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DVD title: Independence Day (Single Disc Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Independence Day (Single Disc Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My Review...

Hi, I am sure you know of the plot by now but I will ive a short summary. Independence Day is about a LARGE colony of aliens who invade our planet. The aliens are relentless and they could be to much for us. So, the entire message of the film is unity amoung us, as humans. Will Smith, Harry Connick JR., Bill Pullman and a list of others star in the film.
My DVD Review...
WOW, I do not think I have ever seen on a DVD so much stuff. The first disc contains the Theatrical version and the Special edition with over 9 minutes of extra footage. The second disc contains mucho material. It is everything a DVD collector would want. I just wish a lot of other DVD's would contain the same.
What the Disc contains, but this is just from memory so I will not of listed all of them. An HBO special I think, hosted by Jeff Goldblum the star of the film, Inside ID4, very extensive footage on the making of the buildings, such as the White House, New York buildings and the aliens, that was a really great segment. Also, the spaceships were shown in their irst stages of development, on draft paper and then in the modeling process.
There were ALOT more, I suggest you should really view the DVD's. Even if you do not like the movie, the time and effort put into the second disc is just worth it right there. I would really recommend you see this DVD set and a note on the deleted plane scene to the directors, thank you, thank you! Just kidding.
Also, for the people who do reviews; Do you ever notice how you think what your writing is long, but in reality it is short?
Thanks for reading,

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Roland Emmerich
Bill Pullman
Jeff Goldblum
Will Smith

DVD title: The Ball Of Their Lives
Productgroup: DVD
The Ball Of Their Lives - movie DVD cover picture
The ball of their lives INDEED!

It's nice to know that certain ethnic communities can still preserve their cultures even though they are located many thousands of miles from their mother country. As a Hungarian I feel very proud that those two Hungarian communities can successfully carry on with such important cultural events as debutant balls. After watching this film I was filled with pride and hope that these and many other similar traditions are still passed down to the new generations Canadians and Americans who are all willing participants in these wonderful events. This film explains why it is so important to hang onto one's culture and how it can be applied positively for the younger generations. Definitely recommended for parents and grandparents who want to show their reluctant kids and grandkids how much fun it can be to participate in such great events.

Studio: DreamQuest Films
Director: Tamás Wormser

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Boycott? I think not.

Fox canceled Firefly after airing only 11 of the 14 produced episodes, proving once again they really don't have a clue what viewers really want. I'm boycotting FOX until they bring the show back.
I got the complete season on DVD and love it! The price was great and is a great addition for any science fiction fan. Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, created a classic. The actors are wonderful. Hopefully the show will not only make a comeback, but the feature film will be released soon and perhaps some books published. Move over Star Trek, there's a better science fiction series!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: Flash Gordon
Productgroup: DVD
Flash Gordon - movie DVD cover picture
Classic filmaking

This movie of 1980 is a definite classic and has 5-STARS written all over it. The effects are excellent, the costumes are great and the screenplay is outstanding and don't forget the phenomenal soundtrack provided by Queen. The actors in this movie did an excellent job of making the comic book come to the big screens. Sam J. Jones played the famous and everlasting Flash Gordon and did a great job and he definately deserves a round of applause.
The movie starts out in space and you see the evil Emporer Ming (Max von Sydow) causing all kinds of weather mishaps to occur such as Hot Hail, Typhoon, Hurricane, Earthquakes, etc. Then you hear Ming's right hand man Klytus (Peter Wyngarde) asking the Ming, "Will you destroy this earth?" Ming says evily, "Later. I like to play with things awhile....BEFORE ANNIHILATION! Ha, Ha, Ha!" That right there tells what the movie is going to be about.
Now we go down to Earth and meet Flash (Jones) at the Airport waiting for his plane to arrive and joining him in the flight is lovely travel agent Dale Arden (Melody Anderson). When they go into flight, Ming starts causing more mayhem on earth. He starts an evil eclipse of some sort and then we meet Dr. Hans Zarkov (Topol), a former NASA scientist who has been claiming there will be an attack on the earth and now he realizes it's coming. So while Flash and Dale are still in the air in the middle of this eclipse, the pilots dissapear and now Flash and Dale land the plane right at Zarkov's house. So the three of them go into space in Zarkov's rocketship and land on the planet Mongo.
Now all three of them meet the evil Emporer Ming and Flash now realizes he has to stop him and save the Earth. So as the movie goes by, Flash gets the people of Mongo to team-up with him and overthrow Ming and kill him. The people that team up with him are Prince Barin (Timothy Dalton) and Prince Vultan (Brian Blessed) and his Hawkmen. So together they all start to take over by defeating the Imperial Fleet on the rocket Ajax. Now Flash flies the plane straight into Ming's palace and ends us killing him. The way he kills him is interesting.
This is the perfect movies for anyone he likes space movies. The storyline is great and the special effects are outstanding, especially for 1980 before the computers came out. The movie is a must buy. LONG LIVE FLASH!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Mike Hodges
Sam J. Jones
Melody Anderson

DVD title: Resident Evil - Apocalypse (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Resident Evil - Apocalypse (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely awesome!!!

Geez, what can I say!?!? I just saw this movie tonight and it was just so awesome. Now hopefully people will quit b*tching that the movie's not like the game.

I thought that the acting was done really well; the storyline was great; there was a lot more action and stuff happening; better, greater special effects .... Just all around good!

This one SERIOUSLY has a lot of "make-you-suddenly-jump-out-of-your-seat moments." This movie was just well done! A big step up from the first!

Let's hope for a third!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Alexander Witt
Milla Jovovich
Sienna Guillory
Oded Fehr

DVD title: The 59 Minute Baseball Practice
Productgroup: DVD
The 59 Minute Baseball Practice - movie DVD cover picture
Little talk, much action, just as kids should be coached

As a child psychologist who has been involved with sports and children for over 20 years, I was very impressed by the way in which Schupak gets his points across in innovative fashion with, as my 'title' suggests, more demonstration and fewer words. He seems to have both a love for the game and an understanding of children - a combination that I look for myself in the coaches of my own children. I think coaching, like teaching itself, is as much an art as a science, and not every drill or suggestion is going to work for every coach and situation, but I believe that most Little League coaches would find a wealth of fun and economical (in terms of time, but $ too) ways to work with their teams.

Studio: Youth Sports Club
Youth Baseball Players
Marty Schupak

DVD title: Knightriders
Productgroup: DVD
Knightriders - movie DVD cover picture
What can I say? It's Romero at his finest

This is a fantastic film! Where "Dawn of the Dead" was about consumerism, "Knightriders" is about greed.
George Romero shines with an original saga of a Camelot-esque traveling motorcycle troupe. They're simple, honest folk led by a just king...but villainous treachery (greed) nearly pulls the group apart. Ed Harris, in one of his earliest leading roles, is nearly consumed by self-doubt in his quest to slay the dragon and keep the group from compromising its values. But hey, this is an epic story and of course all turns out well, albeit bittersweet...
Technical characteristics are impressive given the low budget. You'd never think that Tom Savini can act, but act he does as a male "Morgana LeFay"-type character. What a "rennaissance" man (ducking)! Donald Rubenstein's original score is excellent; it's too bad that is not available. (The only drawback is that the theme won't leave your head for days, and is a little overused).
Finally, George and Chris Romero, Tom Savini, and Chris "The Greek" Stavrakis (brother of Taso) share lots of interesting background info on the commentary track. You'll even find out what happened to Billy and Linet's thrones...
This is how a Romero film should be released! Waiting anxiously for a proper "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead" collector's edition.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: George A. Romero
Ed Harris
Gary Lahti

DVD title: Forbidden Planet
Productgroup: DVD
Forbidden Planet - movie DVD cover picture
A Science Fiction Masterpiece

Forbidden Planet is on my short list of greatest Sci/Fi-Horror films of all time. It featured a plot that was far more sophisticated and thoughtful than most movies today, some impressive (for the 1950's) set designs and special effects, and a really weird score. I remember after seeing it as a child, having nightmares about being chased down long, empty corridors by the "invisible except when exposed to an electrical field" Lion-headed creature from the film (Alright, I know we were more easily frightened by movies back then, but there was just something creepy about that thing!). I am actually surprised, given the fact that so many mediocre films and T.V. shows are routinely remade (Scooby-Doo?), that nobody has taken a crack at this classic. In the right hands (Ridley Scott would be a good choice),a remake could be quite a hit.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Fred M. Wilcox
Walter Pidgeon

DVD title: Heat
Productgroup: DVD
Heat - movie DVD cover picture
if you feel the heat coming around the corner

I did'nt think it would ever happen,my three favorite actors in one movie and a good one at that.Val,Al,and Robert do a great job in this highly complex movie.If you go to the 'fridge while this one's on,put it on pause.My wife and I watched it three or four times before completly understanding certain parts of it.Now we've watched a couple of other times.The sound is great but I hate 16:9 ratio.Like I said in some of my other reveiws,I did not pay for a Sony only to get baloney.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Michael Mann
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Val Kilmer
Jon Voight

DVD title: Michael Flatley - Feet of Flames
Productgroup: DVD
Michael Flatley - Feet of Flames - movie DVD cover picture
Truly the best!

"Feet of Flames" truly is the best dance show ever done! Michael Flatley sure knows how to do it right...the music, sets, costumes, lights...and of course the dancing. His talent and artistic sense shine through every moment. Everything is immense feast for the senses!
The best thing with the DVD version is that it includes a 60-minute (or so) "making of" feature with interviews and extra footage of the show! Also included is a biography detailing Michael Flatley's career.
If you are deciding on whether to buy Feet of Flames or Lord of the Dance, you'd probably want to choose this one instead. Feet of Flames is basically the same as Lord of the Dance in the sense of storyline, however there are additional dances, a special flute solo performed my Michael Flatley himself, different & better costuming and the camera work is a whole lot better! The one thing I did not like about Lord of the Dance was the bad editing/camera work. The scenes cut away much too quickly. I owe both LOTD and FOF and I've found it more enjoyable to watch FOF purely for this reason. With Feet of Flames you get lots of different angles and extended views. Overall it's a much better put-together show.
If you're looking for traditional Irish dance, this shouldn't disappoint you either. Sure, it has modernized the idea of traditional dance and it is a couple of steps up from Riverdance but that's what makes it fun! It's so modern and exciting yet it still gives you that feel of deep-rooted Irish tradition.

Studio: Universal Studios

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