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DVD title: Lost and Delirious
Productgroup: DVD
Lost and Delirious - movie DVD cover picture
Mesmerizing... but where can i find the OST?

I've just watched it tonight and the film was one of the feature films of the HK International Film Festival. It is marvellous! I always love Canadian movies esp Atom Egoyan's movies like The Sweet Hereafter, Exotica & Felicia's Journey. Lost and Delirious further proves that I can never go wrong with movies made by any Canadian film-makers. However, I'm frustrated that I've been searching for the OST for the whole night in HMV and on the net but to my surprise, I COULDN'T find it!!! Can anyone tell me where I can purchase such a perfect soundtrack by Yves Chamberland or if the OST has ever been released? I really wanna get it! I'm sure I won't be able to fall asleep tonight 'cause I thought I could get the OST right after I watched the movie but now it seems that I might not be able to get the OST forever as it's never been released!

Studio: Studio Home Entertainment
Director: Léa Pool
Piper Perabo
Jessica Paré

DVD title: Nicholas' Gift
Productgroup: DVD
Nicholas' Gift - movie DVD cover picture
Nicholas's Gift Is A Nice Family Movie

Nicholas's Gift on DVD, is a very nice Family DVD. It is about a little boy who donates his organs when getting in a car shooting. He saves sevn people while donating his organs. I say that everybody should own this DVD.

Studio: Music Video Distribu
Director: Robert Markowitz

DVD title: Godzilla
Productgroup: DVD
Godzilla - movie DVD cover picture
Short review/other stuff

Short review:I really liked this movie! IMO, this Godzilla looks better than the japanese Godzilla!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Roland Emmerich
Matthew Broderick
Jean Reno

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ought to be 10 stars! **(MAJOR Spoilers!!!!)*

This movie was bloody amazing!! But long. Don't touch a drop of liquid at least 2 hours before this movie starts, make TWO safety runs to the gents/ladies and don't sip that concession drink until the movie is at least half way through! I made the mistake of drinking coffee before the movie and regretted it badly. However!, The cinematography is simply outstanding! The music moving and riveting, the acting first-rate. Sam kicks butt as the best and most loyal friend, Pippin is a hobbit beyond all hobbits and the scene with his song to Denethor is moving and haunting, Eowyn rocks as a female heroine and everything everyone hoped to see visualized is done so brilliantly. John Noble's performance of Denethor WAS great! His character a pitiable, manipulated mess (don't forget he too used a Palantir, unseen in the film, but refered to in a huge nod to Saruman's FOTR line: "I have seen it"). He plays this broken man with strength and Shakespearean dramatic flare.The bad news: No Saruman! And Legolas' Oliophaunt stunt need not have been so cheesily CG'd into the film. This is just PJ's response to the very popular TT one.The good news: the destruction of the ring, and final ending are true to the books.While some editing was sloppy seeming and rushed in feel (no House of Healing, save Frodo's scene, of course, in a moment of meeting that brings all the surviving Fellowship back together in sheer happiness for the first time; no Mouth of Sauron!! but we easily see where this was cut out; and other instances of choppy scene movement).Shelob will give you nightmares for a week, Gandalf kicks butt wielding both staff and elvish blade in battle, and there's enough fantastic and horrific elements in this movie to keep everyone happy!The lighting of the beacons is a jaw-dropping work of filming, editing and CGI effects! It alone is worth a second viewing!Faramir, while his screen time was VERY short, uses the best of his time. He is dejected and hurt and plays this exceedingly well. If your attention is flagging by the Black Gate scene, then Jackson's narrative has done its job. At that moment, the characters are weary of war, the audience weary, Tolkien was weary of writing war. But it needs to be told and the destruction of the Eye and the falling of Sauron's black tower is a triumph long waited for, and masterfully created and filmed. The "false endings" that are making would-be fans and critics groan relentlessly serve a purpose too. Remember that Tolkien had many endings, and Jackson makes full use of these (Remember too that Jackson is not the author behind these movies!). I for one was glad to see how PJ cleverly left out and altered the Scouring of the Shire. If only that could have been resolved w/Saruman... but it works anyway. The reluctant ending is just what fans are feeling - a reluctance for their beloved novel/now movie to end. The lingering looks lasted only too long b/c of my "urgency", otherwise there were tender moments and sighs aplenty. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful story. (And hey, did you know that Elanor is actually Sean Astin's little girl! Isn't she cute!! We get to see Astin's huge, fatherly smile at the very end; a true, genuine loving look. That alone is satisfying.)Stand up and cheer for the finest moment of film-making history!Unforgettably superb.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Viggo Mortensen
Ian McKellen
Elijah Wood

DVD title: Ice Castles
Productgroup: DVD
Ice Castles - movie DVD cover picture
...need I say more?

I grew up with this movie! I loved everything about it...the music, the storyline...the cute guy. ;) My favorite part is (of course) the ending when she skates and when the public "finally" finds out that she skated totally blind. WOW! :)

I reccomned this for anyone that loves ice-skating, somthing beautiful and inspirational.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Donald Wrye
Robby Benson
Lynn-Holly Johnson

DVD title: Alfie (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Alfie (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Jude Law shines in a superior remake

As a rule, I think remakes of successful films are a rotten idea. In virtually every instance the original surpasses the newer film in almost every aspect. This remake of the classic 1966 ALFIE starring Michael Caine, however, is an exception to the rule. It doesn't efface memories of that film or Caine's absolutely outstanding performance, but it does provide a successful alternative. Is it better than the original film? That will depend on taste. I personally prefer the mood and atmosphere of the earlier film, and it is impossible to imagine anyone better than the young Michael Caine in the title role, though Jude Law unquestionably does a good job. The difference in their conceptions of the role is that Caine's Alfie was a far nastier character, while beneath his gamemanship and bravado, Law's is a gigolo with a heart of gold.

I personally think that this will be the movie that puts Law over the top as one of the premiere stars in the movies. He has been an A-List actor for some time now, but I think he has been, perhaps, more of an A-minus than a pure A. But after the plethora of films featuring Law this fall, he has never been as much a public presence as he is now. He is a full A-List actor, and certain to be one of the two or three most in demand male leads in the industry. This may not end up being the best movie he is in, but it is unquestionably the best role. Law is a presence in every minute of the film, much of it with him directly addressing the camera. The technique closely resembles that of John Cusack's character in HIGH FIDELITY, so that the film at times feels almost as much a remake of that film as of ALFIE. The film has a strong supporting cast, but really in a movie like this, where absolutely everything is focused on a single character, it all flies or falls depending on Law's performance. Luckily for the film, he is outstanding.

The original film had, of course, one of the most famous theme songs in the history of cinema. The soundtrack is suitably up-to-date, but they obviously made the decision not to attempt to compete with that song, although it makes a very brief appearance as the company credits role at the beginning of the film, and the film does close with Law's Alfie essentially quoting a line from the song.

I used to love reading Pauline Kael's movie reviews, though she constantly lost me when she would make bizarre shifts in her narrative, such as ceasing to discuss the film to analyzing aspects of Mozart. I'm going to do a "Kael" right now and confess that during the entire film I kept thinking of a section of the first volume of Kierkegaard's EITHER/OR entitled "The Rotation Method." In that work, Kierkegaard suggests that for someone who is living an aesthetic (and hence pre-ethical) life, it is important to do such things as avoid emotional entanglements, eschew committed relationships, and constantly shake things up in one's life (i.e., rotate things as a farmer rotates his crops). The problem with an aesthetic existence is that it is a fragile one, and if one does not avoid long-term entanglements, the entire existence is threatened with either boredom or, worse, a sense of guilt. I kept viewing Alfie as one who was attempting to lead a fairly crude aesthetic mode of existence (based especially upon sensual pleasure), but was finding it increasingly difficult as one thing after another created cracks in the texture of his life. At the end of the film we do not see a moral individual, but we do see one for whom the aesthetic mode of existence has lost its allure, and for whom an ethical existence has become a possibility.

I think with this film that we are in one of those rare instants where we have both a superb original film and a very good remake, much as we have two very good CAPE FEARs. I might have a slight preference for the original, but I certainly respect the remake.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Charles Shyer
Jude Law

DVD title: Belinda Carlisle - Runaway Live
Productgroup: DVD
Belinda Carlisle - Runaway Live - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Greatest Voices in Rock Music

A must for any true fan of music. One of the greatest singers in rock and roll. George Harrison knew it! Belinda stands the test of time. Up there with the singers of the past,present,and future,like Lesley Gore for example. Experience the voice.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Ken O'Neil

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
An Absolutely Fantastic Movie!

This was an amazing on screen visual representation of the last 12 hours of Jesus life. I was totally blown away by the depth of love and kindness that Jesus has shown us by going to the cross. You can read other reviews to hear about synopsis and cinematography, for me this movie accurately portrayed the depth of Gods love for us all. Mel Gibson does a great job in relaying the point that Jesus went willingly to the cross for us all; he did it for love, to reconcile lost humanity with God.
Anti-Semitic claims are unfounded in a number of ways. First Jesus was born as a Jew, coming to save Jews. Secondly, they (Jews nor Romans) had no power to put Jesus on the cross; he willingly laid his life down for us all. And thirdly, we all put Jesus there. He died for the sins of the world. The same course of events would have happened if he had come to any other people group. As for "the blood being on the Jews heads and that of their children." I say that is a blessing not a curse. It was by Jesus shed blood that humanity was reconciled to God. God is such a wonderful, loving redeemer that he can turn blood, a sign of death, into a sign of life. The graphicness of this film was tactful because it was realistic. I am glad that it was not watered down because this world is a violent place and Jesus faced the violence of the sinful nature of us all. I couldn't help but to cry with the pain and sorrow and rejoice with the resurrection. Worship was my continuous reaction throughout this film, in pain and resurrection, how else can one react to such love. I recommend this movie more than any other I have ever seen. Whether you have heard good things or bad things, see this movie, allow yourself this opportunity to see for yourself and make up your own mind. Enjoy and rejoice!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete Sixth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete Sixth Season - movie DVD cover picture
simpsons season 6

As for the DVD itself...

Season Six is the golden age of the Simpsons. There is one clip show, but other than that, the episodes are of the highest quality in every respect. The voice acting, writing, animation, guest stars, are all top-notch. These episodes, like Season Five, rely less on catch phrases and more on inventive writing (e.g. Lisa's Wedding) and clever social satire (e.g. Homer Bad Man).

One negative: the commentary leaves a lot to be desired. It's laden with inside jokes that probably mean nothing to the viewer, but parts of it are interesting nonetheless.

As for the packaging...

Seasons 6-10 will be the heads of the Simpsons, starting with Homer. If you have a problem with the box, you have the option of calling or going online to get an (almost) free standard box. Why do people think the starting price for the DVD was $35.99? It was so people could order the $3 normal box and still come out ahead, in an effort to keep people from complaining, but obviously it didn't work.

Ignore all of the people giving this DVD a '1' rating because of the packaging. The Simpsons season Six is the best season from one of the best shows in American television history. Don't miss it.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Dan Castellaneta

DVD title: Bee Gees - One Night Only (DTS)
Productgroup: DVD
Bee Gees - One Night Only (DTS) - movie DVD cover picture
great concert

the beegees are a god and if u like them this is thier best work its all i listen to

Studio: Image Entertainment

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