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DVD title: Magnum, P.I. - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Magnum, P.I. - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Magnum P.I.

Here, here. Finally long awaited DVD set. I have been Magnum PI's fan ever since I was in high school. Now, I am no longer living in the states and I have no possible channel to watch the re-runs on TV. Magnum PI is truely a great show, pack with action and humor, I highly recommand this TV serise to anyone who enjoys Hawaii and the fabulous Ferrari. I just wish that the complete eight seasons set will come out as soon as possible, so that my friends and I can collect the complete set.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Tom Selleck

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Soap...Never use it again...

Well, first I can say, I am not a fan of Brad Pitt. I would of thought that he was a female draw, bringing nothing for the guys. For that reason, I did not see this at the theater, I could of but I did not. However, now that I viewed it on DVD, I have a new apprecation for the actor. He brought to this film, a street wise, who gives a damn attitude that made this film what it is. I can not say I am going to run out and see every film of his after seeing this, but just give apprecation. Edward Norton, well I have been a fan of his for a while. Supporting People vs. Larry Flynt, Keeping the Faith amoung others. So that was an even and great match to me.
The film has so many twists and turns that it will keep your head spinning. I went in to this film, awaiting a hoorid movie, and came out thinking what a great job. The black humor sticks all throughout the film. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt make a club, a fight club were they can get their pent-up, oppressed anger out, the natural way, no drugs needed, maybe a beer and a smoke after words. If you do not understand the plot, it is as simple as that. Well not really, it actually more clogged and eroded than you can imagine.
The DVD review...
This DVD is packed, leaving anyone with a smile on their face. Two featurets and tons of "spots".
So, I am suggesting that you should view this film, even if you do not like the actors or what have you. It is 5 out of 5 and maybe to violent for some but, well...
Hoped I helped you either way,

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Overboard
Productgroup: DVD
Overboard - movie DVD cover picture
One of Goldi's best

This movie is one we watch at least once a year. It can make you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your chair, and root for the bad guy (or is he really the good guy)!
It has all the ingredients a good movie should have. The person who said "yuk" in their review must have been sleeping when he should have been watching, or he never read "dick and jane".
I would say that anyone with normal intelligence, a half way sense of humor, and knows of Kurt Russel, should agree, this (in real life husband and wife) played their rolls beautifully and keep the attention of the viewers.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Garry Marshall
Goldie Hawn
Kurt Russell

DVD title: Scream 2
Productgroup: DVD
Scream 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Scream once, scream twice

The film itself is great. With enough jolts to keep you wetting the seat, and shrieks to keep you coughing, it works. From the opening scene(Which oddly looks like the opening from "He Knows your Alone") where Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens are killed to the unveiling of the killer,we are hooked.The death that stood out to me, as a stuntman, was the death of Cici Cooper(portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar). At the point of being thrown off the 3 story soroity house, I was spell bound. All I can say is that Wes Craven is a genius.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Wes Craven
David Arquette
Neve Campbell
Courteney Cox

DVD title: Congo
Productgroup: DVD
Congo - movie DVD cover picture
Why are these folks so critical, was the book so good?

I did not read the novel and while I won't say it's the best movie ever made (It's probably a four and a half in my opinion) I found it perfectly entertaining. Admittedly, I have read a lot of SF and like well made SF and adventure movies (Aliens 2, Matrix, even Bakshi's LOTR) but I also enjoy any genre of movie that is created with attention and art if possible and not with lowest-common-denominator formulaic design or for contract obligations. True, if your looking for dramatic acting, go watch "Boys Don't Cry", or "Men Don't Leave" (Movies, not a Four Seasons greatest hits compendium) Congo lacks the special effects of the newer Godzilla movie, but I enjoyed it more than the latest Star Wars movie (Phantom Menace) Congo, which I have watched twice on VHS and will most likely pick up on DVD, has, as one of the other reviewers noted, a Saturday morning adventure feel. It was tense and the gorillas were well done for monster movie make-up. The characters all unobtrusively played out their archetype roles. I recommend this movie to those who can keep thier minds open and who have a taste for adventure in a E. R. Burroughs vein.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Frank Marshall
Laura Linney
Tim Curry

DVD title: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Productgroup: DVD
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely wonderful!

I am so thrilled to have "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on DVD. This brings back many happy childhood memories.The DVD quality is very nice and includes a bonus, "You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown".For Peanuts fans of all ages, this is a must have :)

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Bill Melendez

DVD title: Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Can't wait to buy the DVD

After being bitterly disapponted after seeing Revenge of the Sith I was half expecting to see another dismal franchise film, thankfully I was wrong.

Batman Begins is a fantastic film in most ways, it's entertaining, action packed, has a good mix of chemisty with the talent, decent plot with some twists and most importantly it has ninjas. Any films with ninjas in it can't be too bad after all.

This film is dark like the original Burton films but has a better cast, plot and overall style to it. I thought the best Batman was Micheal Keaton, however Christian Bale captures the character of moody Bruce Wayne just as well or even better than Keaton.

You can't go wrong with any film that has the acting likes of Morgan Freeman in it, like Samuel L. Jackson Freeman always delivers a certain cool and an excellent performance to ANY film he has starred in.

Gary Oldman and Liam Neeson also add to the overall effectiveness of the plot with both actors making their roles in this film their own and adding a distinct class and style to the movie.

Go see this film you wont be disappointed, now just have to wait for DVD to be released.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Ken Watanabe

DVD title: Wolf's Rain - Final Encounters (Vol. 7)
Productgroup: DVD
Wolf's Rain - Final Encounters (Vol. 7) - movie DVD cover picture
A story open to interpretation

These are the four episodes that were produced after the 26 episode television series. It could have ended there but the creators still had more to tell. Questions are answered, new ones are raised & fates determined. Over all I think several fans may dislike this ending & become frustrated. And they will want a second season, or a movie. If you want more, buy the manga since it is available in English now too. I found this to be an excellent and exhilarating finale. This story has been done just right to me. The director has said multiple times he didn't want to cage our imagination by nailing down the specifics.

Studio: Bandai Entertainment
Director: Tensai Okamura

DVD title: E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My favorite movie in the world

E.T. is my all-time favorite. I told my 5 year old grandson the whole story from beginning to end because I have the original movie that I watch from time to time. One night we watched it together and ever since....every time he comes over....we pop popcorn and watch E.T. again. I purchased the remake on just in case something happens to my older tape.....I will have a back-up for us to enjoy. (...)

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Henry Thomas
Drew Barrymore
Peter Coyote

DVD title: Great Big Sea - Great Big Dvd
Productgroup: DVD
Great Big Sea - Great Big Dvd - movie DVD cover picture
A most joyful noise!

As a GBS fan living in the southern U.S., I have never had the chance to see the band live, or see any of their videos. Until now. I really couldn't be more satisfied with this DVD. The live show is a lot of fun, and the guys sound great. The videos, while lacking the big-budget polish of more commercially successful bands, are rather charming for that very reason. And the karaoke version of Mari Mac finally sheds some light on some of the more hard-to-understand lyrics that I personally have wondered about for years!
Throw in an informative, mostly light-hearted documentary and some home movie footage, and you've got the ultimate Great Big Sea package. If I have one very minor complaint, it's that the menu doesn't offer you the choice of playing all the music videos at once; you have to select each one individually. But it's a small nit to pick when faced with such a delightful compilation of all things Great Big Sea.
Order it now, and help spread the word about this terrific band!

Studio: Music Video Distribu

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