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DVD title: Pride and Prejudice
Productgroup: DVD
Pride and Prejudice - movie DVD cover picture
Nice transfer of a classic

Recently my tape version of this finally died. I think I killed it with overuse. I learned that it had recently been transferred to DVD and ordered it. I have had bad experiences with such transfers, but was hoping that it would be at least viewable. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is bright and clear on DVD!

I came in by way of reading this story before I saw the video versions. Perhaps that explains why I prefer this version -- which has much more of the feel of the novel -- to the quite excellent version from the 1990's. The later version is a bit darker, but also, well, sexier with a touch of beefcake -- at least as much so as you are going to get in a tale of Miss Austen's -- but the light touch, the humor, and the superb casting of this older version still has my heart. If you are a high school student cheating by watching a video rather than reading the book -- shame on you! -- this is the one to watch. You are, by the way, depriving yourself of exposure to one of the finest stylists in English literature. And did you notice the price? This is a bargain!

Studio: BBC
Director: Cyril Coke

DVD title: Kiki's Delivery Service
Productgroup: DVD
Kiki's Delivery Service - movie DVD cover picture
Just enjoy the magic!

After reading all of the critiques of this DVD presentation, I am amazed that I still enjoy watching this film. Instead of thinking too much about the technical aspects of translation, try sitting down with this movie and let its beatiful story roll over you. It will make you wish that you were 13 years old again, when your innocent view of the world was both shaken and renewed by the acts of others. If you are a parent, you must buy this for your jaded, modern children. Mine were entranced, presumably by the idea that Kikki could live on her own whle still maintaining her dignity and sense of responsibility to her new friends.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Minami Takayama

DVD title: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - movie DVD cover picture
One of Steve Martin's best!

This film would make a great gift for older parents. The movie includes many of the great actors and actresses of the 40's and 50's. Seeing them pop up in one scene after another brings the comments of "do you remember her(him), who is that?, oh my that is Ingrid Bergman, look how young she looks, etc. I know my mom would love it and so would others of her generation.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Carl Reiner
Steve Martin
Rachel Ward

DVD title: Wild Things
Productgroup: DVD
Wild Things - movie DVD cover picture
Packed with babes!

The first time I saw the poster of Wild Things at the movies I immediately wanted to see it. Seeing that Neve Campbell has changed her attitude really shocked me but I wanted to see what her character was like. When Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards) accuses guidance counselor of her school (played by Matt Dillion : Theres Something About Mary) her story is also joined on by an un-typical teenage girl, Suzy Toller (hot babe Neve Campbell : 54, Scream II) it all becomes a story of murder, mystery and thrills and chills. This movie is sure to give you clues of whats gonna come, but it is very sure to suprize you with lots of plot twists. Great storyline as well, well written and the casting director certainly chose the right people!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: John McNaughton
Matt Dillon
Kevin Bacon
Neve Campbell

DVD title: Cool Hand Luke
Productgroup: DVD
Cool Hand Luke - movie DVD cover picture
To merit respect

This is my favorite movie. It is one of the ultimate male-defining movies of all time. It has action, humor, tragedy, and drama. It rings true (the writer had actually served time on a chain gang). When, at the age of 12, I first saw this movie [particularly the fight in the yard scene], I realized that life isn't always an "A" or an "F". Often a person rates at least a "C" if not an "A" just for trying. In other words, one who puts forth real effort is deserving of respect whether or not they come out "on top" or "first place". The 50 egg challenge is great. The repeated "fugitive" pursuit scenes are well-done. The different songs played and sung by Harry Dean Stanton are perfect. The story is magnificent as are the many great lines: "Still shakin' it, Boss!" and "What we got here is a failure to communicate." With such a cast too! Joe Don Baker, Ralph Waite, Wayne Rogers, Strother Martin, Dennis Hopper, and, of course, Paul Newman. This movie inspired me and never fails to do so every time I view it again.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Paul Newman
George Kennedy
Strother Martin

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture
Chick flick? I think not!

A stunning achievement in every aspect. This movie deserves a place among the classics. This is no chick flick. It is a movie that everyone needs to experience, if only once. Do so with an open mind! Colossal epic.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: A Walk to Remember
Productgroup: DVD
A Walk to Remember - movie DVD cover picture
A Movie To Remember.

This movie is certainly one to never be forgotten. It stars the handsome actor Shane West and the very talented Mandy Moore. This movie is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks and is definetly on my top 3 list. It is one you should go and see or if you don't get a chance, rent it when it comes out. I know I am going to buy it! I saw this movie twice in two days because it is just so good. Once with two friends and the second with my mom. I probably cried harder the second time. I am even to embarassed to cry in front of my friends but it is just so moving that I couldn't hold back the tears. Mandy and Shane did a terrific job and I think that I will see it again this weekend!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Adam Shankman
Shane West
Mandy Moore (II)

DVD title: Earthquake
Productgroup: DVD
Earthquake - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: Mark Robson
Charlton Heston
Ava Gardner

DVD title: House
Productgroup: DVD
House - movie DVD cover picture
Surprise bonus movie!!

I loved seeing this movie when I was younger. Very campy, funny and at times scary. ....This DVD was a pleasant surprise. I stumbled across the fact that it was being released and pre-ordered it without knowing anything about the features that were to be included. I received the DVD and noticed a sticker on the front that said: 20,000 copies will also have House 2: The Second Story included as a bonus. Nothing else on the jacket/clamshell mentioned it. I opened the wrapper and looked inside...low and behold. They secretly stored two seperate DVDs in there, one for each movie. It's not promoted anywhere. Get this DVD. 2 movies for the price of one!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: Steve Miner
William Katt
Kay Lenz

DVD title: The Ten Commandments
Productgroup: DVD
The Ten Commandments - movie DVD cover picture
Go get your straw

Obviously this is a great movie, but I experienced years of frustration trying to get disc #2 to start. I got this advice from Toshiba: (1)load disc 2 and wait for main menu (2) go to special features and play one of the trailers (3) during playback of the trailer, press STOP (4) press T (SEARCH), select title 6 and press ENTER. Main menu will appear again (5) when PLAY is highlighted, press MENU and the movie will play. DO NOT press ENTER or the movie will lock up. It works for us! (But you have to follow these directions precisely.) Good luck!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Charlton Heston
Yul Brynner

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