the Ecstasy". His genius as a composer has never been fully appreciated as one has only to listen to the soundtrack of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" to be deeply moved by this splendid score. Newly recorded by the late, great Jerry Goldsmith, he pays a magnificent tribute to the brilliance of Alex North. After 15 unsuccessful Academy Award nominations (including his last for "Dragonslayer"), North was finally recognized by the Academy with a special Oscar in 1985. [filmfactsman]

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mike Nichols
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton

DVD title: Orange County
Productgroup: DVD
Orange County - movie DVD cover picture
Looks wacky and cool- -a great teen comedy!

ORANGE COUNTY will be a crowd pleaser. It stars Colin Hanks (for those who do not know who Colin Hanks is, he is Tom Hanks's son; he also starred in the first two seasons of the hit TV series, "Roswell", and starred in the hit teen film, GET OVER IT) and also Jack Black. But besides the two of them, there are cameo roles made by some famous big stars playing wacky characters in the movie. Just to name a few, Cathrine O'Hera and John Lithgrow play the parents of Colin Hanks's character and Chevy Chase and Kevin Kline make appearances. I am wondering why Tom Hanks didn't make an appearance in his son's film...but oh well.
Anyway, ORANGE COUNTY is basically a teen movie for the college-aged movie audience, since it is a college movie. It is about a teen living in California where nobody cares about their futures. Sean (Colin Hanks) becomes interested in writing, and wants to be an author. He desparately tries to get into Stanford University, but when the counselor sends him the wrong transcript saying that he's not accepted into the school, he takes his loser brother (Jack Black) and his girlfriend on a road trip to Stanford University where he will try to prove to Stanford that he is smart enough to get accepted into their school. Along the road, they come across some hilarious and wacky kicks and make all kinds of strange side trips.
ORANGE COUNTY will be a great film! I have not seen it yet but I've seen the trailer. From the trailer, it's definitely a movie I will want to see. The acting looks great, and the script looks pretty clever and funny. It's bound for success in the box office! I can't wait for ORANGE COUNTY to hit theaters. Go see it!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Jake Kasdan
Colin Hanks
Jack Black

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