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DVD title: Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Better Dalek titles

Thank goodness for DVD. Well, sort of, I guess. When Remembrance of the Daleks was released on video, it was packaged with the awful The Chase from the William Hartnell era. I could have done without it, but I purchased it, wanting the classic Remembrance. Now, with DVD, I can collect only those episodes I want and not have to deal with goofy marketing packaging. (I hope.) Remembrance was far and away one of the the best Dalek stories ever, ranking with the original Daleks and the Invasion Earth story. The extras alone make it worth the price of admission with two seperate trailers, audio commentary, deleted scenes and multi-angle shots of Ace in the climatic firefight scene at the end of episode two. If you're a raving fan or even a casual one, pick this DVD up. You can always thank me later.

Studio: BBC Video

DVD title: Dragonball Z, Vol. 32 - Trunks: Prelude to Terror
Productgroup: DVD
Dragonball Z, Vol. 32 - Trunks: Prelude to Terror - movie DVD cover picture
DBZ all the way

this was 1 of funimations better dbz dvd's it was especially cool that trunks is starring in his 2nd dvd where he is on the cover in this dvd he meets goku and tests goku's strength we also find out that his parents are VEGETA and BULMA (amazing)

Studio: Goldhil Home Media 2
Director: Minoru Okazaki

DVD title: Before Sunrise
Productgroup: DVD
Before Sunrise - movie DVD cover picture
original movie rare magic real romance

Enormously moving film with some truly amazing acting, particularly Delpy - what a face! It takes guts integrity & talent for an American director to make a film like this. I'm still always amazed at the brilliance of Slacker.

Studio: Castle Rock
Director: Richard Linklater
Ethan Hawke
Julie Delpy

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The One And Only Episode - IV, A New Hope

Episode III will bring it ALL together and not a microsecond too soon. I'm very impressed by the knowledgeable details that people have regarding the entire Star Wars saga to date but really they need to get a life. To be honest, I think I'm one of millions that truely enjoyed Episode IV, A New hope -augmented with episodes V,VI,I,II,& eventually III. But in my humble opinion none of them have ever come close to duplicating the pure magic of ANH. ANH was groundbreaking and revolutionary for it's time and Lucas should have a heart and release it in DVD for us old timers. OOHH, I know I'm gonna get slammed for this review but give me Episode IV, A New Hope anyday!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Words cant explain how good this movie is... It's the most amazing movie I've ever seen.. Nicole Kidman gives the preformance of a lifetime. She should have won the OSCAR! Actually Moulin Rouge should have won EVERY OSCAR.. No matter what catagory... Animated, it should have won... It's that good..

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition Collector's Gift Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition Collector's Gift Set) - movie DVD cover picture
OCTOBER 4, 2005!!!!!

It's finally coming! There is a preview for it on the new Bambi disc!

My well-worn tape from the mid-90s will at long last be replaced by a DVD! They've made us wait so long for this one and Bambi -- my Bambi tape is from 1989, quite fuzzy and dark -- I could hardly stand it!

Rejoice, Disney animation fans! The date is set!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Ilene Woods
James MacDonald (II)

DVD title: Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is a bit of a response to the previous review. Look. Schindler's List is boring, badly acted,obvious, drearily scored,wretchedly photographed, has Monogram level black and white and some obvious propaganda for Israel that is really unfortunate in the film's context. Okay fine but that is no valid reason to be insulting and incoherent. If Spielberg is a racist, he is a racist in regards to the German race not African Americans. The filmic record is fairly plain on this point. But african americans? This is the man after all who made the masterpiece AMISTAD. It may be that the price Spielberg has to pay to make the truly great and innovative films like Amistad is to make another film exterminating Germans like Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan. That way he will be allowed by Hollywood to be creative. Finally, rather than judging the man, one should judge the films. Yes. Speilberg has made the Lost World, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List but he has also made Jaws, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1941 and Amistad. So, while deserving to be criticized when he fails, he also deserves to be taken seriously as a filmmaker.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Liam Neeson
Ralph Fiennes

DVD title: Hav Plenty
Productgroup: DVD
Hav Plenty - movie DVD cover picture
A film with intelligent dialog and natural humor...

I too was told that this movie wasn't very good, but I had to check it out for myself. Whoever says it isn't good is right, this movie is EXCELLENT. It had me laughing and cracking up from the begining to the end. I was wanting more when it was over! It is a must have for any good video collection. It truly is refreshing to enjoy Black cast (and starring) movies like these that are not depicting violence or nonsense. It deserves a place on my shelf right next to Love Jones!

Studio: Miramax
Director: Christopher Scott Cherot
Christopher Scott Cherot
Chenoa Maxwell

DVD title: The Wind in the Willows/The Willows in Winter
Productgroup: DVD
The Wind in the Willows/The Willows in Winter - movie DVD cover picture
Why, that foolish toad..

While looking at my bookshelf for books, I picked up a book that seemed like new. I looked at the bottom of this book, it said, ?by Kenneth Grahame?. Above those letters were written the words, ?Illustrations-Helen Ward?. I examined the picture on the cover; it was vividly drawn, with colors ranging from birch white to algae green. The book was called The Wind in the Willows. When I flipped open the front cover I looked on the back of the title page. It wasn?t like any of the other copyright and publishing pages I?ve seen. They were based on the edition I had. The edition I acquire is copyrighted 2000 by Templar Company plc, and published by Borders Press.
After flipping over the cover of this wonderful book, I started reading it. I found out that this astounding book is about the adventures of Mole and his friends. Mole, dwells in a small house in Wild Wood. He met many friends including the gentle Water Rat, the kind Badger, and the foolish but friendly Toad. The Badger hates society, and the Toad daydreams all day and his foolishness leads him to endless trouble yet Toady is still proud himself for everything he does. One day Toad was walking and his eyes caught a deserted car. He couldn?t resist it, so he hopped in and took a ride. In time he got caught and sent to a jail in England. Eventually Toady escaped and returned to Wild Wood. There he found out that the weasels and stoats, the Wild Wooders, had taken over Toad Hall. The friends came up with a way to repossess Toad Hall. Thus one night when the Wild Wooders were having a grand feast, Toady, Ratty, Mole and Badger went through a secret passage past the guards and attacked the feasting stoats and weasels. After that battle Mole and his companions could finally live peacefully in Wild Wood.
There are plenty of high-quality chapters in this book but my favorite chapter is the last chapter, The Return of Ulysses, which is approximately 15 pages long.It?s the most exciting part of the book because it has the section where Mole and his friends defeat the Wild Wooders. I also like the ending of the chapter because it really sounds like what a mom would say to her kid in real life. The mother weasel tells the babies that if they don?t behave, the terrible gray badger would get them.
Though there are many good parts, the part I hated was a chapter called the Wild Wood. It was all about the tedious subject of finding the hole of Mr. Badger. Half of the part was walking in the woods doing absolutely nothing! It also had a great deal of complex words, which made it kind of hard to understand. It was so boring; you could fall asleep just reading it! However, this is still a superior hardback. Anyone who likes books with animal characters with human traits would thoroughly enjoy this book. The book has series of events that don?t really fit in to the main problem but those events are what makes this book interesting. What made this book special to me is that each creature has a different personality. For example, there?s the foolish Toad, the Badger that hates society, and Ratty who is obsessed with poems and river life. If this article interests you, why don?t you try to read The Wind in the Willows yourself?

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Vanessa Redgrave

DVD title: Apocalypse - Caught in the Eye of the Storm
Productgroup: DVD
Apocalypse - Caught in the Eye of the Storm - movie DVD cover picture
Similar to Left Behind

This film is about the Rapture and what the world will be like after that has happened. It focuses on characters, like Helen Hannah, who were not believers but began to reevaluate their faith once they realize events are following biblical prophecy.
Like "Left Behind," this movie has a charismatic leader come from eastern Europe and has a famous reporter as a major character. All other comparisons with "Left Behind" can be attributed to the Book of Revelation.
This is an inspiring movie. Seeing what the characters go through will create an interest in what has been predicted about the end of times.

Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Director: Peter Gerretsen

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