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DVD title: The Searchers
Productgroup: DVD
The Searchers - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best

Just received from Amazon the eagerly awaited DVD The Searchers my ALL TIME favourite western movie. Fantastic the quality of the actors the sceenery of Monument Valley is breathtaking.This was my first DVD region 1 code.Many will follow.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: John Ford
John Wayne
Jeffrey Hunter

DVD title: Dead Ringers
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Ringers - movie DVD cover picture
Definitely worth the wait!

I placed the order for this DVD at the beginning of April. I received it at the end of August. But boy, was it worth the wait!!
I remember seeing this film a while back on television and loving it. Jeremy Irons is one of the world's finest actors, and he sure shows it in this film.
As usual, Criterion- the creme de la creme of DVDs presents an amazing DVD. And with a combination of Irons and Cronenberg, how can you go wrong?
I must warn, that people may find this film disturbing, to say the least- especially women. If you can get past that factor, this is a must-see film
Jeremy Irons plays both Elliot- the playboy- and Beverly- the more work obsessed of the two- identical twin gynecologists, and things start to fall apart when a soap star(played brilliantly by Genevi?ve Bujold) enters the boys' lives- in particular, Beverly(For Elliot, It's just another fling)
As usual, Criterion spare nothing when it comes to extras. DEAD RINGERS has to have one of the best commentary tracks I have ever heard. I don't think there is ever a moment where no one is not talking!
There's Director-David Cronenberg; Actor-Jeremy Irons; Editor-Ron Sanders; Production Designer-Carol Spier; and Director of Photography-Peter Suschitzky
Other cool features include "Mathematics in Metal" and "Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women"- a gallery of photos and designs that were made for the film; The designs for the opening sequence(I just adore that music!!!!)
A good featurette that is quite lengthy compared to others, and a trailer. And one of my favorite features- how the twinning effects were done.
A brilliant, but at the same time, disturbing film!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: David Cronenberg
Jeremy Irons
Geneviève Bujold

DVD title: Alexander - Director's Cut (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Alexander - Director's Cut (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
From a Different Point of View.

First point - I went well armed. By the time I hit the 3/4ths-empty theatre, I knew that my favorite movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, was showing an absolutely disaster of critical proportions. Somehow the reviews were so universally hostile that I decided, contrariwise, to wait until I saw the film myself. And I found myself disagreeing, but for an interesting reason. If 'Alexander' fails, it won't be so much for the flaws of the film - and there ARE flaws - as because none of us can make an easy connection with either Alexander, his legend, or his pagan world. It's simply too titanic to involve the average filmgoer, who'd rather be seeing a modern thriller.

I went with a friend who knows nothing of classical history, but is smart and perceptive. She was bored to tears, and said "there was no one in that movie I could understand or care about, no connection made between the audience and what was going on on-screen." And I think that will be at the heart of this movie's reception - a 3-hour epic about people dead 2300 years ago, in a world none of us can imagine, a pre-Christian world even those of us who hang about here can only touch in occasional perceptions - is just going to leave the great American mainstream dead cold. If it takes in as little money at the box office as my theatre showed last night, it will be a DISASTER. And my own opinion is - not at all deservingly!

The financial success of Gladiator made movies like Troy and Alexander possible, and "Alexander" may well stop that particular niche market dead in its tracks. Gladiator had us all hooting, historically, but it did present a series of plot and character features with which the Average Joe or Jane could identify - poor general, caught in politics, family dies, fighting his way back for Truth, Justice and the Roman Way. He's wearing funny clothes, but he's a recognizeable regular guy. Alexander has a much bigger problem - how to make us connect with the greatest conqueror in the world, a bisexual ancient Greek, whose whole conceptions of honor and glory are, in our diminished age, food for chortles and embarrassment. And, of course, trying to make a major film about a bisexual character is simply going to kill this film if the difficulty in reaching back to the mindset of a Macedonian prince 2300 years ago wasn't tough enough. So what is amazing, IMHO, is not where Alexander fails, but where it succeeds, which makes its probable fate as a film rather sad.

It's over-the-top, crammed with riches cinematographically, full of intrigue, passion, anger, loss, disillusionment, and the simply SCARINESS, to most of us, of the values of a nearly-invisible pre-Christian past. There are so many scenes that just leap out and grab you - Philip of Macedon (oddly played by Val Kilmer, but with a certain brute pathos) taking the young boy Alexander through a cave filled with the blood and tragedy of the old Greek legends like Medea and the disasters of Troy - the battle at Gaugemela where the King of Kings stoically watches his Persian army fall apart - the moment where the boy Alexander rides Bucephalus for the first time - the entry into Babylon (talk about CGI wonders!) and the look on Colin Farrell's face where he has found "the sweet fruition of an earthly crown") - then the disintegration of the years-long army traveling ever further west, into more and more alien country (just like Stone tries to take US into alien time and country), the ambitions of the generals, their hostility to granting vanquished Persians rights in what they - but not Alexander - foresee as simply a Macedonian plunder fest, the slow desintegration of Alexander himself . . . the story is waaaaay too big, and way too long, but historically I think it covers every possible aspect of the development and death of this extraordinary man.
At the final battle scene, where in India the foe is using war-elephants - was this the first time anyone from the West had ever been so attacked? - and his troops flee from these monsters, only to have Alexander and Bucephalus, in a kind of horrified courage, charge straight at the beasts with tragic consequences . . . is incredible visual filmmaking at its best. The death of Alexander after a despairing and angry drinking bout had people sniffing in the aisles. It wasn't his death, but his disillusionment - with being a hero? with conquest? with life itself? who knows, but Farrell made it very plain we were watching a tragic hero - that struck me most. The desintegration of his empire was obviously next.

Colin Farrell gives a highly-underrated performance; I thought he was brilliant, and all the reviewers seem to find is to complain about his hair styles. I found the whole scenes flashing foward to an aging Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) mildly clunky, but I do understand how much historical information Stone had to get across. The script is weak and frequently misses that balance between our sensibilities and theirs - "May Zeus protect us!" is more likely to elicit embarrassed snickers than thoughtful understanding. But historically, it's a treasure trove of riches, from the historically-accurate ancient clothing and warfare, to over-the-top descriptions of Alexander's mother and her bedrooms full of snakes, extreme, exciting, occasionally tottering into ludicrousness, but (for anyone interested in ancient history) an amazing three-dimensional, flawed, fascinating spectacle. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it - it's passion is so much greater than that of this year's Troy, just as its weaknesses are more evident.

I suspect in the box office, it will fail for the wrong reasons - that it's just easier for millions to look at ancient history as something they can't possibly understand - and don't WANT to understand - than to try to follow the lead Stone wants so much to give us, the past as prologue. You might say we few, here, who care about understanding the past, can judge it far more fairly.

The bottom line, for me, is whether popular entertainment is good enough to make us want to learn the true history behind the story. I've never been able to see Alexander the Great as more than an icon, a white statue of a head of someone I couldn't grasp. After Alexander, I want to learn everything I can, because now, for me, he's become real. My highest compliment ;)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Oliver Stone
Anthony Hopkins
Angelina Jolie

DVD title: The Secret of NIMH 2 - Timmy to the Rescue
Productgroup: DVD
The Secret of NIMH 2 - Timmy to the Rescue - movie DVD cover picture
Better than the original! 10 stars!

Robert C. O'Brien would be deeply offended at such a disgusting piece of garbage. He's probably turning in his grave right now. As for Don Bluth, he probably cried when he saw it, as it trashed his legacy for the next generation. As a serious Secret of NIMH enthusiast, I find the film to be a gross manifestation of the phrase "You killed it." I watch the fisrt movie on DVD at home, praying that children who are at the age I was when i was first touched by the film aren't watching this cheap trash. How can an animated film be this bad, you ask? Read the books, Watch the first movie, and you will be as appalled as I am. What was MGM thinking? Is this how they repay the greatest feat of animation their sorry corporation has ever witnessed? By trashing it? Uh uh. I think MGM owes the NIMH community, the children whose ideas of film they just warped, and most of all, Don Bluth, a BIG apology... Nevermind the Amazon rating, I give it negative 5 stars, if that.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Dick Sebast

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
blows up REAL good!

Loved it! Some references not mentioned: Sonny Chiba made to look like Toshiro Mifune; Theme from the TV series "the Green Hornet" featured after mentioning the "guy with the Kato mask"; and Uma defeating Gogo Yubari with a stick reflecting Mifune as samurai legend Miyamoto Musashi defeating his opponent with an oar. With all the comments on the bloody action scenes it still did not rank with the absurd quantities of blood pumped out in the Japanese flick "Samurai Assassin" (Lone Wolf and Cub in Japan). Quentin is to be praised for his restraint, don't you agree? Tarantino's love of the genre was certainly evident in this cool movie.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Enemy at the Gates
Productgroup: DVD
Enemy at the Gates - movie DVD cover picture
Enemy at the Gates

For a 20 year old boy from Mexico the common war movies are the Rambo series and many others where the Soviet Army or Red Army are the bad boys, and you grow up with this idea. But when i read on a magazine the filming of this movie i was not expected to be one of my favourites because the story is about a young Soviet sniper who became in 9 days a national hero and the chase of his counterpart an experimented German marksman.
In first place i don't belive it was a good movie because Saving Private Ryan is (for say) the actual war epic movie but when i see it i just found a new war epic movie form a battle who was the most bloddy of all: the siege of Stalingrad. the cast include good actors like Jude Law in the play of the Hero Vassili Zaitsev and Ed Harris the role of the Major Edwig Koenig and one of the most beauties actress of this times Rachel Weisz on the role of Tania Chernova.
You will enjoy this movie. belive me.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jude Law
Ed Harris
Joseph Fiennes

DVD title: Grateful Dawg
Productgroup: DVD
Grateful Dawg - movie DVD cover picture

Musicians and friends of all sorts will find themselves entertained, enamored, and perhaps a bit envious of this team. They were so successful as musicians but also as real friends--)a story often fictionalized but rarely true). Characters were not defiled but comments made were not all saccharine either. These were guys who liked good music and liked each other. How can you NOT like that. Simply and honestly, this was a good (underlined) movie!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Gillian Grisman
David Grisman
Jerry Garcia

DVD title: Halloween
Productgroup: DVD
Halloween - movie DVD cover picture
One of the scariest films ever made

This is no doubt the scariest (and best) of all the slasher films that this great film inspired.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: John Carpenter
Donald Pleasence
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tony Moran

DVD title: Joss Stone - Mind, Body & Soul Sessions
Productgroup: DVD
Joss Stone - Mind, Body & Soul Sessions - movie DVD cover picture
Simply amazing!

I've been following Joss's career for a while now and she is definatly one of the best new R&B/Soul artists out right now! I got the chance to see her live in Toronto at the Opera House in April of 2004! This place holds only a few hundred people and I was just a few feet away and was mesmerized by Joss' amazing talent. If you own the CD then you owe it to yourself to check out the dvd and please go see Joss live, you won't be disappointed! P.S. I just got an email from S-Curve Records announcing that Joss has been nominated for 3 grammy awards this year! Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album (Mind, Body & Soul), and Best Pop Vocal Performance (You Had Me).

Studio: S-Curve
Joss Stone

DVD title: Living Out Loud
Productgroup: DVD
Living Out Loud - movie DVD cover picture
A Movie that Defies its Own Plot

A woman lost in her own life finds herself after a bitter divorce. Sound cliche? I thought so too. Somehow, this movie defies its own plot and points out truths in society without being cute, without being predictable, and without smothering anybody with a happy ending. This movie is based on reality, not a Hollywood script.
The beauty of this movie is its universality. Everyone can find someone to identify with; Hunter, DeVito, and Latifah all play vastly different characters in this movie and each lends a new dimension of reality and honesty to the film.
This movie is full of meaning and definetely worth owning.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Richard LaGravenese
Holly Hunter
Danny DeVito

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