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DVD title: Bubba Ho-Tep (Limited Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Bubba Ho-Tep (Limited Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Marketing A Criminally Underestimated Movie

Short and sweet...this is not as much a review as it is a plea to this movie's distributors, cable TV programmers, and the fans of Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Hercules/Xena, Briscoe County,Jr, and Jack of All trades).
The plea? Get this movie on cable asap. Watch how this fun and witty "B" movie takes off once more folks out there get a chance to see it! Then, get a DVD out.
This film WILL sell quite well if a few of the so-called decision makers involved in this movie recognize what they have is not a limited interest action/horror movie, but a true rainy, Saturday afternoon at the movies with your best friends classic "B" movie whose only purpose is to entertain and leave you smiling and happy!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Don Coscarelli
Bruce Campbell
Ossie Davis
Bob Ivy

DVD title: Good Will Hunting
Productgroup: DVD
Good Will Hunting - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best movies out there

It's just flat out an overwhelming mix of comedy and drama. Some of the greatest lines I've heard in a movie. And even though it won best original screenplay, it still doesn't get the credit it deserves. This belongs among the greatest of all time.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Gus Van Sant
Robin Williams
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck

DVD title: Secret Indictment
Productgroup: DVD
Secret Indictment - movie DVD cover picture
"""KEEPING THE MUSIC IN THE FAMILY.............YES,"""!!!!!

One must not look at this movie as just another urban drama, but one must look at this movie with all eyes, ears and inner soul into the reality of this movie. African Americans and Latino's in this American society which we live in are always facing tough hard decisions based on the material, which is money, jobs, housing and even relationships with our families and friends. The main character is sorrounded by the every day prejudice, jealousy, racisim and anger that is thrown at the African American youth every day. Yes, this is real.
Parents and Community leaders of the African American culture should have more of a positive less corrupt image through media and radio, so that the children can have something else to look forward to as they grow up. This movie shows, that even still today, young youths are put threw so much pressure and stress to live a more positive life and life style because people in the same culture are sometimes not around you to uplift you but they want to bring you down.............this is also nks for showing this reality to the public, hopefully it will bring a better understanding of more of the positive direction African Americans need to go and how we all should uplift each others independent success in life.
Giving positive vibes to "Solo",Stoney L.(""Yess""),and also "Reese" at Exile Records, "Cool Nerd", all of the Maewi Records Staff and all the music Artist that had there songs in this movie like myself.........yes...... """"THE STORYTELLER""""........Courtney Williamswww.mrcourtneywilliams.comMaewi Records.........212 502 8589 "Peace and One Love"

Studio: Maverick Entertainme

DVD title: Aliens (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Aliens (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I'll match your dead Alien..and raise you a Planet

It's a true curse to always want things to work out when watching the "art" of film...imagine the disappointments! And then they ask you to suspend reason because it's "entertainment" e.g. (slasher wipes out young jocks, bested by frail femme).
So, imagine if you will, how much of a pleasure this sequel to ALIEN was..It was actually the last film I ever paid to see at the theater more than once. It's truly that good, one of the best action films ever made.
The plot - everyone should know it by now, (but one more time for the cheap seats) Ripley, lost in space, after the near wipe-out on the Nostr-whatever(where the heck do these names come from) is rescued by a salvage ship...a mere 57 years later. Bummer for her, and let's suspend the reality starting now, no alien contacts since.
The Company (rather BIG Brother name there) blow off her fantastic story (I suppose all of Ash's entries aren't in the recovered logs) and yank her license, off you go, to the docks.
And while Ripley tries to cope with life, her nightmares of impregnation drive her to agree to accompany Burke, Company man, and a squad of Colonial Marines back to -(guess where).
And that's where this movie kicks off. What follows, anyway you care to view it, broke new ground in effects, writing, action name it. Imagine if you will, the stubborn Texicans attacking the Mexican Army at the Alamo..They may have had heart, but the Marines soon (very soon) find they are no match for the Aliens. Down to a quickly dwindling group of survivors, the film never lets up in suspense or action. (I'll leave the character development and sub-plots to those better suited to flesh them out, but rest assured, they are superb on many levels.)
What makes a film whatever genre, (in my opinion) is does it still stand up as watchable today? ALIENS every category. Cameron made a masterpiece (hey, I don't know the guy) in a series that was deep-sixed in Aliens3. Jeez, what a kiss off. I don't know if I will ever buy the DVD series (I have the VHS tape practically memorized)but any collection SHOULD HAVE THIS MOVIE> A Classic!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver
Michael Biehn

DVD title: Sum 41 - Introduction to Destruction
Productgroup: DVD
Sum 41 - Introduction to Destruction - movie DVD cover picture

If you like Sum 41, you HAVE to get this. This dvd features absolutely hilarious home videos from Sum 41. The dvd also has all of Sum 41's music videos with commentary and a live show. This dvd is definitely worth the money! I have to warn you though, there is quite a bit of language and sexual content.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Sum 41

DVD title: American Beauty
Productgroup: DVD
American Beauty - movie DVD cover picture
Kevin Spacey owns this movie.

Which isn't an easy thing to say, since the Oscar-nominated actor is surrounded by a dream cast: powerhouses like Peter Gallagher, Chris Cooper, Alison Janney, Scott Bakula and of course Annette Bening; and rising stars like Mena Suvari, Wes Bentley and Thora Birch. All actors are at the top of their games in AB; however, the movie is Spacey's vehicle. His Lester Burnham is a sight to behold as he morphs from a weaselly middle-aged klutz into a multidimensional, full-faceted masterpiece. Forget anything else you've seen him in; this is Spacey's best work to date. The actor shines, especially when Lester, seeking "as little responsibility as possible," applies for work at a fast food joint, and buys the car of his dreams. "I rule," he declares, fist raised upward in celebration. He certainly does. Kudoes also go to director Sam Mendes for his first production: Next movie please, Sam.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Sam Mendes
Kevin Spacey
Annette Bening

DVD title: Real Genius
Productgroup: DVD
Real Genius - movie DVD cover picture
may be not the best

The witticism come fast in furious.
I've loved this since it's first release, while I was in college. It motivated me, and gave me some one-liners that I still use.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Martha Coolidge
Val Kilmer

DVD title: Ocean's Eleven (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ocean's Eleven (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Rob the Las Vegas casinos? I dare you!

Yes, this is a remake of the classic film of the early sixties which starred Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. et al.As anyone else who has seen the original film, I couldn't help but make comparisons to the two films. The Las Vegas of today bears very little resemblance to the town depicted in the original film; so although the two flicks share the same name, the plot of the modern film and the ideas presented there are quite fresh and original. If you've had unfortunate gaming experiences in Vegas or anywhere else where there are casinos, chances are you'll want to cheer on this new generation of thieves as they attempt to accomplish what in reality is just about impossible. If you live and work in Las Vegas or are a frequent visitor there, look carefully at the people in the background; you may see someone you know personally.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Steven Soderbergh
George Clooney
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust
Productgroup: DVD
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust - movie DVD cover picture
Great Film!

This one is as great as the first. Lots of action and some romance.

Studio: Urban Vision Enterta

DVD title: Warner Home Video DVD Action 4-Pack (Blade Runner, Eraser, The Fugitive, Twister)
Productgroup: DVD
Warner Home Video DVD Action 4-Pack (Blade Runner, Eraser, The Fugitive, Twister) - movie DVD cover picture
the best action from warner

hey come on, you have to buy this, it is a great cllection to have . you have movies that will pum up your valume and youe sences. They are eye candy guilty pleasures. So go out there and prepare to be taken to another world

Studio: Warner Studios
Warner Action
Harrison Ford

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