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DVD title: Clerks (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Clerks (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ok this movie was the BEST

Ok what is with you people who are giving this only 4 stars just because of the camera work and its balck and white?? Would you people just watch the ... movie instead of critsizing every possible flaw?? I mean i am starting to wonder if you people pay attention to the actual movie like the plot and humor and stuff or if you just watch and sit there and pay attention to how the camera is being worked or what color it is!! Does it really matter?? Was the script good?? Were the actors good?? well if they were then why in the hell are you so worried about the camera work and color?? Thsi movie was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen!! The acting was just great and the actors actually seemed like what they were playing in the movie was their actual life. You couldnt even tell if they were acting or just going about their normal lives!! well i own this movie and have watched it so many times and yet everytime i watch it it still leaves me laughing so hard at the end

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Kevin Smith
Brian O'Halloran
Jeff Anderson

DVD title: X-Men
Productgroup: DVD
X-Men - movie DVD cover picture
Sterling comic-to-screen adaptation holds its own

Quite possibly the single best adaptation of a comic book to film yet -- but also an excellent film in its own right, period. Original comic dealt with "mutants" -- humans with genetic variations that give them extraordinary abilities -- and the attendant prejudice and malice heaped upon them by society. Bryan Singer (of THE USUAL SUSPECTS and the lamentable APT PUPIL) eschews camp for an almost matter-of-fact, sometimes downright melancholy look, opening his film just outside the crematoria to Auschwitz (in a scene so strong it resonates through the rest of the movie and gives it depth), and closing it with a battle at the Statue of Liberty. More symbolic locations probably couldn't be found anywhere, but the movie makes them work; it never feels forced or preachy
A striking amount of the film's weight comes from exploring the solitude and detachment from humanity at large that goes with being a mutant. Loner and mutant Logan (Hugh Jackman, in a breakthrough role) encounters runaway Rogue (Anna Paquin), both of whom are empowered in ways that distance them from people -- Logan's ferality and rapid healing make him a tough opponent (and the first time we see him he's a bare-knuckle cage fighter); Rogue's tendency to absorb people's memories and abilities put her boyfriend in a coma when she kissed him. When the two are accosted by the monstrous Sabretooth (Tyler Mane), they're bailed out by Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart, in a role he was born to inhabit) and several of the students in his School for Gifted Youngsters. Logan distrusts the Professor and his motives, but eventually works with them to stop Magneto (an also-stellar Ian McKellan), an old rival of Xavier's.
What makes the film work is, again, not its astounding array of effects and finely-wrough action scenes, but its tone and mood. For the first time (save possibly for BLADE), we not only see but feel the estrangment that goes with being unlike the rest of mankind.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Bryan Singer
Hugh Jackman
Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
FIGHT CLUB: The Struggle of the Middle Class Man

Like the original novel, Fight Club is a film about the internal struggle for meaning that permeates the life of middle class generation X'ers as we attempt to find ourselves in a world of diet colas, one night stands, work cubicles, microbrew beers and other constructed experiences presented to us by the media. Fight Club is a wake up call from the false consciousness society lulls us into and reminds the male viewer of the reality of human existance. Fight Club is a buddy picture, a brutal display of male bonding and unity that ultimately snowballs into an all out rebellion against the mediocrity of meaningless middle management careers and worthless single-serve relationships. If you are a man...see Fight Fight Club...know Fight Club.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Britney Spears - Greatest Hits - My Prerogative
Productgroup: DVD
Britney Spears - Greatest Hits - My Prerogative - movie DVD cover picture
The best DVD collection eva!!

This is one of the best dvd collections ive ever had... it has all the britney videos with special features....

Fellas if u dont like britney dont post here. cuz this space is used for review her products not her life

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Britney Spears

DVD title: Pauline At The Beach
Productgroup: DVD
Pauline At The Beach - movie DVD cover picture
A very intelligent movie

This is a movie where there is no action, rather we are the fly on the wall and we listen in to conversations. The main character in the movie is Pauline, a teenager, vacationing at the beach with her older cousin. The older cousin is married, but not happily married. During their vacation, they meet some men, have conversations about life, and love. We see relationships develop, others fall apart, some tell the truth, and others lie. What this film illustrates, in such a subtle way, is the people who are honest are the ones who are the most happy. Those who lie to others, or to themselves, seem stuck in a melancholic exsistance. By the end of the movie, it turns out the teenage girl is the one who is the wisest of them all.
The DVD has good picture quality, as good as from any movie made in the 1980's I have seen. You can turn the subtitles on or off, unlike some DVDs that burn the subtitles into the picture.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Eric Rohmer

DVD title: Weird Al Yankovic: The Videos
Productgroup: DVD
Weird Al Yankovic: The Videos - movie DVD cover picture
I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard I cried.

Not only does Weird Al make an effort to sound like the originals, he makes an effort to look like the originals right down to their mannerisms. His attention to detail is uncanny. Added to that, you also get to see some of his more original pieces.
Weird Al is truly the parody king.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Weird Al' Yankovic

DVD title: Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Surprisingly Great Movie!

You will laugh, the kids might cry, then laugh, but - with Monsters, Inc. - everyone should have a powerful good time. This is a surprisingly great film about life as the monster who hides in the closet (or under the bed) and it really impressed me. There is, of course, more to the story than that, it being another love-child from the creators of the Toy Story series and A Bugs Life. However, I insist that you see this one yourself. Go without expectations. Lose yourself and laugh; be amazed at the fun of this movie.
If nothing else, go for the Star Wars trailer.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
John Goodman
Billy Crystal

DVD title: Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad
Productgroup: DVD
Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad - movie DVD cover picture
"Ever take a crap so big your pants fit better?"

Ron White is by far the most clever and funniest Southern comedian out there today. He was the sleeper hit of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and its a sin that he was the opening/shortest act of the entire show, because he was by far the funniest (given the short time he had.) If you already own the CD "Drunk in Public" then you may not need to buy this DVD since it has most of the same jokes with about 15% new/different material. If you're a die-hard fan though you may as well pick it up. Just to warn you he's definately not a "Clean" comedian, so if explicit language offends you then you won't enjoy this DVD. If not then pick it up and let the laughs roll.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Michael Drumm (II)

DVD title: Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story (UMD Mini For PSP)
Productgroup: DVD
Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story (UMD Mini For PSP) - movie DVD cover picture
Please, Please, Please!!!!

As a family guy fanatic there is no price to high to pay in order for this movie to be seen. It should be a matter of international urgency especially since even spongebob has a movie!!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video

DVD title: 101 Dalmatians (Limited Issue)
Productgroup: DVD
101 Dalmatians (Limited Issue) - movie DVD cover picture

I just got to share this movie with my 4 year old granddaughter and just like the one before her (who is now 8) we had a great time viewing it. Her eyes widened as she met the evil Cruella, who wanted those poor little puppies so she could have a coat. "Why would someone want to do that Grammie?" her little voice asked me.How cute is that? This is a great movie, full of enough action for the little one, not a complicated storyline so they can easily follow along, sprinkled with chuckles here and there and ending on a very happy note. Lots of fun!

Studio: Disney Studios
Rod Taylor
Betty Lou Gerson

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