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DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
New Mellenium Classic

This movie is one of the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy films around. The characters are well developed along with the story. Although the movie is slightly different than the book (omissions of some characters) it still remains a solid adventure story. Please note that the 3 star rating is for the DVD, not the movie.
The disappointing DVD released in August is a let down. It only includes theatrical trailers and some made for television specials as extras. The most aggravating of which was a promo for a better DVD version coming out in November. The extras seemed to be one big commercial for future products, not giving any real insight to the planning, producing, or character development.
My advice, borrow the DVD from a friend who got snookered into buying the August version. Wait and buy the November edition which will include more sneaks of the up-coming film along with better commentary.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: AC/DC - No Bull (Live Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas, Madrid)
Productgroup: DVD
AC/DC - No Bull (Live Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas, Madrid) - movie DVD cover picture
electrifying angus at his best

not only does this video have some great songs but it also has great props including a huge rosie balloon and a giant wrecking ball, and best of all is angus' 10-15 minute solo without any rythm guitar or drums, at one point in the solo he's elevated on a platform in the middle of the audience bottom line...... GREAT VIDEO

Studio: Wea/Elektra Entertainment
Director: David Mallet

DVD title: Unbreakable (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Unbreakable (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie

I liked this movie better than Shyamalan's last flick, The Sixth Sense. In all fairness, people shouldn't even compare the two, because they deal with two different things. Shyamalan's directing at times is inventful, but sometimes it makes you look more at how the camera angle is rather than the plot or characters. Bruce Willis, gives a great performance, and Sam Jackson does well...aswell. THe extras are great, specifically the deleted scenes. Some of them I wish had been left in. The sound is incredible, I hope you got 5.1. The color is so crisp and rich. It's a great DVD to get for your self or as a present. Get it.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Bruce Willis
Samuel L. Jackson

DVD title: Chicago (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Chicago (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
And Hollywood Comes Back With a Vengance

The new sure fire hit musical "Chicago," will prove that the 2002-2003 movie season will be the best one in a long time.With a movie musical, a 50's melodrama (Far From Heaven) an acid writing comedy (Adaptation) a deep drama (The Hours), 2003 is already shelling out great Oscar contenders.Yes, the season will have its hit floozies: 8 Mile, Friday After Next, but I am happy to say that films like Friday After Next are no panning well at the box office.Sure enough, films like "Chicago" will start Hollywood's great quest back to stylish and brilliant movies.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Rob Marshall
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Renée Zellweger

DVD title: Punch-Drunk Love (Two Disc Special Edition) (Superbit Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Punch-Drunk Love (Two Disc Special Edition) (Superbit Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Stunning and Magnificent

I don't even know where to start. This movie had me AMAZED from start to finish, leaving me clueless as to what was going to happen next. I knew that 'Punch-Drunk Love' was going to be a great movie, but I didn't think that I would fall in love with it the way I did when I saw it on a Friday night. Written and directed by P.T. Anderson, the man behind 'Boogie Nights' and 'Magnolia,' 'Punch-Drunk Love' is an overwhelming, comedic masterpiece that will stay in your head for days.
Adam Sandler stars as Barry Egan, a person who owns his own business. Barry's quiet, shy, and he tries his best to avoid conflicts. But from growing up with a bunch of sisters who did nothing but torment him when he was little and when he grew up, it caused Barry to have the ability to violently snap without warning. No matter how nice and polite he tries to be, there's always someone who tries to push him over the edge just one step further. And things don't improve when Barry ends up getting blackmailed by a phone-sex operator after he talked to her, wanting nothing but a little companionship. Things do take a strange turn when he meets one of his sister's friends, Lena. The two fall for each other in their own insane way. And that's when all the fun begins, because now with a love in his life, Barry is ready to take on anything that stands in his way. All of this adds up to one strange and dark comedy unlike any you have ever seen.
This was such an incredible movie. During the night after seeing it, I could not get any sleep because the film was stuck in my head all night long. I just kept thinking about it. I was even thinking about it the next day! It's been quite awhile since a film has been able to do that to me. (Last movie was 'Memento.') It was done in such a unique and original way.
And for once, Sandler is finally getting respect from critics. I just find it humorous that the same people who said that Sandler could neither act or be funny are now completely backpedaling on what they said. The acting by Sandler was great. He's so subtle in this film that even the slightest thing he does seems comical. He can be funny without even trying. Emily Watson is also fantastic in playing Lena, who appears to be every bit as disturbed as Barry (except without the anger problems). Anderson Regulars, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Luis Guzman are also great in their roles. Which is probably why P.T. has them in almost all of his movies. (I have not seen his first movie, but they were in both 'Boogie Nights' and 'Magnolia.)
P.T. Anderson has been a fan of Sandler?s for quite sometime, so he said in an interview conducted by Roger Ebert. He'd always watch his movies if he felt bummed out or just wanted to laugh. Anderson actually wrote this movie FOR Adam Sandler. I have a feeling he wouldn't had written it with anyone else in mind. And I think that is awesome. His writing and direction is really original and refreshing. Anderson isn't out to make movies that are bound to be commercial-popular or are going to bring in the big bucks at the box office. He makes movies to tell a story, no matter how strange, bizarre, or dark that story may be. If he thinks it's worth telling, then he does so with his movies. I really admire that.
Be warned, this isn't going to be your typical Sandler film. And it isn't your typical comedy. It is strange, offbeat, and different. Many people are bound not to like it. It's just a fact. This is NOT a romantic comedy, despite what some of the critics or trailers will lead you to believe. (Although the original theatrical trailer did an excellent job of representing the film for what it was.) This is a genera that comedy has never seen before. I don't even think there's a reasonable category you could put it in. Just know that this isn't going to be your typical Adam Sandler film, nor is it going to be a cutesy romantic comedy. If you want a romantic comedy, see 'Mr. Deeds' instead. If you love movies that aren't afraid to be different, then choose 'Punch-Drunk Love.' I thought it was an amazing and hilarious trip down the dark side of Sandler's persona in which we have never seen before. Definitely goes down on my list of 'best movies of 2002.' Can't wait for the DVD! In fact, I loved the movie so much, I just might see it one more time before it does come out on DVD. A spectacular film that amazed me on every level.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Adam Sandler
Emily Watson
Philip Seymour Hoffman

DVD title: The Replacements
Productgroup: DVD
The Replacements - movie DVD cover picture
Worth Seeing

This film is essentially Necessary Roughness reincarnated for the 21st century. Except this time, Kathy Ireland has been traded for a wise-cracking, nipple-rubbing Welch kicker.
Despite the similar plot lines, The Replacements has enough surprises and character twists to stand alone. The musical score is simply incredible, and does a fantastic job of setting the mood for each scene. I've gotten more miles out of this dvd than many "critically acclaimed" films.
Bottom Line: It's uplifting, hilarious fun that is worth every penny. Anyone who has had a dream will enjoy this one.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Howard Deutch
Keanu Reeves
Gene Hackman
Brooke Langton

DVD title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Perfection.

How can you not like this movie? This movie was not meant to be a serious drama or not even a hardcore action was meant to be fun! Once that is in your mind, you will thouroghly enjoy this movie that made history with its live action characters. If you were a little kid when this movie came out, you did not care about little things like the plot or the script. And for grown-ups, the movie awakened the little child in all of us and we found ourselves remembering the days of yesteryear, when we were watching Saturday morning cartoons, rooting for the good guys to kick the bad guys butts. The movie is good, so if you don't take this movie too seriously, you will enjoy it. The way the live action characters interact with their environment is really something. The turtles are a brilliant creation of Jim Henson, whose legacy still lives. If you are in the mood to just enjoy a simpler movie without all the expensive special effects, go watch this movie and forget about your troubles for about 90 minutes.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Steve Barron
Judith Hoag
Elias Koteas

DVD title: Miles Electric - A Different Kind of Blue
Productgroup: DVD
Miles Electric - A Different Kind of Blue - movie DVD cover picture
Tremendous DVD and concert!

This is the way a DVD should be made. In addition to presenting the concert in 5.1 (check out the wierd percussion sounds coming from your rear speakers!), it's a fascinating documentary. There are plenty of interviews with musicians from Miles' band at the time, like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Airto, Dave Holland. Other greats like Carlos Santana and Marcus Miller, who worked extensively with Miles in the 80s, offer additional insight into the genius that was Miles Davis. Miles' groundbreaking electric jazz/rock experiments are put into context by explaining how Miles was being influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Sly, James Brown and other black pioneers of the 60s. Just phenominal! The music itself is probably not for everyone, but if you like it, go out and get some of the double albums from this period, like Fillmore East, Black Beauty, Live Evil, etc.

Studio: Red Distribution, In
Director: Murray Lerner

DVD title: Prenatal Yoga
Productgroup: DVD
Prenatal Yoga - movie DVD cover picture
Used it throughout pregnancy

I used this yoga video throughout the pregnacy and it definately made me feel better after I went through the exercise. I could get motivated to do it because I knew I would feel better-less back pain, an overall feeling of well being, a smile on my face, and relaxation at the end. It goes through the sequence with a soothing instructor and a lady for each trimester of the pregnancy to follow. I caught on quickly to the movements and I was not a yoga master to begin with. Anybody can use this video at every stage. It was so easy--when my belly grew so I couldn't stretch one way, I just followed the next trimester person. Gentle and reassuring and thumbs up for the relaxation at the end. My husband did this with me too and we both fell asleep one evening because we relaxed so much! Definate thumbs up!

Studio: Gaiam
Shiva Rea

DVD title: The Killing Fields
Productgroup: DVD
The Killing Fields - movie DVD cover picture
The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields was a movie showing the war going on between the Cambodian Government ant the Cambodian Communist, Kherm Rouge. The storyline followed two characters through this blood war. A New York Times reporter named Sidney Schanberg ( Same Waterson) and his Cambodian assistant, Dith Pran ( Haing S. Ngor) risk their lives in the fields to uncover the truth of the Khrem Rouge and their attempst to brainwash and wipe out the former Cambodian race. I felt that the most moving part in the entire film was Pran's escape with the young boy, from the Khmer Rouge after his capture. He had traveled such a long ways with one of the Khmer Rouges Leaders two year old son. He had gone over mountains, through jungles, and through waters with this boy in his arms. This seen is extremly touching and overwhelming. This graphic film gave me a real good look at the hardships of people across the world. Director, Ronald Joffe' did an excellent job in my opinion. I would reccomend this film to teachers to show in their classrooms if they wish to discusss the wars in Cambodia or the Vietnam War. I loved the movie I give it 5 stars.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Roland Joffé
Sam Waterston
Haing S. Ngor

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