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DVD title: Trail of the Pink Panther
Productgroup: DVD
Trail of the Pink Panther - movie DVD cover picture

Why didn't this make the top hundred best films ever made list? Any film that flogs a dead Frenchman is alright by me.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Blake Edwards
Peter Sellers
David Niven

DVD title: Blast!
Productgroup: DVD
Blast! - movie DVD cover picture
Blast is Awsome!

This movie was the beswt drum corps recording i have seen in my whole life! I watch this movie every day. I reccomend for everybody to buy Blast! Trust me this movie is the best!

Studio: PBS Home Video

DVD title: Salmonberries
Productgroup: DVD
Salmonberries - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly the best film I've watched!!!

K.D. is deffinately at her best with this heart rendering performance. END

Studio: Wolfe Video
Director: Percy Adlon
Rosel Zech
k.d. lang

DVD title: Charlotte Church - Voice of an Angel in Concert
Productgroup: DVD
Charlotte Church - Voice of an Angel in Concert - movie DVD cover picture
Remessa para o Brasil

Amazon esta de parab?ns.... tudo foi perfeito

A Receita Federal Brasileira sobre taxou os DVD's em 60%, mesmo contrariando o artigo segundo da lei de importa??o abaixo de US$50,00..... mas tudo bem, foi para ajudar a pagar o Mensal?o do Governo.

Studio: Sony Classics
Director: David Mallet

DVD title: Army of Darkness
Productgroup: DVD
Army of Darkness - movie DVD cover picture
Shop smart! Shop S Mart!

Bruce Campbell is back. Right where Evil Dead II left off, he is now back in Medieval times. He must get the Book of the Dead to return to his time, but the residents of the castle need it to defeat the Deadites.
Seems they had a bigger budget for this film, (the first two you remember take place in a cabin and some woods). The special effects are still cheesy, but that's all part of the Evil Dead charm. Bruce also plays a double role, both as 'bad Ash' and later on as the Deadite leader.
This film version boasts the original ending not seen before. I hate to give it away so I won't. But Ash screws up again as is typical Ash fashion. I personally liked the ending seen in theaters and on the original VHS/DVD better, but now I have both.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell

DVD title: Jersey Girl
Productgroup: DVD
Jersey Girl - movie DVD cover picture
kevin smith is the ultimate director

this film is undoubtly going to be a hit i mean i don't think you can fault a smith movie they all are very original and having ben affleck well that guy is just damn funny when he gets going so this is deffinitly a must see

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Kevin Smith
Raquel Castro
Ben Affleck

DVD title: Capturing the Friedmans
Productgroup: DVD
Capturing the Friedmans - movie DVD cover picture
21st Century American Street Justice Captured on Film

First of all, as most have pointed out, you will probably not see something like this in your lifetime again. Here the Friedman family, during recreational video sessions, captured a horrible series of events that eventually led to one of the biggest child abuse scandals in American history. The documentary cuts between home footage moments, (some of which show the family falling apart at the seams and in particular turning on their mother in many of such family clashes) and recent interviews with the cast, including the cops, lawyers and some of the molested who where involved in the case.

First of all you should know some things about this documentary. Arnold Friedman, a school teacher who held computer classes for children in his home, was clearly involved in pedophilia and had molested children by his own admission on more than one occasion (he actually confessed to abusing most of his computer class but also two boys of a friend he had met some time ago). Basically Arnold had previous sexual problems in his youth and after spending time with a psychiatrist found he could no longer cope with his life except to obtain child pornography from Europe for his release. One of his packages was intercepted by the feds who then proceeded to see if he would send them some magazines (and he did) and so raided his home and found Arnold's secret hidden stash. Seems like a clear cut case of child abuse, right? ... but it ain't.

The police involved in the investigation started to interview children who had attended Arnold's computer class. There was obviously pressure applied to the children to make-up stories, including a shocking interview with a former student who is caught clearly in a lie in front of the camera. The documentary also reveals that the police had used poor tactics to get the children to confess with statements like - If you do not tell us what happened then you will be a homosexual forever... or putting some students under hypnosis to find out what went on during Friedman's computer class... and this is really what is at the heart of the story.

Some children, now older, say that Arnold did absolutely nothing sexual in class except for teaching very boring standard computer lessons, and others who say that he practically ran Hell in there. However many of the students kept coming back to the class and their parents did not notice a thing wrong with their kids. Also video tapes that the students say Arnold made of them where never recovered.... but there is more... when the students started to confess they also implicated Arnold's son, Jesse Friedman, in the attacks - so Jesse got into trouble as well and then.... you have to see the rest. The events off-camera in the Court room where some of the parents encounter Jesse is some of the most remarkable, if not the most remarkable, SOUND ever captured on film, and for that alone is worth viewing (you can see a part of this sequence at the end of the trailer).

There are also some neat little twists in the end that really bend what you thought about some of Arnold's more immediate family - a very tough choice weighs heavily on your mind when it comes, but in many ways it is a case of psychology vs. narrow-mindedness. In fact most of us would probably see it as definitive evidence of something... yet maybe that is what all those who lived in Arnold's community also saw?

Many of the questions poised in CD1 are answered in CD 2, which is really the gem of the box. It is like a Part II. Here you will learn more about the case including the important detail that Arnold confessed to the police that he had molested large segments of student in his home so that he could cut a deal on only molesting three or four (something his family says he did over his guilt about the relationship he had with two boys a long time ago). This confession was leaked and handed out to all the parents who where on the list. Even if their child had denied abuse this was the clincher that caused many parents simply to hook up with the clan and get rid of this problem before it dragged out even longer. Arnold's lawyers did not know this at the time.

As a final note, none of the children ever complained about Friedman attacking them before they where pressed further over a period of several intensive interviews that lasted months. Other individuals where also implicated in the crimes but where never brought to trial. Under case analysis Arnold should have walked like O.J because of the way the case was handled and Jesse certainly should get a retrial but in the end Arnold was one stupid man to be anywhere near children with the problems that he had in not exactly the most innocent situations that one can find themselves in when charged with these crimes. In the end though you could ask yourself one question... would you allow Arnold to hang around your kids? The answer to that question is most definitely NO. However did Arnold abuse all the kids in the way that they described in his home during computer classes? Probably not, but he did abuse two other boys elsewhere. Basically the documentary ends like a guy getting busted for a bigger crime that they probably didn't commit but may have committed a similar crime on a smaller scale some time ago and got away that one. Jesse was just the cherry on the cop's mass abuse hysteria cake. In reality I would also be afraid to let any of those cops near my children. In this documentary there are clearly students, now much older, who where not abused, still believing that they where abused in some horrible fantasies that clearly defy belief and logic.


Studio: HBO Video
Director: Andrew Jarecki
Arnold Friedman (II)
Elaine Friedman
David Friedman (IX)
Jesse Friedman (II)

DVD title: Rush - Rush in Rio
Productgroup: DVD
Rush - Rush in Rio - movie DVD cover picture
For those who complain about the sound...

Can't you just watch a DVD and take it for what it is? A great show from a great band. I, for one, am so glad that they chose to do Vapor Trails and another tour. The people who constantly complain about everything are those people who you know, or work with, who complain about everyting...all the time. It's too warm, it's too cold, I need a raise, etc... You know the kind. They are the one's who'd complain about the taxes if they won the lottery.Just take the stick out, quit complaining, and watch the DVD. Is it that hard?

Studio: Rounder
Director: Daniel E. Catullo

DVD title: Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Ultimate Collection (Animated Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Ultimate Collection (Animated Series) - movie DVD cover picture
too damn impressed!

I liked the D.V.D so much, I bought the whole company!

Studio: Hbo Studios
Keith David
Todd McFarlane

DVD title: The Monster Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / Dracula / The Wolf Man)
Productgroup: DVD
The Monster Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / Dracula / The Wolf Man) - movie DVD cover picture
monster schmonster

I love these wonderfuly silly movies! even though they scared the pants off me as a ten year old kid. could'nt ask for better packaging. Some early reviews worried me, but mine arrived in perfect condition. Great set at a great price. Thanks Amazon.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Claude Rains

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