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DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

What can I say? This is an EXCELLENT package for the 1st Lord Of The Rings Movie. Features 4 discs which include a uncut version of the movie (almost 4 hours long) and hours of behind-the scenes & making-of footage. The movie is featured in DTS surround sound and must be one of the BEST sounding DVD's of ALL time! If you enjoy this movie and have a surround sound setup with DTS, you MUST check this out. This is a great disc to show off your entertainment system. The package is very cool too!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Mallrats (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Mallrats (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Funniest movie ever

The movie Mallrats has to be the funniest movie of all time. I was laughing the whole time I was watching it. There are funny people with funny lines.If you haven't seen this movie you haven't seen a funny movie. This movie is deffinitely worth buying!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Kevin Smith
Shannen Doherty
Jeremy London
Jason Lee

DVD title: Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy - Season 1, Vol. 1
Productgroup: DVD
Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy - Season 1, Vol. 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Just can't wait!

I am an avid Ed, Edd n Eddy fan. With the release of the DVD I will be able to take my Eds with me wherever I go! I have every episode recorded on my DVR from Cartoon Network and have been hoping for a DVD release for a while now. To give this DVD a 5 star rating even before the release is still an understatement. I would give it a higher rating if it was available.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Music From Another Room
Productgroup: DVD
Music From Another Room - movie DVD cover picture
Beautiful love story

I first saw this movie in 1998 (Australia), and loved it. I'm usually not into mushy movies but for some reason this one really struck some chords. I especially loved Jude Law in the film, he was the perfect Danny.
The film didn't get a lot of promotion or publicity though, not many people have heard of it and it's very hard to come by purchase wise. I'd be very interested to get this title on DVD if anyone would know where. Please contact if so. Thanks!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Charlie Peters

DVD title: No Man's Land
Productgroup: DVD
No Man's Land - movie DVD cover picture
Powerful statement!

This film is very far to be only a more anti war film . It's much more than this . This film is deeply disturbing because it challenges you about the wildness inmersed in this coward act to a simple man in the middle of that evil conflict among the ancient Yugoeslavian . Since this perspective the film maker set us in front a serious moral crossroad .
The Red Cross tries to make all what they can do but this help it is not enough . Since this fact is a punch notice , this dramatic circunstance becomes in a rating subject . The film is opened and it is carefully objective in its proposals .
This picture won the best foreign film in 2001 , competing with Amelie .

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Danis Tanovic
Branko Djuric
Rene Bitorajac

DVD title: Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My thoughts about Jurassic Park history.

My thoughts about Jurassic Park were AMAZING!!! Even though it came out in 1993 when I was only 1, I still claim the movie is amazing! In fact it is my favorite movie of all time. One of the most successful movies in all time is also a movie that changed the way movies were made forever with it's awsome computer animation. What made me think the movie was so awesome, was the life like dinosaurs. But my favorite part was whith the T-Rex. It was the most amazing thing I had ever saw the first time I saw it. Spielberg really made an awesome movie that time. From what I think, Jurassic Park was an success, but The Lost World didn't do as good as the firt Jurassic Park. But then there was Jurassic Park111 which was practicly a failure. I mean whith the spinosaurus and somehow it always finds the people. Sort of like Godzilla...sort of. Also from what I heard, is that there is going to be another Jurassic Park..Jurassic Park4. If there is going to be a Jurassic Park4 then the first thing I want is the T-Rex to be king again. The next thing is John Hammond to be back. And maybe Tim and Lex back also. Then I would like the original music back from Jurassic Park. I would like the movie to take place on Isla Nublar, I mean that it would be cool to see the visitor center in ruins. And also from what I heard was that John Hammond might die in Jurassic Park4. Then he would pass down Ingen to Tim. But John Hammond can't die.....John Hammond is Jurassic Park..John Hammond dies.....Jurassic Park dies!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Sam Neill
Laura Dern

DVD title: Playing & Understanding Jazz Guitar
Productgroup: DVD
Playing & Understanding Jazz Guitar - movie DVD cover picture
Great intro

Great intro to jazz guitar: easy, relaxed instruction, clear explanations of scalewise chord progression, chord construction, and soloing (improvising using either single note or chord based approaches). There are some good tunes to learn and practice with good chord diagrams and tab.

Studio: Stefan Grossman Guit
Fred Sokolow

DVD title: Babe - Pig in the City
Productgroup: DVD
Babe - Pig in the City - movie DVD cover picture
Oscar caliber

Say no to the doomsayers and buy this video. Discover for yourself why this is the best movie of the year. I saw this twice in a theatre surrounded by engrossed children and adults. Awesome visual effects!! Thank you pig!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: George Miller (II)
Magda Szubanski
Mickey Rooney
Elizabeth Daily

DVD title: Hook
Productgroup: DVD
Hook - movie DVD cover picture
We LOVED this movie!!!

My kids (age 4 & 7) and I LOVED this movie! I rented it for the first time last year in the late winter, and we were all so enthralled by it that the kids begged me to do HOOK for Halloween--so we did! My son (then 3) was Peter, my daughter (then 6) was Tinkerbell, and I got to play Hook! We had a blast! And the best part was that people actually recognized us from the movie! I can't wait for its re-release--the suspense is killing us!! Rent it today and watch it with your kids--you'll love it!!!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Dustin Hoffman
Robin Williams
Julia Roberts

DVD title: Airplane!
Productgroup: DVD
Airplane! - movie DVD cover picture
Classic satire

Anyone who has ever seen one of a host of abysmal 1970's disaster flicks could have predicted that they were ripe for a satire, but I doubt anyone could have predicted that "Airplane" would have set the gold standard for the spoof. In addition, since it appears on TV so often, seeing it on DVD is almost a new experience because all of the scenes that were cut for content seem like new jokes.

I can't imagine anyone is unfamiliar with the plot (such as it is), but by way of a brief summary, a passenger jet is in trouble when the entire flight crew, and many of the passengers, fall ill from the in flight meal. It's up to Ted Striker to bring down the plane safely; but there's just one problem, he hasn't been able to fly since his last abortive raid during "the war". Oh, and his estranged girlfriend is one of the stewardesses. However, where a disaster film would turn this into an overwrought melodrama, absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing, is taken seriously in "Airplane".

In fact, it is almost remarkable how much is packed into this film. Literally every scene contains a joke or a sight gag or a double entendre. There's so much going on that in spite of dozens of viewings, I still find something new more often than not. Eve the sound effects are a gag, as all of the exterior shots of the plane (which is a model that is so fake it's hilarious) feature the sound of a prop plane even though it is obviously a jet.

The DVD doesn't have much to recommend it other than the film, but that's to be expected from an older, relatively low budget movie; and those who have seen it would agree, there can't have been much left on the cutting room floor to make up extra features. The image and sound are fine, if not spectacular, but then neither needs to be. However, having the film in widescreen is nice because some of the wide angle shots now contain people that weren't visible in the fullscreen version familiar to TV viewers.

In the end, "Airplane" may very well be the king of movie satires. From start to finish it is a non-stop joke reel, and the amazing thing is that they are all still funny years after the first viewing. Fans of the movie will find this DVD to be adequate, as the transfer and sound are fine, but don't count on any new material or amazing extras. However, as I said before, I don't think this is a movie that needs a lot of extras, and the film alone is well worth the very reasonable price.

Jake Mohlman.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Robert Hays
Julie Hagerty
Leslie Nielsen

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