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DVD title: Sordid Lives
Productgroup: DVD
Sordid Lives - movie DVD cover picture
More Texas than gay

Though it's billed as a "gay" film, Sordid Lives is much more than a simple coming out comedy.
With a crazy, convoluted story and the perfect blend of Texas-style characters, this movie keeps you laughing from scene to scene.
I loved it. My best friend saw it 4 times and I cant wait for the video. The over-the-top characters are hillarious. I've never been in a theatre with that much laughter.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Del Shores
Delta Burke
Bonnie Bedelia

DVD title: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Productgroup: DVD
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - movie DVD cover picture
Finally this movie great gets first class treatment!

When WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT first came out, it was considered a technical milestone. Everyone put something on TV about it, the producers wanted to show you how the tricks were done. Unfortunately the home video releases to date have not shared this excitement.Now Buena Vista Home Video is releasing this deluxe "Vista Series" DVD featuring:1)A deleted scene not seen since it's CBS airing.2)"Who Made Roger Rabbit" documentary.3)"Behind the Ears: the True Story of Roger Rabbit".4)Audio commentaries with the film makers.5)"Toontown Confidential" pop-up trivia.6)"The Valient Files" Interactive Gallery.7)Split Screen Comparisons.8)Theatrical Trailers.
It will be presented in both 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen and Full Frame Versions.THX-certified audio. and Dolby DTS 5.1 Surround Sound.Hopefully there will be no censorship, the first DVD was uncut.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Bob Hoskins

DVD title: Elizabeth
Productgroup: DVD
Elizabeth - movie DVD cover picture
Elizabeth is fantastic!

I'm so glad there are so many other reviewers who think that "Elizabeth" is a marvelous film. And I'm glad someone pointed out that this is NOT A DOCUMENTARY. It is a story which combines both fact and fiction to create intense drama.
And Cate Blanchett's rich, unforgettable performance humanized Queen Elizabeth. You could feel Elizabeth's vulnerability and uncertainty as she learned how to become a monarch. As a woman, Elizabeth experienced loneliness, betrayal, and love. You felt the heartbreak and sacrifice made by Elizabeth in Cate's astounding performance. This movie is a keeper!

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Shekhar Kapur
Cate Blanchett

DVD title: The End of the Affair
Productgroup: DVD
The End of the Affair - movie DVD cover picture
A film about guilt, pleasure, and guilty pleasure...

Coming from the director of "The Crying Game", it is no great shock that "The End of The Affair" takes a deep look into human emotions, such as love, guilt, and all possible combinations of these two words: love with guilt, love out of guilt, etc.
This film is a story of three, very different but emotionally interdependent people, two of whom happened to be married to one another. Some people might argue that it is mostly a story about two lovers and their erotic passion for each other. But this is not exactly right. While the three characters happen to be a husband, a wife, and a lover, it is not a typical "love triangle". Also, on top of that, these three people have to deal with religion, faith, and God himself.
I'd say, if you remember Stephen Rea in "The Crying Game", look for the deep connection between his role there and here, in "The End of The Affair".
Although "The End of the Affair" is a bit similar to "The English Patient" (which I absolutely love, I might add), it is much more complex. In order to fully appreciate this film, you have to be older, married (at some point in your life), and emotionally involved. If you are, then, you will enjoy the story.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Neil Jordan
Ralph Fiennes
Stephen Rea
Julianne Moore

DVD title: Signs (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Signs (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
It's like they said-The most fun you'll have being scared!!!

My friends and I saw this movie in the theatre a day or two after it came out, and I loved it. It was the most fun I've ever had at a horror movie. One of my sister's friends (only 9) totally agreed until she had to walk home by herself(LOL). Maybe you won't belive me because I'm only a kid and you think I don't know what I'm talking about, but let me tell you this is no waste of money. It is probably put in the category of thriller or horror, but even though it is scary (I mean don't get me wrong I almost fell out of my chair I jumped so high), but it is also a funny movie that is full of suspense. It is so cool watching the end and finding everything out. It's like OMG that is so true, I can't believe I didn't think hard enough about this movie to see that. It is a very fun movie to watch and I would recommend it to almost anyone, unless they are nine and have to walk home from the theatre by themselves.

Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Mel Gibson
Joaquin Phoenix

DVD title: Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud
Productgroup: DVD
Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud - movie DVD cover picture
ozzy rules and you know it

This dvd is the best i went to see ozzy at the 2000 ozzfest and this dvd brought me back. The dvd starts out with i dont want to change the world and ends with changes. Inbetween you have non stop ozzy from him sings suicide solution to all the chick in the audiance. Most people hate this dvd cuse of ozzy going from wet to dry and stuff like that through out the dvd but i have no problem with it. Its ozzy live who cares if you love ozzy and you dont own this yet go get it you wont be disappointed. Ozzy Osbourne a madman as some say to me the best damn person performer ever

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Jeb Brien
Ozzy Osbourne

DVD title: Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie!!!

I love the Halloween series. I was a little disapointed that Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't in this one but, boy was it terrific! It was by far the scariest movie in the Halloween series. Even then, it wasnt' that scary. Sure there were some parts but, that's all. I thought that this was a classic and that if you haven't seen it, you should go rent it!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Dwight H. Little
Donald Pleasence
Ellie Cornell

DVD title: The Wiggles - Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party
Productgroup: DVD
The Wiggles - Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party - movie DVD cover picture
Great video!

Okay, so I am like every other mom out there with a trillion Wiggles videos but hey, they're all pretty awesome. Hoop di Doo is just great. When I first heard the title song I was in the kitchen and thought, "no way, they're NOT doing a polka." But, I walked in an sure enough, there are the 4 Wiggles doing a polka. Pretty doggone funny stuff for the adults but the kids are just enthralled with these guys. I really appreciate the attention to detail that they give and how much they truly enjoy entertaining and educating the children. You can't fake what they do - you can tell how much they really enjoy it. These videos are worth every penny you spend on them and more. There's no political issues, just basic teaching like what children used to have and it gets them up and exercising. Plus, if you ever see them in concert, they get quite the workout themselves and put their "all" into those events. I've never seen so much perspiration in my life on one stage! These guys really, really care about what they're doing, 3 of them are teachers with families of their own and their efforts really show. I'm very appreciative of them and hope that we see many more releases. Now for the pirate, that guy is absolutely incredibly talented. "Captain's Magic Buttons" almost highlights some of his abilities - I really would like to hear him sing once. He imitates Pavorotti at the concerts and it's nothing short of amazing. Buy this video - you certainly won't be disappointed and you will be entertained.

Studio: Hit Entertainment, P

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
The season that brings the mayor, Faith!

At the end of the 1st season, Buffy dies for about one minute, bringing up the next slayer, Kendra, who gets introduced in season 2, 10th episode. Then, she comes back in the 21st episode and is killed by Drusila. So, here it goes:
Anne: 9/10 Buffy is in LA, scoobies fight vamps in Sunnydale! Great starting episode!
Dead Man's Party: 9.5/10 Buffy returns and Snyder sticks to his guns about her being expelled.
Faith, Hope and Trick: 10/10 While Buffy has her own vamps to fight, scoobies to protect, things couldn't get any rougher. Unless you through in the next slayer, Faith! Awesome!
Beauty and the Beasts: 9/10 Angel is back as a strange animal, Buffy debates if he's evil or good! Good one!
Homecoming: 9.5/10 Buffy and Cordelia battle to be Homecoming Queen. Meanwhile, Mr. Trick(K. Todd Freeman) has other ideas for them. He captures Buffy and Cordelia(thinking it's Faith), and tries to kill them in the bush. Funny ending, Awesome episode!
Band Candy: 8.5/10 Mr. Trick puts something in the band candy that makes grownups act like childs, Snyder is awesome in this episode. And Giles is so funny!
Revelations: 10/10 Xander finds out that Angel is back, and he reports it to the scoobies. Faith sets out to kill Angel, because he holds the hand. Meanwhile, Faith gets a new watcher, only she turns out to be something completely different. Buffy tries to stop Faith from killing Angel, and Xander always held a grudge on Angel, so he's no help to Buffy, but to Faith! Excelent episode!
Lover's Walk: 10/10 Someone else who hates Angel is back, Spike, and he wants revenge! Mostly, he just wants Drusila back, he's a complete wreck without her. He goes to Willow! They end sad, but then you get to see Spike bash his head to music in his car, and you know he's a true punk/rock vampire!
The Wish: 9/10 Someone to become a main character in Buffy is introduced here, when Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale, Anyanca!
Amends: 10/10 One of my favourite episodes! Angel tries to kill himself, Faith gets invited to Buffy's for Christmas. She says she has plans, but then shows up at Buffy's house at the end! First episode I saw of season 3!
Gingerbread: 9.5/10 Joyce(Kristine Sutherland) picks a bad time to visit Buffy. She discovers the bodies of 2 dead kids, then gets a group of adults and start a witch-hunt, leading directly to Willow and Buffy! Must see!
Helpless: 9.5/10 Buffy loses her powers and must defeat a powerful vamp. to prove to the council that she can pass the test! Giles is totally against it!
The Zeppo: 9.5/10 Faith is out battling Vampires and Demons, Xander comes to the rescue and end up at Faith's place. Meanwhile, a threat to end the world leaves Buffy, Giles, Ozz, Angel, Cordelia and Willow to beat it again! Great episode!!
Bad Girls: 10/10 The new watcher, Wesley Wyndham Price(Alexis Denisof) is introduced to Faith. Buffy and Giles are sure that he's a demon, or something evil. But, obviously not! Faith just goes, "Whatever!" Then, Faith and Buffy head out battling vamps. Faith punches a guy and then stabs him, thinking he's a vamp. Buffy doesn't reliaze it's a vamp. until it's too late. The guy dies and Faith realizes after, that she doesn't care. Only to find out after that she does! Faith's the best, Eliza Dushku rocks! This episode was the best!!
Consequences: 10/10 At the end of episode, comes a rather shock! Buffy meets Faith at a boat, Faith comes down and just as she was about to get hit on the head by a box, Buffy pushed her out of the way and Buffy got nailed. Four vampires come after them, including Trick. Buffy finally get out and they nail two of them. Faith fights one, and Buffy takes Trick, mistake. Buffy loses her stake and is just about to get bitten. Faith kills her vamp., and then all you here Trick say is,"Oh No!" He's dead. And guess who's there, Faith of course! Next scene, Faith meets the mayor, and here's her speech, "You sent the vampires to kill me" Mayor, "Yes!" "They're dust now!" Mayor,"I figured!" "So, you have a job opening!" Awesome episode, watch it!
Doppelgangled: 9.5/10 Willow is faced with her vampire, great one!
Enemies: 10/10 Faith get Angel on her side, only he pretends and Faith gets mad at the end! Awesome!!
Earshot: 9.5/10 Buffy is able to hear thoughts, someone says he's going to kill. She runs up and finds, guess who, Jonathan(Danny Strong) and ends surprisingly!
Choices: 9.5/10 Now, with Faith on the dark side, Angel tells her she doesn't have to go this way! She does anyway! She poisins Angel and gets away!
The Prom: 9.5/10 Jonathan is back and gives Buffy an award for saving lives. Anya also returns. At the end, Angel shows up to get a dance with Buffy!
Graduation Day Part 1: 10/10 Buffy finds out only the Slayer's blood will cure Angel, she sets out to kill Faith. Succeeds, but only to a certain level!
Graduation Day Part 2: 10/10 Buffy is left with no hope for Angel but her, Angel sucks her dry, and then both Buffy and Faith are left in the hospital! Buffy finds out the mayor's weekness in her sleep from Faith, and then when she wakes up, kisse's her in her coma and then sets off to kill the mayor!
Great season~

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Boreanaz
Eliza Dushku

DVD title: U Turn
Productgroup: DVD
U Turn - movie DVD cover picture
Stuck in Nowhere Arizona

U-Turn is bloody. It's sick, too. Even hilarious in some parts. I'll tell you what it most definitely is: dead boring. The story was established early and effectively but with a limited ensemble of off-beat but uninteresting characters my interest in this picture dissipated with each passing scene. Oliver Stone's direction of this film is nothing special. I feel he was trying to capture the dark wit of the book upon which the film's based. Sean Penn gets to mouth off some great one-liners and Nick Nolte has his moments too. 'U-Turn' is too shallow for my tastes, despite the obviously camp performances and shoddy production values. Not horrible, still watchable but not one I'll be watching again in a hurry.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Oliver Stone
Sean Penn
Nick Nolte
Jennifer Lopez

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