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DVD title: Pete's Dragon (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Pete's Dragon (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
One of Disney's Best

Despite what some of the heart-hardened critics reviewing this film have said, "Pete's Dragon" is a gem among Disney films. Sure, it's a little corny at times and the special effects aren't as spectacular as they once were considered, but this film is one I've treasured.

I hated "Mary Poppins" growing up, and I still hate it, so I'm happy my parents chose to invest in buying "Pete's Dragon" as opposed to "Mary". I really don't understand why this film has been forgotten while that horrible nanny movie continues to perservere. Ugh. Sorry, enough with that rant.

"Pete's Dragon" is a story about an orphan boy and his invisible best friend, Elliot. Who just happens to be a green and pink dragon. Pete escapes an undesirable and cruel family to find a small fishing town in Maine. He's soon taken in by the beautiful, single, lighthouse keeper named Norah and her cantankerous father. Pete has a hard time fitting in around town, and telling everyone he has a pet dragon doesn't seem to help young Pete climb up the popularity ladder. He discovers that Norah has a long-lost love who was lost at sea and she's been waiting for him ever since. He loves living in the lighthouse and turns out to be a very helpful, if not somewhat unique boy. However, Pete soon meets a con man who wants to sell Elliot's parts for his own profit! Pete has to go on a daring rescue, but will he save his best friend in time? Meanwhile, Pete's horrible old family tries to get him back and the con man's helping them! Pete also has a daring mission to undertake when the lighthouse light goes out during a storm!

This movie is vibrant and oddly, believable. Despite what you may think, after a few minutes, you have no trouble believing in Elliot. The music is gorgeous. "Candle on the Water" is the most famous song, but "It's A Razzle-Dazzle Day," "There's Room For Everyone In This World," "It's Not Easy," etc... are all wonderful tunes that you'll be humming for days. The boy who plays Pete is lovable and very easy to emphasize with.

This movie is really one to be treasured. So if you and your family want to go on a ride with a plucky orphan and a not-so-scary dragon, this film is a great choice. It's too bad that so many kids are only interested in movies like "Finding Nemo," because they really miss out on truly magical films like this one.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Don Chaffey
Helen Reddy
Sean Marshall

DVD title: Live & Kickin
Productgroup: DVD
Live & Kickin - movie DVD cover picture
Great country singer at his best.

Man where to start. I just bought this DVD at his concert I went to in Dothan, Alabama and let me tell you first about the concert I attended. Whoooooooo what a show. Travis Tritt had that Dothan Civic Center a kickin' and a screamin'. He did his show then when he left the stage everyone in there stayed and yelled for more and ole Travis didn't disappoint. He came back on and did 30 more minutes. Let me say if you ever have a chance to go to his show you better go because I am here to tell you that you will get your money's worth. And if you can't go to a live concert then buy this DVD because it is also great. It has 19 great songs. The DVD is an hour and a half. The show he did tonight was just a little over 2 hours so it would have been nice if the DVD was that long but none the less still a great DVD.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Travis Tritt

DVD title: The Sting
Productgroup: DVD
The Sting - movie DVD cover picture
Stop whining about "full screen"!

Please stop whining about this DVD's aspect ratio. It's not "full-screen." It's widescreen with the original top and bottom sections restored.
According to film historian David P. Hayes, THE STING was filmed in 4:3 (equivalent to "full-screen") ratio because director George Roy Hill wanted it to look like an old movie. The studio (and/or the exhibitors) apparently had second thoughts about it, though, so theatrically-released prints had the top and bottom sections blocked ("matted") to fit the widescreen format.
What you see on this DVD is not "pan and scan" (with missing left and right content), but the original format with the top and bottom restored.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: George Roy Hill
Paul Newman
Robert Redford

DVD title: Black Adder IV - Black Adder Goes Forth
Productgroup: DVD
Black Adder IV - Black Adder Goes Forth - movie DVD cover picture
Mash ? without the nice doctors

Black Adder stars Rowan Atkinson, an absolute comic genius who is also the star of Mr. Bean. The screenplays were written by Richard Curtis (Mr. Bean, Not the nine o'clock news) and Ben Elton - possibly one of the funniest modern writers.
In the forth series, Rowan Atkinson plays a cynical army captain, famous for his slaughter of peaceful pygmies using only sharpened fruit.
The six episodes in the series are:
1. Captain Cook - rather than help move General Haig's liquor cabinent six inches closer to Berlin, Black Adder tries out as the company artist
2. Corporal Punishment - a delicious plump breasted pigeon gets Black Adder a visit with a firing squad
3. Major Star - rather than try his luck with German Snipers, Black Adder tries out for vaudeville. Things look promising until the General Melchett falls for the female impersonator
4. Private Plane - Lord Flash is back and women are falling over everywhere. Why doesn't Flash wear underpants? hasn't been a pair made that can handle the job.
5. General Hospital - A beautiful nurse, a patient with a strong german accent and three weeks in the hospital. Will Black Adder ever find the Kaiser's spy?
6. Goodbyeee - the final end. Will Edmund manage to avoid the "big push" with a "wibble" or is it curtain call

Studio: BBC Video
Rowan Atkinson
Brian Blessed

DVD title: Half Baked
Productgroup: DVD
Half Baked - movie DVD cover picture
"I Want To Talk To Sampson"

This is a must see film for any[one], the comedy is just fantastic. I've seen it about 20 times, and i'd gladly sit down and watch it anytime!! Best viewed with a [friend], but still funny as without. Plot line kinda goes... 4 stoners livin toether, one goes out to get munchies, kills diabetic police horse, gets sent to jail, other 3 have to come up with a plan to raise $100,000, before their jailbird buddy gets ...probed by other inmates.
Non stop comedy- buy it, buy it now!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Tamra Davis
Dave Chappelle
Guillermo Díaz

DVD title: Pokemon 3 - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Pokemon 3 - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture

It's So Awesome. I Just Love It. I Like All The Pokemon. And There Cool Too. And I Think Brock Is So Cute. I Sort Of Like MewTwo (that was in the first one) Better. I Also Used To Own It. And I Also Used To Own The First And Second One Too. And I Saw The Fourth One Too. And The Other One (pokemon heros) Was So Cool Too. I Even Liked The Part In (Pokemon Heros) Was When Team Rocket Was Eating Really Fast. And They Got All Wet. Oh And They Also Got Wet When They Were Licking Ice Cream Too. So I Would Like Everyone To Know To Please Buy This (pokemon 3) Moive.

Studio: Warner Studios
Veronica Taylor
Eric Stuart (III)

DVD title: Miracle Mile
Productgroup: DVD
Miracle Mile - movie DVD cover picture

I watched this DVD movie last night. I didn't expect the movie to be as good as it was. The story-line is very original and it kept me glued to my seat. I felt the movie was a little drawn out in parts though.

What I did like about this impending "disaster" movie was the fact that it did not concentrate on establishing the background of the characters too much. So many other disaster movies do this to make up for a weak script.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Steve De Jarnatt
Anthony Edwards
Mare Winningham

DVD title: Showgirls
Productgroup: DVD
Showgirls - movie DVD cover picture
Didn't know whether to laugh...

What an astonishing movie this is. After seeing it, I couldn't imagine someone making anything this bad. Then I saw "Magnolia", and a debate began to rage in my mind. Which was worse? After the sting wore off, I determined that "Showgirls" is the second worse movie of all time, because you can laugh at yourself at the time you wasted when it's over. But you must understand, as other reviewers have said: It's so bad, it's good.
The most laughable dialogue and pathetic acting ever in a major Hollywood production. Watching that Saved by the Bell girl commit career suicide is the major benefit of this movie. Where has she been? You'll know after seeing Showgirls.
Watch Showgirls and the Godfather back to back. Then relax, close your eyes, and try to absorb what you've just seen.
"Where are you from?", read the desperate model/actress from the script as she rose from the casting couch.
"Different places!"

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Elizabeth Berkley
Kyle MacLachlan
Gina Gershon

DVD title: Out to Sea
Productgroup: DVD
Out to Sea - movie DVD cover picture
Great, Great, Great

Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in one of their best fims (although it's from their later years).Great Comedy, Great Jokes, and great songs as well.The co-stars are magnificent - Rue McClanahan, Brent Spiner, and Gloria DeHaven. I have watched many movies with Matthau and Lemmon, and this is one of their best films.Highly Recommended - ***** out of *****

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Martha Coolidge
Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthau
Dyan Cannon

DVD title: On the Beach
Productgroup: DVD
On the Beach - movie DVD cover picture
A Frightening, yet powerful movie

Stanley Kramer was a hard-hitting, uncompromising producer-director who specialized in "message films." His 1958 blockbuster film "The Defiant Ones" with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis addressed the race issue in America just one year after President Eisenhower was compelled to send federal troops into Little Rock to enforce the U.S. Supreme Court's school desegregation order. One year later "On the Beach" was released and generated an immediate firestorm of controversy.
The year the film was released, 1959, was the same year that Vice-President Richard Nixon had his famous "Kitchen Debate"in Moscow with Soviet boss Nikita Khrushchev. Just three years later the Cuban Missile Crisis took place, when the world hung on the precipice of a possible nuclear conflict as President John F. Kennedy and Khrushchev stood "eyeball to eyeball."
"On the Beach" was a faithful adaptation by screenwriter John Paxton of a novel by Australian author Nevil Shute. It is 1964 and a nuclear conflict has taken place. All other human life is dead with the exception of those living in Australia, where the extinction of the human race is said to be five months away at the most from the ravages of nuclear fallout, which is making its ugly path Australia's way.
The film covers two basic points: 1) How and why did humankind reach this precipice?; 2) How do people react in the wake of such a unanimous death sentence?
In his first chiefly dramatic role, dancing great Fred Astaire is illuminating as a nuclear scientist who feels waves of guilt over his assistance in helping build awesome tools of destruction, and yet, on the other hand, when confronted at a party to explain what happened and how the cataclysym occurred, he replies by saying that the scientists signed petitions and warned governments about the destruction that would be unleashed if the weapons were ever used. As to how the conflict started, he confesses ignorance, speculating that it was "probably started by some bloke who thought he saw something on a radar screen that wasn't actually there."
Submarine commander Gregory Peck, an American in Australia on naval duty, wants to start a relationship with Ava Gardner, but lives in a world where he is unable to accept that his wife and children in New London, Connecticut are no longer alive. Gardner, on the other hand, is a lonely woman given to acoholic depression who believes that life has passed her by, and hopes to secure one important love attachment with Peck before the end of the world occurs. "I wanted just once to walk on Rue de Rivoli," she tells Peck tearfully in one emotional scene.
Navy lieutenant Anthony Perkins and wife Donna Anderson have a baby daughter and would, ordinarily, look forward to a long and productive family life. Instead Perkins, not wanting to expose wife and daughter to suffering, arranges to receive pills that can induce early death before leaving on an assignment to America on Peck's submarine, not wanting them to suffer unnecessarily in his expected absence. Anderson is in denial, refusing to believe that the prospect for humanity is hopeless. Eventually when the end comes Perkins is there and she feels fulfilled by his love and that she holds for her young daughter.
One unique plot point is the exploration of Peck and crewmates toward possible hope of life. It comes in the form of unexpected and unexplainable morse code sounds from a point in San Diego. When they investigate they learn that the sounds result from a window shade brushing against a Coke bottle, which then pushes against the code machine.
One of the cinematic highlights of the film is the last Australian Grand Prix auto race, in which the drivers throw caution to the winds, many hoping to kill themselves rather than face death through radiation or suicide pills. Astaire, who had never before raced competitively, wins in his prize Ferrari. He shortly thereafter asphyxiates himself in his Ferrari in his garage after placing his winning emblem on his car.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Stanley Kramer
Gregory Peck
Ava Gardner
Fred Astaire

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