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DVD title: Friends - The Series Finale (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Series Finale (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
OH MY GOD! How You Doin?

This DVD is the biggest marketing action I've ever seen : Warner has decided to release the Friends Series Finale onto DVD, just 5 days after its airing on NBC !
But it's not because it's to make money that it's not good !! ;-). Indeed, every Friends Fan will want to own this Exclusive Limited Edition of the #1 comedy of the 90s, to watch it again and again ! Because, first of all, it's a collector item, that every real Friends fan should have, and second of all, because, it seems that Warner has decided to slow down the releases of the Compelte Seasons on DVD, according to some sources, and as a matter of fact, as already 2 seasons have been released so far in 2004 (the 6th and the 7th season), only one left could come out this year (the 8th) rather between September and December 2004. So, this would mean that the deluxe 4-Dsic set of The Complete Tenth Season wouldn't be released until 2005 ! So, this Limited Edition DVD will enable the fans to wait until the release of the entire season !
But, let's go back to the "collector item" thing if you doubt to buy this DVD... Collector because of :- The packaging which does very collector-ish- The number of DVDs produced (available for a limited time only !)- And last but not least great bonus features ! Here's what this Special DVD is due to offer :. The 2 parts Series Finale, including [Never]-[Before]-[Seen]-[Footage]. The Series Pilot, also including [Never]-[Before]-[Broadcasted]-[Moments] (which are included on The Complete First Season DVD). "I'll Be There For You" Music Video featuring the Rembrandts. "Phoebe Battles the Pink Robots" Music Video, featuring the Flaming Lips and directed by Kevin Bright. A montage of the opening credits, which shows the progression of the series through the opening theme song from each season.
That's right : all that on only one DVD, for such a cheap prize ! A Must-Have DVD I tell you !(...)
And, what about what happens in the Series Finale ? Well, nothing is really sure yet and anyway, I won't reveal it here if some of you haven't seen the 10th season yet. Let's just say that Monica and Chandler finally see their dream to have a baby come true and that Ross and Rachel must finally end up together again.... Anyway, as the executive producers swore it : "The show will end with an happy destiny for each friend." That's all we want after all for our best buddies, what they deserve the best.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow
Jennifer Aniston
David Schwimmer

DVD title: Funakoshi Shotokan Two - d
Productgroup: DVD
Funakoshi Shotokan Two - d - movie DVD cover picture
Just as good as the others!!

I love these dvds. nothing more to be said. go see my reviews for the other Shotokan dvds.

Studio: Rising Sun Productions
Director: Sparteco Bertoletti

DVD title: Cleopatra Jones
Productgroup: DVD
Cleopatra Jones - movie DVD cover picture
Right On Sister! Right On!

This movie is dope. Cleo is one badass babe. This movie is actually quite well done and doesn't get boring. Its got good action and is very funny. Get it on DVD.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Jack Starrett
Tamara Dobson
Bernie Casey

DVD title: Seven
Productgroup: DVD
Seven - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Horror movie.

As a lover of Horror films, i would have to see this is a mightyfine film of the genre. It's about two Detectives ( Playedby Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) who are after a deadly criminalwho has used the 7 deadly sins as clues for them to follow.It's part Drama, part thriller and part Horror that will make you shiver in your bones and wretch at the same time with some of the most distrubing crime scenes to ever commit on film.
Other similar movies i would recommend: Manhunter, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Suspiria,and L.A. Confidential.

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: David Fincher
Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

DVD title: Yoga For Athletes
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga For Athletes - movie DVD cover picture
Innovative YOGA DVD

I've practiced yoga for many years, and have attended many classes. I usually do not like to use tapes or dvd's, because I am not happy with the instructor's style, and grow bored with the predictable routines easily. This dvd is very different from everything I've ever used, in that you can change your routines easily, and the instructor is very informative about the correct way to hold each pose. This is definitely a dvd worth owning, and I have been using it for months now and still enjoy using it greatly.

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.
Michael Wohl
Barbara Benagh

DVD title: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Productgroup: DVD
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Movie, f*ck all the haters!

This was the best movie I've ever seen! Being asian, i can relate to some of the problems that Harold has and the many stereotypical people and racists have crossed my path as well. I love this movie for two reasons: Its funny as hell and it made me proud to be Asian. I've never felt a connection to a movie so strong before this since American History X (racism in America) and Better Luck Tomorrow (Asians proving that we're all not just book smart kids). This movie also shows the minorities can make hit movies as well as the majorities. John Cho and Kal Pen prove that Asians and Indians can get real cake too. This movie was the greatest, even my parents thought this movie was hilarius.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Danny Leiner
John Cho
Kal Penn

DVD title: Dead Man
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Man - movie DVD cover picture
"Don't let the sun burn a hole in your ass William Blake.."

This movie is incredibly sullen. It's dark -literally and figuratively. Like very few reviewers I found it to be wholesome and complete. Some find it chauvinistic becuz it's a "western". Watch the movie, rather, experience this movie, and you will see that this movie is all but "western". It's an art film. My advice is not to watch it when you are in a good mood. Soundtrack is THE important part of this movie. At first, Neil Young vehemently penetrates your ears with the bass guitar. Then, as the movie proceeds, it settles in. After a while, the soundtrack, the black and white cinematography, the dialogues between Depp and Farmer, they all blend in. Like someone already wrote, the movie plays on all kinds of different levels. This movie epitomized 19th century American West and the Pacific Northwest for me. I loved everything about this incredible film. I mean, if it wasn't for this movie, I would have never even paid attention to William Blake. Don't try to figure out the details or events that happen in the movie. To be corny, "let the river of mirror take you on a journey accross the sea...". Here's a little teaser:Nobody (Farmer): " You seem to have collected more of white man's metal, William Blake".William Blake (Depp): "Yeah, I seem to be a magnet for it".

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Johnny Depp
Gary Farmer

DVD title: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors
Productgroup: DVD
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors - movie DVD cover picture
All of the Right Elements

Dream Warriors brings back exactly what Freddy's Revenge lacked. Actual Elm Street kids as in kids of the parents who torched Freddy; Imaginative dream sequences; Characters with some depth and relationships worth caring about; and Heather Langenkamp.

Dream Warriors is a perfect example of what I wish every Nightmare movie could have been about. Freddy takes each kid's own weakness and uses it against them. In later sequels, these sort of things are hinted at or underused. In Dream Warriors, the weaknesses of the kids gave the kids character and depth. And this gave Freddy more character too. I'm not generally saying all the kids gave great acting. The better performances come from Patricia Arquette (the girl can scream) and Jennifer Rubin ("In my dreams, I'm beautiful ... and baaad.")

Chuck Russel captures a very unique atmosphere in Dream Warriors. Subtle blues and blatant reds are used a lot and sets the tone of the film very well. The dream sequences are the best here: the freddy snake, the puppet boy, Taryn's nightmare, and the first use of the Elm Street house in it's dream-state.

On my list of best to worst Elm Streets, Dream Warriors sits at #2 right after New Nightmare. It has what the original Nightmare had, has more, and it has what the following sequels tried to capitalize on but didn't do as well.

The DVD is much like most of the Nightmare. Simple, widescreen, trailer, that's all. But this one is worth the simple disc.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Chuck Russell
Heather Langenkamp
Robert Englund

DVD title: The Music Man (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Music Man (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Morton DaCosta
Robert Preston
Shirley Jones

DVD title: Ocean's Eleven (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ocean's Eleven (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
This FULL SCREEN version works!

I loathe "full screen" versions of films. The only exception would be when the spherical matting on top and bottom is removed to expose the full camera aperture, removing NOTHING from the sides. That STILL doesn't represent the director's intended composition, but that is FAR more acceptable than pan + scanning. So it is with great surprise that I find myself really liking the "full frame" edition of Ocean's Eleven. The widescreen version is preferred definitely, but Soderbergh has truly pulled off dual framing with exceptional results. Ocean's was filmed in the Super 35 format, which allows a filmmaker to alter between a widescreen and 4:3 aspect with minimal compromise; far less disastrous than if the principal photography was filmed solely with anamorphic lenses. I find either aspect ratio works. The "full screen" in this case, is completely acceptable. Not only that, but the movie itself is sooo good - it's like a great song you can listen to over and over again and never tire of it.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Steven Soderbergh
George Clooney
Brad Pitt

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