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DVD title: Baby Einstein - Baby Galileo - Discovering the Sky
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein - Baby Galileo - Discovering the Sky - movie DVD cover picture
Nice addition to the series

Ever since Disney's takeover, the old original Baby Einstein style is now just the skeleton of this latest addition to the series. The puppetry is completely different, kind of like "Johnny Quest" meets claymation. It's sort of odd to watch at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it (hey, it's for our kids, right?) It's the kind of jerky motion that you'd see in the old claymation cartoons. Well, I think I remember someone complaining about the bad puppetry in the previous Baby Neptune, they have definitely addressed this issue, for now they are moving with less of a sock-puppet feel and more of a marionette. (I kind of miss those sock-puppets!)It's disappointing to hear them use the same classical music as in the other DVDs, there are *some* new songs, but LOTS of recycled music. With all the beautiful classical music available, it's surprising that they didn't care to find different songs to fit the Galileo theme.
You will also notice the backdrop to be dark. I think they are trying to hone in on the "night sky" feel / Galileo theme compared to the stark white backgrounds from before. It's as if it's been planned by some slick sophisticated advertising executive, it really has a different feel to it.
With the puppet interludes in between various scenes, they use the same (if not completely identical) scene with Baby Galileo (who is a baby kangaroo) holding a balloon and letting it go. Over and over, at least 4 times! It was kind of neat in Baby Beethoven how they had varying scenes with the duck and the dog. If you have Baby Beethoven, you'll see what I mean.
Well, all my criticisms are just MY criticisms. I think the real indicator of whether or not this is a hit is my 14 month old daughter! As with any new DVD, she's a little apprehensive and sometimes scared at first, but with multiple playings, this particular Baby Einstein has been as captivating as the rest of them. This also keeps her engaged, and I guess that's the opinion that really counts! If your child has enjoyed previous Baby Einstein videos, add this one on, they will be sure to enjoy it as well.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video

DVD title: Prenatal Yoga
Productgroup: DVD
Prenatal Yoga - movie DVD cover picture
Great Yoga Video

I bought this video and the Crunch Yoga Mama video. I like both but I think this one is more in depth. I feel like I get a better yoga workout.

In response to some of the posts that had negative things to say...first of all I don't care that this video uses a voice over. Because once you do a video a few times you don't look at it as much. It didn't bother me at all. Also, so what if the instructor is not officially pregnant. In the video she represents first tri with 2 other women (one in second tri and one in third) behind her. I for one like it when the instructor says exhale and inhale because it helps me to remember which one is more beneficial for that particular move. The instructor's voice is soothing, the music is relaxing, and the setting is very peaceful.

I definately reccommend this video for those looking for a more in depth yoga video and not just and easy relaxing video.

Studio: Gaiam
Shiva Rea

DVD title: Notting Hill (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Notting Hill (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
a very enjoyable movie!

There is so many videos around which cry out "Hillarios! Two thumbs up!" - you believe it, you watch it, and you end up severely disappointed. Lets face it - most new movies are dull and boring, and the plot is predictable from the very beginning. This one is different. It does not promise much on the box, but delievers an evening of enjoyment. A combination of Hollywood-style film making with a british cast of actors resulted in a love story with excellent (much wittier than you would usually get from a standard Hollywood-made "comedy") humor. Honestly speaking, this film was a pleasant surprise for me, and I don't remember when my family and I laughed that much. It is witty, it is very well done, it has excellent actors - everything you want from a movie to relax after a busy day.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Roger Michell
Julia Roberts
Hugh Grant

DVD title: Pumpkinhead
Productgroup: DVD
Pumpkinhead - movie DVD cover picture

Awesome,movie was the best ever.I have never seen a horror movie as good as this one.It keeps you on your toes through the whole movie!!The design of the monster is so awesome.It goes great with the back ground of the movie.The special effects are even better than the ones in Pumpkin head 2.Acting is great and the atmosphere of it is spooky and creepy.Its realy gory to.And they make the teens look like bad guys so somtimes it makes you root for pumpkin head.but any ways this is a perfect horror movie.I see no flaws or any thing in it but I do think if it was released a few years later the special effects would have been even better.I dont think that any actor could have replaced Lance Henriksen.Some of the teens did a good job of acting to.If your sick of horror villains that spit out endless one-liners like Freddy Krueger,Chucky,and Pinhead in sequels 3 and up(not that I dont like those horrors,I love them)then you will like pumkinhead.He is realy an evil creature that lets his sharp claws,and bone breaking strength do the talking for him.He is very scary looking to.Still,I have no idea why this great horror is so underrated.Could it just be the name of the movie,or the picture on the movie case that people see and say it looks stupid?Well,I suggest that you dont pay attention to the case or name,and listen to the positive reviews about this great film(it's obvious to me that there are more good reviews about this film than bad ones).So I please ask you to atleast take a look at this movie,it will be way better than you think.Bye now.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Stan Winston
Lance Henriksen
Jeff East

DVD title: The Miracle Maker - The Story of Jesus
Productgroup: DVD
The Miracle Maker - The Story of Jesus - movie DVD cover picture
The best Jesus movie in the past decade

Now that is a pretty strong statement for me to make. After all I am a huge Christian Bale fan and I loved his performance as Jesus in "Mary, mother of Jesus"...but how can I compare "Mary..." with the superb "The Miracle Maker" and I dont mean the story of Helen Keller. I remember hearing about the Miracle Maker and just rolling my eyes. "Great," I was thinking. "A boring claymation story of Jesus' life. Why cant they leave well enough alone?" When Easter came, I had completely forgotten about "The Miracle Maker" being on tv. My mom was flipping through the tv channels and she called me over to see this "crazy" thing on tv. Well it was the "Miracle maker", I was enticed from the first glance. I caught it at the time Jesus was getting baptized by John and wow, I was impressed. This isnt like all the other claymation stories. There is a high level of technology put in to make the claymation Jesus...real. It is like a cross between an animated cartoon Jesus and the real life human being Jesus. It is a big trip. The actors do a fine magnificent job at their roles. If you had to pick only one Jesus movie, this would be it!

Studio: Family Home Entertainment

DVD title: The X-Files - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture

This is the most profound show in science fiction since Star Trek. It possesses so many good elements of the genre. Mystery, monsters, and the struggle between good and evil are paramount in the world of the X-files.
This season picks up where the last left off as the "X-Files" have been shut down, Mulder and Scully have been reassigned, and the fight for the truth is in peril. These episodes are some of the strongest in the series. The new informant, who took the place of "Deep Throat," is very strong. Assistant Director Skinner's role is brought to the forefront as it is difficult to see where his loyalties lie.
Some of the craziest episodes of the series are in season 2. The drama revolving around the abduction of Scully in "Duane Barry" and her return in "One Breath" is probably some of the most intense in the nine years that this show graced the airwaves.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
David Duchovny

DVD title: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Productgroup: DVD
2001: A Space Odyssey - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Best

This is one of the best films ever made, and belongs in its own category. There's not really a plot, per se, and the characters are not there to amuse you. This is art. Anyone who doesn't "get it" (as I didn't when I first watched it) needs to read the book first. In fact, reading the book is probably manditory. It's not one of Clarke's better books (in fact, I think it's one of his worst and I've read almost all of them), but it will let you in on what is happening (though the book differs from the movie on some parts). I also strongly recommend a chemical enhancement of some sort, perhaps an herbal remedy or something, though you didn't hear that from me.

As for those who complain about the lack of plot or interesting characters, please stop embarrassing yourself. That's like complaining about Mozart's music for the lack of electric guitar. The character's are intended to be boring, lifeless, and mechanical. That's the point. This isn't entertainment. This is art, and is movie-making at it's finest. And I find it very interesting and enlightening, especially if you have the proper enhancement. You should just sit back and enjoy it.

BTW, as Arthur C. Clarke once stated, 2001 is not based on his short story "The Sentinel". There are a few loose similarities, but there is barely any connection between them.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Keir Dullea
Gary Lockwood

DVD title: Undercover Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Undercover Blues - movie DVD cover picture
Deserved a Sequal... Or a Series!

This movie is so good, I feel compelled to dedicate to it my first Amazon review ever. The majority of the other reviewers are right about this little gem; it is a totally underrated sleeper hit, and I believe the only reason it didn't get much attention at the box office is that it was overshadowed by the cinematic giant known as "Jurassic Park" (1993). Seriously!

This film is both smart and silly, in all the best ways. The dialog is witty, and both Quaid and Turner exude confidence and charm, yet they are not plastic or artificial. They both have real concern for the other's safety and wellbeing, and especially that of their baby daughter (who is adorable!).

Plus, it features something rare in modern entertaiment: A married couple who love each other passionately and are extremely attracted to eachother, don't cheat on eachother or fight with each other (except for the occasional playfully bantering disagreement), and who just generally display a positive attitude toward married and parental life! This is a concept that Hollywood should explore and celebrate! (Please pardon my little happy rant.) ^_^;

And then there's Muerte (or Morty, as the Blues like to call him). Stanley Tucci very nearly steals the show with his comedic performance, which provides a perfect slapstic counterpoint to the Blues' confident composure and snappy banter.

If there are any caveats to this film, they would be the single use of the f-word (Which alone is responsible for the PG-13 rating) and the somewhat foul mouth of the police detective (frequent exclamations of "God-D*mn!"). Also, there is bit of suggestive flirting between Mr and Mrs Blue that references their love-life, but it's actually rather refreshing to see this in a married couple on screen.

All that said, rent or Buy this movie (especially now that it's on DVD)! Undercover Blues is at the very least enjoyable, and I wish it could have had a sequal!
(Jeff Blue: "Now...Which way IS Cuba?") ^__~

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Herbert Ross
Kathleen Turner
Dennis Quaid

DVD title: WWE Wrestlemania XX
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Wrestlemania XX - movie DVD cover picture
wrestlemania 21 predictions

wrestle mania 21
sunday night heat match:simon dean vs.viscera
winner:simon dean at 4 minuets 2/10

wrestle mania 21 matches
john cena vs. orlando jordan
winner:john cena at 9 minuets 8/10 tag team title fatal-fourwag tag team elimination match
eugene & william regal vs.the hurricane & rosey resistance vs.rhyno & tajiri
winners:eugene & william regal at 12 minuets 6/10

3.intercontinential title fatal-four way match
shelton benjamin vs.maven vs.christian vs.matt hardy
winner:matt hardy at 14 minuets 9/10

4.tag team turmoil for the wwe tag team titles
rey mysterio & rvd vs.carlito caribbean cool & jesus vs. the bashams vs.the dudley boys vs.rene dupree & kenzo suzuki vs.mark jindrak & luther reigns
winners:mark jindrak & luther reigns at 19 minuets 10/10

5.interpromotional woman title 8-pac match
torrie wilson vs.trish stratus vs.lita vs.miss jackie vs.dawn marie vs.molly holly vs.victoria vs.stacy kiebler
winner:lita at 7 minuets 7/10

6.flag match
muhamed hassan & khasrow daivari vs.the rock'n sock connection
winners:the rock'n sock connection at 17 minuets 8.5/10

7.shawn michaels vs. edge
winner:shawn michaels at 20 minuets 9.5/10

8.buried alive match
the undertaker vs.heidenreich
winner:the undertaker at 13 minuets 6/10

9.#1contenders match for the wwe title
booker t vs.kurt angle vs. eddie guerrero
winner:kurt angle at 18 minuets 10/10

10.hell in a cell match
kane vs. gene snitsky
winner:kane at 22 minuets 9.5/10

11.wwe title match
jbl vs.the big show
winner:the big show at 17 minuets 6.5/10

12.cruisrweight title over the top rope battle royal
paul london vs.billy kidman vs.spike dudley vs.shannon moore vs.funaki vs.akio vs.scotty 2 hotty vs.chavo guerrero
winner:paul londo at 10 minuets 10/10

13.interpromotional 6 man tag team match
chris benoit,chris jericho & val venis vs.dan puder,charlie haas & hardcore holly
winners:chris benot,chris jericho, & val venis at 12 minuets 9/10 heavy weight title fatal fourway match
triple hhh vs. ric flair vs. randy orton vs. batista
winner:batista at 29 minuets 10/10

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Brock Lesnar

DVD title: Perfect Blue
Productgroup: DVD
Perfect Blue - movie DVD cover picture

Definitely not sci-fi. It would be awful if it wasn't anime, but the animation quality nicely balanced the bizarre story. Wierd but GOOD.

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video
Director: Satoshi Kon

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