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DVD title: Easy Money
Productgroup: DVD
Easy Money - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best comedies ever made!

I've seen this movie so many times(including its debut in theatres)that I recently got sick of renting it and just bought it. You can honestly watch this one over and over and still laugh like you are seeing it for the first time. A must have for all true comedy buffs.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: James Signorelli
Rodney Dangerfield
Joe Pesci

DVD title: Empire Records
Productgroup: DVD
Empire Records - movie DVD cover picture
What do you mean stuffy old guys idea of teens.

To anyone who read the amazon review, that person is outdated and has no idea about teens today, so it doesn't appeal to older people, I have seen it over 60 times, it's been around the town I live in more times than hookers' turn tricks and no one is tired of it yet, it's funny, it's true-to-life and it'll never get old. ABSOULTELY BLOODY BRILLIANT! Watch it or remain old and sheltered forever.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Allan Moyle
Anthony LaPaglia
Debi Mazar

DVD title: Kool & the Gang - Live from House of Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Kool & the Gang - Live from House of Blues - movie DVD cover picture

I own a few concerts DVD this is one of the best I have!! Excellent show, the sound with DTS and the video was awesome. I have George Benson DTS, Santana DTS and this ranks with the best.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Kool & the Gang

DVD title: Led Zeppelin
Productgroup: DVD
Led Zeppelin - movie DVD cover picture
Led Zeppelin DVD - Another perspective

It is natural that a Led Zeppelin fanatic would love this DVD. 5.5 hours of incredibly rare concert footage, interviews, etc. If you know the words to every Zeppelin song and wore out your Zeppelin t-shirt in high school or was one of those who wrote zoso all over your notebooks, this is right up your alley. But what about the more casual fan?I, for one, for the most part have fallen into that category, the casual Zeppelin listener for some 20 years. I've always enjoyed the group's work but didn't really start to like it until long after the group's breakup. I've dabbled in Classic 60's groups (like Cream, the Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, the Stones, etc.), pop metal (KISS, Ratt, White Lion and many others), mainstream pop, blues, even country (though not much). Through all of this, Zeppelin never made my list of top five favorite groups....Until perhaps now.A big part of my increased respect is thanks to this DVD. In short, it's fantastic. By now, you've seen the reviews of Zeppelin ''experts,'' discussing the specifics of sites and years and songs. But what will really hit the average rock and roll lover is the ENERGY throughout these concerts, the tightness of the sets. Most groups are the same or worse live; they can't help it. They're victims of the technology that helps sell them. Zeppelin, as is the case with only the very greatest, is BETTER live, often MUCH better, giving whole new meaning to classic songs in these displays.No rock and roll connisseur's library is complete without this. Slap down your [money], or whatever it takes, clear some time from your schedule and imagine almost being engrossed by the epicenter of rock and roll passion. You won't be disappointed.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Jimmy Page
Dick Carruthers

DVD title: Wing and a Prayer
Productgroup: DVD
Wing and a Prayer - movie DVD cover picture
War Classic is a must for your library.

You'll find some war footage I haven't seen elsewhere! Film is one to savor the life aboard a carrier in WWII.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Henry Hathaway
Don Ameche
Dana Andrews

DVD title: Cardcaptor Sakura - The Clow (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Cardcaptor Sakura - The Clow (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Cardcaptors unmasked!

Finally! The ACTUAL show! Not some stupid immitation. I'm glad that those who haven't seen the original are enjoying it, though. But, now, they can see the real thing! This story is excellent, and I highly suggest it for those who enjoy shojo (girl's) anime. I also suggest that those who have only seen the dub view it as well. Save yourselves. If you don't know much about typical anime, however, be prepared for a few surprises.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Cardcaptor Sakura

DVD title: Black Dog
Productgroup: DVD
Black Dog - movie DVD cover picture
Black Dog is one of the best

When i watched Black Dog for the first time i thought is was one of the best movies i had ever seen. Now that i have seen it i watch it over and over again. What makes the movie so great is that it has awsome soundtrack to go along with it. From Randy Travis singing "My Worst Fear" and Rhett Akins singing Eddie Rabbits "Driving My Life Away". I would recomend that everyone watch this movie at least once in your life. I would expecially recomend it if you are a truck driver your-self. It is so easy to comprehend with what they go through. Even if you arnt a truck driver your-self it gives yo a little respect of what they have to go through(just hopefully not so much drama) with dealing being away from the ones that you love, for just doing the job that they choose to do.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Kevin Hooks
Patrick Swayze
Meat Loaf
Randy Travis

DVD title: Cannibal! The Musical
Productgroup: DVD
Cannibal! The Musical - movie DVD cover picture
"Shut up, everyone knows your a chronic liar....."

This movie is really funny. Plese note that this is NOT a historical account of what really happened in a comic style. This is about Alferd Packer. He was a cannibal. This is NOT his real story just "funny." You see, in this movie, he is telling the story, so, it's kind of a movie set through the eyes of the cannibal. And it is grea,.t The funniest parts are the 1 normal guy who's like "why is everyone singing? This is not even a moment that calls for song!" Or something tot hat effect. He does everything you want him to. For example, this guy is singing this hilariously annoying song "Let's build a snowman, we can make him tall or we can--" BANG! He's shot! LOL. Too funny. Anthir noteable quote is "Uh....we're INDAINS!" See it and you'll get it.

Studio: Troma
Director: Trey Parker
Trey Parker

DVD title: Psycho (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Genius Shines AGAIN!!!

Has all aspect of a fantastic, wet-your-pants, horror film. It is finely directed by Alfred Hitchcock the master of suspense. THis time he incorporates a thieving cow, an isolated loony in a motel and a head-splitting horror tune and you get Psycho. This film is an indoubted classic, it starts with some inept Janet Leigh after she steals off her boss, she goes on the run and stops at the infamous 'Bate's Motel' to her peril, she has no idea that within half an hour she is murdered in the even more infamous 'shower scene' and then disposed of in the boot of her car. Then a little later on a cop of some sort tries to track her down and ends up stopping at the motel she was murdered at a little time earlier. He ends up being killed too weh nhe decides to check out the creepy house that Mr Bates lives in. After a short interlude of figuring out what happened he is soon apprehended and branded as the psycho. THE END.
The score to the film and the sheer suspense created by Hitchcock whilst watching is phenomonal and this is what leaves the film as a cult classic in every respect.
It may be a bit of a no brainer slashfest but it is always going to be soomewhere in mine (and probably everyone else's) mind because it is too good and too influential to forget.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Perkins
Janet Leigh

DVD title: Blade (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Blade (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best made movies ever

Snipes makes a very good act in this movie. The movie is exciting and has a lot of brutal scenes. The sound is incredible with it`s sound affects.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Stephen Norrington
Wesley Snipes
Stephen Dorff
Kris Kristofferson
N'Bushe Wright

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