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DVD title: A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies
Productgroup: DVD
A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies - movie DVD cover picture
Magnificient View

This is an incredible look at the history of American Cinema through the eyes of the greatest American Filmmaker. Martin Scorsese's ability to tell story is moving. The man loves movies and shares this love through his extensive knowledge of the subject, but somehow manages to remain humble and lets you know that this is of course his view, His Personal Journey. It is amazing to think that if a younger filmmaker were to be asked what his influences were they would surely include Scorsese among their greater influences and give praise to such a master. In watching this DVD you can see the same admiration any young filmmaker would have for Scorsese coming from Scorsese himself towards the Greats that came before him and shaped his View.

Studio: Miramax
Martin Scorsese

DVD title: Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body
Productgroup: DVD
Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body - movie DVD cover picture
Yoga made beautiful........

Ali MacGraw an inspiration for the over 45 set --- she was 52 when she made this tape !! The entire tape is a blessing --- the music is beautifully eastern, but upbeat ... it keeps you moving during the posture flow sections. The setting is the wonderful White Sands National Park, they use long, slow moving shots of the dessert between sections of the tape. It is fun just to watch. The group in the class is very mixed -- young girl/old woman/black guy/Ali is very flexible, but she is not stick thin -- it makes you feel anyone could be able to do yoga. What I like best about this tape is that it can be used for one long yoga workout (53 mins) or it is very easilly divided into three major parts. First there is an intro into breathing techniques and an easy to follow sun salutation set. Next is a great standing flow (triangles/warriors...) That part is very slightly strenous, but it can be smoothly done after a bit of practice, plus it is good to get the heart rate up a little. The tape ends with a group of floor postures. The three parts are divided by a brief balance posture or breathing. I like inserting part of this tape into my daily practice to keep from getting bored. This tape is OK for beginners who can follow insturction or better yet for students who have had some classes and are looking for something to inspire them on. I rate this as the best of all the yoga tapes I've tried to use!!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: 100 Girls
Productgroup: DVD
100 Girls - movie DVD cover picture
A must see miss

In a country where souless sequels and formulaic romances dominate the box office, this movie slips through the cracks with the potential to be something different. Through Matthew's narrative, this movie explores not only the collegiate male psyche, but also takes a different and very humorous view of the teen-love genre. Whether using witty aliteration or thought provoking analogies, Matthew provides a character with enough geeky cuteness to be both seen as a movie character, and as a peer. Its nice to see a leading man who's average. This movie makes average look so appealing. Definately a movie worth watching.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Michael Davis (II)

DVD title: Wind
Productgroup: DVD
Wind - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie! Although the acting is not the best, the action scenes totally make up for everything, and more. I have watched this movie to the point of obession, and will continue. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Carroll Ballard
Matthew Modine
Jennifer Grey

DVD title: Stripes
Productgroup: DVD
Stripes - movie DVD cover picture
ignore the bad reviews

Apparently some of the previous reviewers don't understand that Stripes is a C-O-M-E-D-Y...i.e. it doesn't have to represent the army, but rather need only be humorous. Mission accomplished--it's ridiculously hilarious. Directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy, John Larroquette, and Judge Reinhold, Stripes may very well be the prototypic 80's comedy. If you haven't seen the film you're doing yourself a grave disservice. At the very least, rent the movie and judge for yourself.
Brief synopsis: John (Murray) and Russell (Ramis) are two disillusioned friends who join the army on a whim to escape their dead-end jobs and to be all they can be. Grouped with a collection of psychopaths and fellow num-nuts they proceed to stumble through boot camp. When their drill-sergeant is injured during training exercises, John assumes leadership of this military version of the Bad News Bears. Thrown into the mix, you have two attractive MPs, mud wrestling, a classified covert combat-ready recreational vehicle, and Sean Young before she went loopy.
please, see this movie and make the world a little happier

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Ivan Reitman
Bill Murray
John Candy

DVD title: An American Tail
Productgroup: DVD
An American Tail - movie DVD cover picture
All I can say

For those who say American Tail is a kids movie, they are most definately wrong. Don Bluth creates an animation masterpiece along with James Horner's wonderful score.An American Tail revolves around Fievel Mousekewitz, a young Russian immigrant who has come to America for a better life and to find his family.The animation is astounding for a 1986 film, and the award-winning 'Somewhere Out There' is nice enough. Definately a keeper.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Don Bluth
Dom DeLuise
Christopher Plummer

DVD title: Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Everyone can find this filled with laughs

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour isn't just for rednecks or blue collar workers- this is fun and laughter for everyone. There are no cusswords or adult content to cut out so even teenagers can watch this. Funny comedian Ron White is like a 21st century country-style Dean Martin. The other 3 comedians ( Ron White included ) along with Jeff Foxworthy also serve up their fair share of comic lines and laughs. Most people have only heard of Jeff Foxworthy due to his name & longetivity( including me until this ) but once you've seen & heard this you will want to enjoy it over & over.Great that these four comedians decided to tour together,film it & release it on video & dvd for us to enjoy.Even you are alone you may be laughing out loud.The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was recommended to me by an African-American so it wasn't offensive to him either as he thought it funny-This is definitely not just for rednecks but for everyone.This is not just southern humor-the comedy is universally appealing. Buy it,rent it,don't miss out.You don't have to have a job with a nametag on it to enjoy this one.It doesn't matter who you are- this one's funny.It't not covered in moles.No one will literally throw you out of a place.There's your sign-You might be a redneck but you don't have to be one to laugh at this comedy.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: C.B. Harding
Jeff Foxworthy
Bill Engvall
Ron White
Larry The Cable Guy

DVD title: Lotte Berk Method For Beginners - Hip Hugger Abs
Productgroup: DVD
Lotte Berk Method For Beginners - Hip Hugger Abs - movie DVD cover picture
LOVE Hip Hugger Abs

Hip hugger abs is wonderful. And I'm a huge fan of Lotte Berk Method. Suzanne Cook is an easy to follow instructor and if you listen to her cues and get the form down, you WILL feel the results of these exercises. It's definitely a wonderful supplement to an existing cardio routine, or even by itself, every day or every other day. The great part is the alternate levels for all of the moves, based on your needs, to get the most challenge for your ability. I highly recommend Lotte Berk. While I've heard commentary that it's not a difficult enough workout, if done properly, has even better results than you'd ever expect. Even more cool, is the fact that ALL of their routines can be done barefoot, with no equipment, in a minimum of time. Awesome video.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media I
Lotte Berk

DVD title: Backstreet Boys - All Access
Productgroup: DVD
Backstreet Boys - All Access - movie DVD cover picture
The Best!!!

Ok, i've read all these reviews and i'm like whoa! All you people are weird! Like moi here! I've seen it, loved it, watched it over and over. My paren'ts are getting sick of it i think. If you're a BSB fan and don't have this movie GET IT!!!! It's da bomb! If you guys are out there, PLEASE WRITE ME!!! You might not wanna though coz i'm nuts. :-)I LOVE YA'LL Peace, Queen LuCkY

Studio: Bmg/Jive/Silvertone

DVD title: The Firm - Body Sculpting System 2 - Complete Aerobics & Weight Training
Productgroup: DVD
The Firm - Body Sculpting System 2 - Complete Aerobics & Weight Training - movie DVD cover picture
Work wonders

The only thing that this workout needs when you are doing it is some good company to exercise along with you, otherwise from that, this is one killer workout.I was considering spending some money that i didn't have and going to the gym, but a friend of mine loan me this dvd and i am hooked, i am sticking to the 10 day regime and see what happens. Right now i am on day five and i have seen results. This is one dvd i WILL recommend. i am about to buy another one or two of The Firm and let you guys know about it.

Studio: Good Times Home Vide

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