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DVD title: Sanford and Son - The First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sanford and Son - The First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Na-Na-Nana...Na-Na-Nana Nana Na

Great show - it's about time Sanford and Son made it to DVD.
Redd Fox is great at portraying a crotchedy old geezer who owns his own garbage-dealing business. Demond Wilson plays Fox's live-in son. Fox is always cranky and typically berates Wilson and calls him a "dummy."
The show is uproarious!!!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star

DVD title: Savage Garden: The Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Savage Garden: The Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture
A DVD of Savage Beauty

I first viewed Savage Garden: The Video Collection DVD last night. I've been a fan of Savage Garden since the beginning, but hadn't had a chance to see any of their videos. I was definitely impressed with this DVD. The interactive menus are cleverly designed and easy to use, and the subtitles (lyrics) are great for singing along (which I did) or for learning the words of the individual songs. There are some added features such as chapter access to songs and a profile of Savage Garden. There are five videos on this collection: To The Moon and Back, I Want You, Truly Madly Deeply, Tears Of Pearls and Break Me Shake Me. The fun of this DVD is in watching the differing hairstyles, clothes, atmospheres, and creative visions of the individual videos. Although there are no interviews or voiceovers, this collection provides a wonderful insight into Savage Garden. The music of Savage Garden represents many years of behind-the-scenes effort by instrumentalist Daniel Jones and vocalist Darren Hayes, and these videos perfectly capture the raw energy of the duo. This DVD is quickly becoming my favourite!

Studio: Sony/Columbia

DVD title: The Wedding Singer
Productgroup: DVD
The Wedding Singer - movie DVD cover picture
Drew barrymore, and adam. 22nd may 2004.

The film was ace, i thought by watching it that drew and adam would be brill together for real life. They are great friends and they both act together soooooooo cool! Drew is funny in a couple of parts of the film i certainly think she should be a comedian, she is sooooooooooo funny. I really enjoyed one of there other films they made together 50 first dates, that was soooooooooo romantic. I think this musical film defently deserves a 5 star and not less because the acting is cool, and they are both made to act together. And she's my favorite actress anyway. It got me so tempting in buying this video because i like to see films with them both in together, it is certainly a good film for you if you like drew or adam. GOT TO BE SEEN, EVEN IF YOU ARN'T MUCH FOR A MUSICAL.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Frank Coraci
Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore

DVD title: The Best of Mister Ed - Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
The Best of Mister Ed - Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture

Truly a delightful 60's series that deserves to be on DVD. I remember watching this show back in the 60's when I was a young pony....I mean youngster. A true classic. The sixties had such great shows. I'm not too happy that it's a mix of shows from different seasons. I don't understand why it's not in a whole first season form, but it's still worth getting. 21 episodes of a black and white classic. I hope for more.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Alan Young
Connie Hines
Allan Lane

DVD title: Trick
Productgroup: DVD
Trick - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best!

I just rented this movie and what a find! Great acting,especially by Tori Spelling,wonderful script. I thought to the 2 leads,Mark & Gabriel were wonderful and they really made you feel the attraction. Definetly a movie to view again & again. I can't wait until it comes down in price so I can get a copy for my own library. It is worth repeated viewings! Highly recommended!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Fall
Christian Campbell
John Paul Pitoc

DVD title: The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Lizzie McGuire Movie - movie DVD cover picture
What Dreams Are Made Of.

The summer of 2003 will be memorable for a number of reasons, but one event will stand out in my mind. 2004 was the summer in which negotiations between Disney and Hilary Duff broke down. The bottom line was that Hilary Duff would no longer assume the mantle of Lizzie McGuire. The working title for this film had been, "Ciao Lizzie!" and we see only too late that indeed this film was our goodbye to Lizzie. Knowing that this is our last glimpse into the life of this blossoming heroine infuses The Lizzie McGuire Movie with a certain elegiac resonance. Watching this movie is like a final parting with an intimate childhood friend who moves away before falling out of touch.
The movie, though, is a fitting climax to an entertaining and warm show. The movie faithfully concentrates and expands upon the major themes of the television program. Lizzie, an awkward and klutzy middle school student, must respond to such character-defining challenges as remaining loyalty to friends and family, fulfilling responsibility to others, confronting her fears of not being accepted by her peers, and the general awkwardness of being a teenager. Part of the charm of the movie is its sensitive portrait of Lizzie herself. Lizzie must act decisively and conscientiously despite her self-doubt and clouded self-image. What the film captures ever so subtly is Lizzie's quiet growth and the emergence of her inner strength. We see her emerge from the battlefield of her adolescent war perhaps not unscathed but all the stronger for having survived. At times she is lured astray by such her own vanity or the promise of indulging short terms aspirations such as being popular. She does not always honor the right people and she blindly misplaces her affections at a whim. But even so, in the end she has the courage to act upon her convictions, and despite the disingenuous designs manipulating her, her heart remains pure.
As others have noted, many of the show's central characters are conspicuously missing. Most noticeable is the absence of Lalaine who played Lizzie's best friend, Miranda Sanchez. The dynamic feels stilted and incomplete without Miranda to round out Gordo's neuroticisms and Lizzie's na?vet?. Also M.I.A. are such recurring characters as Larry Tudgeman, Veruca, Kate's cousin Amy (played by Hilary's big sister Haylie), Lanny, Claire, Parker, and David. Even if they were minor characters, it still would have been a nice touch to see some of them touring Rome with Lizzie.
The DVD features are on the whole attention-grabbing. Most interesting are the "Why Not?" music video, the behind the scenes documentary, and the deleted scenes with an alternate ending. I love the video for "Why Not?" because the lyrics personify perfectly the sheer optimism and cheerfulness that were the cardinal traits of Lizzie herself. The documentary isn't terribly insightful, but helps to flesh out what it took to make the film and how the cast and crew approached the project. The deleted scenes are a treat, but won't really change how you interpret the movie. The alternate ending isn't revolutionary (i.e. Lizzie's crudely drawn alter ego doesn't come to life and kill everyone) but it is fun to imagine having it in place of the actual ending.
What is perhaps most rewarding about the film is appreciating how much Lizzie has matured. In the early episodes, she still looks very much like a little girl. By the time she performs for a sold-out audience in the Coliseum during the film's climax, one comes to a slow realization that Lizzie is no longer a child but has become a young woman. Though the curtains are drawn on the window into Lizzie's life and we are forced to part, we are grateful that we were privy to the formative years of this extraordinary and beloved individual, Lizzie McGuire. Ciao, Lizzie!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Fall
Hilary Duff
Adam Lamberg
Clayton Snyder

DVD title: Jaws (Full Screen Anniversary Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jaws (Full Screen Anniversary Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One best movie ever made.

What a movie , I was glued to the end. It's up there with all the Star Wars movies and you must see really this movie. With one of the best cast ever and qute (stort of) realisic shark. With a good start and very good ending.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Roy Scheider
Robert Shaw
Richard Dreyfuss

DVD title: Green Acres - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Green Acres - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
The Episode LIST

1. Wings Over Hooterville

2. Water, Water Everywhere

3. I didn't Raise my Pig to be a Soldier

4. How to See South America by Bus

5. The Ugly Duckling

6. One of our Assemblymen ios Missing

7. The Good Old Days

8. Eb Discovers the Birds and Bees

9. The Hooterville Image

10. You ought to be in Pictures

11. A Home isn't built in a day

12. A Square is not Round

13. An Old Fashion Christmas

14. Never trust a Little Old Lady

15. School Days

16. His Honor

17. It's So Peaceful in the Country

18. Exodus to Bleedwell

19. It's human to be humane

20. Never take your wife to a convention

21. The Computer Age

22. Never Start Talking Unless your voice comes out

23. The Beverly Hilbillies

24. Lisa's Vegetable Garden

25. The Saucer Season

26. Getting Even With Haney

27. Kimball Gets Fired

28. The Vulgar Ring Story

29. Who's Lisa

30. Music to Milk by

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Eddie Albert

DVD title: American Dreams - Season One (Extended Music Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
American Dreams - Season One (Extended Music Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
American Dreams -- Awesome Show!!!!

I have not missed one episode of American Dreams since it debuted in Fall 2002. Dick Clark is a genius. This show incorporates Music, Family and History all in one. Now that the music performances are extended it will make the show even better than it already is. I'll definitely be buying it. If you have seen the show or not buy it you will not be disappointed.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

At first sight, I reckoned this was going to be some self-righteous film that aimed to convert as well as to impose. I was wrong. This film focuses on Jesus of Nazareth from Judas Escariot's betrayal to Jesus' death. On a visual level, Gibson successfully incorporates graphic violence with flashbacks to give the viewer a convincing view of how Jesus may lived and how he suffered. In terms of substance, the acting was superb - James Caviezel was the perfect person to play Jesus. There was something about him -- I thought his presence gave the film the intensity that it had. However, other figures such as Mary Magdalene to the Roman soldiers were excellent. It is clear that a great deal of emotion and feeling went into the actors performances - you can feel Mary's pain when she is crying for her son and her desperate need to console him and you can almost feel that Judas' betrayal is eating away at him. Furthermore, another positive point was the language enriched the film and made it more authentic. Regardless of what religion you are part of, if you are an agnostic or an atheist, this film is highly recommended because it is an intense study of human flaws such as betrayal and condemnation.
People will have differing views on this film because religion is such a controversial topic but don't let yourself be discouraged by negative reviews - you have to see it to make up your own mind.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

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